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Is this a good value? http://www.french-mode.com/men/shoes/sneakers/sneakers-harlem-matri-black-nappa-calfskin-leather-florian-denicourt-1618.html
who has experience with barons papillom? their web site is giving an error now. i want some red hi-tops and am thinking of doing a custom order with them. all their shoes have 'designed in france' on the tongue, which makes me wonder what, if anything, is done in france (leather, rubber, assembly).
i bought some soft grey brand commando-style boots on ebay for ~$100. the seller said they were made in france. there is absolutely no label of origin on them... who is familiar with the soft grey line from la redoute? is this basically meh level stuff as far as quality (jcp equivalent i guess)? i know some t-shirts are made in france, but has anyone ever come across other things, such as sneakers and boots, that are made in france?
Just in time for the cold weather. I bought them a couple months ago, but they are too big for me. They should fit a true 11.5. They are steel-toed with Vibram sole savers. Entirely made in the USA. Asking 150 shipped. Ask me anything about the boots before purchase to avoid issue.
Allen-Edmonds vintage shoe tress, one size, 9.99 BIN New Star professional horsehair shoe brushes, 23.49 BIN
Ending in an hour: Paul Stuart 40R suit, 3-roll-2, 'B', $9.99, no bids
Anyone? 40R Oxxford wool charcoal chalk stripe suit w/original hanger (A-B condition) 40R Oxxford pure silk sport coat (A condition) 40R Oxxford blazer of unknown blended fabric (A condition) PM me
$79 Paul Stuart, Southwick, 3-roll-2, midnight, 38, athletic fit, good condition Ebay suit link
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