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To those here, is a plain, Norwegian toe shoe in the same area of casualness as a brogue toe shoe? Or, in other words, do Norwegian toe, possibly pebble grained, shoes go good with jeans?
Cream RLX ski pants. Insulated and lined. Cotton shell. Waistband: 16 1/2" Hip: 20 1/2" Thigh: 11 1/4" Cuff: 6 3/4" Rise: 11" Leg: 31 1/2" I accept Google Wallet & Paypal. Shipping will be $12.
Chest 19 1/2" Shoulders 18-ish" Waist 17 1/4" Sleeves 24-ish" Back 31 1/4" I accept Google Wallet & Paypal. Shipping is included in asking price.
Surprised I don't see more Thorogood on the forums. The quality is decent — the Loake shoes of the work boot industry. Their styles are comparable to more popular brands without the extra price. As far as socks, Woolrich is the big factory that supplies lots of brands; might be best to buy straight from the source.
What to wear when golfing? Wanting to appear appropriate without looking like #menswear. Any inspirational images or experiences?
Yeah, no one here is at all jealous of him. /s He is moofoofan 2.0
I believe it's more how you wear something than what you are wearing. Appearance depends on mood and where you are. I've seen people in thrift store stuff rock it harder than those who drape themselves in high end designer stuff.
Red Wing Shoes hiker style boot in black. Awesome, loved condition, never actually used for hiking (just worn around town). Made in America. Shipping will be $10. I accept Google Wallet or Paypal.
Pure new wool. Charcoal on black tweed herringbone: overall, a dark effect. 6 x 2 button layout. “Union made in America”. Single vent on back. Shoulders 20” Chest 22.5” Waist 22” Sleeves 25.2” Back length (from below collar) 49.5” It is in stunning condition, purchased a few years ago at a Nordstroms in TX. I accept Google Wallet & Paypal.
Paul Stuart double breasted tuxedo, peak lapeled, size 38R. Purchased as a separate a year ago. 6 x 2 button layout. Made by Samuelsohn. Single vent on back. Chest 19.5" Shoulders 18.25" Waist 17.75" Sleeves 24.25" Back (from bottom of collar) 32" Has been conservatively taken in on the sides, so the fit is quite regular looking — there is enough material for greater tapering. Very well taken care of. I accept Google Wallet & Paypal.
New Posts  All Forums: