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Meh. They can definitely be tasteful and subtle. From experience though, people don't tend to notice what binding holds my credentials or what holds up my pands, so why bother (perhaps the issue was indeed subtlety)? I have dabbled in exotic leather goods, but I really didn't get the recognition I wanted out of the purchases.
I'm going to say yes. It's definitely a regional thing, but considered classic.
Oxford cloth is meant to be tough. Keep in mind shirts are meant to be changed at first signs of wear.
How many of us can say we've worn knee high boots
So many dark boots. Any ideas for something beige/off-white?
Is it generally not a good idea to tuck the legs of boot cut jeans into one's boots (provided it would normally be a non-issue with a tapered cut)?
Anyone have experience using the sleep apps on the iphone? Which is an effective one?
I'm liking the used looking ones
Here we go, into another circular debate, but I'll bite. Know three things: appropriateness, context and mood of the wearer. On the other hand, if you don't mind being 'that guy', then keep doing what you're doing. Honestly, on 'main street', U.S.A., I don't think people recognize the difference between a suit and sport coat/pants. For that matter, loafers are the same thing as oxfords to most. All they see is padded shoulders, lapels, leather foot wraps and perhaps...
Yes, although it isn't classic Black shark skin slim fit
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