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hahahahah i'm sorry, these are all considered high brow to the average street goer
Those are nice. I bought a couple pairs of Santoni for Gucci. Will post pics if anyone is interested.
Is it the norm to wear jackets at your office? You don't want to be that guy.
The cookies a few posts above look good
I will be getting one of these. Nothing like homeless chic while flashing one of these.
ho boy luxury wallets/some crazy wallet chains alterations to suits/jackets/stuff i ended up donating/selling swedish clog-boots that i really didn't need eskimo boots — i was trying to be different (being different doesn't always mean good) more cashmere socks — i can now assert they are overrated and high maintenance fancy collar stays more cashmere sweats/track pants — no one gives a f*** if you're wearing cashmere pants macbook air 11" — just so my macbook air 13"...
People on here spend thousands to for jackets that are specifically for cotton slacks/jeans/etc. Although no one will bewail you in public, I think you will look like a noob with a wool blazer/odd suit jacket (especially if dark navy/gray) and light cottong slacks.
Shit, just realized it's a bot, nevermind
Heh, in retrospect, rubber soles would've been much more practical in the 19th century, when walking was the norm. With cars, leather soles actually make more sense.
Very nice condition. Medium tan. Viscose lining. Waist: 36". Inseam: 34". I accept Paypal and Google Wallet. Thanks.
New Posts  All Forums: