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Yawn Same for the Klitschko title defense
I'm okay with this.
Does an Apple Watch work with classic menswear? As long as it isn't a sport edition, and the band is metal, I don't see why not
Zilli, hahaha
Black loafers, that's what they're made for As for the OP: desert boots are not considered classically casual with suit, don't know how many other ways that can be said here, on the classic men's wear forum. I would suggest looking at more Pitti Uomo style images for inspiration, but desert boots are more of an Anglo-American staple.
Handmade in France. Size marked Euro 43, which is about U.S. 10. Nautical striped cloth with jute insoles on crepe soles. Soles measure 11.25" in length. Great condition, no noticeable wear. Price includes shipping & tracking.
A suit does not make one well dressed
Alpaca vs. baby alpaca? Durability, maintenance, etc.
Those are pretty nice, especially the antiquing/color. Not digging those ghastly Goodyear protruding sides though.
I, too, remember when they were pretty hot here. The meta at SF does change though, whether it be on the SW&D or CM side. Long story short, whole cut shoes aren't considered classic, nor have they ever been, although they are the most beautiful shoes I have ever seen (especially the ones with elongated toes). There was a good point in the other thread the OP referred to: when you think about it, one-piece or minimal pieced boots seem to fit the theme best (of course,...
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