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Gucci boots appropriate as both work wear and club wear. I am an 11 D and these are true to fit. The toe box is elongated for aesthetics. Just polished. Very good condition, no noticeable flaws, just signs of normal wear. Boots have custom pulls tabs stitched on. Insole 12 ¼" Sole 13 x 4 5/8" (widest part) Height 7 ½" (bottom of heel to top of shaft) Heel 1" Shipping will be $13.45 through paypal
Very lightly used, great condition Red Wings for sale. Never used for work or walking distances. Durable antiqued cowhide and crepe soles. There is a tiny hole in the upper shaft of the right boot, indicating these are seconds. I have found no unnatural flaws, otherwise. Please base your purchase on the pics provided. Ask all necessary questions before purchase to avoid return. Dimensions 12½" sole length 4" sole widest width 9" height (heel to top of opening) 11¾"...
these red wings resemble the beckman, a.k.a. ‘gentleman traveler’, except have 10 eyelets/fasteners. worn looking leather and commando soles. no size, but they fit a sz. 11 foot comfortable (they fit me fine). Look at measurements below, they could possibly fit a 10.5 foot with thick socks. these boots have an odor that may or may not be corrected with odor eaters/foot powder. if you are going for the distressed leather look, these are you boots. 12½” sole length 4¼”...
i love the loose top, slim pants look i'm not going after anyone in particular, but i've seen too many bird chested men accenting that feature with tight shirts and jackets
I wear inserted insoles for comfort. As mentioned, inserts also have the purpose of taking up space, so I wear thinner socks when wearing them. If I am not going to be moving around a lot on a particular day, I will forgo them. Since you are wearing used shoes, the inside of the shoes most likely show signs of wear already.
Wear a lounge suit, romantic scent, patent leather shoes and an understated rolex
i can tell they're santoni by comparing the construction and design to santoni brand shoes
The pair I once owned were indeed Santoni. Luigi could have partnered with another maker just as reputable since then.
If you are starting your wardrobe over, I recommend fit and style over quality. Quality will come in time, once you have established what you like. I see so many people want to start at the top (quality-wise), then they realize they don't the fit/style anymore. I've fallen victim to that with fragrances and watches.
New Posts  All Forums: