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ugh. don't just facepalm me. what, specifically, is wrong? measurements are on me, and that's fine. I look awful, I guess. But for people thinking of buying from moderntailor, what needs to be fixed, construction-wise?
at the risk of being called a fatty again, here ae some pictures taken in sunlight, outside, from a decent angle. the contrast is ridiculous because my girlfriend's camera phone is crap, this one is pretty close to the actual look of the wool: I know my specific style choices (button stance, lapel width) may make this suit look really bad to most of you, but I don't think you can fault moderntailor for that, as they gave me exactly what I ordered,...
the moderntailor medium cut away is the most versitile collar, for sure. it works with a four in hand and it's long enough to stand up as an open collar. however for shirts just to be worn with suit and tie, the spread is best, just make sure it's wide enough to tuck under you suit lapels, or everybody on here will make fun of you (except me. but I don't post. and I think ted from 'better off ted' looks amazing, even though none of his collars tuck under his lapels...)
have you tried sizing up?
okay so these are very low quality pics, I just got the suit back from the cleaners and threw it on after work (wrinkled shirt) and there was no natural lighting, so you get tiny apartment lamp lighting, but this is more about the quality of the construction than a waywrn thing anyway so here we go. (please ignore the the lean-y posture I was running to beat the self timer, and trying to get my pants to fall right. more on that in a...
they just sent me a photo of the suit I ordered a few weeks ago to double check everything was to my satisfaction before shipping. this is it, so far. hopefully it will ship soon and I can get some pictures for you all.
if you don't have a shirt that fits you perfectly 'everywhere', you can combine measurements from various shirts that fit properly 'somewhere'. or, you can do like I did, and combine those two with measurements from a tape just wrapped around odd places that almost never fit right (armhole, bicept, cuff etc) and hold the tape how you'd like the shirt to fit. moderntailor will follow your measurements EXACTLY, so if the tape is comfortable, your shirt will be, too. my...
moderntailor seems really receptive to personalized requests...I wonder if you could send them to this thread http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=146601 and be like, 'do this' http://www.styleforum.net/showpost.p...1&postcount=20
can anybody tell if the bunching/twisting in the shoulders and sleeves is a construction issue, or could it be explained by the provided measurements? overall, I think it looks pretty good, but I feel like I should point out that all the 299 fabrics (with the exception of the pudding stone gray) are wool/poly blends. the website FAQ says that any fabric labeled 'wool' is a blend, and any fabric labeled 'pure wool' is well pure wool. "8. What's the difference between...
Quote: Originally Posted by GBR Stolen by someone along the chain or else sub standard or fake goods. I've always assumed they fell off the back of a truck.
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