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well, not everybody likes a slim fitting shirt. it looks like it might be good, but it would be helpful to see a few more pics, with your arms at your sides, to see sleeve length/shoulder measurements are okay.
Quote: Originally Posted by pendragon Next time you are tempted by a suit like that, think of a fat assed girl squeezing into her little sister's jeans. ugh. it's obvious from his post that he knows these suits don't fit; he wants to know why. comments like this don't help anything, they just make me think you're a gigantic asshole. I love this forum for its wealth of knowledge, I just really wish I could read it without posts like this
umm. calvin klein makes shirts that are for "layering" that are form fitting. Are we allowed to buy calvin klein here? or you can always go with man spanxx...
I'm 6'0 185 and I wear a 42, meaning my pit to pit is usually around 22 inches, length at least 30.5, and that barely covers my butt. my shoulders are 19" across. these suits need a couple inches, basically everywhere. you can tell the chest is tight by the way the lapels bow towards the button, rather than making a crisp V. your jacket should generally be long enough to cover your junk in front and your entire butt in back. And as stated above 1/4" to a full inch at...
Excellent second purching experience courtesy of andr3pwd. thanks!
great first time buyer experience purchasing from neil7230 on this thread. thanks neil!
yeah, that's gavin rossdale. he was in a band, once. the sneakers look like ish, plus they made me look down, which drew me to gwen's feet...wtf's up with gwen's feet? they look like angelina's hands. I hope that's just a weird shadow
can shoulder padding be removed successfully? I know mafoofan in really busy with the lawyering and the esquireing, so here's a really amazing diy foofing. do the shoulders look better now? of course I'm not going to spend tons of money to fix this cheap suit, but this is helping me to see what I should be looking for in terms of construction.
so, you're saying I mismeasured my shoulders?
Quote: Originally Posted by Macallan9 Shoulders cannot be smoothed. Why would you order a suit expecting lumpy shoulders, anyway? Perhaps they did give you exactly what you ordered. I dont think you can say your suit was anything approaching a success though. If MT has a return policy like indochino, definitely get rid of it. Theres nothing a tailor can do to fix that suit. PS - if you get an OTR suit altered by a competent tailor, there's no reason...
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