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oh man. don't call yourself petite. you're compact, or something manly sounding. you won't get any love for the short collared shirt here no matter how you wear it, but with a collar that small you need a very slim tie with a small knot.
is there a reason you're putting vents on an evening jacket?
they were both tom ford, according to here, here, and here. colin firth was in a single man, so he'll probably get to wear tom ford to everything ever now
thanks to rugger for the excellent purchasing experience. recommended seller
Quote: Originally Posted by IBJanky 2007 BMW R1200RT-P WHAT??? We buy our cops BMWs? No wonder the the mayor's pissed. (j/k)
just got two squares in the mail today. the ship time was crazy fast, and these things are great! I'll probably be buying more, soon
no, I mean if you tell them that your shoulders are two different lengths in the comments in addition to making one shoulder a little longer in the measurement field, maybe they can use that measurement to move the placement of the collar in relation to the overall yoke, so it's a little off center to correct for the different length shoulders. but again, this makes sense in my head, but it might not work or look awful in practice. I have no idea. that would be a...
mt has a shoulder measurement, beyond the yoke measurement, taken from the collar to the shoulder seam. I think this is usually used to account for shoulder slope, but if you explain your situation in the comment field, I'm sure they can make one half of the yoke slightly longer. I would definitely order the cheapest possible fabric, with none of the options, to see how it comes out first, though, 'cause even if it's executed perfectly, it might still look weird. I dunno.
Quote: Originally Posted by pendragon Next time you are tempted by a suit like that, think of a fat assed girl squeezing into her little sister's jeans. ugh. it's obvious from his post that he knows these suits don't fit; he wants to know why. comments like this don't help anything, they just make me think you're a gigantic asshole. I love this forum for its wealth of knowledge, I just really wish I could read it without posts like this
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