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Could anybody give me some advice with Zuma sizing. I'm usually a medium with WWM and EG although I size down on EG work shirts, Zuma looks pretty large in pictures. Thanks in advance.
I bought the d ring web belt in a size medium, I usually take a 32" to 33" waist and the medium fitted perfectly. I bought it from Nomad in canada and they were kind enough to send me measurements of the total length of the belts but you have top remember that the belt doubles back on it's self. The measurements are: 48" for the large and 41.5 for medium.
Just to add, I've purchased EG cloths form Context also and found them to be very helpful and good too. I don't mean to be down on them because of the Irving picture. :-)
Quote: Originally Posted by bakatora Anyone know how the sizing on the Highland and Irving jackets goes? I saw Robin got a large, but wasn't sure if that was a size up for him or a tts on the Highland. The context model wears a Small/Medium in most things but wore a Large in the Irving jacket for the fit pics.. but I suspect that may be due to the Mediums selling out so quickly? TIA I agree with SalingerFan I wouldn't size up with the...
Quote: Originally Posted by Piato Anyone know who's stocking this belt? I was looking for one of these for a while too. Eventually found it at http://www.nomadshop.net/main/, they'll do a paypal transaction via email, nice people.
the metallic poplin isn't my favourite EG material. I would say it's not as soft as some others and it holds creases, which I think is the point of it. If a crumpled look is something you are after then it's perfect. I wouldn't describe it as shiny, if you look very closely the metal is kinda visible in the weave and I'm sure the material is hard wearing. I have seen field parkas this season offered in other materials.
Wow, I love these, who's stocking them? Anybody in US or Europe?
Quote: Blyndon, thank you for your extensive answer. I now "pulled the trigger" on the Irving. Now if I only got a source for the Chesterfield in L, which isn't available anywhere, my EG shopping list would be complete. Why do people seem to hate the Chesterfield coat? I don't get it Ha Ha, I find it hard to ever complete my EG shopping list.
Quote: Did anyone here get the Irving Jacket? In Charcoal Oxford Suiting? I am usually an L in EG jackets, but from the measurements I find online, it seems really tight fitting. I think I would like to be able to wear it over a shirt + light sweater. Maybe it would be better to go up to XL? I am a bit anxious to do that because whenever I tried an EG jacket in XL, the fit was way off. Also, if you got it, how do you like it? The styling I have seen on photos...
Quote: Originally Posted by robin Measurements on the Japanese sites show 9cm, or about 3.5". Ties from the past two seasons were about 3". Thanks, that helps a lot, I think I can live with the 3.5". Cool.
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