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Try the bureau in Belfast or Kafka in Scotland I think both have a good size range. I bought the gold parka and can confirm it is fantastic in every way a classic indeed.
How do I get in touch with alex? Sounds good :-)
Does anybody have a pair of Irving Pants in Oxford Grey size 34" that they are keen to sell, or any ideas where i might find these. I know Odin and the Bureau had them but I think both are sold out.
my size 34" olive irvings were a bit tight on me too so I took them to a tailor and had the seams let out. There is about half an inch of material on both seams (so 1inch per leg) which has made them considerably larger. It doesn't sound like you have to go to these lengths but it is possible if you need to.
sorry if this is a bit off thread but does anybody have a EG wa field jacket size medium in green they might be interested in selling? Or perhaps know where there still might be stock? Thanks.
I have one NWT, accidently bought a size too large. If you are interested I'll do a good price on it. G
Quote: Originally Posted by bakatora oipolloi has their stock up. just snagged the irving jacket in khaki cotton. Good choice with the Khaki Irving, looks great!
The bureau has a restock just in and I think they have a highland in grey Oxford in your size. It's not all online yet but if you drop them an email they'll confirm. Good luck!
Hi there, I'm not sure this is the right place for this and apologies if it is not, but I'm about to put a couple of EG items on Ebay but before I do I thought I'd see if any of you guys are looking for any of the items. These are all NWT and I'm selling them because I've either bought another item that's similar to it or it doesn't fit me correctly (it took me a while to work out that I should down size with EG shirts!). The bits are an EG Shawl Collar Field Jacket -...
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