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It's a medium.
I have the olive serge wool Bedford, the navy uniform serge Bedford and have tried on the wool flannel. IMHO the uniform serge is more boxy in the body so feels like the largest of all three. The olive fits narrower on the body, sleeve length might be a touch longer but there isn't much in it. The flannel does feel shorter on jacket length and sleeves and a closer fit on the body but I will say I tried on two different medium flannels and they fitted slightly differently....
I agree the Bedford is a great jacket and a good place to start. i've tried on a a few and bought couple of bedfords from this season and it's worth pointing out that the wool flannels fit a fraction smaller than say the uniform serge. The fabric is just a little heavier and the laundering makes it a little neater.
Thanks for the reply. Did you go for a medium in the shorts?
Quote: Originally Posted by sexonfabric Cross post from WAYWT with a couple of EG pieces from this season...excuse the white twiglets great picture! Did you size up or down on the shorts?
Sorry to be posting this again, I'm really looking for a proxy from the nepenthes ny store. If there is a nice honest person out there who might be going there anyway there is a good commission in it for you. PM me if it's something you might be interested in. Thanks
Hi all, I'm looking for someone to proxy something from Nepenthes NY to send to the uk, can anybody give me some advice how I might go about it. Many thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by volatile Ditto. Wow. Where's stocking it? Envoy Belfast has FWK European exclusive. I'm not sure stock is online yet but will be soon.
Bought the Cruiser but unbuttoned the side buttons to stop the side flare.
the gold colour of the trail is also much nicer in real life.
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