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Thanks, I appreciate you getting back to me. That helps a lot.
sorry to go over this again but is a small at Barneys a 48 in Cabourn?
yep, did it, shrinks about half a size, you notice it most in the jacket length and sleeves. i didn't wring out the jacket i rolled it in a towel like a piece of knitwear and then hung it on a good hanger to dry. Fit is much better now for me and it looks pretty much like it did when i bought it just a bit smaller. i didn't soak it for very long and the water was quite cool. If you are thinking of it exercise caution, i did it because i hated the fit, way to large for me....
Hi, has anybody seen a size 48 1940s DB for sale anywhere? Or does anybody want to sell theirs?
Yes, I have then in a size 32 and for sure the thigh area is pretty slim compared to some other EG pants.
Thanks looks great.
Great cardigan, how is it for size looks pretty slim fitting, did you size up or down? Thanks
What colour are you looking for in the shoulder hoody?
Totally right, but an amazing jacket and as you say an easy fix by a tailor.
yep, i'd guess that would be correct. the wool flannel feels half a size smaller in my opinion. Pity really as it is an amazing jacket, it's the reason i haven't bought it.
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