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Has anybody seen the desert pant in green or herringbone size 34. Doesn't look like many shops got them this season.
Its a medium I'm after, would you consider selling. If so PM me.
Hehe, I hear you, they were even on yoox last year and i missed them. Simplethreads is great by the way, good to see someone else as obsessed with this stuff.
Does anybody know if Bloomingdales NYC have EG stock this season and what that is. Does the 20% sale run there too?Thanks in advance.
Thanks for taking the time to get back to me, that's really helpful.
How does the fit of the Truman compare to the Bedford? I have a penchant for the Bedford but am swaying towards the Truman this season.
Care to tell us anything more about that outwear piece? ^^
Agreed, I'm a HUGE fan too but each look does feel all too familiar. I have a feeling that the b&w pictures aren't helping at all. What few colour pictures that have been floating about are way more interesting and give a much better idea of the cloths used for each piece, which lets face it is the main differentiating factor each season. In point of fact the blue grey camo bedford looks great but the same cloth used in the look book for another jacket makes it look bland.
Lookbook seems to be up here:
i can confirm there will be Mallory jackets next winter.
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