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Bought two Hickey Freeman suits from cassiday and they arrived today, after being shipped only two days ago. Super fast shipping, great communication, and most importantly wonderful product. Better than described, would happily deal with him again.
PM sent on 2 and 6.
Interested pending measurements.
I've recently been using Lucy's at the South Coast Plaza with some success. I brought in a cashmere/wool blend overcoat for which I needed the actual shoulder width reduced and it turned out perfectly. As a bonus, when picking up my coat I also brought in a belt to be shortened which she did for free.
Quote: Originally Posted by hammer07 Nice shoes. Glad it's not my size. Same here. Beautiful shoes. Let me know if you get them in a US 12.5D.
Bought a belt from chobochobo, the shipping was quick and everything was as described. Thank you.
I absolutely love this beautiful thread. Already devising ways in which my work will allow a month long visit to Italy.
Quote: Originally Posted by acecow I wore a pocket square today. But I meant for a first date, if he wants to make a certain impression, maybe it's a little too much to wear a pocket square. Actually, I'm pretty darn sure it is. A typical girl will not be able to appreciate it and will probably think less of him. I'd save it for the second date, when the first impression has been made. No one claims you cannot be stylish with a slightly simpler choice of...
Quote: Originally Posted by acecow lol. I wouldn't wear one, though. Maybe in NY, not in SoCal (talking about myself here). Take it slowly. I live in SoCal and wear a pocket square all the time. It's so casual around here that it's rarely seen, and as long as you don't look like you're trying too hard with it's matching of your outfit you can subtly stand out in a good way. A white linen, barely showing in a conservative fold is what I...
Quote: Originally Posted by theyare Never knew about this. I'm assuming the jacket has to be purchased at Nieman for them to do it? Actually no, I know a guy who took in his JAB in suit and had the functioning buttons put on.
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