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I can't imagine the quality would be much for those prices, but some of the suits actually look decent. A couple of the monk straps look fairly nice as well.
Both Red and Black labels by Hugo Boss are not worth anything near retail, as has been stated many times. They do range in fabric quality, however, as I have seen some get up to the super 130's. Hugo Boss Selection on the other hand is in a much different league. It is normally canvassed, cut similarly to RLBL, and uses quality fabrics. I stopped by a Hugo Boss outlet a few weeks ago and picked up a navy three piece, single breasted, peak lapel, super 150's Boss...
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Who was it that posted the story of the guy trying on pants and took a shit in them and left them in the fitting room? It was like 3 months ago, cant find it now, but I would say that wins. Walked in to clean a dressing room and found three True Religions rumpled in the corner covered in urine. I did chuckle a bit at that one.
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker I went with the Huntsman. Your collars always look great, may I ask what shirts you normally wear?
Just as a heads up, I think the Newland model is ringing up at $170 brand new from Bloomingdale's if you can have one of the sales associates find a pair in your size, down from the original $520. For some reason the same shoe in brown is at $270. Yes, our markdowns are very sporadic and nonsensical when it comes to Ferragamo.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jay Gatsby I'll take three.... oh wait peak lapels. Nevermind. As opposed to the notch lapel double breasted suits?
Quote: Originally Posted by Cant kill da Rooster I understand there is a significant difference between Boss Black and Boss Selection which is made in Italy. I have not looked at these closely enough, but I would love to hear if anyone can confirm this. Boss Black label ties are all made in Italy. Same goes for the Red label. I would assume the Selection ties are as well, however I have not run across very many of them. Overall Hugo Boss does...
Just take the suit back to them, with your receipt, and let them know the jacket does not fit as you were lead to believe. They will have the tailor come back out, do a re-fit, and hopefully correct the problem, all of which will be free of charge. If it continues to fit improperly, you can and will get your money back should you insist upon it sternly enough. Talk to management if the sales associate won't help (they will likely need a manager's approval anyway). Store...
Quote: Originally Posted by wysiwyg They offered a reusable $20 voucher for a period before. Considering how many people order from them on SF maybe they'll issue another one if somebody asks. I'm also wondering if they had a valid code right now, I was looking to order another pretty soon.
Bought some pocket squares from taxgenius69. They were delivered extremely quickly and the whole transaction went perfectly. Much appreciated.
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