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The two pairs of Magnannis that I have are on a sleek and modern last without going overboard. Some of the styles can look like something from a sartorial nightmare, but they have many conservatively cut, stylish options. They can be had at around ~$150-$200 on discount, and as such are definitely a viable option. The leather used on them that I've seen, while never top of the line, maintains itself well over time. Neimans last call and Nordstrom rack routinely offer them...
Quote: Originally Posted by MrDaniels Very dapper look for a young guy. Interesting mixture of textures. The sleeves on the suit might be a bit short, but it could be the way you are standing. I agree they are a little shorter than they should be, however the sleeves of the shirt are also slightly longer than I normally wear which magnifies that effect.
Alright first attempt at the WAYWRN, as well as my first go at the Friday Challenge. Please ignore the rumpling in the thigh area, no idea what was happening there.
Zegna without a doubt. However I have seen, and purchased myself, a Boss Selection 3-piece for around $450 from an outlet. Definitely better than the normal Boss, but still not quite on par with any typical Zegna.
Quote: Originally Posted by pebblegrain If you have to ask, you can't pull it off I think this is true to a degree. I'll sometimes do a 3-piece sans tie, but only when going out for drinks for the night. I had slight reservations at first with the forgoing of the tie, but have since become partial to the look. I like to play with colors/patterns when doing it rather than just a basic blue or white shirt - and always with a silk pocket square...
Final drop.
Another drop/
Dropped again.
And another drop...
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