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Quote: Originally Posted by tgt465 The SS batch are the ones with the Hugo Boss label. Not sure if this is a clever little quip hinting at Hugo Boss' beginnings...
I was just there yesterday looking at those very suits. The cut is a little boxy and they are completely fused. The fabrics, however, were actually quite nice.
Quote: Originally Posted by Klobber RLBL >> Hugo Boss, period. There is actually no basis for comparison of quality. Boss suits today are all fused, although I have seen ones canvassed on the chest - although those were union made in USA long long ago. Boss suits at least in their favour are usually cut fairly trim and most are wool blends. RLBL you are guaranteed a suit that is at least canvassed on the chest, although most if not all the suits...
Quote: Originally Posted by deadly7 I highly doubt that, unlike the GQ contest, Bloomingdale's is looking for people that have perfect fits and bespoke wardrobes. A lot of the aforementioned people are popular on SF for the exact reasons they may not be seen as good contestants for this competition. For example, Manton. He wears perfectly tailored bespoke clothing, but none of it is fashionable by anybody's definition. Still, it would be interesting to...
So Bloomingdale's is hosting an online WAYWRN until the 20th, with the winners of each day grabbing a $5,000 shopping spree and trip to NY. I thought I'd give you guys a heads up and see if we could get some actual male representation in there. I'm guessing they're looking for a slightly more trendy look - so Spoo here's your chance to kick some ass. Link:
Ordered a couple, came to ~$57 shipped. Decent work shirts in some awesome patterns. Thanks for the heads up!
GQhustler - bought a bow tie from him. It was shipped quickly and arrived in perfect condition. Great seller with some fantastic merchandise - I'd gladly do business again.
Paypal sent for BT5 - blue.
Quote: Originally Posted by NewYorkRanger Wearing the new rig, too bad FNB isn't here to see how I can "clean up" Curious to hear ghow you guys think the grey blazer, now three piece, came out. Really like the use of patch pockets on the 3-piece. Also, I'm a big fan of medium to lighter brown shoes with grey, and you pull it of very well. Excellent look.
I own the Webster in black, and while the leather isn't the best in the world, it's a great looking shoe. The brown will definitely work with jeans, as long as they're fairly trim and fitted. As an FYI Bloomingdale's has the black Webster on clearance in-store, though not online.
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