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Posts by Drudged is having their 5 shirts/ties for $160 again. For $32, they're awesome. Make sure to order ~1" longer on the sleeves than you normally would.
Both are fully canvassed and are constructed excellently. Caruso might be slightly better, but not by much. From what I've seen, Cantarelli is usually a softer coat while Caruso is a bit more structured. As the above poster said, fit matters most in this case.
I'm a fan of bigger lapels, but the jacket is beyond anything that I would deem wearable. As others have state though, a competent tailor might be able to slim them down to your liking. Also, I kinda like the large patch pockets. The pants are an easy alteration though, and can be trimmed down to a slimmer straight leg without much difficulty. I don't see a reason that you couldn't keep the waistcoat as an odd vest for layering purposes.
I'd agree completely. As I walk into other stores to shop, the salesperson is irrelevant. I might have him grab me sizes of certain things if I can't readily find them myself, but other than that it's really a non-issue. Once you know what you're looking for, it's tough for a salesperson to add on or interject. A great salesperson, though, will show you everything that you might not have, but you'd appreciate. He has to be on your level.
I used to work at a Bloomingdale's, and the store encouraging things, either right or wrong, didn't really happen. It mainly applied to the salespeople, and whether they wanted to move on to the next sale or build a longer lasting client relationship. The salesperson always has dictation over the tailor. The managers, if they trust you, don't really care as long as you're keeping your numbers satisfactory. Prove yourself as knowledgeable and above the normal customer base...
"Playing the odds" is exactly right. As a clothing salesman, you're judged on multiple points the moment you walk in the door. This isn't to say that my level of service will be any less depending on who I think you might be, but the things I say to you will be. For the average Joe who makes up most of the walk-in clients, "Almost no alterations are needed" is a key selling point because that is precisely what most men are looking for. I won't say it if it's not true, but...
Tom Ford. Yes, yes, bring on the hatred. His cigar cutters are just amazing. For what it's worth I'm not a huge fan of his F/W 2011 stuff.
I don't know if there are any other places that have Robert Talbott, or Robert Talbott Carmel outlets, but most regular ties are $35, the knits and bowties are $25, and I believe the 7-folds are $75. The selection is absolutely huge in terms of styles and colors, and changes quite often. Grenadines are wonderful, by the way.
Quote: Originally Posted by tmcevoy213 I don't know how you are tying it, but if it is coming out too small, don't pull it super tight. I find leaving a nice 4ih on the looser side helps thinner-material ties look better. Proper dimpling then becomes tough, though.
The one on the let looks like a 4IH, but a little thicker than normal. I love the double 4IH, but usually find it beginning to look rather symetrical due to the thickness that comes with tying it. It depends on the silk and construction of the tie, fo course.
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