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Back to work today. I realize the fit isn't perfect on this, but it's still one of my favorite suits.
She's developed quite a keen eye!
Merry Christmas to all!
I believe that a few years ago, Theory's tailored line was being made by Hickey Freeman. They have since reverted back to producing their own garments, and everything is now made in China and is of inferior quality. That being said, I agree with the sportswear comment - a great silhouette, and fairly priced for what you get.
Finally got it in - it'll be added to the WAYWRN page in the next few days...
They sell to a limited number of stores in the US, and I don't think they have much of an online presence so they're hard to find but very nice.
I'd probably have to recommend Seletti for some of the best Italian cashmere I've seen. It's not cheap, but the quality does match the price point. They also let you implement a little customization if you order one, such as choosing a color for the outside and having a different color to contrast on the inside of a 1/4 zip, choosing buttons, etc. We normally stock smalls, but most of the time we end up ordering them.
J. Larwence Khaki's, in Carmel, CA. Don't let the name fool you, - the selection is quite nice.
The sale normally lasts around a week to a week and a half, and happens maybe once every 3-4 months? I apologize for the vagueness!
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