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I was just wondering what the general opinion was on this type of pocket styling for a sport coat? It's almost a ticket pocket, but more like a smaller patch inside the lower right patch. Also, any idea on what this is typically called? Picture related.
It can be done, but the jeans need to be dark and trim. I'd also only do it with a jacket, and opt for one that's a bit more casual or that has some texture, such a tweed. I don't think the tie needs to necessarily be skinny, but as previously stated, something sporty would work well. I do it all the time for casual outings, and usually layer it with a 1/4 zip or cardigan beneath the jacket. OCBDs work well here.
Though I hope to never be forced to wear a maroon dress shirt, I'd probably opt for a black knit tie.
Thanks for the heads up, I hadn't known about the sale. Picked up some basics.
Hope everyone has a great start to the new year.
Thanks - the tie is a Neiman's house label, and the shirt is our own private label.
It doesn't show up very well, but the pants are actually a light sage green by Barbera.
Not that I can tell - the lighting might make for a less than stellar depiction. Size 13 shoes always look funky though, no matter the details.
Thanks guys. Nothing too special for the outfit:-H. Freeman made to measure suit-Talbot tie-Tom Ford pocket square-TBNY double monks-T.M. Lewin shirt
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