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Neiman Marcus can do it if there is one close to you. I believe they charge $5 per button, and it is done by machine.
Quote: Originally Posted by homeonets Okay, thanks for the reply. Can I get some suggestion of accessories I could wear that can color it up? A pocket square can work wonders.
Just pulled the trigger for a charcoal 2 button peak lapel, I'll post pics when the suit finally comes in. Also, has anybody checked out their cufflinks recently? I just came across this...
So I just noticed today (I work at a Bloomingdale's in the men's tailored department) that our house brand seems to produce a seven-fold tie that I was previously unaware of. The one I work at has a fairly limited selection of most merchandise, and when we get returns that were purchased at other, larger stores I always take notice. Upon checking at a few of the other nearby stores, I guess we have a few different styles in a variety of colors. The noteworthy part is that...
Hey all, I'm looking for a decent pair of black single or double monks in a size US 12-13D. I don't mind if they're used, as long as the wear isn't too horrible. I'm looking for a slimmer last, not a very chunky looking shoe. Shooting for the $100-$200 range, and might possibly consider them in certain shades of brown. Thanks!
Definitely interested, though I guess my post count is too low to warrant the use of PMs! I guess that's what I get for lurking without posting anything. Anyhow, I am interested in moving forward.
Well, I figured I might as well post some of my findings over the last couple weeks of occasional thrifting, since this thread in particular was my inspiration to do so. A Yves Saint Laurent suit in my size with a few needed alterations. (P.S. does anybody know the true quality of such a suit? It does have hand sewn buttons and was made in France for what it's worth.) A pair of brown Hugo Boss made in Italy shoes size 42 1/2 (not my size). A pair of dark brown...
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