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I like it on the 888 for a more polished look, or the 202 with a double-sole for a semi-casual feel.
Thanks! The shoes were a chocolate suede Oxford. The Suit is my latest Hickey Freeman made to measure... it's extremely tough to fit my forward sloping shoulders in RTW, but their Beacon model seems to work quite well, providing the fabric isn't too light. I'd post more, but I'm never much inclined to take the photo, upload it, and post. I read and gain inspiration from you all daily, though!
Early mother's day dinner.
Many thanks! I guess there's always the 25th year anniversary to look forward to...
The owners from Khaki's of Carmel will be there. If anybody has some free time during the weekend, drive down, check out the shop and say hi. I'd be up there if I could!
I tend to prefer ties with tails that are a little wider, allowing for a somewhat elongated knot on the FIH (or double FIH, depending on the silk's thickness). Other than that, malleability is quite important for achieving a successful dimple. For width, I tend to stick to 3.25" - 3.5", but will stray if there is a particular pattern or color that I like.
Hate to bring this thread back to life, but does anybody know anything about the brand? They look aesthetically pleasing, especially at that price point. However, their website leads me to believe that it is either still under construction, or merely just a scam. Any knowledge that's able to be shed here?
The sport coat shown is indeed not custom, but rather RTW.
Any specific reason? It looks a bit strange, but I'm not quite sure as to why.
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