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Not exactly a CBD CM fit, but it was comfortable nonetheless... The cardigan and shirt are from Inis Meain, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite manufacturers.
Finally got around to posting my latest two - Ramsey in snuff suede and dark oak. I wear a size 13, so they might look a tad disproportionate!
Just checked with the store - they seem to be sold out of all sizes. Thanks for the heads up, though!
Here's one from a few days ago (I'm on the right) - please excuse the askew vest and shirt collar, I had just put my jacket back on to take the picture.
I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask, but it seems a bit more appropriate here than the SW&D forums. Anyway, would anyone have any leads as to where to purchase a men's classic cabana set for the spring/summer? The only options Google has yielded have been some vintage pieces, or super Hawaii-styled ideas. I suppose top and bottom separates would work, but a set would be preferable. It basically consists of classic mid-thigh or so pair of swim shorts and a...
Thanks guys. The suit originally started as a sport coat idea, and I just decided to go with the vest and trousers for the heck of it.
Happy new year, gents. A decidedly daytime fit from last night: MTM Hickey Freeman light grey flannel (including two no-nos on a 3-piece - patch pockets and suede elbow patches). MTM Skip Gambert shirt Private label wool tie Unseen Edward Green Inverness
Christmas party - I'm on the left. Sorry for the poor lighting!
Bill's Khakis, right? Cool coat.
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