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Excellent post.
That would be a piss off...but congrats on approval. Btw, who the fuck are you? I used to know a guy...
The ever so serious look on all their faces is so funny.
Planet Fitness would bounce their ass so fast!
I would never have pegged you for a World Star participant.
How to prep them? Just the heart or the whole thing is what I'm asking.
Overall I really like it though. I don't think one has to like every single facet of an example does one?
I'd prefer a door, but still, there's a difference between no door and complete visibility like a fish bowl. To each his own but that bathroom is not only too on display but will also be bothersome. Midnight run to the crapper and you're going to probably disturb anyone sleeping in the bed by turning on the bathroom light.
Nothing to do with being prudish but rather keeping a little mystery in the relationship.
I heart this too. It's handy you can just use the hand held shower head to rinse down your toilet. This arrangement is helpful too as you can keep in touch with the status of your Sig O's bowel status as you're going to be forced to watch them take a dump from time to time.
New Posts  All Forums: