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I'm going to keep pushing a small tube for you, preferably a half stack. Oh, and if my experience is representative, this will just make you want to buy more and not less. I'm already looking at other heads and figuring there's more guitars in my future. If moving up to this Tele is so revelatory I can't imagine what spending Foo level of money would be like.
White privilege.
What reverb pedal do ya'll use? I'm on my second one and not bonding with it.
Started off the evening with tasting three single vineyards from Nickel and Nickel. This is the other label of the Far Niente folks. The one on the right was pretty drinkable but they are what you would expect in the way of a Cali Cab from the people that make Far Niente. Best wine of the night was an 2009 Oasi degli Angeli Kurni, Montepulciano.
Vox Night Train 15w head for $200. Yes?
Rumour has it I'll drive for 12 hours straight, days in a row, to get somewhere.
On a good day I feel like I'm 30 again.
No, I get that. I almost bought a stand of bagpipes for 15k because they were fully documented, including pics and movie footage, as the pipes played by the piper that led the allied forces into the city of Brussels to liberate it from occupation in WWII. Now that shit is historic and I'm still a little sad I didn't buy 'em. Thing is though not everything that's used is historic or has a great history. Sometimes used shit is just used shit. I would buy a great used...
The urge to be the first (and only) owner of things is strong in me too. I know things I use are going to get dings and such and I'm okay with that. Gomey talked me into at least thinking about buying used, and I got a pretty screaming deal on this Tele, so I will probably venture into the secondary market again at some point. I need a big enough delta to make it worthwhile though.
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