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Sorry I couldn't capture the entire URL but today's autoplay video is from Ford.
When I pull out of my neighborhood there's about a four mile stretch of road with a nice walking path along side of it. I do not get all the middle aged women I see every morning walking along it while talking on their cell phones. Seriously, wtf? Who are you possibly talking to at 5:30-6am that is so important you cannot finish your walk first? My only answer is they're talking to other middle aged women walking somewhere else.
I think Gomey knows my "one that got away" story. It involves Craig's List (of course), and a really nice red mid-80s MIJ Strat. It was in a small mountain town about 2 hours from where I live. So happens I was headed up to a friends vacation home there for a weekend so I went and checked it out. The listed address was a small music store that was now closed but it had a cell phone number posted in the window. I called it and he said he still had it and gave me his...
^ He was much thinner back then. Too many orders of double mediums?
I find it very endearing that a world class neurosurgeon, scion of a wealthy family, concerns himself about the price of two medium pizzas. You're very grounded for someone so wealthy and accomplished.
More like PK.
Some nice wines tonight. Opened with this: Wine of the night, IMO, was this 2010: Finished with this, and while a nice wine, not special as it tasted like nothing more than an RRV Pinot:
I just finished a multi million dollar capital project at work. None of this shit so I'm just confused I guess. My change orders amounted to 1.3% over original GMP. I don't get this.I do not think their overall pricing is reasonable. Some of their line items, like the pavers, are very reasonable. Then they tossed in crap like 7.5k for a fucking standard sized front gate to our courtyard. Also their contract is not going to make anyone with half a brain want to use them.
If that was directed at me the project includes a pool, spa, two different fire pits, ramada with outdoor kitchen, front courtyard with water feature, clearing and landscaping about 2/3 acre of natural flora, and a couple of other smaller items. Still, it's a lot of money.
So here's one for the attorneys here: reviewing the contract for my 200k backyard job. If damage occurs during the project they want me to pay to have the damage fixed, material re-purchased, etc. Would not builder's insurance, specifically insurance for pool installers (yes, there is such a market as I just Google-fu'ed it) pay for such things? Heck, wouldn't just plan out builder's risk cover stolen material left on sight, damage to any structures, etc? Here's...
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