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This is the ploy of an intelligent person. I'm talking about idiots.
But can you tap that?
My best Fridays now are:Get up at 5'ish and work.Leave around 1pmGo home and work out hardShowerHead out to eat and drink.
Did you watch the fucking video? The claim that he engaged her verbally for so long, and then after she lipped off to him was suddenly worried about safety, is pure and complete bullshit and for once a pig fuck got held to task for writing a report that did not reflect what really happened.
Don't take it personal. No one's views seem to matter when they diverge from the party line (whatever party and whatever line that might be).The similarity is that the locus is equivalent, i.e. external and nefarious. What I would like to say to many folks from both the hardcore Bernie camp and the hardcore Trump camp is, "You know it just might be you that fucked up your life and not (the rapist Mexican who stole your job / the non-existent CEO boogeyman that exported...
^ Which is completely different from the Bernie folks expressing their resentment...
Robert Reich had a blog post last week or the week before announcing the death of the GOP.
The cop that arrested Sandra Bland is officially fired: http://www.cnn.com/2016/03/03/us/sandra-bland-officer-fired/index.htmlI think that was a great call but no doubt he'll appeal.
I'm old enough to be your father and I get up around 5am. I go out most Fridays. When I was your age I was out Thurs-Sat for sure and often Sunday. WTF is wrong with you?
I see an Australian news crew was attacked in Sweden.
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