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I know this is small change for you rollers but a nationalistic index ETF has paid off about 12% since February. EWC, a Canadian markets ETF has treated me well. Not sure how long I'll stay in but I'm there right now and happy.
I know some things are beyond me due to my lowly station at birth and biological determinism.You just keep pitching that story. Some people might even believe it.
You were saying?
But all this just goes to support my point: if you're having a partners OPs review you are reviewing the media buys.
Then why are the People of Wal-Mart all so fat?
Going to need Kunk to weigh in. I too was functioning under the thought that creative was where the $$$ are but he seems to be indicating that's wrong by a large factor.
It's your suit.
In OPs review it's never mentioned. If I had a revenue stream of X and one of 10X I'd sure as hell have my OPs review pay more attention to the 10X stream vs. never talking about it. You do see scenes of the partners reviewing business.
You were obviously on a buying spree with a stolen card.Mine was me at a gas station. Fuckers.
New Posts  All Forums: