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As I said...trolling the food thread...
As I said, the guy is already in shock, so this "non compliance" is bullshit. And if a canine officer is not trained enough to know a little skinny drunk runt will be in shock after a couple of minutes of having a dog chew on him he should be shot.
The burgers on the grill look good.
Hmm. Just reached a new all time portfolio high today. This means we'll get a 5% or so market pull back next week.
Okay, you're just trolling the thread now.
LOL, "He still won't comply." HE'S IN FUCKING SHOCK YOU ASSHOLE.
Could someone with mod privileges in the CE please PM me? Kthxbye.
Economics = patriarchy.
Dat automatic tranny shines in dos bumper to bumper scenarios.
I was expecting @Teger to post that when I saw it earlier today.
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