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LD, I like how you're doing each infusion separately. I ran out of my Aromatic #1 over the holidays and need to put down another batch.
Interesting Neo would not react to this. I can only conclude the meaning of my sentence has no relevant life experience to match up with for him.
That means you can get away with that. I could never get away with that and my only option would be to manufacture cause and fire him.
Dikis. Never got those.
Booth, I would certainly tell him to never touch or move my coat I'll rip off your head and shit down your neck.
Man vs. Food for sure is going for low brow. Bourdain is not though as he's gone to a laundry list of the world's greatest places. Zimmerman is hit and miss. He seems to tend towards his show's title but also has been to some good places from the few shows I've caught.
I've watched Zimmerman, that guy from Man vs. Food, and Bourdain come to my stomping grounds. Say they each had five "bits" or stops for a total of 15. Out of those 15 I'd say three or four nailed it, and out of the three or four that nailed it, at least one of those spots was visited by more than one of them, making the total spots worthy of note visited to be two or three. It just seems they're pretty low percentage in hitting spots that actually define a place or are...
It's not 100%, as I don't mind LEDs, but I've never claimed to have good taste. I do think there's a strain of thinking that any new style cue is automatically to be disparaged, and it's not just in this thread, but forum wide.
My point being you said you don't think anyone here said this...a 10 second search found someone. I'm sure there are other comments here but not worth finding.
New Posts  All Forums: