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The Shaming will happen.
Did you know the two scales converge at -40? Don't ask me why I know this.
Assyrtiko is one of those grapes that sommeliers seem to favour. Albarino is another white grape that is in favour with them right now too. I'll admit to currently being on the Albarino from Rias Baixas bandwagon. $12-20 bucks buys a really nice bottle.
No snow but 30 degrees overnight here. Slept with the bedroom door to the patio wide open and curled up under our new down comforter with 600 thread count Egyptian cotton shell. Great sleeping weather.
Nice, cold night. Great steak dinner at home, good bottle of wine, adjourn to the firepit for an hour and a half of chilling out. Cannot wait to add the pool and spa into this mix next week when the heater gets hooked up.
Really looking forward to T-2 in 2017. I'm always leery of a sequel, and particularly one 20 years out, but I've got to see it.
Marginal utility value. A freshly roasted, freshly ground bean that I keep in the freezer is good enough for me. Not worth the extra hassle to me.
I do but my current bag is ground for drip.
Tried to make coffee this morning only to find out our coffee maker has quit working. A quiet coffee in front of the fire place on a cool morning is one of my biggest pleasures so this has me rather hibbeldy and also very jibbeldy.
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