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I've actually had nothing but very positive experiences with them. Last February they had a "Tightwad Tuesday" or something where they pushed out huge deals every 30 minutes. Think I made 20 buys that day. iPhone app ftw.
I am glad to see your time frame was 20 years as the current iteration of Rush, only it's second iteration since 1968 mind you, has now been in place since 1974.The thing about Rush is other musicians love them. L'Inkscaroo, did you know they toured extensively with Kiss and the Kiss boys think very highly of them?In other news vacation has gotten off to a great start. Met Mrs. Piob for lunch at a local Japanese/Hawaiian place for some of the best ramen either of us has...
Do you find them to be a reputable re-seller?
All of them.
Indeed I am. Will be in Paso Robles next week and enjoying some local hospitality.
Making me happy today is I should be leaving the office at 11:30 and starting a week of vacation.
Apparently there is no floor on this as California found it necessary to pass a law that folks could not use the ATMs at casinos to withdraw money off their EBT debit cards.
Beck, get your Audi yet? Waiting for a report.
Given your brief synopsis I would say she probably has a pattern of bad decision making thus buying those tickets should come as no surprise. However, she must have had good "lottery intuition" and she has profited greatly where other folks would have put that money towards food and housing. Now she can die penniless at 40 but will have had a wild 14 year ride back to poverty.
Had an 09 ME Pinot last night, just the RRV blend. Been awhile since I've had one and it was really damn good. Very dark for a Pinot, not OTT fruit, and went very well with our dinner of cheese and charcut.
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