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Putting this question here because I don't get it. The question is for HB and our other legal eagles. Say a cop pulls you over for a minor traffic infraction and you have a Trade Joe's bag on your passenger seat. He asks to look in it and you (respectfully) refuse. Likely results?
Wife's company party was pretty good. It was at a pretty cool and historic hotel/resort so we decided to spend the night vs. driving home. We rented a huge suite and hosted the after party.
Why do so many people look like they didn't shower and are wearing yesterday's workout sweats when flying now? I swear it's like people go out of their way to look like shit when flying.
You should mention something about managing to only shit on company time as an accomplishment.
Open bar is just a trick to see who's really an ass when drunk. Be careful.
I get wine tonight! Have not had a drink since Saturday.
He was a real good guy too. Gave me a bottle of Louis Tres.
Yeah, I think it usually happens in older people. It's a really, really nasty cancer with almost zero survival rate.
Damn. Just found out a former protege died of pancreatic cancer. Early 30s, had moved out to work in CA, and was apparently doing not bad in the field. Cancer sucks.
I have just listened to the entire epic poem of Fountain of Lamneth. It continues to be an awesome, epic poem.
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