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Merely because it's "evidence" does not mean it's factual, complete, and/or accurate. I think the cop that lied in his report concerning the arrest of Sandra Bland might have found this out the hard way.You do realize there's a different between a military force and a police force? One is to kill people and break things and the other, at least theoretically, is designed to do exactly the opposite, i.e. "protect and serve."
If I have to explain why this is troublesome, in someone the state has invested the power of deadly force in, nothing I say will register.
No one else has a problem with the psych profile on demonstration with the engraved gun?
That's a pretty horrific scenario. I think any cop with an AR-15 that has "You're fucked" inscribed does not have the proper personality type of a public servant we entrust with lethal force.
1, 838.Approximately.
Yeah, but apparently your future wife will have been tapped by more guys than a keg at a frat party.
What is this about Trump wanting a statue of himself in DC? People thought he could not out do himself...yet he consistently manages to do just that.
She won't go bigger than the GLE.That GLS550 is even faster in 2017 as they retuned the 4.7 bi-turbo. It also got suspension and tranny upgrades. Fuck, I hope the lease terms are good next Xmas.
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