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You're dead to me.
I just liked that pajama boy was the cover frame. (No homo)
Thanks for posting this. I was going to complain (again) about SF putting my machines to a crawl but figured it was just something to live with at this point.
I don't think it has to be that way even if you have a blue collar job. I think it's just a certain mindset folks get into and it becomes a huge rut that just impacts every facet of life and sucks the joy out of it. One of my friends back home, her older sister and brother-in-law, both worked for Canada Post in worker type jobs. However, they both like travel, civic life (theatre, art galleries, etc.) and are also legit wine hounds. They told me how they worked way...
I also think this can impact one's view on life so much it impacts health. I swear these sad sacks age prematurely. The folks I'm talking about, by 60, project an aura of actual frail or sick elderly much of the time. They're just so bored/unhappy with their sad sack lives it seeps over into everything about them. From shitty cars to old shitty clothes to shacky houses to...well...everything. Then I look at those folks I know in their 80s that are still going into the...
It does have explanatory powers for your interpretations, 'Turk. You've made it pretty clear that basically a cop would have to walk up to a sleeping infant, stick his gun in its mouth, and pull the trigger to have done something wrong. Everyone else is "not following lawful orders," etc. and thus rightfully subject to any sort of brutality from cops.
Agree on the concept of diminishing returns and extravagances. We've long had a rule that we need to keep our monthly nut under the lowest of our two salaries. That salary is Mrs. Piob's and we're pretty close to that. I think it's a good/safe way to live. OTOH there's the folks like some of the ones I grew up with that I often mention. Live your entire adult life like a pauper so you can retire at 55 and...live your life like a pauper. Where's the fun and enjoyment...
Can't compare a guitar built by Suhr to an Ibanez. He's made some of the most notable S body guitars around in the last 20 years and not to mention the whole Mark Knopfler edition. Think he was THE master builder at the Fender CS at some point in the 90s too.
Excuse my ambiguity. I was asking why they can't make an electric vehicle like that. My current GL does have a 500 mile range on one tank. The main thing is though, I can stop at a gas station and piss while I fill up, and then get another 500 miles. Not so with current electric tech.
Vape is where it's at.
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