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Since my bitters/bar tools thread has died and this has become the de facto "all things bartending" I'm going to put this PSA here: http://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/store/product/final-touch-yarai-mixing-pitcher-with-hawthorne-strainer/1042576815?device=c&network=g&matchtype=&mcid=PS_googlepla_nonbrand_dining_&gclid=Cj0KEQjw_42eBRDHqcG1psmtneEBEiQAWPL8WOtNeRuj48CsdeoHEP78_WD9XHpqwyP7K82rSbvNVTIaAn9Z8P8HAQ There's currently a 20% off one item coupon floating around too.
Until someone invokes the Interstate Commerce clause.
I know lots of city folks that are dog owners and do not need a designated park.This could well be the rationale and I don't like it. It's rewarding bad behaviour on the owner's part. It's just like parents with kids in a nice restaurant and the kids are running wild. We need to introduce shame back into society.
GF, just looked at the ticker. What's the sentiments today? So speaking of sentiments...some time ago I posted about some nice success I had with an ETF that tracks the Canadian market. My personal sentiment is their real estate market has been ready to pop for quite some time. I want to take my double digit upside and move it into something else. Anyone have a low expense ETF or index fund back in the US to suggest? I'm thinking an index fund that tracks the Russell...
Seriously? How do you ban a person from a public area, funded with tax dollars, because they do not have a dog with them?
I don't get dog parks. When did it happen that society decided, after spending millennia with our canine companions, that we needed officially sanctioned areas for the activities one does with their pooch?
You guys are just begging for a certain someone to come in here and bitch about the BMW blowjob thread.
Andy Othling has a website dedicated to ambient music and he's quite the equipment guru. Here's his review of the WET. Here he is doing a "shimmer shootout."
I had me a pretty awesome day yesterday too. Had a landscape architect over to begin the planning process of getting our property done the way we want it. We then headed downtown for some drinks and nosh, came back to our neck of the woods, and finished the evening at the place two minutes away and the sunset was stunning last night. The best thing of all was getting some news from folks we met there over the winter that live in NYC. She has been seriously ill with...
I'm happy pB has a more fitting avatar again.
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