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It does indeed say 6.2 there but I know what it said on the live website which was 5.8. It's more than just the 0-60; that's just a proxy/short form for usable power. Stomp on the pedal at highway speed or to merge? Don't have that instant torque and need to wait for the turbos to spool up. Everyone knows you have to keep a smaller engine spinning higher than a bigger engine. I want that relaxed and instant power on tap. Half a second or 8/10s I don't really care. ...
Too small but thanks for the rec. Even the Q7 is noticeably smaller and it started off life underpowered like the GL450 is now.I might just end up extending my current lease for another year. I think MB is going to see emasculating the 450 as a bad choice and go back to the V8 biturbo. The 450 accounts for about 65% of all GL sales; they can't afford to fuck it up.
FYI, Cabs and Bordeaux blends are not my favorite wines in the low end. I might go so far as to say I'd prefer not to drink them. Been drinking a lot of Spanish wines, but as I said, I don't have much in the way of age worthy ones. I felt like I was getting a nice "mature" cellar in that I had daily drinkers, I had stuff aging, and I had a nice selection of things I had aged myself for several years. I'm just not replacing the stuff to put several years of bottle age...
Based on my experience you can get OEM if the car is two model years old or newer. At three they won't cover the bump to OEM. I found that out on our cars as we've always gotten OEM replacement except the last time just before we turned a car in (so it was three model years old). I always get the windshield coverage as where I live getting a cracked windshield is not uncommon.
In 2014 the 550 and 450 shared the same V8 "bitrurbo." The 450 was detuned and did it in 5.8. The 550 was tuned better and did it in 5.5. It was all on MB's page so think of it whatever you want. I don't really give a shit at this point. Went and drove a 4Runner Limited today. This I can get into one for like $500. Fuck MB. I can drive that 4Runner Limited and buy a thousand dollars worth of wine every fucking month.
Bought a handle of Buffalo Trace today. Right now having a Manhattan of: 3 oz BT 1 oz NP sweet splash of Luxardo eye dropper of Bittercube Wild Cherry bitters Stir in mixing glass. I plan to take about 20oz of the BT and infuse with orange rind and vanilla bean for a month and then age two months in a cask. Xmas Manhattans should be very good.
The last couple of days I've gotten the occasional pop up asking if I want to upgrade the English version of Office 2010. I have Office 365 and the popup happens directly as I click something on SF. Happened with only SF in my browser. I'd try to catch a URL for you guys but I kill my browser from the Task Manager when something like that pops up. Also, I would greatly appreciate if someone could point me to where I could stream some football live.
Page 3 speaks of the left and right bank turbochargers. It's a biturbo, not a twin turbo, per your definition of the words. A better designation would be sequential vs. parallel. Page three indicates they are parallel, or rather, biturbo.
I'm sort of in a wine funk. So much of CA is way more money than I'm willing to pay anymore (just saw Merry Edwards Estate and Flax for $80 a bottle retail) but my cellar is running out of those types of wine. Much of my cellar now revolves around low end daily drinkers and I don't feel I have more than about 100 bottles worth aging some. I just cannot make myself spend $600 to get a case of CA wine delivered from the winery anymore.
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