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http://www.wsj.com/articles/SB10001424052702303795904579431244121566268 http://www.sacbee.com/food-drink/appetizers/article2593251.html Discussion: http://www.wineberserkers.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=97228&sid=eaf660a4d37f8f35bdd9ff2197e2e33d
Been to their winery...just because it was there. It's one of the few commercial level places in Paso, so is not well liked in Paso, which is still a little farm town. There's nothing wrong with the wine, as Red said if it's an Iso could benefit from aging, if it's their "Justification" drink it now. Even the Iso is probably ready to go.Edit: if you've been drinking a lot of BC or Canadian wines be ready for high alcohol and fruit. Central Coast is drenched in...
No one proposed a golden rule, and even if someone had, my answer would be, "No." What someone did do is express a short rationale on why they thought 8k or so was too much. As we all knew to start with this maximum number will vary per person, and I would not even hesitate to say, vary per person across time. I'm sure if someone like otc suddenly got married due to pregnancy his personal priorities would change from those of this moment.Even I know only you can answer...
There are other folks here with better knowledge than me but I'll tell you that Chinon from a good producer is a no brainer and will not break the bank.
Off the cuff, I'd say more than 1.4k.
I'm afraid this is going to not sit well with you...I like the way the Eames looks but I still think it's kind of fugly. I like how it looks as the design carries out its function so well, namely that of comfortably lounging, but I still think it's a little fugly. Something can be at once unattractive yet somehow visually appealing.
Dude, let it go.
Nice! Up by Erieau?
So did I. Btw, not sure how comfy the arms are on that chair you posted. Have you sat in one? Enjoyed the upholstery comment too.
So here's a write up of the refreshed GL that was first hit on a Google: http://autoweek.com/article/car-reviews/2017-mercedes-benz-gls-class-first-drive-still-superbYou'll see they pretty much agree with my assessment of this particular vehicle. Their opening comment:Emphasis added.
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