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Lulz. Like a cop killer is going to live through the arrest?
You should have told him, "Don't worry, I'll tap the back of your head before I cum."
Can anyone else remember a time where you didn't have to take off the same stuff they do to a prisoner and could carry on food and beverages?
A sweet rarity of agreement.
I knew I was wrong. While I agree with #2 I think people often do not offer reasonable, intelligent, and/or honest disagreement with the data. I say this as glib and blanket dismissals are often offered that show no real thought behind them. I say this because, as mentioned above, this is not a mickey mouse or narrowly focused endeavor going on these days. The stats are so robust, predictive, and reproducible that I find them hard to dismiss without some strong effort...
I feel this is a shallow dismissal. I say this as measuring IQ today is hardly a narrowly focused thing as the conceptualization of IQ has done nothing but expand and become more nuanced. While the "G Factor" is still acknowledged it's broken out into a list of sub-categories from "crystallized" to visual to auditory processing to processing speed. It seems to me under the catch all of "IQ" there is now a group of different conceptualizations and they combine to produce...
Really well done and completely captures the zeitgeist, no?
I've had the bigger unit for nearly a decade. The only problem I've ever had was the bearings on the condenser fan blew about four years after I got it. To be fair I had it up against the wall which is exactly what you're not supposed to do. I bought a replacement cooling unit and swapped it out myself. The old unit I brought in to work so my licensed HVAC guy could look at it. He's the one that diagnosed the bearings. Part was covered under warranty and the install...
You know I don't buy into the tripartite concept of race but are you taking issue with the data or with the people pointing it out?
I think the White Walkers get defeated when Jon pulls the shard out of that King of the White Walkers (herein referred to as KWW). The final battle scene will be Jon against the KWW.
New Posts  All Forums: