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Um, 125 million is not the proper denominator. The proper denominator would be households that left an estate, which according to my link, was about 2.5 million.My take is Hillary won't really materially impact the really rich people, like the ones that fund the Clinton Foundation, but will end up mainly impacting people like many of the ones on Sty-Fo. I predict income earners between 150-500k will end up shouldering the brunt of any of her changes.
As my link above shows people are indeed paying this tax so I don't think we can dismiss it under the thought it's just idiots getting caught up in it.
Odd situation going on in the Piob house. Mrs. Piob, who's 10 months in to her one year probation with the new government job gig, is being offered a promotion to the bottom rung of upper management. It's pretty unheard of to be bumped to this level while still under probation but I'm trying to talk her out of it. They hired her in at the top pay grade, so the raise will be minimal, but of course it comes with the increased hours and responsibility one would expect. ...
A quick Google-foo indicates between 5-600 estates in 2015 for nearly $19 billion collected. http://www.taxpolicycenter.org/briefing-book/how-many-people-pay-estate-taxThat's a pretty good chunk of change to raise off tops 600 people.
The average middle class voter doesn't understand the concept of "marginal tax rates" either. I really would not be against some kind of intelligence test in order to vote and suspect it would hit both sides fairly hard.
I probably won't watch it but seems we should get some drinking rules in place just in case. Trump says, "JUGE!" = drink Trump alludes to his penis = drink Trump says, "It'll be great" = drink Clinton makes crazy eyes = drink She's in the shitter coming back from commercial = drink Clinton mentions "working families" = drink
It's great living on a private road. If some random RV managed to get through the gate we'd just charge them with trespassing and have the RV impounded.
Some people don't understand mean reversion and think we'll get a landed gentry again.
How many of that thousand was at the hands of the popo?
By any sane definition $5 million is wealthy. It's not stupid, fuck you type money but it's certainly wealthy.
New Posts  All Forums: