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As much as I often desire to rip off someone's head off and shit down his neck pipe I try to remember that you tend to see the same people on the way down that you saw on the way up. Then again I've not changed jobs for 10 years so I've had no opportunity. Related to leaving a job and seeing the same people on the way up as the way down: the last time I left a job on bad terms was in the late 90s. It was one of those, "I quit!" "No, you can't quit because you're...
^ When you said loss of bodily functions I was expecting something like the hot tub diarrhea girl.
The problem with this is that you've just told him you're not working as hard as you can.
I had an LR3, which has more interior room than a Sport, and my GL is far more spacious. The only Rover with comparable room is the full size RR and that is more than I want to spend. I'm not saying I don't enjoy Rover, as I enjoyed the entire experience (driving, service, dealership 4x4 outings) but for the $$ MB gives far more interior space.If I was going for a long term vehicle I would certainly pick the Toyota too. However, 24-36 months is all I do, and the...
Sport = too small, full size RR = more than I want to pay. If I was not adverse to paying more I'd just grab a 2015 GL550 (with the better tuned version of the V8 the 450 had last year). Yeah, the Explorer looks better and the Sport is nicely powered and optioned vehicle. I plan to drive one this weekend if the weather is nice.
Try a Trident:1 part Cynar1 part dry sherry1 part aquavite.Couple dashes of peach bitters.
It's very fugly and they are driving the price up. I could have lived with how fugly it is for a couple of hundred cheaper a month. Having MB walk me on the 2014, and now the V6 thing in the 2015, has me seriously re-evaluating my car habits. That Explorer Sport is running about 5.9 0-60, has nothing but good reviews in the magazines, and I think I can land one optioned up for about $460 a month. Between lower monthly, lower insurance, and gas mileage I bet I can save...
That really sucks. Getting something new(er)? I'm interested to see if I'm pissed off at MB enough that I go get a Ford Explorer Sport (has the "Ecco Boost" engine).
On the flip side, when you do post about the cars you actually drive, you get called names too.
New Posts  All Forums: