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Yeah, that one always puzzles me. The shit you hear people talking about in public on their cell is mind boggling.
You really make Oz sound like a rotten place to live. Your medical stories alone do it.
Had my custom made bar back installed today. Sort of. Part of the install is a narrow cherry wood counter top to separate the bottom drawers from the top cabinets. The counter is beautiful. A beautiful piece of wood shaped and finished wonderfully. The carpenter went to shape it to the contour of the end wall and totally blew it. Placed the curve to hug the wall about 1.5 inches too far and it was glaringly obvious. He placed the three top pieces in but did not...
Super Mario is the fucking man.
Close. Where you begin to identify with your captors: Stockholm Syndrome.
Is it just me or is anyone else starting to find Michelle attractive?
Youtubes or it didn't happen!
My Tele's tone circuit is bypassable. Makes it exceedingly brash and bright.
My custom made bar back is getting installed tomorrow. To bad you're not nearby as you could crack ice for my Yarai mixing glass!
New Posts  All Forums: