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But he never disappoints.
If Gomey gets it are you going to leave a Cleveland Steamer in the trunk?
This post is useless without a youtube.
Do they carry them around in little tackle boxes? That's what I remember most.
I used to see nerds playing that in the mid-90s when coffee house culture was getting re-established. You were in diapers then, no?
http://www.menwithfibro.com/home.htmlSeriously though fibro I bet about 80-90% of all fibro diagnosis can be described by the same profile.
If they just did a full size, AWD SUV with a 500 mile range I would be all over it.
You just wish you could participate in something as cool as that gathering.
The first time fibro crossed my radar was back in the 90s and oddly enough it was while I was getting my grad degree in public health. It's a two year program and really not that difficult. It only required 45 credits plus and internship with terminal paper/presentation on the internship. So 45 credits, at the standard 3 credits per class, and 15 classes in two years. There was a wealthy Jewish girl from Boston in our class. Never held a job, something of a...
You are correct. Sorry about the typo. Now tell me the clan of the Cairn and I'll be impressed! Double points for the clan that clan served.Edit: Cool story bro:A few years ago, at a gathering of the clans on Samhain, a guy walks up to us and says he lives on the Isle of Skye and just landed, he's one of us, and could he party with us tonight. Was very cool. Torch lit ceremony that night. Was so awesome. I was still playing and marched with the pipers that...
New Posts  All Forums: