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Change it to what? Not white as I hate white pickguards for some reason.What I'm going to change for sure is the bridge. Extensive reading on talkbass.com indicates this particular bridge is not the most stable. Can't decide on a BadAss II or a different one. Once I decide I'll buy it and take it into a local, really well known shop, and have them set it up, install the bridge, and maybe put on better strings. Should bet set for a lifetime then.
Me? If so I'm always looking for the mix of features and price that would cause a move. I'm really not brand loyal in the least.
Need more supercharging. Volvo supercharged and turbocharged the new XC90 and I think that's a great way to go.
Thanks for that video. Did you pick out where he's talking about how nice it is at 4k and then you're flying by 6k? Yeah, that's exactly what I don't want in the way of a driving characteristics in a car I'm driving on the road. Cut the displacement and that torque curve has to move to the right. Not saying that isn't an awesome car but I'm thinking of daily life with the AMG GL with that engine.
If you're classifying me as an "Internet atheist" then your bar is pretty low for that label and you're probably at the "doth protest too much" point. I'm pretty non-antagonistic towards religious folks and have posted many times I back whatever gets one through the night. On top of that I've always said my position is one of true agnosticism.
It's not really about the US market anymore; it's about CAFE and their vehicle line up sold in the US.
Forgot to mention what my SA told me Monday morning. He says there's talk of a 4.0 litre becoming the top size AMG engine.
Today was an 08 Rioja Reserva. All of $12 bucks. I love that region.
At least you're not disagreeing with my observation. As to the explanation of the phenomena that probably makes sense. It's pretty much like feminism, no?
Went to the dispatch post office on the way home. They tell me my package will not be available for pick up until tomorrow at 8:30am per their internal website. I tell the drone their website said it was going to be delivered Saturday, and today it said "to be redelivered" because no one was home except my wife watched her drive right by without getting of her truck, so maybe going to look in the back before I get upset would be cool. Drone rolls his eyes and goes to...
New Posts  All Forums: