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Trump is the ass of the decade but Hitler he's not. Seriously not kidding folks in southern Ontario are convinced he's going to open concentration camps and "showers." Also, WTF is "hundo?" That was slang for a c-note but I have no idea what it means for you.
Hillary has (D) after her name so she's automatically the candidate of preference in Canada. Hell, Obama has like an 80 or 85% positive approval rating in Canada. My relatives are quite convinced Trump is the second coming of Hitler, as in, they're telling me he's going to round non-whites up and kill them. I shit you not.
For sure but that's "wheeling and dealing" vs. just taking on a primary residence.
Black Swan events usually hand a fair number of people their asses.
You have no idea the schadenfreude this has generated in Canada. Endless comments about where "The Wall" really needs to be built, practice in case Trump is elected, etc.
Or if you were poor and bought more house than you could really afford.
Is not the usual holding period for a home historically long enough not to have to worry about market timing except for the great Black Swan event of recent times?
So we're to take an anecdote concerning sw Europe (?) as demonstrative of why there's only apparently one correct view? Makes sense to me.
They all require it and I bet most states have 30-60% of its drivers uninsured at any given time. Again, things like auto insurance are only purchased by people with something to lose.
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