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I love ducking minds.
Interesting article on grappa: http://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-31585550
It's new to them.So let's look at the scenario with your additions:Young guy, on the job one week, pushing "newer stuff."Old people, happy with old technology, established employees.Do you not see where my advice still fits perfectly? Best way to get people to change is to convince them change is good. Best way to convince people IRL is to let them get to know you before you start telling them how they're doing it the old fashioned way. I know this will grate on you but...
So you mean in a week's time you've not completely won over the existing employees and convinced them the new guy's way is best? No doubt I am over stepping my bounds, and you'll find my suggestion preposterous, but did you give a thought to spending your first few weeks getting to know people and elicit their take on things? Maybe get some buy in through listening and seeking input from the folks that have been there longer than one week?Just another thought, but even...
Most youth oriented cultural movements eventually become nothing but a fashion style.
I bet Neo's seen worse.
Indeed. Back when grunge and alternative were big I often quipped it was about being different...just like the other millions of people into grunge.
Woke up with a full blown cold, my first in about eight years. Monday after getting back from vacation always sucks and the cold was just the cherry on top. Strangely my good vacation mood is still hanging on, my In box was fairly uncrowded, and not one emergency or land mine was present this morning. I think I'll take off at 3p, head home for a hot toddy, and order us pizza for dinner.
Doing some selfcare?
Not a random scene there. Saxum vineyard, sipping 100 pt wine when I took that pic.
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