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Agreed. And a focal point is probably the exact worse place to even consider less than excellent work. My friend that builds high end custom homes arranged for the worker that is doing all the framing, drywall, tile, etc. and a local company that sells the fireplaces also does the installation. It all breaks out rationally but that final number, even though I sort of expected it, still hurts a bit. Then again, our aborted wine installation was going to be even more, so...
When you look at the numbers all broken out it all makes sense but then you add them up and ouch.
It's already there.
Got my quotes for our fireplace install. Yeah, the whole thing is going to run about 20k.
The obvious answer is get an office mate. Not only will it increase your social life, and help you get laid more, it will cost less for a far larger office.
Just like the rest of the inequality gap!
Give it a fucking rest, why.
Heh, the only folks here with anything approaching that price point is you, Foo, OS, and pB. My Tele was way under 1k delivered. Alex said the concept behind his signature line is for a working musician to have a guitar that could do it all from acoustic tones to whatever. I have to admit I'm a fan of versatile things in general.
Running into deer after dark = big drawback. I don't want vacation property as everyone I know with one feels like they need to spend all their vacation time there and seem to spend a material amount of time/money keeping it up. Seems like places that sit empty take more care than places being lived in based on my observations.
Roommates still? WTF?
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