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MM House Studio MK27 Bragança Paulista . sp . Brazil 2012 House is really beautiful but between all that water, the grass roof, and all the open walls I'm skeeved out at the thought of bugs crawling on me when I sleep. Also: Alex, I'll take "Who Needs To Fuck Off" for $1000. Anyone know the answer?
Cool. Did not know LCBO was doing this. I'm so old I can remember when "Vintages" was a new thing.
Serious question: private individuals can auction wine in Canada now?
Gome, link her to the scotusblog guy that thought it was actually the Supremes twittering away.
Damn you to hell, Big A! I had the urge to drop $800-1k on my cheap little 10/22 conquered but now I'm thinking how much I need a replacement stock and want a Kidd barrel and trigger group replacement.
I think Booth could make donating a kidney a prickish act.
Yup. Not only did we still get some Tara but now we have her possibly even more annoying mother. So did Eric just catch Hep V or did he do it on purpose due to Nora dying last year?
Not every group but you can see by the time I got my scope dialed in for the center group I put 10 rounds right in there. Edit: keep in mind this is a plain, cheap old Ruger 10/22 I put a 9x scope on. There are some crazy expensive "accurized" rigs out there doing .5" groups. Here's a guy nailing a 12" bullet trap at 300 yards and doing trying for 400 yards.
I was never a huge b-ball fan but it was hard not to pay some attention to it at that time if you lived in the Detroit area. People only remember his physical play and forget the guy was a major force. I mean I remember when he broke 10k rebounds and 10k points. I think he did some assistant coaching for the NBA but I seem to remember he had quite a bit of success as head coach of Detroit's WNBA team (whatever they're called).
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