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At least for me spending to spend, which it reads that's what that guy in SR's link is doing, is just stupid and the sign of someone insecure or missing something in life. It's like the research I've read that shows a rude SA in a high end store usually makes bigger sales as most people react by spending more in hopes of showing the rude SA how "important" they are through spending. I don't run into rude SAs or service staff often but my reaction is to leave vs. dropping...
Wouldn't you just be the asshole if you walked into a vegan restaurant, ordered the tofu taco, and asked if they could replace the tofu with chicken?
They probably figured it might get by the DOJ if closing down more exchanges would be the fallout. It's not over with yet, IMO, as Obama is in legacy mode and I'm sure leaving with a bunch of states that have no Obamacare exchange option is not what he wants.
But some idiot here predicted market consolidation as an obvious fall out of the ACA but I seem to remember you were for it. Who could that have been predicted this?Single payer is the ultimate antitrust/market consolidation situation, no?
http://www.millennial-revolution.com/about-us/ A link to a very annoying husband and wife that are getting press in Canada. Two Millennial computer engineers that saved up a million bucks (complete kudos on that) who have now become convinced home ownership is a cult and that everyone that owns a home is miserable and screwed. They were featured on CBC http://www.cbc.ca/news/business/house-investment-wealth-1.3716641 They're living off their portfolio and traveling the...
From your Business Insider link:If there's money to be made it's illogical for a publicly traded company not to make it, no?
Read your links and it seems it is cost related. The cost of running the exchanges while fighting the DOJ at the same time to be exact. Also, Aetna has said the exchange business has degraded in your links, so there's the company itself maintaining the business cost in isolation is problematic too.I'm puzzled why you would think limiting the field is problematic as I always assumed you were for single payer.
I hope I'm never not surprised that some religious sociopaths got a boy to walk into a wedding celebration and blow himself and others up.
New Posts  All Forums: