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Out of that line up it's Bush that I jam along to on a few songs as they're easy to play.
I will admit I'm unsure as to the nature of the humblebrag.
It was just a natural to irk pB.
1986 MIJ that's a 1975 RI.
He's still a vergeen.
Dealership just called my cell. They caved.
Hmm. I might not have good trading intuition but I think I have good trader intuition. My intuition has noticed whenever the market takes a crap for a few days certain traders go missing until there's an uptick.
GF could learn from you.
There's only two places that I have not caught in outright lies: MB and Rover. I get lying is reflex for car folks but why do it when you know you're going to get caught? Why not just give me a lease proposal as I requested? Audi, Infiniti, Caddy, and Ford, all of them fuckers lied to me in the last few months of shopping.
Out of that line up, if they were playing their classic stuff, it's the Pumpkins I'd most care to see. If U2 had shown up, if they played stuff from the Joshua Tree back I'd pick them.
New Posts  All Forums: