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Michelle is the rock star of FLOTUS. Or is "rock star" white privilege and I should use a different genre? Will that be racist? Fuck this analogy for danger...she has ardent admirers by the millions.
Here's all you'll ever need to know about making stock at home: http://www.seriouseats.com/2014/10/how-to-make-rich-flavorful-easy-chicken-stock.html
There we go.
If there was I'm sure someone we know would have posted it.
I can see adrenaline meaning not a head shot...which is no doubt why center mass is always trained too...but we're talking a "miss" of feet here, not inches.
I asked that above and no one could answer. As I said, with my cheap ass 10/22, with my $40 scope, there's no way I could miss that target at 30 yards.
We have alcoves in all our showers. When Gracie first moved in we kept her for a few nights in one of the spare bedrooms (my music room) so she could get used to her new home. Here she is modelling a soap alcove:
Well, this November is our big chance.
The same guy that caused us all to loose sleep over the thought of Guam capsizing now says Israeli settlers are like termites: http://time.com/4423931/hank-johnson-israel-termite-apology/ This just in: absolutely no outrage in the MSM over an overtly antisemitic comment.
For better healthcare.
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