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I drink diet coke, probably 1-2 cans a day, usually with some whisky. Real coke makes my teeth feel funny (no homo and no idea why this is). Also, with water, I keep Pellegrino around both the house and office for a change of pace.
Yup. He's also Weiner's real life kid.Edit: Joan puts out way too easy.
Stop being part of the problem!
It does take a lot of effort to be that fat, but then again, it takes a lot of effort to be really fit too. When I was cycling 250-300 miles a week and lifting some respectable weights I was eating constantly. Then I stopped cycling and lifting and kept eating constantly and blimped up 50# or so. It was a lot of work taking in all those calories, and without the exercise, I always felt ready to burst from being so full. When I decided I needed to drop weight it was...
Isn't that how we feel about most women?
Would subscribe to that service...but probably could not afford it.
Check out Bloodline on Netflix. Looking very pokeable there.
In our nearly 4200 posts in this thread has there ever been an example where, other than outright trolls, everyone approved of it?
Happy I do not have to even leave the house today after being gone most of last week. Ran our errands yesterday so do not even have to hit the grocery store. Next week is going to be killer, capped off with a banquet I have to attend Friday night, so a day of isolation is good for the soul.
New Posts  All Forums: