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Has anyone ever put pennies inside you, added baking soda and water, then swished the pennies around?
No, they're really size 12.
TL;DNR = privileged white kid didn't realize his privilege.
When I'm in a pedestrian sort of situation like that I don't just make eye contact I point right at the person in a brusque to threatening manner. It works well.
Spain definitely has some warm climate viticulture in many areas, so yeah, you can get big extracted wines. Rioja from Alta or with a lot of Alta grapes will tend to be lighter, lower alcohol due to cooler climate/shorter growing seasons and Rioja from Baja or with a lot of Baja grapes will be more like California wines. Garnacha from the Montsant region tend to be bigger wines like a Central Coast wine but at 1/4 the price. You would probably enjoy Priorat wines which...
When I think South Africa I right away think Sauv Blanc and Chenin Blanc for whites. They call Chenin Blanc "Sheen" there. Also making some nice Chards and Viogniers. For reds I just think of Pinotage and am not impressed so far. Never had a Lebanese wine but would try. I think there was a rather famous Bordeaux style wine some guy made there but he might have died. Can't remember but this sounds familiar to me. New Zealand. Sauv Blanc, of course, also good Pinots...
I almost ran over someone on the way to work today. When there's a very nice walking/jogging path that is completely empty at 5am along this stretch of road I don't get why someone would jog on top of the shoulder white line in dark clothes with no reflective materials nor any kind of light when it's pitch black out. Stupid fuck deserves today but it would have ruined my day.
I love working from home. Sit on the patio and enjoy the outdoors, get in a good workout, no commute...
Made my first order from Lyle's newsletter last night. Got a three pack of the cheaper German Syrah and the still have available some Chablis so I got a three (or was it four?) pack of that.
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