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Yes, it seems the sub-group of feminists guilty of this are in rather disrepute this morning with their usual partners.
Some feminists are upset about Obama's mosque visit since, you know, Islam treats women like second class citizens (if not chattel) and all that. Damn feminists.
I SWYDT but I still was told last Friday night I'm 35 or so and "pure muscle." I fucking love booze goggles.
For some reason the Scary Snowman youtubes make me chuckle.
It seems all up in the air if Melissa McCarthy will reprise her well regarded role as "Sookie" on the Gilmore Girls.
That's one of the oldest sales tricks, the take away. Here's a gift so let me in. What? You won't let me in? Well I'm taking back my gift. Don't you want to let me in now?
They're actually pretty easy to piss off on certain topics.
Finished "River" last night. I feel sorry for his new partner and his wife.
Even better...they were "dead broke" just 16 years ago and now have a combined net worth somewhere around $120 million PLUS they control somewhere between 1/4 and 1/2 a billion dollars with their Foundation.
This will tell you how long ago I was up on cycling....my Trek had downtube shifters and I had it converted.
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