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Dood, selling me short? Soprano episode, actor that had his own series once where he was a garbage man.
CE that shit.
This is one of those cases where so many people believe they're the outlier. It's like all the morbidly obese people that think with four weeks of training they could do a marathon and that they're "metabolically healthy." No, you're a fat fuck and are going to die young. Same with with ABS. I'll take ABS and stomp on the pedal. I know I'm a pretty sharp driver but I'm not an outlier at six sigma out. I'll just stomp on that ABS.
Isn't "pretentious vegan restaurant" being redundant?
I thought it was you?
This is true.
What I don't like is that you have to defeat things you don't like on every start up. My lane assist and collision thing are a couple of levels down in a menu so I don't bother. At least the stall out at stop lights thing is just a button on my dash I have to hit every time I start up. The newest generation of cameras rock. The 360 over head view and predictive turning, both front and back, are very useful. Ever since I was a valet back in the 90s I've always backed...
Marco Polo. One of Netflix own. Some nice work here. Some scenes offer excellent cinematography, a compelling portrayal of characters, and every episode so far has had plenty of hot AZN babe nudity.
So just had a little thing happen tonight. The garage door behind which our cars sit jumped completely out of the tracks and jammed about 1/3 open. Could not move the damn thing and trying to force it just bent the tracks on the side that was not popped out. Thankfully there is such a thing as 24/7 garage door repairmen. $180 bucks later and I had my garage door working again. Really, on a Saturday night? I was not upset to pay that.
Northern yes, southern no.
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