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pB, safe travels tomorrow.
Speak for yourself, you low T geezer. Quality must be mixed with adequate quantity.
Would explain why you seem to know so much about perverts.
So is this one of those natural finished ya'll don't like? [[SPOILER]]
Yesterday's revolutionary is today's "The Man." I heard Castro was a revolutionist before he became a dictator.
Take what I think might be correct with a grain of salt and maybe a real doc will weigh in. As I understand it there's basically two liver enzymes that show if you have steatosis (fatty liver disease). Those are ALF and AST. Then there's two types of fatty liver disease, the alcoholic type and the non-alcoholic type. I can't remember which but one type tends to hit one enzyme more and the other type the other enzyme more. Also it can just mess with the ratios vs....
You just learned something that you want to know if you see it in your chart. Most medical folks get pretty judgey, and if you're not careful, you'll get things like:+ ETOH abusePatients admits to ETOH abuseand stuff like that. You don't want that in your medical record because, as I said, medical folks can get judgey pretty fast. The worse are nurses, and then if you're in real pain, will often chart, "Hx of ETOH abuse. Patient is drug seeker," vs. getting the pain...
ETOH is how alcohol gets written in medical notes. 40" waist? I thought you were svelte?
I have always assumed so. The only problem is you have to work within the liver enzyme/waist girth matrix. ETOH is pretty full of calories.
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