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Would smash Ms. Wang.
I'm waiting for all the "Leave" voters to be declared economic terrorists.
The data I posted demonstrated that median age in an "authority" (governmental municipal area) was not highly correlated with how an authority voted. I would think the tie is better rural vs. urban as younger folks flock to the cities and there was a strong tie between rural vs. urban for stay vs. leave respectively.
Has anyone else thought that since we now know Jon is a full blooded Targaryen he should theoretically be immune to fire and be able to bond with dragons? Have there been any scenes where Jon showed a resistance to fire in the past?
So what this picture doesn't show is that this bone in ribeye is 3.5" thick. I bagged it with sliced garlic, shallots, rosemary, thyme, and S&P. Patted dry, rubbed in some of my homemade seasonings and tossed it on a super hot grill with two pats of butter on top for two minutes. Flipped, another two minutes. It was really good. Except for a few millimeters per side all 3.5" was a perfect medium rare. Edit: Bagged it yes but forgot to add sous vide at 130. The...
A girl has a name.
YES! Close enough!
A c-note says it burns.
Is tonight the night King's Landing burns to the ground?
Very interesting read.
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