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Reading this thread really makes me wonder why FB does not implode. Then I remember people only need to post their shit to feel good and have no idea how mercilessly they're being mocked.
Few and far between. Netflix was an individual stock I started holding in the 90s and did very well on through some crazy lows and highs. I'm totally out of it now.I look on picking sector index funds as speculative. Edit: I'm not really joking there. I will say the Wilshire small cap has been my speculative option since the crash. I was actually very lucky at the crash as my financial adviser decided to suddenly retire about four months prior to the crash. Not...
I would have thought you had an innate understanding of the trivial.
I'm just lucky. Years of buying and holding index funds has given me a real feel for them.
Markets hit historic highs today. When we had our little correction my keen trading instincts told me to buy more index funds. Fuck am I awesome at market timing?
I'm going to fill one with Wiser's 8 y/o this weekend. Might do one with Maker's.
Yup, that's how I saw it. He always seemed to be saying to himself, "I can't believe they're paying me to do this!"FUCK OFF. Creed is from Florida. Yes, half the population over 65 is Canadian, but still.Also, don't diss my boy Alex. Rik Emmett was awesome in concert too, btw.
It was very hard not to like Eddie at one point in time if you were into hard rock both for his playing and for the fact VH made some good (for their time) videos when MTV had exactly 67 videos in rotation.
That's sad as I wanted to be Jimmy Page in high school. Or Eddie.
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