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We've really had some quality posts here lately. Making me happy is starting a new career selling Farmer's Insurance. I would be happy to talk to anyone privately about your insurance needs.
Warranty will be in place but maintenance? Not every brand covers maintenance. Even those that cover maintenance do not cover tires and brakes, and on this level of a car, they can be pretty expensive.
What makes this a good case for leasing?
Ah, I see. Well, the Berg wine is a wine I like a lot....for $10. It's completely drinkable, even quaffable, but it's not a wine to inspire or sip searching for an array of flavours and smells. It's just a nice drinking/food wine for $10. I mean, I've had more complex Zins than this Cab (for $30-40 a bottle mind you), but for what it is the Berg is an incredible value.
Is the SunEdison news going to crater things tomorrow?
Dr. HRoi and his meat probe?
I don't have the answer to that one but I have to think a better wine maker will do more with any given fruit than a poor one.
You're talking New World, particularly Left Coast, here? Probably folks like that do get better fruit than they normally would...but they're still the same winemaker.
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