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She's going to tell me we need a new couch more than guitars, and that guy is never going to go down to 3.5k after he's been asking 10k for a year now. I just like the matching pair like that for some reason.
Well, you always have to be ready to pounce. I'm talking like a 3.5k offer...
https://reverb.com/item/232205-1993-fender-custom-shop-flame-maple-top-stratocaster-telecaster-set-18-of-50 Trying to talk Mrs. Piob into letting me low ball him.
Dood, Paul Walker. Also, alcohol might be involved.
HRoi, what's the traction control and AWD like on Porsches? Been several years since I drove one and want to know if I can just stomp on it Friday night.
Hell, even on the edges of civilization where I live, not only do the winemakers pour on the charm at dinner, some have even invited us to stay at their place...which we did.
Wish that Edina would manifest such insight.
Yup, have nearly a case ordered, but some of it is still "pending."
Does anyone have any experience with Lentz guitars?
That might be a cool way to end it but I think it would raise an eyebrow or two.
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