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In 'Murica there's only one answer to this: everyone involved.
I'm now thinking of the Mad Men scene for the "Executive Account" at Liberty Bank.
The funny thing is one of the guys arguing with me re: venue also argued extensively with me when I said we've got a systemic problem with policing and race. I wonder if he'd go tell CK we don't have a problem in our police forces with race?
The constant reframing is very subtle but ultimately taking over the conversation. This is not promoting a cause this is a protest. There's a clear difference between promotion and protesting.I've also not said it was a "bad" thing as I'm attaching no moral character to it. I've already explained why I find it disingenuous in CK's case so you can accept it or not.
But the players are not the only actors in this scenario. There's those people that pay the bills and most of them expect it.
So what is CK protesting exactly? I'd say pretty similar to what your description of the Nazi is. In his own words, "I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color." Keep in mind the stadiums and NFL exist in the country he refuses to show pride in. That's part of the cognitive dissonance I am seeing in his actions and why I find the venue inappropriate. It's just my opinion, you're not going to change...
Now you're just talking in circles I think and I disagree with the bolded. You're also playing both sides with the "mere presence" thing. You want the Nazi protesting (okay, provocative and incendiary) but then are saying CK's mere presence is not provocative and incendiary. Well, his mere presence while protesting like your example for Nazis is provocative as we all have seen. In order for the examples to be parallel they must both be protesting.Remember what happened...
Also, the "mere presence" of some of the examples would not be incendiary. For instance, unless he/she was giving visual clues or said something, a neo-Nazi antisemite could attend temple services and no one would know.
Everything I've had by St. George has been good. I have a bottle of that gin but can't remember what it tastes like. Danger of having a dozen or gins I guess.
Double nothing brought up the free speech issue by trying to say things were protected speech. As the rest of us can clearly see this is not a free speech issue.He's supposed to be there to play football, not protest. Key distinction.I would say the fans are going to be the ultimate arbiters as they pay the bills. Piss enough of them off and we all know what's going to happen if the owners/NFL see a material decrease in revenues over the issue. I doubt that will happen...
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