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Parking is easy if you have any sense of spatial awareness. I always back into my parking spots and it freaks people out how fast and easy I can put a full size SUV into a tiny spot.
Last time I was in the Eberle tasting room the pour wench tried to tell me he was the first person in the world to ever bottle 100% Viognier. The next day at dinner I told that story to some of Eberle's peers and they all laughed with the same comment I made to the pour wench. "I guess you've never heard of Condrieu?"
The other day I had a somm insist on opening a brand new bottle of Louis XIII and giving me a big snifter. I did not refuse.
We were only there for the day. Did a little look around Cabo, checked out a little town down the road (San Jose), then spent the afternoon chilling in a cool shady cabana on the beach while noshing and sipping ice cold beer. Was not a bad day.
Not a scuba person but it's supposed to be pretty good. I think same with Rocky Point on the other side of the Sea of Cortez? Looks like you have a range of things to do and some less touristy towns within a 20 minute drive or so.
I think Justin Trudeau should get sworn in wearing one.
For teh Mexican food...just a few days ago we were chilling on a beach in Cabo for the afternoon, big cabana over looking the water with a ceiling fan (important for happiness there) and eating some incredible dishes (beef cheek was the best) whilst sipping the ice cold cervezas. It was no Chipolte but it was not bad.
As I'm also considered a Philistine this all makes perfect sense to me.Edit: It seems to me the maker was Dal forno Romano.
Did no one answer this? IMO Amarone can be very solid. There's a raisination component as the grapes are dried on mats in the sun before vinification. I had a bottle a friend shared with me from the early 90s and it was fantastic.Had this last week. It was everything 100 Acres is supposed to be.
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