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It was great, and while I'm sure a TVP 1980 has years left, it was by no means too young.
We used to do something like that to Americans from Michigan when I was a kid. The US dollar was trading for 40 cents more than the Canadian so we'd always give Canadian change back and pocket the exchange. You could make some serious coin just skimming the exchange rate. The guys working the bridge and tunnel, where they treated money at par officially, always made a few hundred extra every shift.
It's fortified so somewhere between 18-22%.
^ Nice avatar.
Skinny is a good guy and can get along with most anyone.
Yeah, that's the draw back with port; a little goes a long way.A few of us locals happened to be at the right place at the right time, as a sausage fest of ballers from NYC arranged this for their group, and some flights just appeared for us.
From last weekend and basically varying degrees of awesome:
Back in the late 80s/early 90s, when the US dollar was worth .40 more than the Canadian, when an American paid with a $20 or a $50 I'd give them exact change back in Canadian and tell them we only took US at par. We all did it and made big bucks just changing those Yankee dollars in at the bank the next day.
I've been saying that since the 1980s when Letterman brought to my attention this is how that word is said.
Screw the long part underneath the table top, put the loop part on the leg, and there you go. Maybe not this one in particular but you should get the idea.
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