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I would hardly call something that happens for a two minute period "incessantly."
Suggestions on grilling flap steak (not flank). Merci.
So here's how to get really good clutch feel. Go to that parking lot and practice going from a dead stop in second gear, not first. Keep doing that until you can reliably go from a dead stop in second without stalling. You'll have great clutch/throttle feel.
If you don't want to wear your safety belt simply pull it behind the back of your seat and lock it into place. Problem solved.
We should probably not forget one of the goals of ABS is to keep the vehicle steerable, for obstacle avoidance, whereas non-ABS causes an inability to steer in panic braking.
Dood, selling me short? Soprano episode, actor that had his own series once where he was a garbage man.
CE that shit.
This is one of those cases where so many people believe they're the outlier. It's like all the morbidly obese people that think with four weeks of training they could do a marathon and that they're "metabolically healthy." No, you're a fat fuck and are going to die young. Same with with ABS. I'll take ABS and stomp on the pedal. I know I'm a pretty sharp driver but I'm not an outlier at six sigma out. I'll just stomp on that ABS.
Isn't "pretentious vegan restaurant" being redundant?
I thought it was you?
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