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CE shit.
There is more but those three things are major metrics in "handling." What I cannot understand is how people can just ignore data that bumps up against what they want to be the case. Of course I do not autocross my GL. 99.999999% of all vehicles ever built are not driven in autocross. I would hazard a guess that 98% of M3s and the like never get put onto an autocross course. Given the plethora of modified pictures I see, modifications that will erode handling, I'm...
I'm feeling very broke and I just dropped 1.5k on wine allocations tonight.
I guess "good" is a relative term.GLs can stop from 60 in 104 feet. For perspective Vettes stop around 100 feet. Skid pad at .86g. Seems to me many an M class comes in under .90 and the current M3 is about what? .93? Let's see an M3 carry a dozen cases of wine and two weeks worth of luggage on the I5.
I had a friend like this in the 80s. Had. Hope he's rotting in hell.
Went and drove the big Infiniti; what a crappy handling vehicle. It has a nice ride but handles like a 20 year old Suburban. Cannot believe the body roll on it. I'm working on a GL550 deal; basically a 550 for the price of a 450. If that materializes I'll be a happy camper.
Been a long time since I got a troll from you. I (almost) miss it.
MB does plenty of this and it sort of pisses me off. For instance, this new V6? They have it in several products and it's tuned differently in all the products. The 4.7 that was in the 2014 450? Was also in the 550 just tuned differently.Now I just priced the Infiniti. It used to be about 15k less than the MB and now it's the same damn price. I don't want to be an Infiniti driver but was considering it and price was a major factor.
Not sure where you're getting your info but underground is pretty much done for all new construction. Only in old sections of most cities do you even see poles anymore.
I thought this was in process?
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