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My custom made bar back is getting installed tomorrow. To bad you're not nearby as you could crack ice for my Yarai mixing glass!
For Millennials it's very hard.
Hah! I am both.But that guy is a metalhead shred monkey from the UK.
Another thing to consider is what size cuff they used. My guns are not even close to impressive anymore but I'll still get a high reading if they use a normal size, worn out cuff as the velcro gets shot and they wrap is askew. I always tell the med tech to put on a bigger cuff and readings drop to normal.
It's perfect for me then because I play like shit.
Go to 14 minutes. My little head that's making me very happy.
Doesn't it vary per amp what it does exactly at any given position?
Lefty's post tells me Ralph has been very rich for a very long time.
1) Not American2) Probably was cycling before your balls dropped.
New Posts  All Forums: