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When I read "open carrier" I thought of someone drinking a beer openly while driving. I've noticed those rolling coal guys get upset when you pass them on a two lane road. It's sort of funny how pissed off a couple of them have gotten at me for flying by then in a passing zone.
Natalie by far. She'd shag the skin off you.
Oh snap, Bastard.
I hear he's in a much better place.
So I've been tucking cash away since Xmas into a motorcycle fund. I just counted it and I have 4k in cash. I'm thinking I'll have enough to pay cash for my Harley by 2020.
Good old SLPC. https://www.splcenter.org/news/2016/04/13/splc-survey-presidential-campaign-leading-widespread-fear-bullying-schoolsWould not one expect this teacher to, you know, actually teach them something? Maybe a little about politics such that the POTUS cannot ship US citizens to Africa? This whole report is so full of shit....Yeah, because as a profession, school teachers are known for successfully keeping their political views out of the classroom over the last...
Isn't attacking people due to their political beliefs covered under hate crime laws? Where's the SPLC at in all this?
http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-36181138 ISIS bomb in Turkey. Curating this thread really points out where/who to an act of inhumanity happens largely determines coverage in the Western media. Is that in itself an act of inhumanity?
Interesting how her first gambit when things went predictably physical was to start screaming a rape accusation.
Your analogy is not apt. There is no legal stricture barring the Sander's campaign from paying a living wage or contributing to the retirement savings of the campaign workers. It's a very low level moral position to take that because these conditions are not legally required someone that backs them should not attempt to enact them of their own free will. It's just like folks that claim they do not pay enough in taxes...the IRS will take all the money you want to give...
New Posts  All Forums: