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Wow, the Twitter-verse and Blog-o-sphere is covered in spluge and multiple orgasm grool. The Dems are just foaming over whomever is speaking tonight.
It's is kind of heart warming that all those millions donated to Bernie to fight the Wall Street candidate were wasted as he's going to endorse the Wall Street candidate.
What a guy...always looking on the bright side.
Media and Japanese privilege. They're going to portray him as a "lone wolf" and "mentally distrubed" vs. "a terrorist."
Paired a Paso Robles southern Rhone style blend. It went very well. My only bitch was the gas. Holy christ...and I took Beano!
Sorry to hear about the leaks, otc, and hope things work out.
That's what Hillary has done for 25 years so we've got at least one data point to show it works. If that damn media would just investigate and write about the VRWC...
I'm sure he's paid for more than one on his trips down there.
Doesn't mean it's not a real problem in your life just because most people don't have said problem.
New Posts  All Forums: