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Hoo hoo hoo.
Speaking of which a certain defense attorney has been radio silence for a few days.
Oh, forgot to point you towards the guitar thread over in Lifestyle. Some chaps with serious guitar knowledge there (not me) and it would be a good spot to ask about the pups.Congrats on the LTR. I don't think it's the first official coupling though; I think that honour goes to Conne and K-silk.
If that ad for Acura starts to autoplay one more time I'm gonna spit.
How does someone think this looks presentable in public? [[SPOILER]]
Or like provol cheese.
Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent.
So philosophy of math is not part of your expertise?
I am considering a new posting style where I end each post with, "Hoo hoo hoo" and attribute that phrase to another poster. (Intertexuality)
Someone's butt hurt is never ending.
New Posts  All Forums: