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We decided to get our contractor out 3/31 and talk outdoor kitchen/ramada. Going to see if we can squeeze our the $$ to get it done this summer and ready for use in the fall.
Phone call from Mrs. Piob: I don't think we're going to get everything on one grill tonight. I found a Char-Broil, already assembled, at Lowe's for cheap. Can you stop and pick one up on the way home? It's great to drive a douchemobile.
By important people. It's true.
Trump has brought back a lot of anti-Trump folks but seems to have not brought back folks more in line with him. It's interesting and proves to me once again consumer feedback is largely motivated by negative opinion.
And temps cost more money, are less productive as they need to be brought up to speed, etc.I'm not offering an opinion on if this situation is right/wrong, good for society, etc., but the situation damn well raises costs and causes a bother.
Want to really win her over? Tell her nurse mid-wife stats are not as good as they always try and make out. Why? As soon as things get hot they're off the birth and an OB gets called in.
As with most historic cocktails there's more than one origin story, and for the Martinez, there's also some claim from a hotel in NYC...but we know NYC folks try to claim everything. I think the Martinez has been making a bit of a comeback as interest in various amaros has really come back.
Tonight having a handful of peeps over to drink green martinis. Grilling a mess of Angus short ribs that have been soaking in sesame oil, Aloha shoyu, ginger, garlic, and hot sauce and I'm going to toss cabbage quarters on the BBQ to quick char too. Should be a great time.
A secretive deliberative body:
In Vancouver some folks have combined The Bard's b-day celebration with Chinese New Year, Gung Haggis Fat Choy. I think it's pretty cool:
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