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While this will make many people feel you've said something pithily intelligent it actually eludes the point.
It's nice to see reductive thinking is common to both sides of the political spectrum.
I don't disagree but aren't all truly intelligent people somewhat nihilistic?
That's what makes this whole thing so delectable.
http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-36382596 Authorities in Switzerland rule Muslim students not exempt from the cultural tradition of shaking the teacher's hand at the start and end of class. To be noted: some Muslims in Switzerland went into this issue saying there's no justification for not doing this in the Koran, i.e. they supported the handshaking.
Just based on this week's happenings I think he has a small number of sentient, "living" generals and then a mass of mindless hordes. That small group he walked through the ring of fire with would be what I'm talking about.
I suspect the the KWW is the lynch pin. Kill him and all the other WW cease to be. As I said I expect the final battle scene to be Jon defeating the KWW and all the other WW disintegrate.
You watch what your dirty mouth says about Scots!
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