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Hot intern giving you shots and you win home alone?
I would have to agree. I think the bro-crush GF has on me will really manifest itself after several drinks...I'm just afraid he's a sloppy and/or maudlin drunk though.
You're pretty good with the witty comebacks when hung over I see. Besides, do socks even have cocks?
I think you and Edina should be each other's wingman.
Yeah, it's just real shit. A true death sentence. Patrick Swayze died 20 months after diagnosis.
Apparently it's bad form to state how much you love drinking. Again, apparently, it's even worse form not to feel guilty about loving to drink. I don't get that.
Eighth season of Trailer Park Boys! J-Rock says, "Cin-zizz-ah-man."
We ran out of firewood around 2am. Another couple spending the night had a room in the main part with a fire place. Me and the other guy were drunkenly carrying armfuls of firewood from their room in the main all the way out to that suite. A few doors might have been knocked on during the trip.
"You're mistaken officer. Even if I smoked pot, which I most assuredly do not, I would not do it in my brand new expensive vehicle as I might damage the leather. I assure you that you are in error. Am I being detained? Can I go now?"
New Posts  All Forums: