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Interesting and vastly humorous to watch the interactions between Jimmy and Mike.
Generally seen as one of the tripartite gods of current rock drummers with the other two being Danny Carey of Tool, and of course the supreme leader, Neil Peart.
Seen Bob in 3k seat venues back in the day. My older brother saw him in high school gyms. Bob was a very hard working musician in the area I grew up in but he's not even close to being in the same league as Rush. Listen to folks from Dream Theatre to Billy Corgan to Trent Resner talk about Rush and you'll know.
I carry a grand master key for work (opens every lock in my organization), my house key, and my keyless fob. No mail box key as I enjoy home delivery. Three keys, first two on a small ring, fob separate for valet parking. I do not find it a burden, they don't jingle, and I don't get the thought this is a burden upon me. As to constantly forgetting keys...do you constantly forget your wallet? Your money clip? Just place the few things you need daily together and get a...
You are so wrong. The Rush tour will probably be one of the biggest tours this year thus making it "popular."
Do not get key = burden. At the very least don't you have to carry a key to your office door? Or am I just the only pleb that needs to work?
Just me but I do not like to drive low slung cars with over-long front ends.
After an initial disappointment I got some in the second wave release. To see what band you ask?RUSH!
I pretty much suspected this. There's no TV in a kitchen that was just cleaned.
How much do I like lunch? I like it a whole bunch. When I'm hungry after breakfast I suddenly get a hunch There will soon be a mid-day repast That we call lunch.
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