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You're missing the point. The DNC convention could declare his sainthood and we still have all of the MSM, foreign press, etc. to continue eviscerating him as they have for months. It's funny to pretend this is something special to the RNC convention.
We all know this could never be the case.
New martini recipe and I think a keeper. .5 oz Lillet Blanc .5 oz NP dry 2.5 oz Reyka vodka 1 oz Citadelle gin Stirred of course. Very, very good. I think this might be my new recipe.
So let's be fair to 'Turk. The guy is obviously highly intelligent, probably a good lawyer...the thing is he just has one speed.
Seriously, when standing in a hole, stop digging.
Well, the GOP never really wanted to run Romney. Too bad as now you fuckers have Trump.
Great, so a high ranking cop thinks an autistic man with a toy truck is loading a gun. I love how all the excuses in this case just dig the hole deeper.
Sounding more and more like a neo-Nazi type.
I guess my underlying point is "averaging down" usually doesn't seem to be done for "conviction" but rather some psychological effect.
That summarizes my thinking on it.
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