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Did anyone else right click that sad picture of Ed's as we know he's going to take it down and it might be funny at some point in the future?
Stairs down to your room? Seems Mr G's last salvo was more on target than one would have thought...
Anyone see this? Exceedingly lulz-worthy. http://www.cnn.com/videos/us/2015/07/17/biker-road-rage-moos-pkg-erin.cnn/video/playlists/wacky-world-of-jeanne-moos/ Double stupid as there was recently a "stand your ground" type case in Arizona where it was ruled that your vehicle is your castle, so approach someone like that, and the person being assaulted pretty much has full rights to shoot you dead.
In case you don't recognize who that is he was Marilyn Manson's guitarist in the late 90s and early oughts. Prior to that he was David Lee Roth's guitarist for five years, and after Manson, he played for Rob Zombie. Clearly not a one trick pony. Also, if you youtube him, you'll see him giving lessons in classic and Spanish style guitar. The guy is definitely a talent.
Okay, you think you have the reason for me...now there's just a few thousand other SF users you have to come up with a reason for. I bet if you used the reason, "Dat ZHP" you'd probably account for a bunch of them.
I think Booth and Hendrix will really enjoy this. [[SPOILER]]
Kale in general pisses me off. It tastes like shit so stop trying to stick it in every dish on the menu.
You're not a small timer like me so I say go for it.
I think it's L'Inc's influence on pB.
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