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I have wine delivered by the case to my office. The boss doesn't seem to care too much though.
Foo, so you have another guitar coming or the same one that has been fixed?
Yet another tribute page. It grows embarrassing.
Part of the dinner thread slow down on pics is, to use an analogy, it's hard to keep your head up posting pics of your 12 year old Toyota Corolla when a few folks are constantly posting their Lambos and AMGs, meaning, a few folks are just so far above us common mortals you are sort of disincented to post. This is not a criticism of anyone, but rather praise, in saying a few folks are just so damn good it's like, "Why bother?"
What's reddit?
So you're waiting three years to get an axe or you have an LP on the way and then a Strat yet-to-be-made in the wings? Btw, wish you guys would get a soundcloud account and let me hear some of your playing.
Spoiler that shit, Stitches.
I'm a wily old man, seasoned with many tricks, yet still hale in body.Game on!
New Posts  All Forums: