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She has a Wiki entry now: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Annaliese_Nielsen Also, this: http://abcnews.go.com/GMA/inside-girls-night-exclusive-female-digital-club/story?id=37974468
Tell him that's you working the other dealer.
Yeah, but I don't customize and have zero urge to do so. I like my ride but am already looking forward to tossing back the keys next December.
I think I view vehicles as commodities much more than some of you guys.
The majority of sales staff tend to be special flowers. The small minority of them, i.e. the best and most productive, tend to be just the opposite and know their shit.
I just look for things that appeal to me. Don't expect sets, I mean I'll pick up just a single glass sometimes. It's also cool to see just how huge our glasses are these days and how small a classic glass is. Here's a random pic I just found of the very first one I picked up:
That's the best you've got?
Think my generation would be known for phony hood scoops and jacked up rear suspension.
Good point. I was thinking the obvious desire for it in the rank and file vs. what the party elite actually want.
Not quite, about 4.5k including guest house. There's little dead space in the floor plan, and except for the guest, just about every part of the house gets used everyday. I really like that about our floor plan and I like the majority of the square footage is in the "public spaces" and not taken up in five or six bedrooms. It's been four years now, and once the backyard is done in the next few months, we'll really feel it's approaching complete. We'll always have...
New Posts  All Forums: