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Pissing me off: a special flower on an event committee I'm on that constantly has one on one communications with various committee members, and on each occasion, she's constantly pushing for things to be done a different way each time. I've had to bitch slap her three times now about, "The work of the committee gets done at a committee meeting or we get three results for XYZ...JUST LIKE YOU'VE CAUSED HERE AGAIN." Fuck off and die.
Some women use their hairstyle to represent their inner being. If you see a woman suddenly cut her hair short, and in an unbecoming fashion, you can pretty much assume she's just ended an LTR on a bad note. It's like clockwork for some women. FWIW, I do not think all women are crazy. The majority, yes, but not all.
I wonder what the carbon footprint of a Hollywood movie production is?
Mainly a big dish of poutine with duck confit and a slab of foie gras on top. I love this place.
The guy that eats provel asks...
Eric, I hate to hear about LTRs not working out. I have no advice for you as everyone is very different when it comes to these kinds of things.
Those 8-900 000 need to be sent to re-education camp. WTF them not working for the government?
I predict electric cars and hybrids are going to become subject to the taxes they are currently exempt from plus they will be taxed per mile driven. Governments cannot do without all the revenue of gas and diesel sales they are going to lose. Additionally, the increased demand for electricity from charging, will cause an increased need for electricity production and thus the usual pollution externalities from electricity production will happen.
My brother that has terminal cancer will turn 60 in November. He and I share a love of motorcycling. He was already an adult when I was old enough to learn to ride and he taught me how to ride. Another thing he shared with me was building models. When I was a kid building models were a pretty common hobby (no idea if they still are) and he got me started there too. I just found a model of his first street bike, a 1979 Kawasaki 400cc, and it's on its way to me now. ...
Not going to give details but I met him and a few other folks in the early 90s and partied all night with them after they got patched up. Coke, booze, naked women.
New Posts  All Forums: