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I had a dream last night that is making me a bit hibbeldy-jibbeldy. I dreamt I made up with pB and he looked like Ryan Gosling in The Nice Guys. That's a movie shot in 70s, L.A. noir style and the Gosling character looks and dresses the part. 1) Why did pB get into one of my dreams? 2) Why Ryan Gosling as a noir 70s L.A. private eye?
Trump comes out with some details for his first 100 days and I think these highlights are actually going to play well with many folks:http://www.bbc.com/news/election-us-2016-37741792
There is no substitute.
A bit of 2, 3, and 4 with the fact only about 30% of Canadians favour the TPP and that Canada is playing the role in the CETA deal that other countries play in TPP that has Canadians so worried. Then there's just the history of French speakers outside of France just seem to give the country as a whole grief.
I've close family that converted and they lived in SLC for some years (they've since moved elsewhere.)
Totally agree on that but fuck off with your gender binary privilege. This person is gender queer.
Spend some time in Park City years ago as my regional office was there. Pretty place.
Saying they should have been "good sports" is one thing but should they be forced to change? If she had gone to the Human Rights Tribunal the outcome there is pretty much a given and I'm not sure I'm seeing the societal benefit. Does every venue need to be unisex? I mean I'm 100% behind all public bathrooms being unisex, and completely removing all sorting by gender for taking a dump, but I'm not sure there is material hardship caused by having gender specific haircut...
I was honoured to be part of a pretty big treat last night. Met up with two other couples at our favorite venue just a few minutes from the house. One of the gents has a pretty extensive holding of both Grange and Hill of Grace (pretty sure I've posted pics from his cellar here before.) He surprised everyone, including the somm, by bringing up an 86 Grange from his cellar. Holy shit. Thirty years old now and still a knock out punch. Mocha on both nose and taste and...
That's actually an interesting read for an architectural idiot like myself. I enjoyed the read on mass, weight, and voids.Also, very sad for some, after reading this I can safely say my place is definitely a mansion.
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