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I intend to put a case in the cellar this fall. I plan to drink more Chinon and Rioja this year.
Love me some Chinon.
Yeah, have to give it a few more eps before final judgment. Agree that many of the characters are pretty cliche though.
You're dead to me.
For me Tuscany > Piedmont. I know that's probably not going to be the majority opinion here but I've had great success with nicely priced, "delicious" wines from Chianti and Brunello (I think I just plain like the Sangiovese grape) and I've enjoyed the few quality Super Tuscans I've had a chance to try.
My fear is they hope the Rock can float the show on his own. The tubby guy I recognize from some older movies, like 8 Mile.
Dwayne Johnson has really grown as an actor. Great sense of timing.
3000+ varietals? Insane.
They're beautiful but no way they're comfy to sit on.
Intelligent placement of houses can really improve the character/feel of a neighborhood.
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