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I am extra douchey. And have a shit load of fun every time I dust someone in a Mazda or Subie hatchback that thinks they're going to roll me.
It was actually otc that deemed my ride a douchemobile. If I remember his post correctly it also enumerated the sin of doing a lot of things well but not being a stand out in anything. I suspect "anything" encompassed neck snapping acceleration, gut twisting cornering, etc. but he can fill us in on that.
Oy, the martinis were pretty good but made getting started the workout this morning a little rough. Amazing how much better you can feel after powering through though.
A quick plate shot from last night. I over did it with my home made bacon lardons but they're so damn good. There was a quinoa salad with lots of veggies and cilantro that was really good too.
We gave it to a young couple that was here last night. Oy, lots of green martinis.
After five of my martinis most everything is "authentic." Moving to some volume based drinks, like G&T, rye and coke, and moving towards the firepit.
I don't but they come standard. I can tell you they fit two regular size adults comfortably though. For instance, when we were in Paso with two other couples, we all took the douchemobile out for dinner and everyone fitted comfortably.
Food dye is a scary thing.
Loopy juice. No carbonation so you can just slam that shit.
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