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I was once offered a pretty well paid and cushy job at a VA. If I had been a citizen at the time I might well have taken it and I would be within a few years of dat gubment pension.
Keep an eye on that. Also remember that by age 80 or so the vast majority of men have some cancer cells there...it's all in what "strain" it is. My brother developed a more aggressive strain several years ago, and thanks to it being mishandled, it is going to eventually kill him (it was allowed to metastasize.) I have my PSA checked with yearly bloodwork and low and stable so far.
Thanks for this insight. Yup, regulatory capture, rent seeking, etc. I believe the solution for this problem, that seems to have been caused through over-regulation, is most likely more regulation.
Did you leave something out here when reporting about your latest physical?
The half I can afford.
I've got a normal burst Tele...need something different. My J-bass ticked the "red" box so that's out, I hate white, green and black.
I've sort of got beans on my radar again after than cassoulet. Seriously, the best beans I've ever tasted let alone ones I made. Oh, in cassoulet news, I went and bought a new nine quart Le Creuset. Nine quarts! Can't wait to make my next cassoulet in a few weeks in it. More surface area = more crust/skin.
Man, sort of reminiscing on The Hip's catalogue after the big event this weekend. (#canadaisclosed) Gift Shop is always going to be my favorite song by them but so many other great ones. 100th Meridian, Wheat Kings, Courage, New Orleans is Sinking...here's a great video:
Dat prostate rub. Never had one of those (not my thing) but hope he has small fingers for you.
Yeah, I think many of our pricing problems are the end user being isolated from POS pricing 95% of the time. As I always say, the US system has elements of all the major healthcare delivery models, and somehow manages to get the drawbacks of all of them but the benefits of none.
New Posts  All Forums: