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Probably not the last though.
More on the cliff thing: http://www.bbc.com/news/blogs-magazine-monitor-29127057
Get with the program, grup.
My big bitch about the 2015 GL450 vs. the 2014 is they gave it a less powerful engine and materially slowed it down. The GX will still get it's ass handed to it by the slower 2015 GL, does not handle as well, and has a smaller cabin. It's really not in the same class as the GL and more compares to an MB ML or Rover LR4.
The IC is confused enough these days.
I'm not talking about your first martini I'm talking about your last martini.
Somebody needs to make that into their avatar. Bhowie? HB?
Well played.
Driving the new GL450 tomorrow. My SA, who I've known for nearly a decade now through five vehicles, has admitted that it's "close" to what I'm currently driving. Tomorrow will not bring anyone happiness.
Damn. The Carlo Franco of the guitar pedal world.
New Posts  All Forums: