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Boring? Umm, Story Book Gardens.
The best thing about long weekends or holidays is not shaving. I shave daily during the work week so looking forward to having a fresh blade every week. I was using the Fusion and those come in some big ass card of them and run somewhere north of $60 so $9 a month (for the fancy ones; there's two cheaper picks as Pilot has alluded to) and a fresh blade every Monday? They show in my mailbox? Hard to beat.
Lazy day and just smoking some pork loin country style ribs.
You're a member too?
The Yardbirds. Clapton, Page, Beck. I would say that's a pretty elite crowd. Groove. Jazz? Yes. Blues? For sure. Funk? Yup. Reggae? Uh huh. Groove is part of music.
Joined the Dollar Shave Club. Signed up for the Executive, bought some shaving butter and aftershave. You know what? Not bad.
I am assembling my list of six wines I shall bring on our cruise in November. I shall take the list with me to my grave before I share it here.
This is why I'm loathe to post here these days.
Followed FG's advice. Super hot grill, two minutes a side.
So been enjoying some Astrolabe wines lately: http://www.astrolabewines.co.nz/ I also like the story. Simon Waghorn was the winemaker for Whitehaven wines for many years. Something about part of his buyout to start his own lable, Astrolabe, he agreed not to import to the US for several years. Now all this great Pinot and Sauv. Blanc is appearing from Astrolabe.
New Posts  All Forums: