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I think it was RedC that told us here about www.fullpullwines.com I've accumulated over five cases in random buying since joining in August and hope to get them shipped this week. I would encourage folks that like WA wines in particular to give it a look-see.
For a small house like that probably not more than a few thousand. I had some asbestos abatement done on a building I was going to demo (yeah, had to abate before I could demo). It was about 12k square feet and can't remember being too outraged so the cost could not have been too much.Also something to consider: if they find it I'm not sure but they might need to report it. If they report it there's probably going to be some record, so when you go to sell, that's going...
Back to work tomorrow after two glorious weeks off. I haz a sad.
No, Justin Smith does Saxum. Mark Adams grew up with Justin and worked for him but is now making his own wines (Ledge Vineyards). I did not buy this at the vineyard as this was just released and I've not been to Paso since February.So that six bottle line up I posted a couple of weeks ago? Best two bottles were the Saxum Booker Vineyards and the Terry Hoage The Hedge.
Don't even think that! This is probably in the Top 5 all time best threads of SF.
So what some are saying is that it's good to buy a newly designed chair at 1.8k, similar to the Eames but distinctly not a copy, but it's wrong to buy a definite Eames copy at 1.8k?
Where are you streaming that from?
They need to make the a slider that retracts from both sides. After a few mishaps at my place by some idiots I suggest this to the HOA and it's been smooth sailing ever since. Also, instead of lights, just put decorative yet reflective metal work on the gates.
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