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See? This is the kind of stuff I count on you smart folks to help me out with.
You cut quite a bit of my post out there, and if you read everything in the context I placed it, what you should have gotten from the post is:Having Trump as POTUS is a shitty situation. Are not large domestic and foreign protests against his presidency going to take a shitty situation and make it worse by removing any standing Trump, and through Trump the US, might have left?My intelligence is quite marginal and inferior so please don't think I believe I would come off...
Wow, snippy.
Nope, not what I said. Still missing the point; has nothing to do with the coverage.
So Trump's screwing 30% of white mortgage holders to get at the minorities?
I am currently insulating myself from not being in the majority majority by being nice to folks of colour. If you are a POC please PM me and I'll reply with a compliment.
We should let EtO devise the method. It would be devilish and funny.
CNN is posting about JUGE crowds across the country and around the world protesting against Trump. Am I the only one that thinks this might be taking a shitty situation (Trump as POTUS) and making it shittier? Obama, at least IMO, weakened the US in the eyes or folks around the world that would like to see a weakened US, and Putin is now laughing his ass off that so many are weakening and de-legitimatizing the US via Trump even more. The US has negative standing now...
People have different reactions to Travadane too. Of course, it burns my eyes, and I can't read well for several minutes. That's a kicker as you put them in at bed time...when I like to read to relax before heading off to sleep.
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