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I scoff at the CFL, but if I had to name a team, it would be the TiCats.
Lamb lardons: [[SPOILER]] Lots of fresh ground pepper:
They ain't got no chance since Calvillo retired.
Starting to price components for the outdoor kitchen I plan to have installed in 2015. 5.7k for the grill I want. WTF? I'm a small timer as that seems like a lot of quid for a fucking grill.
Actually the current answer is zero. Needed to exercise first and pacing myself for tonight's festivities. Probably T minus one hour.
I was expecting Booth to have posted he's pissed off because he can't go into work today. Ain't nothing pissing me off today.
Allspice dram? Did you make your own? I need to lay some of that down. Ind: not too woody. Intense, yes. Ice mellowing it. Ullage noticeable but still great.
Sipping a Manhattan I put down into a cask over Xmas. Wow.
I'm not saying I wouldn't hit it but she's definitely got some low end torque going (and that's not a compliment.)
Haters gonna h8. I'm pretty pleased and that's all that matters to me.
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