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Braising: traditional vs. pressure cooker. Does a short jaunt in a pressure cooker really break down all the connective tissue and such like a long braise does?
Based in my test drive: very annoying. It's like the car stutters when you let off the brake and hit the gas.Also, don't mention that 520 ft/# of torque too loudly or you'll find yourself in a V6!
You're in GTA and the best you can do is Subway?
I posted that very video here months ago.
They do blow but sometimes life dictates something has to blow. Have you thought of getting an induction cookpad? I bet you can get one for less than 100% and you get better control. Also, based on experience when I was a renter as a kid, coils will burn imprints into things like copper bottom pots.
Random question to our illustrious body: Has anyone here eaten at Noma?
Still want to know who's tit that glass is modeled on.
I am not saying modern turbocharging has not improved but part of this is basic physics. Here's the definition of torque from wiki:So the explosion in the piston chamber forces the piston down, the connecting rod transmits that force to the crankshaft and we get rotational movement. I've probably not said that completely correct but that's the gist. With larger displacement the stroke can produce better leverage. The concept of torque was first developed through...
Different platforms have different settings and abilities and I'm not sure the new platform allows those things. I've seen them too and agree, if possible, it would cut down spam.I think G's answer is driven by the fact he and the other mods have made the mistake so many people do: they turned an activity they did to relax or blow off steam into a part time job. If I was G I'd get a little titchy about folks repeatedly complaining when I was volunteering my free time,...
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