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It was more than just affairs. For instance, allegations and a whistle blower lawsuit of diverting tax payer dollars to pay for his fuck fests.Again, yes, Bill is not running but I fail to see how one could have found Bill worthy to vote for yet find Trump unworthy in regards to this area. Besides, there's so many legit reasons why bother being hypocritical and inconsistent when there's no need to be to declare der Trumpster a fucking catastrophe?
I'm watching Mad Men. Almost to the turning point for the Lane character.
If you watch that video Donna, for instance, refers to a "so called contract" and then goes on to speak about the contract. It was a real contract and not something erroneously being referred to as a contract. She says someone "allegedly" stated but is referring to a direct statement someone actually said.It's just and attempt to sound intelligent and/or make people doubt the legitimacy of the topic.
So I think now my assertions of hypocrisy are pretty validated? Btw, I hate Donna B.
Speaking of rewriting history, and I've mentioned this here before, go ask ten random people under the age of 30 what POTUS got the US into Vietnam and they'll tell you Nixon...the guy that actually got the US out.
Why do some people used "alleged" and "so called" when something is neither alleged nor "so called" but actually is?
Good to hear at least some folks were prosecuted but I just can't believe a government agency set up perverse incentives! A little hibbeldy that I've done nothing but read, listen to music, and surf the web so far today. Somewhat jibbeldy that I'm going to force myself to get up in a few minutes and spend an hour on the elliptical.
I have to think going on 60 Minutes and admitting to being a lying cheat is probably pretty publicized.
Just waiting to see if anyone that said Bill's sexual scandals came after his first election will admit that was clearly not the case; it's amazing how quickly history gets rewritten.
Can't remember who but at least a couple of folks here asserted Bill's scandals did not happen until after his first election so not comparable to Trump. I knew that was wrong and just came across this article on CNN (of all places!)http://www.cnn.com/2016/04/06/opinions/zelizer-presidential-election-campaign-scandals-bill-clinton/TL;DNR = prior to his first election everyone in the US knew he was a lying cheat and voted him in even after he went on 60 Minutes and told...
New Posts  All Forums: