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To the teaching thing...it's not new. A majority of undergrads around me were like this 22-23 years ago.
Making me happy is the thought of Edina and MrG giving New Yorkers shit over the snowmageddon that wasn't.
That's not quite correct. Many Old World wine makers, and Old World wine lovers, consider some brett not to be a flaw but rather a note of character. I think it's Ch√Ęteau de Beaucastel that is pretty much known as having brett as part of its profile (I could be wrong here but pretty sure on this.) Chianti often has brett notes and no one bats an eye.
NYC = Atlanta Edina and MrG are going to have a field day.
One of my first real girlfriends was the lone Indian girl in our high school. She was very hot and had teh vanilla fever for me.
Sounds like you were just going around in circles.
Did you get a piece?
I would imagine one could not name their child this in Denmark.
But she obviously considers herself attractive which is the determining factor.
Why do females under 40, that consider themselves attractive, make a duck face when taking selfies?
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