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And now we have Ed's latest term: juicing.
The part about retirees and vets preferred...surprised they didn't toss in "or other demographics known for being easy to con."
Flat or Packer's? Also, thanks for the report as I'd never have tried it.
That and no need for the folks in your new company to know how much your old account has in it.
Again, something that's not under contention.
Yes, I know and have made this distinction, and thought it evident the rest of what you just said is apparent too. WTF are you posting about?
At least in part more than one statement equivalent of:The long cook time continues to be tossed out and no one in favour of sous vide is denying it so we can stop talking about it.
I'd not sous vide a packer's cut brisket as I think the rendering of the fat in the slow some would impart a different character. In a sous vide you'd basically end up doing brisket confit as the fat rendered in the cooking bag. Desirable in duck legs but I'm not so sure desirable in ribs or brisket.
I don't think anyone is arguing over cooking time so we can safely set that aside and say the sous vide method, from start to finish, is far longer. Indeed a vacuum sealer and immersion circulator are additional pieces of equipment however I could make the argument combined they take far less space and are multitudes less expensive than your cooktop. As I could sear the steak in a $50 countertop induction burner my point there would be just as "valid." I placed that in...
I think it's better to have a variety of ways to do things. In the last year I've grilled steaks, done the pan/butter way, and sous vide/sear method. All have produced good results, and depending on circumstances, I decided which way was fitting for the given day.
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