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http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-36119151Let this article represent all victims of this particular atrocity. Reporting when it's just a single person, or maybe two, is spotty but I think this group of victims deserves to be noted.This also reminds me of something that happened in the 1990s that I witnessed personally. A U of M anthropology prof was giving a lecture at the Dearborn campus. He happened to be first generation Palestinian. The topic of the lecture was...
There's always some annoying fuck that starts talking on his cell phone and my wife hates when I confront them.
Only if it's a woman trying to pleasure a man. If it's dykes it's cool, and if it's a man trying to pleasure a woman...lol...like that would ever happen from a grunting male as PIV sex is always rape.
Been high 80s, low 90s here for the last 10 days or so...and I'm in America so it's better.
Why do I think that the "sour" is just bear essence?
As I keep saying that's the point of all this: normalizing people that do not appear to be the gender (forgive my use of that phobic term!) using the opposite gender's bathroom. Just look the SJW in the eye and explain, for 100% public restroom equity, there should only be one big shitter and it should be unisex. I mean, if transpeople are just trying to piss, why assume cis-genders are not just trying to piss? If you make different assumptions for one group vs. another...
What's she's saying is she's a single mom that earns minimum wage and she wants to earn more, not for herself you understand, but for the future of America.
Gib, I don't think it's necessarily entitlement. I think he either isn't or can't connect the dots and sees his outputs to the tax system as something completely distinct relative to the inputs he receives from the tax system.
I know you're just joking (or are you? ) but I'm in it for the long term so if there's a drop now it's really meaningless in the long term as I bought in on a big dip.
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