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I think that's a fair characterization. After everyone is done with the butthurt, and calling the Leave folks bigots and stupid, something more constructive will be negotiated.
Her servants were dressing her in her new outfit just prior to the start of her trial and the inferno.
So did the scene with Cersei getting dressed in her new battle gear remind anyone else of the Star Wars scene where Anakin makes his first appearance as Darth?
The article also seems to have the same diplomat saying the UK will never pull the trigger.
Don't forget Lorus too.Due to Cersei's actions last night saw the end of the current line for both House Baratheon and House Tyrell.
Had a 2012 TH "The Hedge" Syrah last night. Decanted for about an hour prior to drinking and had with a really good ribeye dinner. Was wonderful. FYI, was talking to someone at the TH tasting room. They predict strong sales and will be pouring/selling library wines by Xmas.
Abortions are the best ROI any tax dollar will ever get.
Okay, the Brexit fallout is even bothering my usual unshakable long term outlook.
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