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I hate LinkedIn.
Yeah, waiting for the last book to come out. Also, there's a new Mystborn universe book that takes place a few hundred years after the end of Mystborn.
There's "can't" and then there's "don't want to." One is better than the other.
Have you read his Mystborn series yet?
IDK, even Cox is down to a two hour window now. I think we've been flexing in the last 10 years that consumers won't be "grounded" for a day for breaking something. Agree it's probably (probably!) not the working stiff's fault but we have to hate him too just like people hate people that work for Chic Fillet.
I would have fired you then. I have a Lombardi time thing going and anyone that works for me, is a vendor of mine, hired professional, knows I run on Lombardi time. Even my physician knows not to fuck with my schedule. I think most people are trainable, as you develop a relationship with them, but one off labourers there's no chance of that.
I hate that. I mean, lawyers, doctors, all professionals set actual times. Blue collar working stiffs want to hold you hostage for hours.
I've heard some Plaid. My issue is sometimes these cross that line from ambient/chill/trip hop and go way over to club/EDM and I'm not a fan of that.
I've done century rides in 90+ and 90+. It still sucks. Humidity sucks. Period.
Got 'em...keep the suggestions coming though. Did you listen to the track I posted? FWIW, not a huge fan of Lifeforms. Environment 5, Dead Cities, etc. better.
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