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http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsbeat/article/37456449/top-modelling-agent-says-male-models-suffer-big-pay-gap-compared-to-women Male models make far less than female models. Why? Because patriarchy.
Sounds like angst to me. Hang in there; you'll get through it.
Just wish the backyard was already done as now I'd go sit the nice hot spa.
I don't have any meetings today so I decided to work from home. Relaxed over a couple cups of coffee and am going to work out in five minutes.
http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ottawa/foot-doctor-dupont-patients-flat-feet-implants-hyprocure-knockoffs-surgery-1.3769054 A rather interesting case in Canadian healthcare. This guy was banned for life from being a dentist, due in part, to someone dying in his chair while getting dental work done. So he went and became a podiatrist and now is in deep shit for creating his own unapproved foot implant hardware and installing it in patients without their knowledge or consent.
This is honestly not a new Dem thing but has been around as long as I've been paying attention. It's like when Bill Clinton made it a point to right away hike taxes back in the 90s. HIWS had to pay it but Michael Eisner just gave the big FU and exercised $200 mil or so of stock options. Here: http://articles.latimes.com/1992-12-02/news/mn-1293_1_income-tax-rate
Was going to be a 5% increase. Fuck that for a 25% increase in hours and 50% in bullshit.
No, she's staying with the government right now. She'll be fine. In her first 10 months she's outperformed the lifers far and away. This isn't my spousal halo talking but rather what I've heard from other people. There's also the fact her first assignments were "in progress" projects that had been FUBAR'ed and she's straightening them out. When the rookie is given the fuck ups to fix you know you're in a good position.
Um, 125 million is not the proper denominator. The proper denominator would be households that left an estate, which according to my link, was about 2.5 million.My take is Hillary won't really materially impact the really rich people, like the ones that fund the Clinton Foundation, but will end up mainly impacting people like many of the ones on Sty-Fo. I predict income earners between 150-500k will end up shouldering the brunt of any of her changes.
As my link above shows people are indeed paying this tax so I don't think we can dismiss it under the thought it's just idiots getting caught up in it.
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