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Really very nice. Well balanced, dark fruits, some black pepper and leather. Wish I had more.
Really sorry to hear about this. I hope you can get her home safely.
I would be more worried about the whole miscegenation agenda they're pushing by using bananas.
Let's do what I said and make the replacement:I see no problem there.
Just finished streaming SoA. Not a satisfying ending.
Just so I have this straight...you were talking to them in Hopi? Or they suddenly excluded you from the conversation?Also, given Arizona, she was probably a tourist. From NYC probably.
Replace "white" with "Asian" and you have just captured the last 30 years of my life.
I liked the comparison between Parker and Robinson as if their different opinions somehow prove something. The quotes completely reflect the schism between the two in their taste preferences and only prove they like different styles of wine.
The most annoying thing about this video is actually the vocal fry.
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