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It's been a year or so since I've done it, and I think your concern is very valid, but I don't remember the texture being compromised. I'll have to experiment again at some point.Now that I have the Anova, and a big polycarbonate container, I think I need to try some 48 hour dino (beef) ribs. Have you done those?
I feel for you but could be worse. You could have a work related banquet across the city from your house that will keep you out smiling through your gritted teeth at idiots all night.
Sort of. Musical instruments.
Would hit smirking whore.
Just my opinion here but I think sous vide excels are two main types of proteins. First, it excels at very lean cuts. A 6" think baseball cut fillet mignon comes to mind. You're just never going to get a 6" thick cut of extra lean meat that perfect pink all the way through like sous side will. The other type is a cut full of connective tissue that is also a cut that it's standard to use heavy flavouring on. Braised shortribs come to mind, in particular the David Chang...
I don't get why so many shitty items are on Craig's List for at or over new retail.
If you're someone that needs to find useful people it's great. If you're a useful person it's a pain in the ass.
But Amazon is not...ordered. Thanks.
Two driving observations coalesced today. 1) All Landcruiser drivers are lame. They drive like I imagine one would pilot a cruise ship. 2) Morbidly obese people in beat up compact cars with handicap license plates are always smoking.
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