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Vanna! Don't let that bitch get you down!
Hire more? So what fucking part did you not understand when I specifically said management was disallowed from doing exactly that?And yeah, has no impact on me now, except of course, paying for the moral hazard in place with our politicians. Being the CEO is great as I get to create policy that is fair to all.Joffery though, the person you quoted in agreement, could easily be whacked by this.
Who was pB talking to when he said that? Gome?
Douglas, good to see you! I'm not sure of the answer to your question but was pondering just this weekend of trying something very similar to that. It seems logical and that it should work.
I have pointed that out before and have yet to receive any grilled foods delivered in a Maybach.
Not a fran of that one and I pictured the shape more being 1/2 a square or at least a definite "L" shape. Is something more like this horrible?
Okay, some of you convinced me a sectional is the way to go to anchor the setting in front of my new fireplace when it's done. Could use suggestions on both the sectional and a coffee table to go with. Non-baller prices here, no more than 7k for the couch and would prefer to spend no more than 1.5k for the table.
I completely agree it's the organization's fault, in this case a union run state government, and never said otherwise."Reasonable working conditions" are usually not considered to be paid for a year without working.When I am the manager I define "reasonable working conditions" as being allowed by my organization to properly staff so workers do not have to pick up the slack for people being allowed to take their last year off work.Focusing on the bizarre situation that...
Same reason people post crap like this:That one still baffles me.
He really doesn't get the credit he deserves in general, IMO.
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