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Would not take part in this thread. I'm still surprised I was pissed enough to post what I did. Like I said, in 19 years, it's been pretty smooth sailing and she's a great person to be around.
She was informed prior to my post that she either puts in the tiny efforts I'm requesting of her or this whole thing is hers. I mean, I've still got to go back to the contractor and tell them their contract is getting modified and that I want some more items tossed in for the current price or no deal. I'll get over this by dinner but at the moment I'm just a little pissed at the lack of cooperation when so little is required.
My wife is highly reasonable and logical; it's part of what I found so attractive about her. I really think this is just an internal conflict and she's doing something she never does, namely, taking it out on me.
Something tells me the HOA would really love that.
Since last weekend. Apparently my "timeline" is more compressed than hers I was informed. I just want to pull the fucking trigger or put this out of my mind until next year. We have TG and Xmas plans that will get changed depending on whether we do this or not so I want to have my work schedule and personal schedule settled vs. up in the air until October. If we do this project we'll be cancelling our wine country trip so I want to make sure I get the consolation of...
Staying cool is a property of travertine which was part of the decision for us.
I rarely get pissed at Mrs. Piob, and when I do I never share it with anyone, but fuck I'm getting pissed at her over the pool/yard project in a major way. She claims to really want it, I mean the single biggest expenditure (the pool) is all her baby, but when she has to lift a finger for part of the process it's like pulling fucking teeth and she gets all frosty. I've 100% taken the lead from the start, arranged site visits, going to the showroom to look at options,...
No "hot pink" but I've got two or three dress shirts with pink, at least one golf shirt in pink, and what I call a "club shirt" in pink. I really DGAF what anyone might think.
What's really funny is the way it's completely ignored at times and at other times cited as why staff won't talk to someone when they can really release the requested information.Emergency rooms? At your local pharmacy? Even physician offices, both blabber mouthed MAs on the phone or talking to each other and thin walls in exam rooms? Not a shred of HIPPA is present.
Yes, it's all one level. It starts at the house/patio doors and spreads out from there, including surrounding the pool and spa. The pool has a "monument wall" (new term for me) behind the pool (remember, we face a golf course) and two 36" scuppers that sheet water down. If everything comes together it should be a cool project.
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