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My lounger is not dorky! Fugly maybe but not dorky!
Apparently out stumping for her mother Chelsea made a slip and referred to Bernie as "President Sanders." The interesting thing is the headline refers to her as a philanthropist. How the fuck does Hillary have the hutzpah to run as being for the working guy when apparently her kid can go straight from being a college graduate to being a fucking philanthropist without earning a fortune of her own? Edit: I stand corrected per a bit of quick Google-fu. Apparently in five...
Check out either something in the Milagro family or Machado.
I think it will go perfectly with my new loungers, don't you?
Police in Windsor, Ontario are running undercover sting operations to bust Uber drivers. It's nice to know in a city with one of Canada's highest crime rates that police are so dedicated to supporting their union brothers.
I thought he was talking about what he uses for his benchpress reps.
Yes, it seems the sub-group of feminists guilty of this are in rather disrepute this morning with their usual partners.
Some feminists are upset about Obama's mosque visit since, you know, Islam treats women like second class citizens (if not chattel) and all that. Damn feminists.
I SWYDT but I still was told last Friday night I'm 35 or so and "pure muscle." I fucking love booze goggles.
For some reason the Scary Snowman youtubes make me chuckle.
New Posts  All Forums: