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FWIW I've read some studies that indicate injury rates are about the same for athletes that stretch vs. don't stretch. Seems counter-intuitive from years of being told to stretch before activity.
I'm not a big beer drinker but have a couple of friends that prefer a decent beer over wine. I thought it would be nice to have a bartop draught spout for them. After some searching looks like Edgestar has this model: That can tap the Heineken/New Castle style or you can pressurize a keg. You can buy 5L kegs from places like Midwest Brewing or Amazon. Take them to a local place that fills growlers and get your pick. Tap with the Edgestar pressure adapter and you...
Stoked? My goal is to never punch or be punched again in my life. Both ends of that equation hurt. But g'luck.
Okay, my e-bros, thinking of getting a 5L mini-kegerator. Not one that will just take the pre-pressurized Heineken but will also use a CO2 cartridge and pressurize a growler. Any recommendations or experience?
That sounds like a banning offense.
Speaking of cucks there's still that emoji request...
I've noticed that in the last several years, when staging a house if there's a vacant space in any room whatsoever, hang a flat screen is the answer.
I could be misreading this but I think the answer is the car companies are multi-national, so if a material number of cheap US late model used cars get shipped elsewhere, the local markets where those cars end up will get depressed.
And now we have Ed's latest term: juicing.
The part about retirees and vets preferred...surprised they didn't toss in "or other demographics known for being easy to con."
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