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Agree 100%.
I hear you. It took us until the purchase of this house to get the combo of house, lot size, general location, and privacy we wanted.
High West does distill but it's just for show more or less. They have one, 1600 gallon copper pot still, so I doubt that's covering much of their label. Remember, you only fill a still about 2/3's to start, then you're getting a more concentrated output, i.e. the volume decreases to increase the ETOH concentration. So no idea the exact output of a 1600 gallon still but maybe two barrels per run?We all get the need to create brand while stock matures but High West lacks...
M, the kitchen looks fantastic. JB, is your bathroom big enough for a walk in shower with no door? Our shower is in one corner of our master bathroom. It is sunk about two inches, there's an entry/landing type area, and then you walk forward to get under the shower heads. Frosted glass and a partial wall block the action. Speaking of shower heads, sink the money into multiple ones. You'll thank me for it later. Couple shower heads, some body sprays vertical in the...
That's my rub. Started with Whistlepig and their near malicious obfuscation. I mean I've got some Black Maple Hills, I've got some Copper City, and I'm sure more that's not popping to mind, that all buy their juice and age it, blend it, whatever and it's nice drinking stuff. Just be honest someone else is doing the distilling.
High West is another blender and doesn't distill. The number of these branded blenders that has happened is interesting. Not saying it isn't tasty product at times but just commenting on the phenomena.
Four kids? I don't think 15k square feet would be a big enough house for me.
I actually would have been impressed if the room pictured was his, but now that I know it's just a faux listening room, the word "cuck" seems appropriate.
Welcome aboard!
Not delivered yet and will age at least a year.
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