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My wife's company is having their Xmas party at a very historic and nice venue this year. As it's across the entire city from our house we decided to get a room for the night. It's constructed like many older places and has some stand alone guest houses. I know two of the three owners and just landed their best guesthouse for a laughably low price. Amongst other amenities is a huge wood burning fireplace and I look forward to opening all the windows to let the cool...
This post is Kira-like. Please refer to my earlier post in how one must deal with this.
So you smoke a cigar never?
Asshat, the First does not apply to SF.I hope this succinct sentence aides in your understanding (you "get it.")
Is it his lack of facial symmetry?
Please tell me you've not been consuming alcoholic beverages. Please, please tell me you are not having sex while in such a state.L'Incsy, that someone as philosophized a you would make this freshman argument? For shame. A shanda fur die goy. You should be suffering vasodilation of the facial epidermis (blushing).
I'm ticked off just having some fun. Kira needs to be spoken to directly, as I'm sure you've noticed, he has a tendency to ignore what you're saying and just carry forward with his message.
You would have to clear the desk area I think. I'll look later as I cannot remember exactly how it worked. Also, book cases to either side of the bed/desk area. I remember thinking it was highly functional. Ugly example but fast search:
What's IFL science?
You're only drawing from personal experience whereas Kira is pulling imaginary shit out of his ass. Surely you can see Kira is far more authoritative on this than you are?
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