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I chuckled at the thought of GF and HRoi "tag teaming" FF. Well, chuckled and flinched at the same time.
As 'Turk noted that's exactly what they did with the high school top 10% and that was upheld.As to best practices in medicine...when those and politics intersect it's purely by accident. As evidence I give what happened to the Blue Ribbon Panel for breast cancer screening and Obama. Tossed them fuckers (and Sebellis) right under the bus for recommending best practices.
It will be very historic to have our first Native American VP though.
Easy for the Korean guy to say.
Actually, Dany is his aunt.
Speaking of butthurt: http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-eu-referendum-36644211 EU leadership will not even begin the conversation until the UK pulls the trigger. Stupid on EU's part.
Did not happen.
I smell some fake hate crime posts.
1) That it be green. 2) That it be Hermes 3) That it be a breast wallet
New Posts  All Forums: