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Thanks for the input, all. I almost did a similar thing this spring with an ETF when what had been a loss for a couple of years, started approaching the green again. I decided if it could move north enough to get me even it could move north enough to make me some actual money. I held and it has.
So you're voting on a psychological pitfall then too?
Neophyte question here: I often see people post about how a stock was down and they dump it when they get back to par for them. Is this more a psychological pitfall of investing vs. a smart move? I mean, if the stock has gone up, why assume the high point is where you purchased it at? Either the reasons behind the move are probably such that it won't hit your purchase price or it will exceed your purchase price. Seems to me picking your purchase price as a selling...
Yup, agree with you. As I said above I think the person is still responsible but I think it's possible to do something violent without a conscious decision to do it. Your reference to the law is pretty apt, IMO.
I believe in holding people responsible for their actions and I think I have a very long track record here of holding that position. However, have you never hit someone without thinking? Has your rage never been so great, that one last input on their part, just made you lash out prior to any thought? I've hit people a couple of times where I think I was more surprised I hit them than they were. They were all men, and these were typical idiotic male situations, but the...
Which is not to say us duffers do not have fun collecting or chasing gear. This is the case of all hobbies/leisure pursuits. The important thing is to have the self awareness to realize it's not our gear or equipment limiting us, no matter what activity we're pursuing, but rather our innate ability and our time to dedicate to the pursuit. The best guitarist in the world could not step into either one of our jobs without years of training and it's important to realize...
I'm going to say something that is probably heresy here. I've noticed that great guitar players play guitar greatly. Doesn't matter what they're playing, above a certain threshold, they just sound great no matter what they're playing.
If you think you're one of the "big kids" I'm going to hernia myself laughing.SH, please present a building I neither really like nor understand. K'thanx.
New Posts  All Forums: