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Ah, great Scotch. Caramel dominates. High alcohol but the caramel notes smooth it down. Baking spices and a sweet nose. Highly recommend.
You guys are misreading things by a long shot and I'm not really going to clarify why. I'll just say having a car that can haul us in great comfort, plus luggage, plus a dozen cases of wine, and still scream down the interstate is what I want. It might not be for everyone but I want a lux vehicle that can do it all and that's what the GL has been for me.
Bottle of which, my friend? I've put up four bottles in the last two posts.
That's a long time to live in a cask!Bijou:1 oz Citadelle gin1 oz NP sweet vermouth1 oz green ChartreuseStirStrain into chilled vintage cocktail glass you thrifted at Good Will.
How can you say it lacks the utility of a wagon? Have you driven in a GL450? It matches or surpasses the comfort of the vast majority of sedans on the road, out drives the vast majority of sedans, and has the room you just cannot get in a sedan. It also sits higher on the road, has AWD, and is quite capable in adverse weather conditions. As I also said it's understated and not "bling" in the least so completely nullifies the charge you made of letting others know.For...
UnF, you've had a rash of highly sensible posts lately.
If this is designed to apply to me or the GL you could not have constructed a more incorrect post. I know exactly what I want, I don't want more (the 550 or AMG, a Porsche, nor a Rover) and the GL 450 is highly understated.
Needed a little something to start the weekend right after my huge car disappointment:
No conclusion but no rush to make a choice either. It could be more than a year away as I need to get several things done first.I have gone into car mode.
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