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Fuck. Employing a legit GC is in no way comparable to employing "the guy" on a weekend job.
Indexes higher again today. Setting new high tide marks but not looking forward to the inevitable low tide.
Just checked out the work the automation folks did today. Big actuators are now on the valves and such so I'll soon be able to work them off my phone app, turn on the sheer descents and spill way, underwater LEDs, etc. I know it's geeky but simply cannot wait to the first time to be out at happy hour, punch a few things on my app, and have the spa ready to roll when I walk in the door.
Can't compare new construction, probably straight drywall with no skim coats, to the job of painting an existing wood clad Victorian. Also, a reputable contractor is going to carry workman's comp, probably some sort of environmental cert in SF, etc.
Does anyone have an Xmas Eve movie tradition? In the last several years, if we're not on vacation somewhere, we've been watchitng Love Actually.
Does this guy ever say anything supportive to other posters?
Nice work but the head of your union seems to have his doubts.
The motivation behind it serves this agenda and I also bet there will be accusations the recounts were bogus and somehow didn't yield the "real" results.
As far as the recounts go wasn't it all about Stein and for a few days the Clinton camp just sort of "offered support" type thing until they realized how stupid this all is?I have no problem with examination I just have problems with obvious agendas, butt hurttery, and timing. There are ways to do things to instill confidence in the general public and ways to make the butt hurt have a reason to believe the results are not legit. I think we all know what's happening here.
Who's paying for the wall?
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