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Don't think so. The SCOTUS has ruled that fleeing is not a de facto PC, and with no PC, there's no Terry stop. Now, being a high crime area, yeah, fleeing is PC but that's really pretty discriminatory and is going to have disparate impact on blacks since so many of them live in high crime areas.Basically, I think there should be one law for everyone no matter where they are.
http://www.csmonitor.com/USA/Society/2016/0127/The-surprising-relationship-between-intelligence-and-racism Study shows that even if you think a white person is not racist...odds are good they're still racist.
What a fucking monster.
Wait. Wut? I know nothing about logic. Why is this funny? @NorCal can you 'splain it to me?
Yes. Or give them a $2476 raise. That's what's happening at my place for some folks.Industry can do it easy it's them non-trusting fuckers at Wage and Hour.
Not sure if you're aware of what's happened. They took the minimum salary for an exempt employee from 23k to 47k. When you're an honest, true blue manager of staff you get calls at home (call offs), probably work more than 40 some weeks, 40 or less than others. Then there's other positions, like community outreach, where you might go from your house on a Saturday to a health fair event or something like that.Make them hourly and they'll have to use the punch clock first...
Ah, gotcha now. Truth be told I'm waiting to see who wins the election as I'm sure Trump will undo this shitfest. Additionally, I'm not looking forward to doing it.
I am an idiot and I don't understand how logic works.Instead of help with paperclips though I'd extend a hand fulfilling a secret santa.
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