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Interesting to read the reactions some viewers are having on the reactions of other viewers. It's all so very meta and Weiner wins.
'Dat ZHP.
I've had bear on a number of occasions as one of my brother-in-laws gets one most every year. Bear pot roast was usually pretty good but it can depend per animal. Bear ribs pretty good. Moose is pretty much hard to deal with but moose steaks done with bacon are not bad...because, bacon I guess.
This is a different situation. If you're doing a refi, particularly with the same bank, an appraisal within three years is more a drive by addendum to the original report and can be done by the same appraiser. I've done several real estate transactions in the last few years and banks do indeed hire randomly out of a pool.We had our house appraised last year, about 2.5 years after we bought it. This appraiser was a fucking idiot. She came by with the county assessment...
Zimmerman's mother:
The fun part is when Muslims and Chaldeans get drunk at the same club.
It's nice that you brown and yellow folks can once in a while feel what it's like to be us all the time.Tomatoes on a shawarma would be criminal. I cannot tell you how many good lamb shawarma feeds I had once upon a time. There are some things I really miss about living in the Detroit area and that would be one of them.
The lighting looks warm?You do raise an interesting point though.
I actually think Foo would be a very good host.
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