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Why the line up at a TJ?
Sitting at an Sbx that is full of soccer hambeasts with their uncontrolled noisy brats. Waiting for a crazy female attorney that I have to work with on a project. I hate her, I hate this Sbx, I hate I have to work for a living.
I was just reading all the chatter on bbc.com and the like and the Euros are freaked a bit.
Are the markets going to crater tomorrow from the Greek election?
Looks like you guys are in for a blast of winter this week.
Must...not...look. Will fight the urge to drop 1.5k into a custom 10/22.
Did you know all those cookies comes out of only two plants? Speaking of charity fundraising I met the guy that owns one of those plants. Fucker is really, really rich. I guess they license out who makes them and his plant is used for the production.
It's not common and it's not advised. You'll be dealing with a private leasing company, and with used cars, they like to do open end leases. An open end lease means you can have some hefty financial commitments after the lease ends. For instance, they can work a lease that says a two year old car in question will be worth $X in three years (when the car is five). Since there's a ton of risk in the used car market for the value of five year old cars, the lessee can be...
Lazy Sunday. I've already spent two hours making phone calls at a charity fundraiser, 30 minutes on the elliptical, moved bottles around in my wine cellar, and hit Whole Foods.
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