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No, that's just a lookie-loo.
Okay, that makes more sense.
Drinking a fair quantity then having sex is actually pretty awesome, IMO. It works like Viagra on me. Booth, as to moving, keep in mind there's two (or more) people involved; no one says you have to do all the moving. As to the epipen...it's all about the chirrun. Please, think of them.
Birdman clueless? Not even close.
Maybe a funny angle but you appear to have cankles.
There's two distinct questions here:1) Did the Tea Party help create the circumstances that led to a Trump candidacy?2) Does the Tea Party support Trump?IMO, the answer to #1 is a strong "yes." The TP and it's standard bearer Ted Cruz stuck their collective middle finger in the eyes of the Repub party establishment. They created an atmosphere where primary voters firmly rejected establishment type candidates. The thing is they didn't expect an even more...
http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-37193197 More dead cops in Turkey.
Will I be allowed to at least keep my 10/22? I need something to sit with outside to scare off rowdy critters from time to time.
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