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This is why I'm loathe to post here these days.
Followed FG's advice. Super hot grill, two minutes a side.
So been enjoying some Astrolabe wines lately: http://www.astrolabewines.co.nz/ I also like the story. Simon Waghorn was the winemaker for Whitehaven wines for many years. Something about part of his buyout to start his own lable, Astrolabe, he agreed not to import to the US for several years. Now all this great Pinot and Sauv. Blanc is appearing from Astrolabe.
While you type or this is just a general report?
You guys have to remember appraisers were specifically part of the folks that got blamed in the real estate meltdown and are now very conservative. In real estate a valid price for residential was always considered, "What a willing buyer will pay a willing seller in an open market." So idiots were way, way over paying and the appraisers had to follow that creed. Now they're afraid of getting sued for less than conservative estimates. It doesn't make things any less...
Getting close to wine-thirty.
It was a factory option for my car.
Business cards are kind of handy if for nothing else than taking notes on. I of course have my work card and I also have a personal calling card. That has a nice picture of a Burgundy glass with wine, a nice little saying about wine, and my personal cell and email address. It's great for many occasions where a work card would not be the best choice such as on vacation.
Thanks! I always pat dry then re-season before tossing on the grill with my ribeyes.
Is this code for telling us G-three is soon to come? Have a great time whatever it is you two decide to do. Sounds like you need it.
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