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Had a 2012 TH "The Hedge" Syrah last night. Decanted for about an hour prior to drinking and had with a really good ribeye dinner. Was wonderful. FYI, was talking to someone at the TH tasting room. They predict strong sales and will be pouring/selling library wines by Xmas.
Abortions are the best ROI any tax dollar will ever get.
Okay, the Brexit fallout is even bothering my usual unshakable long term outlook.
But he should still theoretically be able to bond with dragons, no?
Would smash Ms. Wang.
I'm waiting for all the "Leave" voters to be declared economic terrorists.
The data I posted demonstrated that median age in an "authority" (governmental municipal area) was not highly correlated with how an authority voted. I would think the tie is better rural vs. urban as younger folks flock to the cities and there was a strong tie between rural vs. urban for stay vs. leave respectively.
Has anyone else thought that since we now know Jon is a full blooded Targaryen he should theoretically be immune to fire and be able to bond with dragons? Have there been any scenes where Jon showed a resistance to fire in the past?
So what this picture doesn't show is that this bone in ribeye is 3.5" thick. I bagged it with sliced garlic, shallots, rosemary, thyme, and S&P. Patted dry, rubbed in some of my homemade seasonings and tossed it on a super hot grill with two pats of butter on top for two minutes. Flipped, another two minutes. It was really good. Except for a few millimeters per side all 3.5" was a perfect medium rare. Edit: Bagged it yes but forgot to add sous vide at 130. The...
New Posts  All Forums: