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He was told to "get his affairs in order" about six years ago. He's had several surgeries to remove tumours, and make no mistake he's terminal, but he's spending the next three months in Florida with his wife in their big 5th wheel. He sent me a picture of the two of them in their kayaks watching the sunset over the Gulf last weekend.
But mine is made of solid cement, you cuck.
I'm a little disappointed in the rims but otherwise looks great.
Mine just points to me.
I'm sorry but this does not portray current reality. It also shows you've never worked with certain patient populations like...say I have? For instance, at the time I was doing some public health clinicals in Detroit, they lost millions in federal dollars as they couldn't get people to show up for free, yes 100% free, preventative care such as pre-natal (which also provided medications if needed,) free immunizations, free flu shots, free OB exams, and free STD/HIV...
Canadians do indeed head to other countries, about 50k did in 2015, with the US being prominent in which countries they go to. In fact I helped pay for my own brother to receive radiation treatment in Michigan when his Canadian oncologist told him his ticket was punched and to get his affairs in order. Additionally any price controls currently in place in the US rest within a system that lacks said price controls so providers attempt to compensate through a concept...
You make a strong point.
As you said much NGO funding comes from governments and where do governments get their money? What happens if governments direct more money towards these efforts? My second possibility listed of course. Glad you agree.
As I keep telling US liberals it's not an either/or choice and the last thing the current US situation would be is "free market."
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