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Not completely incorrect. I did get in a really nice work out, 90% finished what I wanted to get done work wise, and just put some big, meaty prime short ribs down to sous vide for Sunday's dinner. Mrs. Piob will be home in about 1.5 hours and then it's time to head out for happy hour and dinner with friends.
For some reason I feel I should post this link here:
My wife snagged the bigger and better walk in closet for our master suite. It's outfitted in a similar fashion and she loves it. I'm very cucked jealous.
I too am "working" from home today. I plan to go lift weights in about 30 minutes...after I finish writing a report, of course.
Drinking has levels too. I will have you know I am considered by the drinking community as being at the Exalted High Master level.
And as of this morning I'm not! Thanks, Trump!
Cats crap in a box. Cats > dogs.
As of yesterday I'm "rich."
Agree 100%.
I hear you. It took us until the purchase of this house to get the combo of house, lot size, general location, and privacy we wanted.
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