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The interesting thing is he anticipated the dreck to come vs. referring to the dreck above that had already happened.
Context dependent, IMO. If you're at one of these "gourmet burger" places, or a haute cuisine place with some special burger, it's just like ordering a steak medium and it coming out well done. If you're not in one of those places your re-fire is getting spit on.
BAMP! Recommend their whole catalogue.
IME it's about 40% withholding on a bonus.
Baa, baa, butthole...
That sheds more light on it. Yeah, good call, he hired you to take the shit. It's what we all do from time to time.
No hissy fit (on my part) and not everything I post is directed at you.
I'm not arguing but rather expressing incredulity. If someone wants a fugly keyless lock on their house more power to them. I just don't get the stated motive, namely forgetting keys constantly and how carrying a house key is a PITA. I completely encourage folks to put whatever lock they want on their homes. I also am an early adopter of most technologies so got a good chuckle out of being accused of not wanting progress. I have to admit if biometric locks get adopted...
Yeah, cannot get into DT. I'm actually far more likely to listen to Tool out of the three bands.
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