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And this is very powerful. I can't tell you how many times I've seen the same interaction between folks raised in Hawaii. One of the first questions they ask each other is what high school they went too. Almost without fail.
You are missing the point I was making. Otc asked why spend 30k to send your kid to a private school full of snobby private school kids. Do I need to explain more for you?
If Obama's grandparents had not done this he would probably not have become POTUS.
Also, most other countries do engage in government level purchasing negotiations and many folks in the US want their healthcare to be like what they imagine Canadian healthcare is. The US does indeed overpay relative to its OECD counterparts.
http://nypost.com/2016/10/16/north-carolina-republican-office-torched-by-fire-bomb/ Did the fire bombing of a GOP office with hate speech spray painted on the walls get missed?
Obamacare turns out not to be "free" healthcare for all and you know why? BIG PHARMA is why! Greedy bastards.Seriously, it's like turning the Titanic. It takes time and patience. Barrack got Obamacare done and the next Dem will build on that. Millennials like the thought of others taking care of them, and as they move more into voting and becoming actual legislators, it's going to happen.
They have momentum on these things though since the passage of Obamacare.
I'm not claiming to be "middle class" or compare myself to a family bringing in median income or anything like that. There's no doubt we lead a nice life and have choices others might not. What I am trying to do is separate households like mine from getting scooped up in the same category as hedgies, trust fund babies, etc. This isn't an either/or situation where you are either part of the huge number of folks that couldn't raise $400 for an emergency (some recent...
Every POTUS is a puppet to one extent or another and I've said that here for years. When voting you just have to try and discern who their puppet masters are and decide which group you'd rather have running things.
New Posts  All Forums: