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So does a douchey hedgie negate the douchiness from FB being presented here?
I always thought teachers did it for the kids and the alleged low pay and long hours were acceptable due to their love of teaching?
Gotcha. I do 2:1:1
I've had a Palladium and am currently driving an Iridium. The MB coming soon is Palladium but Mrs. Piob likes the Iridium. If she goes back I'm sure she'll get an Iridium.Did you get the parking thing? It came in one of the packages coming on the GL with my name on it. We had dinner with some folks that just took delivery of a new S with it and they say it's pretty awesome.Still no sure if I'm going to accept delivery or not.
I am more about la petite mort.
Dark alley, coins in a sock?
I'm not sure either.What I am sure of though is I forget the indicator for intertexuality and obviously Mr. Gimpy didn't.
Nope. I suggested it was CE material and L'Inc indicated he wanted to discuss it. As this was posted here, with no direction for elsewhere, the reasonable reader would assume the location was a given (here).
I am now picturing Gom with a huge Fender amp on the subway.
I did not see agreement in the post I replied to. Was it intertexual?
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