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Okay, I grew up with carbs and you guys didn't. Avoid carbs. They are just so environmentally dependent and modern FI electronics adjust for temp, humidity, and elevation. Remember that H2 of mine I was posting about? The performance difference between a humid 95 degree day and a crisp 65 was astounding.
If I lose another 15# I might try a full beard. Keep the sides trimmed very short and let the chin grow a little length.
I hate shaving.
Speaking of haircuts I've lost my barber of 11 years. On pretty short notice he up and moved to Denver and I now I need to find a new barber. This is like a marriage break up.
You and your boo seem to have real lovey faces going there, pB.
Okay, I'm getting fucking bummed as I watch the cost of my drywall repair go up. They had to cut a couple more access holes. Turns out all my interior walls are sheared. Now, that explains why sound doesn't carry between rooms, and I'm glad it's so sturdily built, but damn for retrocabling. On the plus side they're going to pull a run from the router in my closet, across the entire house to the front bedroom, so I have a hard wire connect and can hook a router and...
Yeah, in my 18 month stint working for the state department of health the long termers were all about the pension. That and saving up your vacation/sick time so you could take off the last year before you actually retired. What fucking organization allows that type of use of accrued time off? I have a policy that PTO can only be scheduled two weeks at a time and with supervisor's approval. In my 18 months, in a smallish office, two people were doing this!
He actually cut it inside the top built in of my fireplace wall. Perfect spot as I'm getting that entire wall redone.
So a guy is crawling around inside my ceiling right now. Had to cut his way in.
Chris, I like the retro look of the tin ceiling. Sitting at home today for three vendors. Already had a glass shop drop off a 31x92 sheet of glass that now covers the top of my new credenza style wine storage in the formal dining room. Have a garage door company coming by in the early afternoon for PM on my openers and doors. A/V company should be here any time to do the cabling for my new A/V install. Looking forward to getting this done and then start working with a...
New Posts  All Forums: