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Starting to price components for the outdoor kitchen I plan to have installed in 2015. 5.7k for the grill I want. WTF? I'm a small timer as that seems like a lot of quid for a fucking grill.
Actually the current answer is zero. Needed to exercise first and pacing myself for tonight's festivities. Probably T minus one hour.
I was expecting Booth to have posted he's pissed off because he can't go into work today. Ain't nothing pissing me off today.
Allspice dram? Did you make your own? I need to lay some of that down. Ind: not too woody. Intense, yes. Ice mellowing it. Ullage noticeable but still great.
Sipping a Manhattan I put down into a cask over Xmas. Wow.
I'm not saying I wouldn't hit it but she's definitely got some low end torque going (and that's not a compliment.)
Haters gonna h8. I'm pretty pleased and that's all that matters to me.
So I've not said anything about a purchase I made two weeks ago due to the scorn it received here. I got an email notification for a spot sale and landed a Blackstar 1 watt tube head for $180, Prime eligible. I've had it for two weeks now. I fucking love it. I can plug straight in, and if I'm willing to peg the knobs, get awesome tube distortion, harmonics, etc. I usually play it set up for clean and it takes pedals incredibly well. At low volumes I'm getting all...
I made some truly awesome lamb bacon this week: [[SPOILER]] I plan to make carbonara with some of it over the weekend. Now I know because I'm going to use lamb bacon lardon I've already bastardized it but what's the usual list of ingredients? Eggs or only the yolk? Going with Parm Reg that I'll grind fresh, lots of black pepper...but I want to toss some garlic in. Garlic a no-no?
It's an idfnl avatar.I feel like Harvey. Posting to SF while at the bar.
New Posts  All Forums: