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3000+ varietals? Insane.
They're beautiful but no way they're comfy to sit on.
Intelligent placement of houses can really improve the character/feel of a neighborhood.
http://www.bbc.com/news/business-33161109 This probably belongs here.
I like the last one the best.
Sometimes you get reminded of how simple things can be so tasty. Finished my usual Saturday morning workout and needed a snack. Sliced a really nice tomato very thin, thin shaved some Manchego, drizzled a little Balsamic and olive oil, a sprinkle of salt flakes...very satisfying.
No, that's me.
Looks nice but all I can do is picture one of our cats using it like a ladder.
Having one non-wine drink tonight and that would be in celebration of National Martini Day. .5 oz Lillet Blanc .5 oz NP dry 4 oz Citadel gin splash of olive brine 3 olives Stir Let sit Stir Let sit Stir Strain into chilled glass
It actually continues to improve also. Been some big changes in the scene since last time you were here.
New Posts  All Forums: