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I intend to have it a few more times. Had *cough* brunch *cough* at a place you might know downtown and it was on sale at the attached market next door. Plan to swing by and pick up a few more.
The lady doth protest too much.
So good.
Nothing up on my side. I was just coming to post the git can get the last word in if he wants. It's obvious he's got some issues for getting so worked up over a simple observation. A statement of, "It's got its problems that get my goat but I love my country" would have sufficed vs. getting personal. It's kind of cute actually to see someone so nationalistic.
I actually have wanted to visit as they have quite the wine and food culture going in some areas. It seems to me many folks there are pretty good blokes despite how this git is acting due to a simple observation on my part.
Wow, for someone that can't be bothered you're obviously pretty bothered. Hypernationalistic much?Learn to read, fuckstick! I'm not pissed off with Oz the ranter is. He's the Aussie hating wanker. And now he's pissed off at me because I pointed that out to him.
Our female cat is being so cute right now.
New Posts  All Forums: