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One might ask you that question.
This is true and it doesn't even have to be "high strung."
My current vehicle lacks any sort of multiple throttle/tranny modes. I was surprised and knew it would be a problem. It seems this was common in the last couple of years as they were trying to ratchet down fleet MPG so hard. The new 2017 GLS has several modes, as did the XC90 I test drove and I think the new Q7 has, and I figure the modes will now become standard. Even the modes are still not going to shift that torque curve back to the left so it's just a band aide on...
Oven roasted root veg medley?
http://www.windsorstar.com/news/national/christie+blatchford+ghomeshi+assault+case+started+falling/11713127/story.html Worth a read or watch the video. Btw, IMO, this is a brave female reporter.
If that's the case try some Riojas. For $20 you can get into a nice drinking one.
My vehicle does not manage the turbos well. I've read many comments from reviewers of the current crop of luxury import large vehicles that agree with me in that the transmissions are tuned to keep the rpms low to squeeze every bit of mpg out they can. This, of course, keeps the turbos spun down so there is no instant power on tap as there would be in a larger displacement engine, whether it's NA or blown. I've nothing against turbos per se but I continue to hate...
This will make you both LOL and ask WTF? http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/windsor/plumber-charged-with-mischief-after-allegedly-stripping-naked-in-customer-s-home-1.3443633
Jcman, congrats on buying a few bottles of something you like. You should try a few different Zins now, both around the same price, and maybe a little more. Start expanding your tastes from where you've found a starting point that you like.
This is why, with 100% certainty, part of my retirement nest egg will get liquidated to purchase an annuity or two.
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