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Side-boob shirt.
I was musing to Mrs. Piob last night that I wonder who's tit these particular glasses are based on.
Those cost too much and would impact my budget for other important things such as wine and entertainment. Looking at over 2k a month for one of those and I imagine insurance, gas, and wear items (tires and brakes) would add up too.I'm just going to forget about this for a couple months until that built to order vehicle comes in. If the dealership cuts me some impossible deal on that I'll take it, or a 550 for the price of a 450, otherwise think I'm going to sit on my...
Public grooming. Seriously, WTF people? I had a breakfast meeting so hit Sbux late today, about 8:10, and it was packed. The chic in front of me in line was dressed in flip flops, those thin and cheap satin like shorts, and a wife beater like thing that didn't leave much to the imagination. She was okay looking and started putting hair product in her hair. Then she got a brush out and started brushing out her hair in line. Then some sort of clips. Then some lotion...
Just got half a dozen of these: http://www.amazon.com/Martini-Champagne-Classic-Cocktail-Glasses/dp/B00A78UOGU/ref=sr_1_2?s=kitchen&ie=UTF8&qid=1410488194&sr=1-2 A restaurant we were at last week was using them and I loved the classic shape. They're also not monster glasses which I like. I plan to get another box so I'll have an even dozen. Look for some pics of classic cocktails with these glasses starting this weekend.
So basically every American, amirite?
This is to be expected as it's common in middle aged Caucasian women of a certain disposition.
I loath U2 now, but in the early/mid 80s, they were awesome. Boy and October were okay for early efforts and War, Unforgettable Fire, and Joshua Tree are all excellent albums. The Edge was hugely influential on modern guitar sound (well him and Brian Eno who helped create his sound).
Growing up we had two pear trees on our property. They were old and gnarled, looked almost like natural bonsais, and their fruit was delicious. There's something cool for kids, or at least there used to be, about being able to wander around your neighborhood and pick fruit right from the trees. We also had a Macintosh apple tree and neighbors had sweet and sour cherries, mulberries, huckleberries, a couple different types of apples, peaches, and plums.
New Posts  All Forums: