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Yeah, the Edible Arrangement has gone off on me a few times lately.
No, you're not getting it. There's a crowd of folks that get in the car, start the car, DIAL THE PHONE, then put it in drive. I hate them.
I would not go to Cuba as a) too many Canadians go and b) it's like a right of passage for US liberals. Really not people I want to hang with on vacation.
I did not claim every car does but I see a shitload of people driving around in cars that should have bluetooth given it's almost ubiquitous distribution in the last several years.Also, if your vehicle does not have BT, but you insist and yapping on the phone as soon as you get behind the wheel, why not get an earbud? You already look like a douche so at least be a safer douche.
Why people don't hook up their cell phones to vehicle bluetooth. I mean, it's bad enough you have to plaster your bedazzled cellphone to your fat ear as soon as you plant your ass behind the wheel but why not at least use the vehicle's bluetooth so you have your hands free and can see a little better? You're a shitty driver to start off with so you need all the help you can get.
You need to go party with Harvey and/or B.
Any article that uses the word "hack" in the title to suggest a superior method is bound to suck. 12 Desk Hacks! Learn Five Important Life Hacks! Eight Time Hacks Everyone Should Know!
I think folks are forgetting both Roger and Ted took a crack at writing that speech first and they both gave up.
I would be so happy if my Joan/Roger story resolution came true.
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