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My Pedaltrain Pro just arrived. Sexy.
I've driven several GLKs as that's what I get for service loaners. It's definitely a small SUV and the second generation is better than the first. However, I really cannot criticize the fit, finish, ride nor performance and I'm sort of picky over those things.
I read that as "spear fisting" and about puked.
I'm telling you guys, reality TV started this god awful trend. Walking down the street talking on your cell like that while having a little yappy dog in a bag.
So they feel like they're on reality TV.
It's low brow tonight but should taste great. Ready in 10 more minutes.
Geez, guys, come on!
If the results come back normal I would ask for a second opinion.
Any joke about PRTA is a little shaky.
Lifting weights could help with this problem. Maybe you should try lifting weights?
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