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It's actually pretty surprising how often I put down both rows of passenger seats and I put the third row down all the time. For instance it's not uncommon for me in the fall to have six or seven cases of wine arrive at once to my office. Now, they'd no doubt fit on the Porsche but it would certainly be more squeezy. We also do one-three road trips a year where having all that room is essential.Keep in mind, unlike you an HRoi, I do keep us limited to a single vehicle...
It's all good.
Dood, that was a traditional saying for someone that has passed. Just a little class is all I'm asking here. EtO I expect this shit from but I used to hold you to a higher standard.
Took my friends Cayenne Turbo for another exploratory ride tonight. When we got back he said to his wife, "I just kept my mouth shut and hung on tight."
Was told tonight how buff I'm looking by a complete stranger, pretty hot, about 20 years younger than me. I'm no where near 10% body fat.Swagger.
To be accurate, my f-i-l's nuts. May his name be a blessing.
And I said "the south" not "from the south."
In 90 minutes I shall be sipping wine and pondering the sushi menu. And there shall be no boiled peanuts!
Well, isn't the reason there are few illegals is because states like Arizona are passing "bigoted" laws? Sheriff Arpiao? Etc.It's obvious deporting all those folks is a non-starter.
I've read the Obama administration is responsible for deporting 2.5 million folks or so. So that's 20% of 12 million, roughly, and if you want to make the case that entire 20% were criminals things are going to get ugly as Trump's rhetoric. Of course one could not assume that 20% represented ALL the criminals too so it would make Trump's rhetoric sound more and more accurate, no?But yeah, bad idea. It's Trump's M.O. Say something stupid off the cuff and then run with...
New Posts  All Forums: