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I use a local credit union which is probably why it takes longer for the big ones. They just give such great service and benefits.
http://www.federalreserve.gov/pubs/regcc/regcc.htm#delaySeems like my bank's policy is not too far off what the Federal Reserve website says. I might have the secondary holds not quite correct but was bang on about them releasing only the first 5k immediately. Been almost a year since I deposited my annual bonus so you'll have to forgive me on not getting the secondary timing perfectly correct.
I caught it...was just waiting for HRoi to take a swing at it. So, not making me happy...in fact, make me sad for somebody that owns this car (obviously not the two chippies driving it), but saw this just now and I have to admit I laughed. Two fake tanned blonde chippies driving a really nice late 60s Camaro convertible. Doing about 40 mph and the driver thought it would be a good time to hit the button and put the power fold up roof down. Yeah, you know what happened....
And she'll say, "We can only release 5k of that today, another 5k in four business days, and the bulk of it after 10 business days" and require her manager to come over and approve the deposit.Take away = live cheques suck in Amerikkka.
Watched first couple of epi's for Master of None. Some of the acting really sucks (I think he casted his real parents) but the fact it kept making me think someone was filming GF's life gave me a chuckle.
Didn't know you're Pinoy.
Get a bottle of Merry Edwards, Kosta Browne, Peay, Sanford, Williams Selyem, Ken Wright, Loring, A.P. Vin, Siduri, Kistler, Lynmar, Penner-Ash, Bethyl Heights or Kutch to name a handful that will make her happy. Make sure they have at least three years of bottle age.
Had several military friends as a younger guy and they all got themselves posted to the Canadian base in Germany for their final tour. Buy your car there and the military ships it back for you.
Not up on building codes and their history just know lots of folks have ran into that stuff with older houses.
If it's that old I'd check and make sure it's not the old "knob and tube" style wiring and completely compatible.
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