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Who knew pointing out to him how negatively he portrays his county would lead to such ire? I think his reaction shows his internal confusion about the relationship he has with where he lives.
I thought you "couldn't be bothered?" Question: In Oz do people count, "One, too, three?" Or is this just another reason to bitch about where you live?
That's a pretty cool vintage typewriter.
Having a Kicker. 3 oz Ketel One .5 oz NP dry .5 oz Lillet Stirred. So smooth.
Just not Australian beer. Don't want the bitch moaning about that.
LOL, you're cute. Funny all you do is bitch about your country, but have someone notice that? Oh my, your little girl panties are in a knot! If this is not being bothered I'd hate to see you all worked up.Bitch.
LOL, wanker am I? All you do is bitch about your country, bitch. I'm the wanker for noticing all you do is bitch about where you live? That's precious.
I think why can relate to you.
Yeah, that one always puzzles me. The shit you hear people talking about in public on their cell is mind boggling.
You really make Oz sound like a rotten place to live. Your medical stories alone do it.
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