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This is me right here. I'll put off changing a Fusion blade until I'm sanding my face with it just because it doesn't occur to me to change it. The DSC sort of forces your hand.
Be glad HRoi doesn't post in this thread.
El, nice looking bass. I stayed away from the burst though as I wanted the bass to look completely different from the Tele. Thinking of a white pearloid pickguard to replace the black on the J bass.
Sadly have not had foie in several weeks.
This is a multi-faceted topic but a short answer would be to change tax system to the Land Value Tax method. This was championed by Smith and Ricardo but is most closely associated with Henry George. It has been posited that an LVT will not create deadweight loss, market distortions, and is progressive in that it is paid entirely by the landowner as tenants will only pay what tenants will pay. It discourages holding land vacant as the tax will be levied whether the land...
Interesting statement for someone that's been here since June...I'm sure we've met before.
CE this shit!
Of course not!
Hell On Wheels Skins
Thanks, FG! Really a melt in your mouth cut and so quick and easy to prepare.
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