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Reading that book written by Lynch. It's making me wonder if good wine even exists anymore.
It's retribution for having something nicer than the person driving the PoS. Same type of person that would probably step on EGs just to scuff them.
Start a new sideline business?
Worse than that it reminds me of some animated robot movie that was against capitalism from the not too distant past.
*****TRIGGER WARNING******Ugly people engaged in sex [[SPOILER]] I hope Harv and HRoi enjoy this video.
Would be too "matchy match" if in the line of sight of two Eames type chairs?
Sucks, G. Hope you can find coverage and get out for some anniversary fun.
I'm always amazed at how people driving pieces of shit go out of their way to park way out next to that really nice, new car when there's dozens of spaces close in. They of course always cross the line into your space too.
I have to admit I wonder if people were blind folded and sat in both chairs if there would be a statistically significant difference.
I think we all agree much CA wine is over priced.
New Posts  All Forums: