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I'm sort of in a wine funk. So much of CA is way more money than I'm willing to pay anymore (just saw Merry Edwards Estate and Flax for $80 a bottle retail) but my cellar is running out of those types of wine. Much of my cellar now revolves around low end daily drinkers and I don't feel I have more than about 100 bottles worth aging some. I just cannot make myself spend $600 to get a case of CA wine delivered from the winery anymore.
Explain why the car is .8 seconds slower. That's a 14% decrease. And FYI, MB says it's a bi-turbo. http://www.mbusa.com/mercedes/vehicles/model/class-GL/model-GL450W4You really think a guy that's this concerned doesn't read the tech sheets?
Don't be fooled by the sales pitch of the horsepower and torque stays the same. There's a reason MB's own numbers went from 5.8 to 6.6 and there's a reason the Escalade has more HP and torque than the 2014 GL450 but the GL 450 kicked it's ass on the road. Not all power is useable in the same way. My guy at MB spent 20 minutes repeating to me the HP and torque is the same and I won't notice the difference. Bullshit. The torque is available down low with the larger V8...
Knowing that I'm going to have to change dealerships, and remembering what a shark tank the Toyota dealership was many years ago, I put together a lease worksheet to print and use. I plan to let the salesman show me the vehicle (get his time invested in me), go tell him to get me a lease price (which I know will be at full list MSRP for cap cost), then hand him this worksheet and tell his boss to fill in all the blanks for me. I thought I'd post the content here in case...
I think the E class is their #1 seller.If I decide the V6 turbo is sufficient I will not give them anywhere near what I was willing to pay for the 2014 with the V8. I know this is the end of my ride with MB for the foreseeable future and I've accepted that. I am seriously thinking of just grabbing a 4Runner or something if I can get a stupid low lease price. Toyota has a decently optioned SR5 for $400 a month with no out of pocket cap reduction. Might just go for...
In order to enjoy Vegas it's about minimizing and containing your exposure to the muggles. I also try and pick times when it's not going to be ape-shit overrun with frat bros and woo girls. After Superbowl but before spring break is one of my favorite times.
Jet, Thanks for the suggestion. As we all know part of car decisions are more than plain utility. Let's face it, if it was about pure function, 99% of us would be driving econoboxes.
I do not accept the only reason to want an SUV is to go off road. Not sure who created that false statement but I'm here to reject it. I've also had the ultimate off road SUV, an LR3 (now 4) and I'll take the GL.I appreciate all you guys, many of which do not even own a vehicle let alone a high end one, criticizing my choice. I'll just continue to happily tool down the road.
Ah, great Scotch. Caramel dominates. High alcohol but the caramel notes smooth it down. Baking spices and a sweet nose. Highly recommend.
You guys are misreading things by a long shot and I'm not really going to clarify why. I'll just say having a car that can haul us in great comfort, plus luggage, plus a dozen cases of wine, and still scream down the interstate is what I want. It might not be for everyone but I want a lux vehicle that can do it all and that's what the GL has been for me.
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