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Then you're a fucking idiot and shouldn't be allowed to vote.In other news...wasn't it the D's when they had the majority under Obama that got the rules changes so all appointments but a SCOTUS one just took a simple majority vote? I bet that seemed like a good idea at the time...
If you're elected and don't "do the peoples' business" I think you should get recalled no matter what letter is behind your name.
One of the worst things the Repubs did was not allowing Obama to appoint Scalia's replacement.
I'm a huge believer in retraining displaced workers but only if it's done right. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/employment-skills-training-1.3875046 Ontario spent a billion bucks without any research of the job market. About 15% of folks got jobs in the fields they retrained for. Brilliant.
Had an FP Pinot from Argentina last night. Think the price was $10 and it was pretty damn drinkable. Rather reminded me of some light, fruity Spatburgunders I used to be able to source locally but he's gone out of business.
Mrs. Piob's new gubment job comes with unlimited accrual. Apparently it's common practice to save up six or more months and just be on months and months of PTO prior to official retirement.
It's post-fax technology.
He just hates the H1B program and tends to blame most everything on it.
So to the thought that if the US just had a Canadian style healthcare system things like using EDs vs. PCPs would be a thing of the past: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/wait-health-surgery-auditor-general-ontario-1.3874442The article also relays the findings of the auditor general's office in regards to things like preventable deaths due to waiting for emergency surgery and other goodies.
New Posts  All Forums: