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A quick Google-foo indicates between 5-600 estates in 2015 for nearly $19 billion collected. http://www.taxpolicycenter.org/briefing-book/how-many-people-pay-estate-taxThat's a pretty good chunk of change to raise off tops 600 people.
The average middle class voter doesn't understand the concept of "marginal tax rates" either. I really would not be against some kind of intelligence test in order to vote and suspect it would hit both sides fairly hard.
I probably won't watch it but seems we should get some drinking rules in place just in case. Trump says, "JUGE!" = drink Trump alludes to his penis = drink Trump says, "It'll be great" = drink Clinton makes crazy eyes = drink She's in the shitter coming back from commercial = drink Clinton mentions "working families" = drink
It's great living on a private road. If some random RV managed to get through the gate we'd just charge them with trespassing and have the RV impounded.
Some people don't understand mean reversion and think we'll get a landed gentry again.
How many of that thousand was at the hands of the popo?
By any sane definition $5 million is wealthy. It's not stupid, fuck you type money but it's certainly wealthy.
For a handle I'll drop in two entire vanilla pods. I take a knife and slit the length of it to facilitate infusion. Oranges, wash them well as you don't want any off flavours, then the rind of 4-6 depending on their size. Try not to get pith too. Let it sit for a month and swirl the bottle daily. Make sure the rinds and vanilla stay submerged as you don't want anything growing on them from the air.
I am the least of players here and just make some noise to relax with and scratch that creative itch. I spend a good deal of my time playing around with my Ableton Push too.Wish I still played the bagpipes. Now that's an instrument that's always a party.
You heard it here first folks. Killing someone is comparable to sending a child to their bedroom.
New Posts  All Forums: