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The typical CTS-V owner had his last erection when Carter was president so it's not like the car is going to get driven to potential by the average owner...or even the speed limit.
This thread reminds me a little bit of the State Farm thread.
It's making me happy that I will be perched on a bar stool by 4pm.
She sounds like a Millennial.
Let me tell you a parable.There was a dog in a small town. He lived in a house with an open backyard and a set of train tracks separated the dog's backyard from a really nice field for him to frolic in. Every day he would frolic in that field and then race across the tracks just before the evening train came by to be let into the house by his master. One day he didn't judge the train's distance properly, and as he raced across the tracks home just ahead of the oncoming...
It's a bit campy but the first season is rather entertaining. Quickly went downhill in subsequent seasons.
Don't hold your breath on that. Canadian banks pride themselves on being risk adverse.
No doubt the 'Murican credit authorities only recognize 'Murican credit history. It's all about round pegs going into round holes. I have a business acquaintance (born and raised in the US) that does not have a W2 but he's worth north of $40 million in commercial real estate. He was telling me how he was trying to buy a piece of personal vacation property for a couple of million and ended up paying cash as the idiot underwriters for the mortgage somehow felt he was not...
Oh, man, been in the US probably before your balls dropped. Besides, don't think I could afford anything UnF is selling.
Never, ever, never would I do that at this point. I would keep continuous eye contact if the fittest pair of tits in the world popped out and she was an employee of my company.
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