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Rhonld is about as far from WASP as you could get and still have the same skin tones.
I would submit those factors have been changing for some time. Law and medical school? Pretty sure women make up more than 50% of med school spots and getting there in law, and particularly with medicine, these are viewed as society's highest prestige careers.What the study doesn't mention is the huge influx of non-skilled immigrants. As we all know physical jobs get paid a premium due to their more risky nature it is not to be wondered at that low skill immigrant...
What the serious fuck?
It's nice to see a study that, while it's not direct and explicit, gives a nod to the fact the usually quoted statistic is bullshit. I think some other things the article points out are changing. For instance, my wife actually makes more than her boss. She was hired at the very top allowable wage for her job category with the government. While I'm 100% sure there's still a tendency in some managers to hire women of equal skill sets at lower rates than their male...
Just FYI my wife is an engineer.So this is rich: http://www.bbc.com/news/election-us-2016-36862552Headline is "Hillary Hate is Viscous."Because, you know, there's no Trump hate.
Democrats don't discern like that.
So today someone laughing at Melenia's speech refused to believe the Hillary Clinton campaign pointed out Obama's plagiarism of a speech in the '08 and that plagiarizing a speech in 98 helped tank the Biden campaign. Apparently only vapid Republican wives are guilty of this.
I've never hear of Laura Ingraham before but I find claims she gave the Nazi salute at the RNC convention to be a little hard to believe.
One of the links said they were 30 yards from the two of them. At 30 yards, with my cheap ass 10/22, and it's $40 scope, I could make a head shot with ease...and I'm not that great of a shot. Hand gun would be different story and I'd just be happy to hit center mass. The links mentioned a long gun with a scope so and I figure what the cop is shooting is far better than my cheap ass Ruger.
New Posts  All Forums: