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Well, in 2008, the libtards told folks that guy just elected was everyone's POTUS, so whether you agreed with him or not, suck it up buttercup.I agree with you Trump was the "fuck you" candidate, but just like I keep saying presidential terms and tying the spot economy to them is specious so to do I think tying long term and sweeping social movements/events/attitudes. In part I see this as the final step in the thought that any R president is illegitimate to Ds and the...
Ah, it was the fact the racial breakdown was really all I had to work off in that post that made me ask. It's not really going to hit the poor as the poor won't qualify. It's going to hit income quintile 2 and 3.
It's all good.
Oh no. Cuck?
So cutting the ACA means there will be no healthcare delivered in the US? I need to know as I'll have to find another job if that's the case.
See? This is the kind of stuff I count on you smart folks to help me out with.
You cut quite a bit of my post out there, and if you read everything in the context I placed it, what you should have gotten from the post is:Having Trump as POTUS is a shitty situation. Are not large domestic and foreign protests against his presidency going to take a shitty situation and make it worse by removing any standing Trump, and through Trump the US, might have left?My intelligence is quite marginal and inferior so please don't think I believe I would come off...
Wow, snippy.
Nope, not what I said. Still missing the point; has nothing to do with the coverage.
So Trump's screwing 30% of white mortgage holders to get at the minorities?
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