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LOL. So someone would decide what weekend the Constitution doesn't work and which weekends it would?
In some states they train cops as vampire and just get a warrant on the phone so you're getting a blood draw roadside.
Maybe once or twice but nothing this nasty. The only way I could see that happen would be if they knew each other and it was a joke.
Sorry, as noted above, I'm off my game today. I meant Kennedy.
Did not happen. You don't be a huge dick to someone what can spit in your food or drink.
Thinking Cersei would flee is what makes no sense. A Lannister always pays their debts.
In both cases the members of the court all voted in a predictable fashion and the outcome was solely due to the make up of the court. Roberts excluded in this thought as he continues to be a wildcard (in my uninformed opinion.)
I don't think Smirk Face needed to be psychic. In fact the dialogue was constructed in a highly specific manner to explain her thoughts. By not showing up Cersei was completely fucked over, and knowing Cersei would never allow herself to get completely fucked over, something bad was about to happen. Toss in that her son was not there, as per schedule, and it all added up that something really bad was going to happen there.
Well, you know what they say? In life 'Turk's butthurt is everything.
Has anyone thought that: R = fire L = ice so J = song of fire and ice?
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