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To desensitize them.
After reading Bisco's link I would put forward that this "gravity knife" policy, as the article describes it, would indeed be something that sucks about NYC.
I was giving them the nod on topicals but you can see it's tenuous at best. I really, really hate that particular piece of ad-man talk though.
That's beyond cool.
Is anyone else chuckling over a fund specializing in paying dividends named "VIG?"
I've been catching some new TV commercial for a female oriented drug. The line is, "it works inside my body to..." So basically it's like every other medication in the world outside of topicals?
While everyone gets to decide how they are going to react to things I would say restaurant folks are getting confrontational over Yelp reviews they feel are unearned. I think it's really a kind of no-win situation for restaurants and you have to hope the majority of reviews are positive and show brain wave activity. I would ignore the egregious Yelps, if they were small in number, and let the majority speak. While I think some places certainly shoot their own foot I can...
A week from Sunday is the beginning of the end. In a bit of "life imitates art" I see Jon Hamm just finished rehab for drinking.
I thought this ep was pretty good. The look at Squiggy's face when he found out Jimmy had passed the bar was priceless.
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