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Nah, I went the GF route and am now an Uber driver on weekends. Plus I get to meet cool people.
That sucks and really sorry to hear that, Larry. How's the MD-wife taking it?
Tired of my job the last couple of weeks but cannot afford to quit.
They told me those agave fancy bottles break about 50% of the time in manufacture as someone actually hand blows those things into the bottle. One of my favorite gifts to give is the Milagro Reposado in the presentation bottle. I believe that's a better tequila than their standard line too.
I wonder why you want to fuck up yet another thread by being an asshole. Actually, I think I have the answer: you're an asshole.
Put bullet in, point, pull trigger, bang. That's how it works.I thought I knew what DAO did, questioned my knowledge given some things posted, but turns out it worked as I thought it did. Is this not a great reason a thread like this exists?Unlike StephenHero you will not drive me away by being an asshole. Don't fuck up this thread.
The number of autoplay, embedded videos is ever on the rise. This morning was quite horrible as it was a Walmart video! Also, the number of pop up pages trying to get you to press buttons for "Windows 7 PC repair" and such is on the rise.
Reyka has been my new house vodka for a few months and I've been drinking Milagro since about 06 or 07. I've met Danny and Moy when they were still doing big events as their own reps.
Dcg, I understand about the cop; it was example purposes only. I happen to own a Glock 23. Gotcha on pulling the trigger twice now. Hayward, you're trying to fuck up yet another thread? Seriously, go away if that's the case.
New Posts  All Forums: