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At least a few of the large cities there are full of hipsters so I would figure some folks here would fit right in. For instance, here is the Yelp hipster infestation map of Toronto: http://www.yelp.ca/wordmap/toronto
I feel the only thing that limits my potential is my need to constantly excel.
The person that owns the pharmacy I contract with drives a Buick, so I guess you can say, my drug dealer drives a Buick.
Damn but that Triumph R3 is brawny. I'm pretty sure I'd kill myself on that.
I can't believe Booth isn't on that graph!
Also known as, "A Bag of HRoi Posts."
You fancy lads in your Maybachs. Always looking to be treated differently from us folks of the people.
That's because I'm not some high falutin' professor of the Ivy Leagues what drives a Maybach. I'm just a man of the people and keep it real.
I'm just a man of the people; keeping it real.
Pulling up to my Sbx today. There's a four way stop and the car in front of me is just sitting there. I am patient (for me) and wait about 15 seconds. I notice a big phone in the driver's hand, figure he's texting, so honk the horn. He finally moves and parks where I'm parking. The driver got out and yelled at me, "Did you honk at me?" I said, "Yeah, I honked at you. Stop fucking sitting in my way and texting." He says, "I wasn't texting, I was on a call!" I said,...
New Posts  All Forums: