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So how much is the proper and moral amount of profit?
If we do our yard project it will be to drift over the pool and spa. Already have moving lights for the ceiling:
Shows how far we've come. A light little shitbox like that with an NA 2.2 and only get 21 city? I'm getting about 18-19 in my sled.
Hard to find a nice Aries K these days.
X7 will not be out in time for this leasing cycle.
I'm just getting sort of meh on vehicles. Right now the big objection is going to be service, and if you buy, service becomes more important than when leasing even as it's a longer term view. Not sure I'm ready for Honda service.
Well, it's been totally redesigned, and the Elite is pretty slick. Probably depends on the status of my backyard project next fall.
Waiting for report on pervy jerk-off pB situation.
I wonder what the residual is on Honda Pilots are would it make more sense to buy?
#1 rule about Canada Club is not to talk about the fact Canada isn't perfect.
New Posts  All Forums: