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Decided we only need two seating areas in the main space. Still going to do the two seats for reading in front of the fireplace with ottomans but then thinking of an "L" shaped sectional that will look out the windows to the view and look towards the bar and dining area. I'll put at least one chair into that area. What made me go from three to two areas is that having two other couples over is pretty standard so I need a comfy seating area for six. One you get eight or...
I also am not sure it's true. I always thought Hunter Valley was a pretty small GI, in terms of output, and mainly known for (oddly enough) Semillon, Shiraz and Chard? I could be wrong as I'm not really up on Oz's GIs.
That is a very odd sentiment.
I would have thought Betty was resolved except for next week's trailer showing her new husband yelling at her.
Does Pete have sex with Sally? Also, the Betty character is obviously not resolved yet. Any shot her and Don reconcile?
Here's something I found about the buy out several weeks ago: http://www.vulture.com/2014/05/mad-men-how-much-did-each-of-the-partners-make.html Here's Don's salary tracked from things said/seen in the show: http://dvroverflow.tumblr.com/post/21336908551/just-how-wealthy-is-don-draper-something-ive
Yeah, the way the Unsullied were wiped out was very lame.
There are a billion theories about what Martin is planning to do, when I think the real answer is, he has no idea yet.
Might be HBO actually wants to create a series with a definitive end and going so far off the books is the plan to do so. [[SPOILER]]
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