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I think this part of her advice is her still trying to "fix" you. She's the one that left your life; you live your life however the fuck you want as it's a fine life. It's not like there's a lack of women you interact with in your current life, you just don't capitalize on the opportunities.
Back to having women shit in your mouth?
Had a 2011 Dragon Vineyard Turley tonight. The BAM! in your face of so many Turleys has mellowed and fallen out. Savory herbs, dark berry like mullberry or something, really nice smooth tannins. Wish I had more. Edit: I also just landed a couple of 96 Georges de Latour Private Reserve.
I think the special flowers have quite a bit of self-concept invested in their multi-customized drinks. I just ask for a large of whatever is fresh and caffeinated. I think it freaks people in line out.
You don't pay for pay to make it leave when you're done with it.
Are the camel toes also used in making of the meal?
CP is a Tier 5 but apparently The Edition participates at a Tier 4. It's by or in a clock tower?
There's only one between you and pB?
He's been working on it for a few years now and I'm assuming he's had prior work done. I don't want to ask as that will seem like I'm encouraging him and I don't want to do that.
Got the three night deal (I did a PSA about it i the happy and thrift thread actually.) I've not tried to book the NYC one yet, and if I don't get the perks, that might push me to San Fran this year.
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