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There's a joke about you and Booth here somewhere.
I hate those fuckers. Yes, you are a bad test taker...as are most people with a sub-par intelligence or those that do not bother to learn the material are.
I think that is the case for anyone west of the Mississippi. It drives me crazy too. You also forgot to mention treating a "Yield" sign like a stop sign on all occasions.
You're missing the point. You can figure it out on your own or wait for that academic paper.
To save time just tell me what a creative and thoughtful boss I am in developing policies that benefit both my workers and organization.
No one has mentioned how shitty the Californication series finale was.
It was actually when I said I wanted a Fender Jazz bass without stain.
As far as the "cultural appropriation" folks go I would love to see one of them write an academic paper on the impact of Aerosmith on rap.
Since we're all ballers here, and only work with ballers, people here might not think of this but I did.I remember being too poor to take my vacation hours. I liked my OT, which helped pay the bills, and if I took time off work it's not like I could afford to do anything in the realm of going to a destination for vacation. So years later when I reached positions that allowed me to either influence or just outright set policy I looked at PTO use of my lowest paid folks. ...
New Posts  All Forums: