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You think kids are a problem try having a couple of cats. They are not destructive cats, i.e. they only sharpen their claws on their scratching posts, but the simple act of jumping up and down will leave some scratches on leather over the years and cloth is so hard to keep vacuumed of cat fur. As to kids and millions in art...I lived in a shit hole and none of us would ever have considered colouring on the walls, furniture, etc. I think that's probably 100% how the kid...
Did anyone else get the lulz at Peggy's new ultra-beta boyfriend? Gets veal instead of pasta and he's going to eat it? Then let Peggy make it all better for him? They can probably stop hitting us over the head with the concept that Peggy cannot find a man, other than Don of course, that is her equal. That's why she and Don have the relationship they do. Edit: rewatching it. Peggy tells the little guy in the office, five minutes in, "You want a raise stop acting...
I thought it was a good episode for an opener. Right away we've moved on from any of the major characters having financial struggles. I mean, even Joan is rich now. So now we move on to higher needs and this took on some interesting turns. Ken's wife tells him to remember that she comes from wealth and that he should quit so then can move to a farm and he can write. Well, he gets a big Dow payoff and gives Roger and Pete the big FU. Roger, is Roger. He's the type of...
I think I should clarify this for you as you're obviously not grasping things properly....
This is not one of your best efforts.
If my information is correct I think we all owe Horns a huge "thumbs up." Horns, good work!
Conne, hate to tell you this, but that's an early warning sign of a fibro diagnosis.
Ahhh, someone is butthurt from the drunk thread.
Foo, if no one has congratulated you yet, sounds like a very nice place you've bought. Congrats.
I saw this today and thought of your search for a bench, Foo. It's stainless steel.
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