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I think he's including that due to my age.
Our bedroom has an excellent spot in front of a bank of windows but the cats are not allowed in the bedroom so it would be lonely reading.Okay, Eames is gone from the fireplace setting.
It probably will take up unnecessary room. Mrs. Piob is down on the Eames (in general, not for this application) so no Eames would make her happy.
You guys 100% have me talked out of symmetry.
Okay, I'll admit my initial thought was two, two seat loveseats facing each other and flanking the fireplace with the chair at the other top of the space directly facing the fireplace. I like the asymmetry ideas. Matt, definitely have room. In relation to Foo's floor plan there's a big bank of windows to the left. Would love to work in a couple more chairs for looking out the windows.
Sadly, yes.
Ah, good ol' 'Murican Esseptulism!
Just like when America started caring about European road cycling?
That's a very good question. The answer, in some ways is, "It depends." By that I mean I would like to be able to seat at least four, preferably six, in relative comfort. If we're having a larger gathering I sort of imagine being able to arrange any ottomans or similar (thinking of the Eames with ottoman combo) to add extra seating, but as you know what larger house gatherings are like, it's not like folks are going to plop down for an hour long chat so comfort is not...
It's not that type of fireplace.
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