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I have a friend that's very wealthy, I mean like north of $50 million type rich, and he bought several adjoining plots of land where he's planning on developing a downtown in a nearby small town. He rented a backhoe for a week and had so much fun he went out and bought himself a brand new one the next week. Now that's baller status.
It takes some work as their owner but it really works. Our guys do leave the occasional mark on our leather but it's by accident if they do.
I was talking the vampires. Had to go get my annual blood work done. Time to drink!
Yesterday afternoon, while we were at work, the contractor came in with a bobcat and scraped the backyard clean, removing gravel, a couple strips of riprap we had for drainage, and pushed our boulders aside too. Where the pool/spa is going is cleaned and read for excavation. Might have it dug out as early as end of next week.
Full Pull really kills the $15-25 niche. If you see a $20 Cab Sauv and they're giving out allocations of 40-60? Buy the hell out of it as to my experience these offers have tasted like a $50 bottle. Also thrifty picks with "The Rocks" area seem to be very good. So I got in from running errands. Came home with two cases of wine all designed for structured tasting and using the Court's testing format for the certified. If you've not seen the change it's really been...
I moved to Amerikkka years and years ago, brah.You see these people with standing appointments, folks around my age or just a few years older, and they're physical wrecks. On 02 and stink like cigs, hugely obese, out of breath just walking from the handicap spot to the door of the clinic. Lifestyle induced, chronic illness costs the system billions. Folks like you that see this all the time too know what I'm talking about.
Sitting in the phlebotomy waiting room. What a motley crew first thing on a Saturday morning. How do these people hold jobs?
Just be ready to age any La Rata you buy. I popped one of my 12s and the others are going to sleep for a few more years.
Harley for me.
Sounds reasonable. Damn them.
New Posts  All Forums: