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Things are always better in Europe.
The Fortune 500 I worked for prior to my current gig? I ran SBUs for them and I kept my personal belongings limited to what would fit in one copier paper box as I wanted to be able to make only one trip out. Watched too many folks that needed multiple trips when their time came.Glad I left on my own terms but that discipline stuck with me here for the first few years. I guess at 11 years I'm here for awhile.
Self driving too.
I think Gilmour is one of those guitarists guitarists appreciate more than the average musical fan. IMO, epitome of, "Tone is in the fingers."
Experience has taught me you always have IT backup a manager's network drive and local drive prior to termination or immediately after they give notice. Some of the shit I've read from local harddrives is hilarious and also helped win/prevent more than one employment law claim.
I would say, "Mr. Parker, please try this other wine."It was a good post though so don't take offense at my jibe.
There's a little Eye-tie store I drive by on the way home. I bought some freshly made ravioli from them stuffed with sauteed mushrooms. I put on that tartuffi sauce I've made before and garnished with my homemade lamb bacon lardons. It tasted great but looked like shit so no picture (in before, "Has that ever stopped you?")
You want to be escorted out as that will prevent any claims you took any sort of company property with you. It's as much a protection for the (former) employee as it is for the organization.
I really hate people that do the whole Barrett think with Floyd. Yes, DSotM and The Wall truly suck compared to Piper.
Bath houses have restaurants?
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