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I'm sure you made the day for that modestly paid old person just trying to make ends meet.
Sadly, wave of the future. I'm also constantly puzzled why so many people want to fool themselves, and try to fool you, into thinking these engines will drive remotely similar to NA larger displacement engines they're replacing. The old engines were much better to live with.
That's pretty bad but not quite what I was thinking. I was thinking two groups fighting vs. one group picking on folks minding their own business.
Okay, this was a drunk poast.
It will be mocked but watch this: [[SPOILER]]
I'm not one to judge, so if you're okay with swallowing Ozzy's knob, that's okay by me.Imma gonna use the Amex concierge service instead so don't judge me.
So.... I have an opportunity for a complete backstage pass with Black Sabbath. I mean, the whole deal. 5k. Should I do it?
Almost like...being a mutant...was like...an allegory or something.
I guess gay runs in mutants as the first gay comic book character was Northstar who came out officially in the early 90s.
Foo was just in the furniture thread yesterday.
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