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Thank you for your thoughtful post. I recently wrote my exam and am eagerly awaiting the results.
Sadly, it's all moot and window shopping to me for another couple of years. The good news is, at that point, I'll be able to walk in and pay cash for pretty much whatever I land on.
Folks only want right minded people to get their due process.
Busiest man in America: the guy that has to update Trump's website for his positions.
And the budapest style would be to post anyone that he feels is not in alignment with him is wrong yet never indicate in what manner they are wrong.For instance, why not just state I'm incorrect and that no Clinton or Clinton inner circle member said what I have asserted was said?
It is my understanding cruisers have benefited from improvements too, in terms of handling and braking, but the new generation of traction control electronics is moot to the concept of wanting bikes that accelerate well as many cruisers have that covered. I get what you're saying, obviously a superbike is going to outhandle a bagger in spades, but at some point there's a relativeness to this. Also, the roll on torque of a big V-twin makes for very usable real world...
I was obviously open to answers from everyone.Also, never piss into a stiff breeze. True story.
To be fair, all the talk of a "joint" presidency with Bill and Hill, readily leaves itself open to pinning some onus on the Hill portion from the 1990s. I'm not saying it's right to do that but pointing out their own comments create the framework for it.
What is the point then? I assumed it was an attempt to disprove what someone above said, i.e. majority of terrorist attacks being Muslim involved. I'm simply asking for parameters. I could pick my own, something that would seem reasonable, like say in the US since 1990, but those cut points might not yield the desired result (as I assume most folks in this conversation has a desired result.)
Where do we want to make the begin date on this bit of data twisting? The Shah just posted a link saying it was from 1980-2005 but it's really 2002-2005. Is this just for the US, the world, or other countries that will demonstrate whatever will provide the most convenient data? Also, as that little hate mongering clergy from CA was just brought up, it makes me ask this question: has any Muslim congregation held a gay wedding yet? Serious question as that would be an...
New Posts  All Forums: