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Very nice.
Yeah, Manhattans I do 2:1 whereas Martinis I'm 3.5:1. A tiny splash of Luxardo in a Manhattan is also pretty good.
He is apparently a very avid wine collector.
How many times do you shake? Me? Just twice as more than that it's playing with it.
Are you fucking kidding me? There were billions in pork and special exemptions galore to get it passed including some of his native base constituency (hello unions and exemptions from "Cadillac plans.") He had to buy his own votes and ram it down his own side's throat to some degree.I will say the march of crazy eyed Le Pelosi, oversized gavel in her hand, makes all the bullshit Obamacare has caused me in business almost worth it. I fucking laugh every single time I see...
Already pulled the trigger on a case.
For Gomey:
We have to support cops when they come under fire for what appears to be the correct decision but this one instance in no way excuses the many instances where their judgement was faulty and/or influenced by external factors like race or SES. I hope both sides to this argument will accept the relevant facts of this case just as I hope both sides will admit when a police shooting was not warranted. I know I'm this will never happen.
Yeah, I hate it too when the local Chinese delivery place spams the neighborhood with menus.
So wanting ROI on my tax dollars is lazy? Um, okay.
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