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My first ever bottle of it I had problems with as it was almost port like. I've had several other bottles and they were not like that. I wonder if there's some bottle variation issues?
Meiomi by Belle Glos? I'm surprised you found it so horrible. It's never going to be considered a "great" wine but I've found it to be fairly drinkable.
The M5 is just as fast or faster.
He was a good amateur for sure but was too old when he decided to go pro for top level fighters.
Mickey Rourke returns to pro boxing: http://deadspin.com/62-year-old-mickey-rourke-wins-boxing-match-by-knock-1664359280
I would go AMG just for the difference in the interior alone.
You didn't damage his liver too badly, did you?
Booth, are you German?
Us and several friends went out for dinner. Drinksgiving after dinner at a nearby house.
As idfnl has told us, your car is your pecker.. I guess in your case it's your clit? Dat sore pussy! /idfnl
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