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I exclude our house when thinking of my net worth and only think of income producing assets and/or investment.So, to the though of a pullback as I hit another milestone...yeah, all read today.
I would like to see that cop get his rib cage chewed on just like that, while drunk, and then see how well he follows commands.
There's no doubt yeast impacts flavour but it's a pretty complicated phenomena and I think to attempt to either attribute terroir to yeast or to disentangle wild yeast from the terroir is probably not a productive thing to do. Saccharomyces cerevisiae is the most common species of yeast used but it does have different strains. It's used as it doesn't die off after 3-5% ABV is reached which is what happens with the vast majority of wild yeasts carried in on the skins from...
Breakups suck but divorces suck even more. Better it ended now.
I think the term "male ego" is redundant, isn't it? I'd challenge her to a drinking contest!
Looks great. You're building quite the stable there.
That was in 2009. So 100% for sure he weighs that much even though he looked pretty skinny in the video.
As I said...trolling the food thread...
As I said, the guy is already in shock, so this "non compliance" is bullshit. And if a canine officer is not trained enough to know a little skinny drunk runt will be in shock after a couple of minutes of having a dog chew on him he should be shot.
The burgers on the grill look good.
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