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Sounds reasonable. Damn them.
Sorry to hear this, Vader. Hospice is a really good choice if his body is just shutting down.
Actually, if I get my motorcycle at some point, that will be a forever vehicle.
I honestly don't know if I have one.
Son, when the warranty is done, so is the car.
You're barking up the wrong tree here. Go read the police shooting thread and my position on police violence should be clear. Don't let that stop a good "right side of history" rant though.
Yeah, you're right. Things are exactly the same as they were two years ago.
Also, and I couldn't make this up, here he is being interviewed by the World Socialist Web Sight: https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2009/10/wind-o30.html
But we're talking Canucks here. As far right as any political party gets in Canada would be the equivalent of a Blue Dog. Also, I grew up in the Windsor area and I know these union people. They're 99% NDP, an actual socialist party, and the evidence to this is they just elected a bunch of NDP MPs in the area.
What's wrong with me? Well, I guess above average reading comprehension in this case.Broseph, instead of setting up your strawmen in a row here why not just say something like, "I didn't catch Rumple had highlighted a certain part, and while you're correct that part is the truth, I disagree with the bulk of what whnay is saying." At least that way you've not boxed yourself into the position where you have to try and argue against, you know, actual facts.
New Posts  All Forums: