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R.O. reservoir.
We considered harness training them when they were kittens. I think our honey badger of a female would take to it but we never bothered.
Harv, good to see you. I thought America has really passed the point of no return in that we had lost you.
Will do. I'm contemplating ordering a case of various ones in for over the Xmas break. Such stellar QPR. Just have to see how much room in the cellar is left after I gather up my stuff from Seattle.
Says the guy that just announced he plans to troll the thread.
It's like Season 2 of The Wire.
Our cats definitely know their names and 99/100 will trot over when I call them. I think our brood is more like dogs. They also like to play fetch and I've taught the male cat two commands. He will jump onto any surface I tap while calling his name and then he will sit on command.
Quite the opposite. The pool shall be nice but on the small side.Btw, impressed over your knowledge of cock hole covers.
Picked up a few for tasting tomorrow and the sparkler was just to practice Champs service.
I have a ten inch drop vs. your six. I think we know who the fatty (and little) guy is. But do stick around; every village needs an idiot and it looks like we just got ours.
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