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Most drivers suck and it has nothing to do with manual vs. automatic.
I've got a 750ml of that in my cellar from 79.
How did Romney do with them? He's certainly non-psychotic at the very least and he's pretty moderate. McCain was even a champion against water boarding and how did he do?I think non-white populations vote Dem as I believe money speaks louder than espoused moral values and group identify on other issues wins. It would seem Hispanics, heavily religious and heavily (espoused at least) anti-abortion, would be a natural Repub affinity but not so due to border issues and...
One of my business mottos is that no matter how much a system has been idiot proofed a bigger idiot will eventually get hired. I have yet to be disproved on this.
Making me happy: Purple Urkle.
Just off the top of my head I think the Muslim vote more or less went for Bush in Y2K but am pretty sure in the 80s and 90s they swung Dem. I can remember CAIR in Dearborn trying to get Arabs/Muslims deemed a protected class.
Would you have some data on this? I ask as when I lived in and around Dearborn all the Muslims I knew except one were Dems, and the one that was a Repub, used to take shit for being so.To the current tangent...I'm not reading everything....are we playing No True Scotsman with ISIS?
I'm not sure if Cruz is more repugnant than Clinton. I know life long Dems sitting this election out as they can't pull the lever for Hillary.
Hillary is very lucky Trump got the nom. I'm starting to think Ted Cruz would have beat her as at least he would run a real campaign.
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