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Hopkins is baller, not me.
Our ceilings vary between 13' and 15'.
I guess that's a judgement call. Creatine seems to have some pretty demonstrable and material impacts on a couple of levels. Insulin is also undeniable in aiding muscle growth.
Wood on the floor and the ceiling? You're going to have issues with echos, sibilance, etc. I have an auditorium type room at work where the ceiling was done like that (before I took over) and it's bad. Guest house? Highly recommend.
So when I was weighing in at 270# in 2009 and decided to lose weight all I really did was cut out simple and processed carbs to a huge degree (bye bye rice and pasta,) and instead of rarely eating veggies, made about 50% of my intake veggies of one sort or another. I was not exercising in the least. I got to about 225# and stalled for a year. Started exercising again about five years ago, 2012, I today I'm about 210# and I know I've regained 10-15# lean body mass so...
Went and checked out a gym by the office. It's not a hard core gym but squats and deads can be done. I counted three dumbbell racks and they go up to 100#. Has a showers...thinking about it. Would also be cool to use their stationary bikes vs. just my elliptical at home for cardio.
Binge = risk taker.
Bro, do you even grill?
Always wear gloves and that stuff really sticks to your fingers even after a good hand wash. Lesson learned years ago when taking my contacts off one night.
I had been thinking of that but haven't bothered to track down a prepackaged product yet. Having a couple cases of cartons in my office fridge is handy.
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