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I like you but sometimes you scare me.
The live side by each.The window is four by twice.
Making me happy: Acid is back! 'Sup, brah?
Too much ruins sleep but a couple of glasses of wine with dinner tends to aid it. Never understood people that won't take drugs though. Better living through chemicals.
Chef's Table. Borgia Bloodline
Clearly a joke as Scots Gaelic is the real deal. Fuck them lowlanders.
Alcohol reduces stress, brah. Proven fact.Learn to compartmentalize and you'll sleep better.Just ask your doctor for 50 mg of Atenolol. It's a beta blocker and will also make your hands steadier.
Merry Edwards SB tonight with a grilled shrimp salad. It really hit the spot.
Spinoff? Peggy and Stan starting their own agency.
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