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This is it folks; the last season of Mad Men. There's some great pics already on the AMC website and the season premier is April 13th. Here's the final season portraits: http://blogs.amctv.com/mad-men/2014/03/mad-men-final-season-cast-portraits-now-online/ A little JJ photospread. http://www.violetgrey.com/violet-files/cover-story/january-jones
Yeah, DL4 is on my list but after I get my POG 2. How much to dump on patch cords? I'm using Planet Wave and I'm pretty sure they're not Lava cords.
Have not tried that. Have swamped things in and out and such and narrowed things down to the biggest noise adder. It's the MXR Chorus.
Dropped a 14# brisket in the smoker about an hour ago and starting to smell the smoke. Nothing better than waking up to brisket.
I recently was given a Voodoo 2 fancy dancy power supply for pedals. Supposed to be quiet power. I get several pedals in a chain, turn them all on...and I'm getting some noise. Not horrendous but certainly noticeable. Should I just expect that with multiple pedals?
Failed hockey players and washed up lumberjacks there. Don't wanna mess.
He can't plate worth a damn either (Piob's the rim something fierce) but he's very good with flavours.
I know a chef in his late 30/early 40s that likes it, the mohawk. In fact, he's working in NYC now and I think he's still got the 'hawk going.
Thanks, guys. Will order a bottle of the Virtuoso tonight. Just got back in from dropping off the Tele and I won't be getting it back until a week from today. Ah well, will fully set up, intonated, etc. with the strings I want on it vs. those 11s of some indeterminate brand.
Heh, thanks for the encouragement to get it done. I was wavering this morning but am going to force myself to drop it off. How do you guys clean nitro? 99% sure this is nitro but hope the luthier can confirm. Those finger prints don't want to come off with just a clothe and I don't want to do something stupid to the finish.
New Posts  All Forums: