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I pity the kid that the girls always tell their sexual adventures to as that kid never gets any actual sex.
Gotcha. You're looking for a 70's spec RI or something vs. just "a jazz bass?"
No, the pickup placement is not abnormal for a Jazz bass; they're where they always are. I have not had time to spend practicing either my guitar or learning Ableton in the last six weeks that I had thought I'd have over Xmas. I need to crank out some product for Mrs. Piob to hear before I buy a bass or I'll get an eyebrow raise. I'm hoping to bring in the guitar and amp for around $600-750. It seems Peavy is the way to go for a decent and listenable bass amp.
Worth it.
That is normal for a Jazz, no?
And it barely has his name on it at all. A small scribble on the back of the headstock. Stopping me is the fact it's actually a 3 tone burst. I don't want both my Fenders to be sunbursts.
Best possible ending would have been for Hank to get shot and killed while screwing three women in the bathroom of a sleazy bar with his nose white as a sheet from snorting coke.
Did it mention permanent impairment of smell if taken intra-nasally?
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