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You know what's a good drunken snack is those honey mustard pretzel bits.
The QX80 is most certainly the fugliest and I've said here before it's fugly. Doesn't mean the X5 isn't fugly too. Just called the BMW dealership and they jacked me around on the phone and would not give me the residual or MF so fuck them anyways. Goddammit I'm going to end up with a shitty 450 and a great deal or a great 550 and shitty deal.
Well, that kills that.
Yeah, my guy at MB has been saying that repeatedly and that's why the 450 got neutered. As I told him, "That's a Mercedes problem, not a me problem." I was just thinking this morning I should have bought a 2014 and chipped it. Hind sight is 20/20.I'm going to drive a BMW X5 this weekend. Fugly, not big enough, and interior was too spartan last time I drove one. As I'm going to be pissed off no matter what I get I might as well look at getting a fast one that handles...
But he never disappoints.
If Gomey gets it are you going to leave a Cleveland Steamer in the trunk?
This post is useless without a youtube.
Do they carry them around in little tackle boxes? That's what I remember most.
I used to see nerds playing that in the mid-90s when coffee house culture was getting re-established. You were in diapers then, no?
http://www.menwithfibro.com/home.htmlSeriously though fibro I bet about 80-90% of all fibro diagnosis can be described by the same profile.
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