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The thing to remember about pets is sometimes you name them but then it turns out their name is something else. Happened to one of our cats.
I knew it was too good to be true.
Doods that have to take their shirts off make me laugh.
This new math...what will they think of next?
Correct me if I'm wrong but are you not the one mourning over another character no longer showing tittay?
Hey, bud, I put one in the thumbs comment! It looks great and I'm way jelly of that juicy SC engine.
Had dinner and drinks purchased for me last two nights and will again tonight. I've been told to expect to have to stay up late drinking on expense accounts and I shall.
I think it's just lack of frame of reference. Being a StyFo dood you have to own some nice clothes. Ever have someone with greasy or otherwise dirty hands try to touch your clothes? When I first started dressing better I found ties were a magnet for greasy fingers and now make all attempts to not have people touch them. It's just not in their mind that they might damage something nice through their actions as they've never had an object they strove to acquire and had...
People that have never had nice things do not understand what it's like to have some asshole damage your nice thing so feel free to act out their Twitter fantasies.
A good case could be made to have ended it when Don brought the kids to that old abandoned whore house he grew up in. I've also read Weiner said he envisioned the last ep ending with an aged Don looking back on his life in some fashion.
New Posts  All Forums: