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Oft times I look in the mirror and think I still cut a fine figure of a man. After I sober up I re-evaluate that assessment. Solution: never be sober!
Welcome to my life.
Neo, as a neurosurgeon of no small renown, I'm surprised I have to point out to you men cannot get pregnant.
What did Mindy tweet?
Friday night a table of tourists were making a horrible racket. Five cougars turning 40 and acting like 20 year old woo girls. They got so loud at one point the GM walked over and actually used the phrase "ladies, please use your inside voices." Everyone around chuckled although I chuckled harder at them trying to flirt with the 20 something that was serving them.
Yup. I was thinking of posting something like that last night. If the next two episodes are just Bill's long goodbye I'm gonna puke.
I always felt Placebo was an 80s band that happened in the 90s.
I enjoy our soaking tub but it's sort of a bother. About twice a winter I'll use it. Open the windows so the room is cool, candles (not scented), chill music, bottle of wine. Usually in the early evening so I can listen to the coyotes howl through the open windows. Pretty damn mellow when you climb out.
At one point in my life I could not fathom eating an avocado. I found them overly green. Then when I was in my early 20s I saw the error of my ways. Avocado rocks. Avocado and ahi tartare is the best. Sesame oil and shoyu are also awesome.
If I was going to have shelves full of empty mason jars I'd pick those too.
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