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http://www.politico.com/story/2016/07/hillary-clinton-citizens-united-225658 Fuck the SCOTUS says Hills.
It's only one person but I think honour killings are an act of inhumanity. Her brother murdered her.
This is probably overly simplistic... I notice folks like to think that if a portfolio contained some high risk mortgages it automatically should never be rated AAA but doesn't very basic portfolio theory demonstrate it's possible that a high risk addition to a portfolio can, in some cases, actually lower the overall risk of the portfolio?
My somm friend gave me a couple of the Red Blend. It was really good.
I am routinely told white people control the world but are a definite minority in the global population.
Wow, Mrs. Piob's new 457 has returned 15.3% YTD. Boo-yeah index funds!
I don't get just how awesome Tool is and how people do not recognize this. Danny Carey is his generations's Neil Peart and Justin Chancellor is a fucking awesome bassist.
Working from home today. Got in a really strong workout, both cardio and weights, and will jump in the shower soon to head straight to happy hour on expense accounts.
Rules committee has voted and delegates will not be allowed an open vote.
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