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Seriously, Avril is pretty hot but there's thousands of FC chics that look just like that and have been at least since the 80s (when I started on the prowl.)Fellow Canucks, am I not right?
An LD post suddenly makes much more sense.
If I was suddenly financially independent I would spend the first six months merely decompressing from having to earn a living. Once I became accustomed to the feeling of not having to give up most of my week to pay for the rest of my week I might feel completely different over my next steps. However, from today's POV, my activities might include: *immerse myself in the world of wine...and maybe in wine itself *spend more time making music and gain more knowledge of...
When asked, "What do you do?" my standard response is to give a self-deprecating chuckle and say, "As little as possible."
I fucking hate it when I agree with Eric but he's completely correct.
The article states that the actual victim of assault was a white woman they assaulted. No hate crime charges.
I'm befuddled.
Is it just me or does Tal Wilkenfeld constantly make faces like she's taking a dump?
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