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High West is another blender and doesn't distill. The number of these branded blenders that has happened is interesting. Not saying it isn't tasty product at times but just commenting on the phenomena.
Four kids? I don't think 15k square feet would be a big enough house for me.
I actually would have been impressed if the room pictured was his, but now that I know it's just a faux listening room, the word "cuck" seems appropriate.
Welcome aboard!
Not delivered yet and will age at least a year.
Okay, we're about to see a pullback. I just rounded the odometer again to some triple zeros so it's bound to drop now.
You people make me so glad I never bought into that. Well, no, maybe I'd enjoy the schadenfreude. Hell, who am I kidding? I'd revel in it.
Would somebody please acknowledge our lad is on safari before he has a stroke due to frustration?
Broseph, if times are so hard you're eating at the downtown mission, start a GoFundMe.
I hate to tell you this but what this means is it's been over for some time now, but you're so far gone, people are finally letting you in on it too.
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