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Hmm, let me guess. The majority of kids acting out are dark skinned?
On some level because it was repetitious and on another level because it's actually sort of frightening.
You've never had a meat pie? My Froggie b-in-law would always make a bunch of tourtiere for Xmas and they were awesome.
Because he's an actual left winger and the establishment doesn't want that.
Brah, Ad Block +
Could not agree with this more and much of the populace is welcoming this with open arms. Just obey every order a cop gives you, as after all if he/she says it it must be lawful, and you'll be fine.
That's not quite how I read this. They don't necessarily want to arrest said soccer moms but they want the ability to arrest said soccer mom, plus more likely, the person that just looks like he/she is guilty of something but really only has a trace of alcohol in their system. This is going to be like pulling over a car full of young black men because a tail light is out. It's not about the tail light but rather about the excuse to have an interaction where some kind of...
LOL. So someone would decide what weekend the Constitution doesn't work and which weekends it would?
In some states they train cops as vampire and just get a warrant on the phone so you're getting a blood draw roadside.
Maybe once or twice but nothing this nasty. The only way I could see that happen would be if they knew each other and it was a joke.
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