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Just landed another 20k donation for my program that serves adults with developmental disabilities. Great program and seems to really resonate with donors.
Will also post in the Canadian thread, but as this topic came up here the other day:Seriously? A regional hospital cancelling surgery and has dozens of patients in gurneys in the halls? This sounds like a properly functioning healthcare system?
I was too busy listening to Led Zepplin.
He's just stupid with his money and his wife is even stupider...with his money as she doesn't work. It's pretty sad IMO.
He doesn't make business decisions. His position is client facing and he's actually pretty good at it. In a service industry, and healthcare is a service industry, you need touchy-feely people persons too.
A Bernie-chic friend of mine is now officially mad at me. I first met her in grad school in the 90s. She is honestly the first time I heard of fibro. She was raised in Boston, I know her mother was a tenured prof at Harvard, don't know what her father did. She went to an Ivy undergrad then spent several years in Israel to "find herself." She did not graduate with me as she just "didn't have the time" to finish on time and her fibro apparently was acting up. She'd fly...
Agreed on not all ribeyes are created equal.Funny thing is this guy is actually not a bad guy but his life is just a mess. A DM? He drives a 10 year old Suzuki compact SUV. He's older than me, I pay him six figures, and as I'm trustee of our retirement fund I happen to know in 10 years here he's saving under 30k. Complains about credit cards always being maxed. He's basically that guy you hear about making good cash but would go bankrupt if an unexpected 2k bill...
I would agree it's superior to the filet but not to the ribeye. He would order the strip if it cost more than the filet. Hell, I'm sure he'd order the ribeye if it cost more. I've also seen him go for the rack of lamb when it was the most expensive thing on the menu.
I still care if you're such a huge douche you actually make the comment of why you're getting the most expensive thing on the menu...and I have a direct that actually fucking does that. A few years ago it was just me, him, and the owner of a small chain of hospices. With both tried to explain to him that even though the filet costs more the ribeye is the steak to order. Douche still ordered the filet.
New Posts  All Forums: