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Has anyone used this product before? Mrs. Piob found these for $2 a bottle and picked a few up. Have yet to open one.
You self-drivers need to muzzle yourself with your "LOLs" or shit's gonna get real.
I am clearly an equity feminist and said so many times.
If I did FB you would be on my VIP list.
I am a radical liberal.
You cannot "comparably equip" an LC like an LX. Lexus simply does not put the same stuff into the LC that you can get on the LX. Also, the Lexus ownership experience is akin to that of Mercedes', whereas a Toyota ownership experience is just like a Ford's.
They totally pulled off the reboot this year. Sunday's epi was incredible.
I'm just reporting things. It's not like I made that phrase up. http://www.nber.org/digest/jan99/w6732.htmlEven NBER knows about it!
In Canada what you did was win the 10/42 lottery. Work ten weeks full time and get 42 weeks of poogie. It's a way of life for white trash and some aboriginals.
In the US doing a "RIF" (reduction in force, a.k.a. a layoff) has the same sort of deal. In fact, waiting a year is best practice to refill a position after you RIF someone.It's funny that sometimes employees getting fired ask if you can make it a lay off. They're not trying to get back in they just don't want the elimination period you get before collecting poogie if you're fired vs. laid off.
New Posts  All Forums: