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Wecome to the Dark Side.I found my Tele on Reverb but it was from a private seller in Georgia. I knew Reverb was run by Chicago though.
So you guys met up with Ed? Shoe Circle?
Same here. There's no telling if the other dealer will give it up but my dealer does have one to trade off.
Made that funny for you.
That's an interesting test for provincialism. Is it just the UK one must know popular comedians for or are other countries part of the metric? Does this apply only to Americans? For instance, is someone in the UK displaying provincialism if they do not know Canada's most popular comedians?
Sally is Don's firstborn. Don's childhood fucked him up good in regards to women and having healthy relationships with them. Sally is the ultimate expression of Don's dysfunction and she's been designed to show this.
No, not touching AMGs. I didn't write down the details as this was by phone. If the dealer will trade will give deets when I pick it up.
Nope. I'm sold on low watters.
New 450 is as fast as the old 550. You know how cheap I am.
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