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Does a customer necessarily "have their say?" I don't think that's a necessary condition in anything but the most abstract terms.Yeah, that's why I referred to the "culmination" and said it started "decades ago." I agree with the 60s comment. The 90s third wave feminism on campuses is what I would delineate as the beginning of the end game we're seeing today.
That's part of it but not all of it. Post-secondary education has a role in society in terms of providing knowledge workers.
This is another thing where everyone gets it wrong. The student is only part of "the customer." Society is the other part, but being more diffuse, does not get paid attention to.
Personally I think this is just the culmination of trends/changes in the academy that started decades ago. The third wave feminism of the 1990s was the beginning of the end and I have to admit to chuckling when second wave feminists, or more moderate third wave feminists, get disinvited/protested on campuses or labelled as "hate speech" type people and accused of "triggering." Actually, it's not a chuckle; it's a full belly laugh but with a sad smile on my face. I mean...
In the movie Sideways Jack's fiancee and her family were Armos...they're everywhere!
The person should be made the face of the SJW movement.
Showed the video to a liberal friend. The people on stage are apparently equivalent to the children in the audience.
She reminds me...has anyone else noticed really fat people always have a huge mug or bottle of fluids with them? I figure it's Mountain Dew.
I think the folks on stage are lucky she didn't eat them.
Dood, you have to binge watch The Shield.
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