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Well that certainly makes me feel better about the state of policing.Please tell me that's not a serious question.Not everyone here agrees with this...which is the point of so much of this.Again, please tell me this is not a serious question.
http://www.nytimes.com/2016/07/23/us/politics/dnc-emails-sanders-clinton.htmlAs if we needed proof the DNC machinery was not owned and operated by Hillary?
You've nicely explained the different ways it might be employed within a given context. So, within the context of a mass shooting, how would the shooter likely use it?
Each to his own.
Why else does one thumb something unless they agree with the poster? Also, you don't occasionally see who thumbed a post?
I have no enemies; only admirers.You don't look at who thumbs a post once in awhile?
Although I do think it's funny the guy that claims to be an old hippy is apparently in approval of the police actions in this case as evidenced by his thumbing of 'Turk.
I must of missed this...when did I get argued into a corner? I've never questioned the legality of what the cops did and this is your disconnect. The system has been rigged over the decades to make anything but the most negligent, most malfeasance filled acts by police legal, and even with negligence and malfeasance, the bar is pretty damn high for the non-cop.
And all detentions are reasonable...
You were not talking about "associating with" above but just being an innocent bystander and getting cuffed.
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