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When I was a kid, and FM radio was still big, there was a Sunday night program specifically for headphone listening. Cannot tell you how many Sunday nights in high school I'd lock my bedroom door, sip a mickey of Southern Comfort (yeah, it's vile looking back; my generations's Jaeger), and fall asleep listening to that program.
Think I'm going to go with a revolver for my pocket carry. I plan to get it before Xmas and am looking at one of the small S&Ws. Thoughts on which one? Pocket holster suggestions also welcome.
Braising: traditional vs. pressure cooker. Does a short jaunt in a pressure cooker really break down all the connective tissue and such like a long braise does?
Based in my test drive: very annoying. It's like the car stutters when you let off the brake and hit the gas.Also, don't mention that 520 ft/# of torque too loudly or you'll find yourself in a V6!
You're in GTA and the best you can do is Subway?
I posted that very video here months ago.
They do blow but sometimes life dictates something has to blow. Have you thought of getting an induction cookpad? I bet you can get one for less than 100% and you get better control. Also, based on experience when I was a renter as a kid, coils will burn imprints into things like copper bottom pots.
Random question to our illustrious body: Has anyone here eaten at Noma?
Still want to know who's tit that glass is modeled on.
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