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Well it's hard to not think that. Any change to the worker's paradise can only be degrading to the situation, no?
So she's engaging in behaviour to put her at risk even though god says to keep your hymen intact?
So then the "intended purpose" for jeans can evolve but it cannot for unapproved vehicles? Yeah, that's consistent thinking....I would submit that a pick up equipped with all the luxuries of a luxury sedan, a more posh suspension, fancy rims from the factory, sporty road tires, is not manufactured to serve as a workhorse. Lincoln put out a pick up truck (think it bombed) but to argue it's "intended purpose" was life on a farm is beyond ludicrous.I really don't have...
Jeans were made for working class people, and in the US for miners, etc., and that was their "intended purpose." They were not made for young folks with too much money and vanity. You cannot change from that stance and consistently hold that soccer moms driving pickups should not because that's not the "intended purpose."Oh, and I do not adore pickups. I'm at most a little over neutral about them even though I've had three.
I really get a laugh at how people here will not bat an eye at things like the cost of EGs and Vass, stupidly expensive denim jeans worn without washing for a year to get "sick fades" (as you know that was the "intended purpose" of jeans), and then get themselves worked up over trucks.
This is some non-masochistic privilege, brah.
People that brush their teeth in public restrooms freak me out.
Trigger warning on that cis-shit stuff. Get a fucking clue, zie.
*****TRIGGER WARNING******Male anatomy reference [[SPOILER]]
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