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You're well on your way to a new bass...
Thoughts on this? Keep in mind my need: https://reverb.com/item/864703-fender-rumble-15-v3
I was talking to my uncle who is a bass player and lead vocalist and been in gigging bands for over 50 years. His philosophy is that bass ties the drums to the rest of the band. Drums are mainly percussive (of course) and rhythm. Other instruments are mainly harmony and melody. Bass blends all four and ties the parts together.
That was all me, baby!
I always suspected you found vasoline useful.
So, the guitar playing..."I have been playing guitar X years but recently became interested in jazz guitar playing. I find jazz far more technical and rewarding than rock guitar but it's not for everyone."
Only you know that. That's the important part.
Yup, completely.Booth, I'm not saying this methodology will get you on stage with Interpol (well, actually, it will if you're good enough at it), but it sure will get you a long way.
Just make some stuff up."I'm an avid reader and am currently exploring a self-study of Japanese cinema. I also enjoy day hikes and people watching in neighborhood cafes."It's easy.
Strictly Piob's musings here but it strikes me guitar players almost have it too easy. What I mean is we can learn a bunch of patterns, learn when to apply them, and just move them up and down the fret board per key vs. learning more theory.
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