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Just created a cocktail and I'm posting it for three reasons. Need help naming, want opinions, and lastly tell me if I've just come up with something already in play. 1.5 oz Balvenie Double Wood .5 oz St. Germaine Elderflower liqueur .5 oz Lillet Blanc healthy dash of Peychaud's Stir well in mixing glass, strain and pour. Garnish with orange rind after expressing oils in glass. Portions still in play but this is very good.
Ask whomever posted that if Zimmerman is white.
A few seasons. I like that naked red haired chic. Chef's Table really rocks. I highly recommend it. They did a show on my perfect women. Japanese lesbians that are world class chefs...one of 'em is even pretty!
Met a couple from Montreal last night that are transitioning to live here. We got to discussing Canadian wine. First Canadians I've ever met that have my exact opinion on Canadian wine! He said he thought growers in Ontario should be banned from growing Baco Noir and she said the only thing is was good for is getting bugs off of one's windshield. Agreed every attempt to grow Cab Sauv in Ontario yields an under ripe, green pepper wine.
Does the ladder lead up to where you sleep?
This was probably before then. Good trick though, no?
So back to the thing about folks will do anything for food. Had this grad school teacher that was a real dick. Puzzled me as the school did the "instructor evaluation" thing and was kind of big on it. His secret? Day of the student evaluation he would come in with a stack of pizza and tell everyone what a great class it had been, how much he enjoyed everyone in the class, and although he's never done this before, he enjoyed our class so much he decided to treat us all...
1) You have succeeded2) You have lame friends IRLor3) You're just unlikable IRL too.This is not to say I have something against you, as I don't, but my tolerance for asshole (no homo) is pretty high probably as I'm an asshole myself.
You made an earlier statement, that while it was very truthy, totally over reached and led into the realm of "scary." It's not that there isn't some overlap between all those realms but rather the way you said it indicated to me an over emphasis on what one could discern about a person and their suitability as a mate based on interior design.
I thought they were micro-maple leaves in honour of my heritage.
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