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You're stupid! Not everyone lives like an NYC baller, Booth.
Do you understand why comparing the actions of cops to the actions of criminals is not apt?
Nah, Finn has been gone for some time...right around the time of a terrorist attack over there so I hope he's okay.
I just realized it is the day before I don't have to get up at 5 a.m.! (It's Friday!)
It would probably be hard to see in a snow storm...while wearing a flesh mask of EtO.
How much do you spend on suits and shoes?
These conversations usually go along this line: Idiot: they should get rid of the cap! Why don't people pay SS tax on all income? It's not fair! Me: umm, you realize the calculation for benefits and the cap are one in the same? This means any tax paid on money over the cap is not receiving the benefit of at least some return from the system. Idiot: So? Me: umm, it's logical and somewhat fair even given that Social Security if a welfare plan. Idiot: IT'S NOT...
I really hate discussing Social Security with jealous idiots but it does generate some good schadenfreude for me.
Fuck them.
You know one of the biggest land mines Obama left Trump? His inaction in allowing China to build new islands and start construction of military bases on them. I suspect this is key in China's long term plan to increase its physical sphere of influence and Obama did shit to stop it.
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