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They have started to use the "Michigan left" at busy intersections here. The first one they tried it at is one of the busiest in the city. I saw how they had it laid out and actually called the department to tell them that was not a Michigan left as someone that drove in Michigan for many years. Their collector lane for the people wanting to go left was too near the intersection and too short so it would mess up traffic flow something terrible. I tried to tell the PM...
I wonder how many times idiots reverse to go back? How can people be so stupid yet get issued a license?
They've been installing roundabouts here for the last several years and they tend to be cluster fucks. From the person inevitably in front of me that comes to a complete stop at the entry and waits for the entire roundabout to be clear before they proceed to the person that tries to drive across the center to the idiot I saw throw it in reverse when she missed her exit (gee, going around again would just take sooooo long, right?) they are fraught with peril.
Can't leave for another hour or so now. I hate people.
I shall be leaving the office in 15 minutes to spend the rest of the afternoon drinking on expense accounts.
What I would pay to get that Proud Mary video.
I'm appalled L'Inc does not body wax.
You want to let some air out of the tires, do it at 58F, low humidity... Three seconds though? Somethings wrong there.
Bush parties were the wildest...hate to say this, but sort of like in Dazed and Confused.
New Posts  All Forums: