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An attempt to be glib in order to dismiss. More budapest style rhetoric. You are already boring.
We don't hire Irish.Italians need not apply.Catholics not welcome.How about the concept that historically out groups get hassled?
Didn't click the link to The Donald's speech.So what's the mix of US born vs. immigrants?
Now, I say this knowing the smart people like @Fuuma and @erictheobscure will tell me I'm full of shit...The issue is there's one narrative saying 99.9% of Muslims want exactly what we want (I recently posted a video with an anti-Muslim, convenient brown spokesperson with a clip of Obama saying just this) and those other ones, the "bad" ones, are members of "radical Islam" and the ones we have to watch out for.Then there's another narrative, supported by data like the Pew...
So the judge was just removed from a case due to his ruling. Beginning of the end of an even theoretical independent judiciary?
Word.Has more to do with wife agro.
I'm not saying it isn't a good plan it's just sometimes buying decisions are not 100% rational.
That's just not how I roll.
This will get challenged ASAP in the courts.
Thank you for your thoughtful post. I recently wrote my exam and am eagerly awaiting the results.
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