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I'm thinking it hits 4:20 for many of your clients.
TJ's might not be pretentious but I find it to often have pretentious yuppies. They mill about the wine aisle tasting station and the coffee bar tasting station. I make the occasional run into the one on the way home from work because they specialize in two person serving size items.
Did you get it on video?
Labour is my single biggest expense. If someone could reduce that by a material amount I would promote them.
I make just enough money to understand how poor I actually am.
The FOB market is ever growing.
I was actually thinking of folks like Oscar Wilde, Mozart, and Jim Morrison.
Some of the worst behaved people are the ones that know the most.
I might have to give this one a try but not with Regan's. I'm just not a fan and have been loving Bittercube and my own lately.
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