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Think you need some phaser and delay too.
Same venue, the State Theatre in downtown Detroit. If I remember right Live opened for Creed.
But I bet you still wish you got the nookie.
When I've been in the mood to post I've been using the Music thread...but I'll move over to this thread as we're e-broheims.
Korn had some good early videos too.So the most 90s album of all time, as I said, was released in 1988. Surfer Rosa by The Pixies.Tool is probably one of the bands I still listen to the most from the 90s but these days it's really 99% downtempo/trip hop/chill/ambient for me.
Actually, the quintessential 90s album was released in 1988.
I am, of course, a big AIC fan. I was lucky as I got to see them in the Detroit area at a 3k seat venue along with Live. STP is also one of my favorite 90s band and I really appreciate Dean DeLeo's guitar playing. The guitar line for Interstate Love Song is highly underrated as it's not show off but rather very melodic.
I've had a hot brown at both the Brown Hotel and the Sealbach Hotel. Oddly enough I liked the one at the Sealbach better.
Bush had possibly the most 90s song there was with Swallowed. Bush was not a horrible band but neither were they a timeless band; they were very much a band of the moment and I appreciated them for that. I like their guitar tone and their music is not hard for a hack like me to play along to.
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