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You can register and d/l a free version of Ableton. The only way it's hobbled is number of VSTs, effects, and a max number of tracks. You just have to get used to the whole session view/arrangement views and the whole "scene" thing. I've actually played with it quite a bit and have arranged some nice ambient scenes. I'm waiting for Thanksgiving weekend to see if I can get a few hundred bucks off as the full suite plus Push is about 1.2k.
It was one of those nights were we try 8-10 bottles so not a chance of detailed memory. Just remember good acidity, strawberries, but thinking those calling it "elegant and refined" lacked the ability to taste. It does have a bit of an undertone from the acid but can't see anyone pouring a bottle of this down the drain. It's also got Grenache which is Mrs. Piob's favorite grape.
I had a bottle of this about six weeks ago. For $11 it's a steal.
I read their first vintage, the 2012, was pretty solid and the 2013 I just bought...http://articles.latimes.com/2014/feb/07/news/la-dd-brangelinas-chateau-miraval-cotes-de-provence-ros-2013-20140207
Have not even had a twinge to buy something expensive since I got that 1 watt Blackstar head. I just wish I could play like some of you guys to hear how the whole rig really sounds.I do think I'm getting Ableton Live Suite with the Push over Xmas though.
Found a stash of that Miraval rose for $11 a bottle. That's the stuff Pitt/Jole and the guy from Beaucastel made together. It's really pretty damn good and at that price why not? Tonight had a NV Bolinger with a heap of caviar. Hard to beat.
In Austria do they call Pinots Spatburgunder too?
Why have you inspected the bottom of some many people's dishwasher?
I could see Kira being diagnosed with fibro.
Could also have hard water, in regards to spotting, or not figured out you have to tweak the cycle setting to override the "Energy Star" shit that it defaults too. When we had a new washer installed last year it took a few cycles to figure out you have to basically make it work properly by defeating the energy saving crap.
New Posts  All Forums: