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A good case could be made to have ended it when Don brought the kids to that old abandoned whore house he grew up in. I've also read Weiner said he envisioned the last ep ending with an aged Don looking back on his life in some fashion.
Many attractive women enjoyed my shirt last night to the point they wanted to touch it. I let them.
The Peggy story line has been the best for some time but I continue to hope we get some sort of awesome resolution for the Don character.
Sorry to hear about that, Larry.
Ugh. First night at the conference and I was in my room for 9:30 wanting to make sure I got a good night's sleep. Yeah, awake half the night.
I'm sure this video won't interest everyone but it's Eric Jensen of Booker Wines interviewing Stephen Asseo of L'Aventure wines. [[SPOILER]]
Booth, didn't I send you the info to get some of that good Kona shipped to you?
Try the Blonde roast. It's bearable.CostCo, brah.
You don't even let them know where you live...and that was way before the Internet!Writing that cheque was weak juice.
A couple of tips:1) Don't make the sausage coating too thick.2) Use panko vs. regular bread crumbsVery tasty snack.
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