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The Skeeve Meter is off the charts.
So unless you're saying this is the normal German's driving pattern it's probably not an issue for the average German owner either nor are you doing "several hours" at 220 kph.
LOL, que?
Ah, gotcha. Yeah, I can see that.
Fancy Mac&Cheese has been with us for some time, so as much as I love hipster hate, can't really pin this one on them. Is the several years old phenomena of fancy grilled cheese from hipster culture?
"Ish" is clearly your new ish.
Unless you're doing laps several hours at that speed in Germany has to put you into another country.
So all you guys in Germany are driving at 200+ kph on a daily basis?
Don't make me cry or I'll tell you stories about drinking with Bobby Probert (RIP).
I wish I went to school with/brawled with someone that plays/played in the NHL.
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