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Old Fashioned with two bitters; Bittercube Orange and Piob's Aromatic #1. Delicious.
Feel like I'm pushing my luck posting another dish so soon after you guys being so nice about the sole. Today I braised some short ribs, took part of the braising liquid and skimmed off fat then reduced, and made a bed of cauliflower and parsnip puree. Paired it with an 04 Peay Syrah and it was a winner.
[[SPOILER]] Ahh, good times. I miss him.
http://sponsor.adverstitial.com/view/advertisement?loc=53911&adv=3094450&camp=712942&w=300&h=250&rnd=7250544629917555256 Three times this morning.
He's been under his own label since then but I think he started making wine in Napa back in the 50s. I don't know why I don't post anything about what the wines taste like anymore but it seems the thread has evolved away from such comments so I have just been following what I felt was the new protocol and only posting pics lately. The Zin is as far away from a Turley style Zin as you can get. Yes, it had nice fruit, deep purple colours, but it had structure and tannins...
I was in full blown "old school" mode. I think Togni has been making wine in Napa since the 50s.
Now that sounds like a winner. Next time I can find some nice sole I'll add in the spuds.
Thanks to all three of you for the input; feeling a little more confident about that dish now. It really was delicious with a next texture and glad to know I didn't flub it. Will try the capers and the pine nuts (but probably not together).
First try at this dish. I know it looks like crap but the flavour and texture was wonderful. Next time less sauce on the plate and less parsley. I will say no rims were Piob'ed. [[SPOILER]]
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