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This is what got Jamie Oliver is deep trouble.
The other 67%. http://www.refinery29.com/67-percent-project-plus-size-body-image/
He's 70 years old and I'm sure worse case scenario he's left with a billion. I think he'll manage to get by for the rest of his life. His real danger is that their last time in the White House the Clintons were pretty good at causing their political enemies, heck just people that got in the way of their cronyism (anyone remember Travelgate?), quite a bit of grief. I'm willing to bet der Trumpster is going to find himself with multiple problems from any government office...
Wide stance? /HRoi
Actually, that stuff pretty much relaxes me. It's all in good fun.
I'm not a big momentum type trader but have to say I'm thinking of grabbing 10k worth of IBB tomorrow.
Bought a good blood pressure machine off Amazon a few weeks ago to monitor the old BP. Just got a reading of 118/68 and my pulse rate was 48. I'm thinking all the exercise is doing its thing.
Reverse osmosis.
Looking at BTG lists is a good idea.To your last post...Lynch is such a good importer. Matt turned me onto him and I don't think I've ever been disappointed in one of Kermit's choices.
Had a really drinkable Malbec from Mendoza last night but the use of new oak was a little heavy.
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