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It does not follow.
None of this is really responsive to what I said and small restaurants tweak their menus all the time in response to customer preference and they collect this data face to face and day to day as they examine daily receipts . FWIW, I buy millions of dollars of stuff from Sysco every year and I also am part of several GPOs. I'm not sure you're really saying anything intelligent here.
Then why do you eat there so much?
Will cast iron work on induction? I ask as Lodge has a cast iron wok....
While the later statement is no doubt very true I think a very real reason for this could also be architects know the majority of buyers will respond well.
I thought you were talking more COGS there when you mentioned cost of milk and coffee. GPOs can really help smaller organizations compete against Goliath competition.
I thought I started when we became friends?
Single coil. American Vintage pups from Fender.
Sort of true. Three words that allow small business to tap into huge purchasing power: group purchasing organization.
So your gripe is that it's possible for people with bad taste to buy stuff and fool people into thinking they have good taste?Wasn't part of some design movement the thought that the common plebs like me could tap into some fount of good taste and thus improve their tasteless lives?
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