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Points for not calling it an Hawaiian shirt.Bugatchi has a million ugly shirts and every once in a while puts out a nice shirt. What I like about them is the fit.
You mean I don't have the biggest they've ever seen?
Also, had this with dinner. Juicy and good.
I've never tasted vin juane. I need to source something with good typicity.
Actually, usually happens with a Bugatchi shaped fit shirt on and some raw denim.
I don't care what it takes I'm just tickled fucking pink I'm regularly mistaken for being 15 years younger than I am and having comments made about my muscles. I attribute it to the tailoring.
Look on the bright side: billions of happy women.
A major part of my caloric intake at one point in my life. I can remember this product, canned chicken and dumplings, it would go on sale for 50 cents a can sometimes and I would spend as much as I could to stock up on them and ramen. It was a good time in my life.
New Posts  All Forums: