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For a handle I'll drop in two entire vanilla pods. I take a knife and slit the length of it to facilitate infusion. Oranges, wash them well as you don't want any off flavours, then the rind of 4-6 depending on their size. Try not to get pith too. Let it sit for a month and swirl the bottle daily. Make sure the rinds and vanilla stay submerged as you don't want anything growing on them from the air.
I am the least of players here and just make some noise to relax with and scratch that creative itch. I spend a good deal of my time playing around with my Ableton Push too.Wish I still played the bagpipes. Now that's an instrument that's always a party.
You heard it here first folks. Killing someone is comparable to sending a child to their bedroom.
Raisins soaked in brandy or rum and mixed into things like oatmeal or ice cream are the shit.
Watching Mad Men while I workout lately. Fuck, I would have ruled in the corporate world of Madison Avenue. Edit: "Why," you ask? Because drinking throughout the work day is why.
I feel like I just read that somewhere.
Not been paying attention here... Ramu, you getting a McClaren?
He's at the 19th Hole for eternity. R.I.P. Arnold Palmer. He lead a very good life.
Did you type this in English or run it through some Google translation site?
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