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Dairy free bagel? Ask the dumb bint wtf type of bagel requires dairy to be made in the first place. It's like saying "cholesterol free." Well, yeah, 'cause THERE AIN'T NO FUCKING ANIMAL PRODUCT IN BAGELS EITHER!
Does it come with glove pockets?
I'll second GLK is not that roomy if you're on the bigger side, but then again, nothing in that market space really is. Why not stick with domestic and get something a little bigger for that money?
I used to drink Capt. Morgan's when I was 16.
I have seen this and noted it's usually obese women. I figure it contains their lunch.
Did they do your nails and put make up on you?
Meant to say "as that kid..." That's the kid that is insta-friend zoned by everything with a pussy.
I pity the kid that the girls always tell their sexual adventures to as that kid never gets any actual sex.
Gotcha. You're looking for a 70's spec RI or something vs. just "a jazz bass?"
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