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Genetics.By my late 20s I had moved to cycling. Nice, non-impact circles ftw. Part of my issue was years of skating (which I have not done in decades now). Agree good form helps assistive muscles but it's the soft tissue damage that's the issue. Knees and shoulders for me.
People fucking amaze me...and not in a good way. I think cellphones are a tool in determining us from them.
I keep telling you youngsters not to engage in heavy weights. Knee injuries are tenacious and something you hurt in your 20s can wake you up in pain when you hit your 40s...trust me on this.
Rookie. Things to always have in your office/desk:1) Emergency change of clothes2) Disposable tooth brush3) Mouthwash4) Hair brushDoesn't just apply to all nighters. Spill something on yourself, get splashed, late meeting and want to be fresh for it...
UPS dropped off an all steel, 3/4 horse power, professional grade grinder.
Keep in mind Kira works at a community college Foundation. I think a financial planner that has community college kids 50k in debt for clients should kill himself.
It's the white wrought iron fence, the fountain, the bricks, etc. In the city near where I grew up there's an entire neighborhood of FOB Eye-ties and every house looks like that from the outside.
It screams first generation Italian to me.
Third season of Lilyhammer. Hinterland. Mind of a Chef.
Rich Kids of Instagram, biatch.
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