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Having lunch tomorrow with my favorite 88 year old attorney. Driving over to his office and we'll probably walk the three blocks to have lunch at his favorite place. I so want to be him when I grow up.
AMEX concierge is always worth a try to get you in.
Oh come on. She's on her period and is the article still getting red lined? SF, you suck.
What if affiliated people vote at far higher rates than independent/unaffiliated? Creating a representative sample is not a single variable endeavor. At best.
This changes everything.Is it on Upworthy yet or are they still red lining the article?
Employees fire themselves; management merely enforces policy.
I mentioned a few weeks ago about getting a 300k donation. A few lawyer phone calls later and we have a pledge form agreeable to all...that's been signed.
Agree with all this. It's easy to help "them" when it has no impact on "us."
The best lies mix in some truth.
Interesting to note northern cities tend to be run by Dems.
New Posts  All Forums: