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Your logic makes perfect sense but I always figure if I can afford to pay a tax on my retirement money now, and never again, that's the best route as, like you said, tons of things can change between now and then. One thing I feel is tax rates will only increase from here on in.I just wish I still had the ability to contribute to such funds.
Bond funds we're talking about mature? As to the bolded...beyond me mate but thanks for splaining that.
Sorry to hear about your friend, LD. I've known a few people that drank their way to death and it's not pretty.
You need worker drones, man.
Should have known posting about the awful glow puck would be enough to roust you. Hope things are going well.
I think there's some tipping point. A good looking 40 year old guy on the market with money has little incentive to settle down at that point. I think 35 or so years ago he'd be looking to settle but things have changed. That guy is either divorced, probably with kids (so doesn't want to re-settle again, at least not right away), or he's probably not looking for a typical family at that point and getting all the trim he can handle from chics 25-his age. If that 30-ish...
I think Gib has it mainly correct. Higher value males still single in their 30s can go for higher value, younger females. Hot and successful chics in their 30s have basically two choices: older dood or same age but more beta than they could have landed in their younger years.
You guys could be correct. Time is starting to do funny things in my head...but I remember the father of a friend bitching about the globe and said father died around 1990.You guys are right: 96-98.
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