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Public or private sector this time?
Had lunch with an older friend, he's 75, and he just bought a Z06 and man is it gorgeous. White, black rims, huge red brake calipers (I think Brembo but didn't check out.) I teased him about being a cliche and he let me drive it. Holy shit! First time in a long time a car actually scared me. I couldn't really let it go, and don't think I'd want to without getting used to the vehicle, but every time you hit the gas it's like a jet taking off. The tech is awesome too. ...
http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-38561883 This has to be true because surely no one is dumb enough to fake this again?
LOL @ Trump just being "unpolished." The guy is a loose cannon and says idiotic things no one in his position should say. Not once, not occasionally, but every fucking hour. Please.
Does it really matter at this point? I mean, I can see Russia from my backyard.
I'm sure the tools exist on the 'Net to do some decent modeling. I think I broke out things pretty well and will leave it to someone else to undertake the various hybrid situations.
I don't really think there are more than the two strategies but I think there's hybrid situations of each. Take that CPO vehicle. It'll be about three years old, you hold for five, now you're driving an eight year old vehicle so you've really done option #2. Your first scenario, the one I bolded, is probably the biggest loser as it will contain either the highest finance charges, highest opportunity costs, or a mix of both.
Please give a citation of said lack of knowledge. If you quote "turbo zone" you lose.
We'll keep leasing for the foreseeable future but I can definitely see scenarios where we either move to buys or buy one, lease the other type thing. I kick around buying that forever car, like when they came out with the very last iteration of the Dodge Viper, but fight off those urges. I still need to acquire my Harley and that comes over a third car.
New Posts  All Forums: