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Have we heard back from Bisco yet?
An audience of college students? Easy. "Your whole life has been scripted for you by the 'rents and the 1% of society when you really have only wanted to follow your joy. A national program, FUNDED BY THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, designed to let you follow your joy for an entire year! Etc." 99% would vote yes.
I searched my local first then went national. Nada. S'okay, I just found it at a well established locally owned place. Will pick it up tomorrow or Friday.
Holy shit, best back story ever.
Okay, here's something strange. GC does not carry the Diamond compressor pedal.
No one says you can't get her drunk...
You need to stop telling that story and then you wouldn't have to make that promise.
So here's my pedal list (including two pedals being shipped and one I'm going to buy in the next few days locally) Ernie Ball MVP volume pedal EHX Ravish Sitar MXR Carbon Copy MXR Analog Chorus TC Electronic Ditto EHX Big Muff Pi EHX Cathedral reverb TC Electronics Polytune micro EHX Superego EHX POG 2 Diamond Compressor
I don't think so...I mean, I still think you're a douche so I think my judgment is on point...
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