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Yeah, I had some Boudry and Jouget last year. Had this too: Incredibly balanced with good fruit on open, last glass 30 minutes later was watery acid grape juice.
After I get back from wine country, if I have any room left in the cellar, I need to order some Chinon. Open to producer suggestions.
Just spent the last 10 minutes on the phone with one of my favorite people in the world. I know I've mentioned him before, 87 years old that's still a force of nature, goes into his office daily, super active socially....just an awesome guy at 87. His equally elderly wife recently had a fall and I set them up with contacts for home health but apparently she's having severe memory issues. Guy is one of those folks that comes across really rough but is sentimental at...
I'll tell you I'm impressed with the increased battery life on the i6
Would follow.
Pretty sure this place does it: http://www.restaurantlecontinental.com/en/home.html I need to get to Montreal and Quebec City in the next couple of years for some feasting. We were looking at Montreal in May but other things have come up. I remember accommodations were egregiously expensive when I was looking.
That was a nice looking fillet. Hard for me to get one that nice looking out here in the hinterlands. I've come to really like mueniere and keep looking for it on restaurant menus but have not found it on one yet.
This is what you do on FB? Edina, you're in sadder shape than I thought.
I'll be glad when this Facebook fad finally fades.
If she gets the desk next to Conne you guys can have lunch together!
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