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He could have done that so much better for about the same money. Kudos on all the cash he's saving and paying off his loans. Seems like one of those save everything and retire at 40 guys.
I could be wrong but isn't "flabby" usually used to describe a wine that is highly/overly concentrated while simultaneously lacking structure and acidity?
Hadn't you better get to the bar before dark?
Here's an article that was in my bookmarks: http://www.wineanorak.com/wholebunch.htm
Off the top of my head Syrah and Viognier are not uncommon to be purposely co-fermented. Had some in Paso out of the barrel. It happens in Cote-Rotie and some down in Oz do it.
Whole cluster is so distinctive and I tend to really enjoy it. One of the wine makers I got to spend some time with back in February said whole cluster works best in warmer areas and with riper fruit. He said you're seeing a return to whole cluster in Burgundy due to global warming. He thinks the stems work better in a ferment when the grapes had warmer temps and work less well in cooler areas/vintages. Then there's co-fermentation too.
Yeah, I'm pretty leery of the general "old vines" or "vieilles vignes" having much real meaning in regards to what's in any particular bottle too.
I could swear I've seen/read folks say the truly old vines have lower yields than younger vines.
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