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So this who Trump thing isn't real? That would be fucking awesome if it were true.
HUD Secretary violates Hatch act, but as it was through pro-Hillary comments, it's no BFD.
A shoulder holster would be most likely used for concealed and "printing" is considered brandishing in some areas.
"There are no indications for the motive of the attack." Nice one.
Well okay then.
Unholster it? Maybe point it at someone? There's a pretty clear difference between a holstered handgun, or a long gun slung over your back, and a gun ready to shoot.
http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-36827725 So here's an unusual one. Guy on a train goes crazy with an axe. No word on background of the nutjob but I'm betting he's some sort of neo-nazi based on the weapon choice.
I think Johnny 5 has a signature dual humbucker Tele now.
Well that certainly puts my 15.3% YTD to shame.
New Posts  All Forums: