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No second floor. Actually not allowed in my development and most of the high end developments in my area.
GF, there are no words. You'll get through this and you've got your e-bros here to talk to any time you need. Sincere condolences to the whole GF family.
Hopkins is baller, not me.
Our ceilings vary between 13' and 15'.
I guess that's a judgement call. Creatine seems to have some pretty demonstrable and material impacts on a couple of levels. Insulin is also undeniable in aiding muscle growth.
Wood on the floor and the ceiling? You're going to have issues with echos, sibilance, etc. I have an auditorium type room at work where the ceiling was done like that (before I took over) and it's bad. Guest house? Highly recommend.
So when I was weighing in at 270# in 2009 and decided to lose weight all I really did was cut out simple and processed carbs to a huge degree (bye bye rice and pasta,) and instead of rarely eating veggies, made about 50% of my intake veggies of one sort or another. I was not exercising in the least. I got to about 225# and stalled for a year. Started exercising again about five years ago, 2012, I today I'm about 210# and I know I've regained 10-15# lean body mass so...
Went and checked out a gym by the office. It's not a hard core gym but squats and deads can be done. I counted three dumbbell racks and they go up to 100#. Has a showers...thinking about it. Would also be cool to use their stationary bikes vs. just my elliptical at home for cardio.
Binge = risk taker.
Bro, do you even grill?
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