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Today I'm heading to my local Victory shop to toss a leg over the Cross Country.
So many wine lists are filled with wine that will be great years from now. I understand why this happens but it doesn't mean I like it.
Edited:Not sure if you're saying might as well make your own...This is for a busy work night and I get a nice salad made for me too so I don't end up like Booth or Frog.
Well, a couple of things.First, delivery. I'm sure everyone here has had a fucked up, as in obviously tossed around, or ice cold pizza delivered. Then you're fucked, as you waited until you're almost ready to eat something else, it shows up, and what do you do? Refuse messed up pizza and starve or take messed up pizza? So delivery can be subject to long wait times and/or a messed up pizza.Second, how you cook it yourself. Whether I pick my wood pellet grill or a 500...
Is a picture of a new camera meta?
A really good, regional chain has opened near me that does the "take and bake" pizza thing. They do everything the regular way too, and have a nice seating area, but we've done their take and bake a few times as it's on the way home. They also make great salads so for $23 I've got a great meal. I've tossed their pizza on my wood fired grill and man is it good. Mushrooms really grab the smoke flavour.
Good idea. They've become so cheap these days too.
Thanks for the advice guys. Decision is to stick with S100 and also carry the iPhone 6.
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