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I can tell you "Medicare for all" would bankrupt the country, since Medicare as it currently stands, has a 50/50 chance of doing it already. While I'm for universal health I'm certainly not for a Medicare style plan as it's full of perverse incentives and other nasty things.
Appeared in an MC fit pic with a center vent?
This is proof superheroes are damaging the psyches of young boys everywhere.
So who/what is Thor now if someone else is "Thor?"
Yeah, even Le Pelosi is distancing herself from Sanders.
GTFO of this thread!
Is he giving or getting?
I have a moral turpitude clause in my employment contract, of course. When I asked my attorney to define this his answer was, "If it's not dead hookers or live boys you've really nothing to worry about."
When it's probably the single most important event in history? Yeah, you sure as fuck do!
When it comes to your livelihood always better safe than sorry, IMO.
New Posts  All Forums: