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They have momentum on these things though since the passage of Obamacare.
I'm not claiming to be "middle class" or compare myself to a family bringing in median income or anything like that. There's no doubt we lead a nice life and have choices others might not. What I am trying to do is separate households like mine from getting scooped up in the same category as hedgies, trust fund babies, etc. This isn't an either/or situation where you are either part of the huge number of folks that couldn't raise $400 for an emergency (some recent...
Every POTUS is a puppet to one extent or another and I've said that here for years. When voting you just have to try and discern who their puppet masters are and decide which group you'd rather have running things.
We still have to talk about the ability to save for these folks. AGI for a couple over 181k or so and no IRA/ROTH. It's even worse if one of you works at a place where the "top hat" provision kicks in. Also, at least in my experience, the more you make the harder it becomes to move. Middle management? Dime a dozen and can move anywhere. Jobs moving more towards upper exec? You get fewer chances for anything other than a lateral and even those can be hard to find. ...
Please leave the Piobchair out of this!Just because the hypothetical Piob at Chrysler would have thought this Piob was "rich" does not mean it is actually true. As I alluded to above I understand the perspective of why many people would mistake me for being rich but that doesn't make it true either. I'm certainly affluent, and on my way to rich, but I'm a working stiff just like the guy on the line.
I suppose the Civil War was actually about engineering.
"Mandates" are funny things in presidential elections. Apparently Clinton the First got one in 92 and Reagan did not in 80. One was elected 51% vs. 41% and the other never got a majority of the popular vote. It seems to me mandates are only handed out if the winner plays for your team.
This convo has been had here many times and I'm still of the same opinion; conflating this year's income with "rich" is wrong and it takes an entire personal balance sheet to make that determination. I know a guy that earns about what I do in a year and he's earned that since he turned 21. He's a trust fund baby. That's rich. I'm affluent, and if I stay employed, don't meet with a horrendous illness or accident, keep my focus on saving and living under my means, I will...
I think he was just saying that so he felt like he ran in the same circles as the Clintons and Trumps.
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