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You need to go party with Harvey and/or B.
Any article that uses the word "hack" in the title to suggest a superior method is bound to suck. 12 Desk Hacks! Learn Five Important Life Hacks! Eight Time Hacks Everyone Should Know!
I think folks are forgetting both Roger and Ted took a crack at writing that speech first and they both gave up.
I would be so happy if my Joan/Roger story resolution came true.
Master, thanks for the post. Explains what you're doing well.
Isn't that basically what I said? And doesn't that apply to most all stock purchases?
As I fully admit I'm not an investing guru but isn't an historical high non-relevant in deciding whether to buy a stock or not? I mean, don't we buy on our estimation of future performance, so that sort of thing is non-relevant? I could be wrong but that's how I look at things.
Sorry to hear about the job loss, GF.
There were a number of uncomfortable scenes between the two including him walking in on Betty while she was on the toilet.Joan. Had a wild thought about her story arc last night. The new guy is a swindler. He bilks her of her $1.5 million under the guise of buying investment property in NYC. She is broke once again and the fallout is the she, Roger, and their child ride off into the sunset as a happy little family unit. Don't forget that's Roger's kid.Thoughts on that...
So Don as mentor this episode. Three distinct versions of it: Peggy, that guy, Sally and her girlfriends. Failed each and every time (well, sort of maybe saved things with Sally as she boarded the bus). Comments on the meaning of that? Probably a big reach but a way of saying Don has nothing to offer future generations?
New Posts  All Forums: