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Is there such a city?
Oderus has left us. This makes me feel old.
IMO it's just hard to go wrong with HP; good suggestion.
There's no doubt it's a highly capable off road vehicle, and at least the Infiniti iteration, has a great interior. I'm not sure if it "kicks" any other vehicle, as there's a host of highly capable ones, but it's certainly up there and from a performance POV is one of the best. It is, however, fugly.
Bushmill is not Scotch it's Irish Whiskey.If you want an relatively approachable and well priced sherry cask try a Bunnahabhain 12 y/o.
I've always wondered about this too but have noticed something in the last year or two that might explain at least some of this. My friend who is a somm for a major luxury brand hotel chain, at the highly noted one by my place, gets pressure to turn his wine such that he's not allowed to build a cellar with any depth to it. He's also mandated to buy certain wines from corporate and he tends to get pissed off at those wine reps as they are apparently rather arrogant when...
Well that fucker deserved it, talking to you sharply!
You and your "friend" thinking of entering one?
You two just need to check your height and leanness privilege at the door.
I should start Yelping. I'm sure I could be a Super Yelper or whatever the important Yelpers are called. This spring I actually heard someone warn their waiter they were a super Yelper. I really, really wanted to walk over and punch them.
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