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No chance that book has ruined Paso for me. Had a great one last night, 2010, with a little frizzante to it, and I thought to myself Lynch would approve of that. I get his point of view, I appreciated most every choice I've had from him, but he's exactly like Parker (whom he seems to dislike a lot) in that he thinks his view in how wines should be made has metaphysical certainty in being correct. I think there's room in the wine universe for a whole bunch of wines and I...
Opening night for R40:
I understand there's a huge fanboi community for those cars.
I think we need to petition to have Link's custom title be, "Grillin' Fool in Pink Pants."
Someone keeps mentioning him is why. Someone that actually is the Grillin' Fool!
You have been unmasked, sir.http://grillinfools.com/about-us/
Can Link be Grillin' Fool's puppet?
I enjoy the frequency with which you've been able to mention Grillin' Fool recently.Wasn't he from St. Louis? Hmmm.
Happy B-day?
The set list for the Rush concert is out. I cannot believe I am going to see all of 2112 performed live.
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