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There's something about getting a nice rasher of bacon vs. commercially sliced.
Edited: I momentarily thought this was a CE thread. It's not so I edited my answer to Kira out. To Kira, keep the CE shit in the CE.
This is almost Edinaphail level. Everyone knows freezers are for raw denim only.
Beta as hell.
There was only one per dish but I could have eaten a plate full of these Hen of the Woods.
Had some Champs last night:
The 96 was drinking very well but I think the 97 could have used another decade. Had this tonight at a friend's. It's an 89 in case it's too blurry to read.
To start off with, Ford does not offer loaners, complimentary or otherwise. They will shuttle you to a nearby car rental company though. So, waiting for the shuttle, to get to stand in line (again) at the rental company....which does not open anywhere the 7am I drop my car at....is not a 10 minute routine.Also, why would I want to deal with service on a weekend and I can currently make a 10 minute detour to work and just go pick it up on the way home.
There are four scheduled maintenance visits during the term of the lease, and given it's a Ford, it will be safe to assume at least two unscheduled. That's six days dealing with Ford service and the people that hang out in their waiting room. You go deal with that. It will also completely disrupt my workday.
I would say that at this moment the biggest obstacle to me getting that Explorer is service. I checked it out Service when I was there last weekend, and let's just say, I do not want to ever spend time there. MB is five minutes from my office, LR was along the way, and spending 10 minutes to drop a car off and then drive away in a (semi) decent loaner is a huge plus.
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