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So I've not said anything about a purchase I made two weeks ago due to the scorn it received here. I got an email notification for a spot sale and landed a Blackstar 1 watt tube head for $180, Prime eligible. I've had it for two weeks now. I fucking love it. I can plug straight in, and if I'm willing to peg the knobs, get awesome tube distortion, harmonics, etc. I usually play it set up for clean and it takes pedals incredibly well. At low volumes I'm getting all...
I made some truly awesome lamb bacon this week: [[SPOILER]] I plan to make carbonara with some of it over the weekend. Now I know because I'm going to use lamb bacon lardon I've already bastardized it but what's the usual list of ingredients? Eggs or only the yolk? Going with Parm Reg that I'll grind fresh, lots of black pepper...but I want to toss some garlic in. Garlic a no-no?
It's an idfnl avatar.I feel like Harvey. Posting to SF while at the bar.
Good example of what I was saying! Did it only take one for you to delude yourself into this?
Speaking of Beck and latching on I would not mind latching on to Tal Wilkenfeld.
Yes. Those capable of qualitative thought understands I was conveying it takes next to no provocation for me to believe this. Don't be an Azn stereotype your whole life, brah.
Booth, that avatar has to go.
Dark roast, 100% Kona shipped from my Hilo connect. She buys it from a smaller grower/roaster she lives near.
Not working today. Woke up, played guitar while drinking some good coffee, in 20 minutes I'll hit the weights and treadmill, then head out for some gnosh, wine, and people watching. Also, where I'm having lunch, a cutie 1/2 my age likes to flirt with me. I can delude myself into thinking it's genuine after just one class of wine. Dinner will be a leisurely one of good cheese and meats and I'll pull an extra nice bottle from the cellar to share with Mrs. Piob (who has...
In the 60s psychaelic vein been listening to 21st Century Schitzoid Man. I think Fripp is very overlooked.
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