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Hadn't you better get to the bar before dark?
Here's an article that was in my bookmarks: http://www.wineanorak.com/wholebunch.htm
Off the top of my head Syrah and Viognier are not uncommon to be purposely co-fermented. Had some in Paso out of the barrel. It happens in Cote-Rotie and some down in Oz do it.
Whole cluster is so distinctive and I tend to really enjoy it. One of the wine makers I got to spend some time with back in February said whole cluster works best in warmer areas and with riper fruit. He said you're seeing a return to whole cluster in Burgundy due to global warming. He thinks the stems work better in a ferment when the grapes had warmer temps and work less well in cooler areas/vintages. Then there's co-fermentation too.
Yeah, I'm pretty leery of the general "old vines" or "vieilles vignes" having much real meaning in regards to what's in any particular bottle too.
I could swear I've seen/read folks say the truly old vines have lower yields than younger vines.
Not really. They're going to get a new PM that has a cooler vibe and likes pot but his main policy planks are pretty much exactly the same as the old guy. He's also going run up the deficit more so I guess there's that.
Just sold for over $300 million.
She was hoping you'd offer to hose them out for her.
It was better to head this off at the pass. Nothing worse than taking a call in a busy bar after a couple of martinis.
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