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Could one say, a true Scotsman?
Hmm, outside of the general offensiveness of the depiction of Michelle I'd say they're on thin ice there. 20 year old Melania was 20x hotter than 20 year old Michelle but 46 year old post-plastic surgery Melania is not a good looking as 51 year old, no surgery Michelle. Michelle is one of those people that grew into her looks and she got prettier as she aged. Caveat: as long as Michelle is not making her mean face...and she does seem to suffer from RBF.
So what is the narrative going to be for antisemitism in this election cycle? I ask as it has to be a carefully created narrative such that the blatant antisemitism of the left wing establishment in academia is not undermined while still saying it's horrible when Trump supports display it.
Well, there's no reason to make any changes until just prior to the new rule. Why would I pay more before I'm forced to? As to the laid off folks their roles will need to get absorbed by other people and no need to do this until it's time also. At least they get to have a nice Thanksgiving.It's not my world, I'm just living in it and doing the best I can.
So to get back to NorCal...just because I'm fascinated at this point...let's look at my original statement he took issue with:Now, any normal person is going to read that statement, which begins with, "I would say..." as an opinion. This is probably going to send him ape shit again, but some opinions are better than others. I would say my opinion on the topic is likely better than his (due to my background) but if someone like Larry or particularly Hopkins (due to his...
Checking Craig's for used motorcycles. Them fuckers selling their Harley's are insane. Six year old, prior model, 34k miles for sale 2k under brand new and redesigned. That's just one example. Harley owners seem to have never heard of depreciation it seems.
FLMM circa 2012 had hacked MrG's account!
Well, a nice EO to go into effect on December 1. More than doubling the exempt employee minimum salary. Reviewed a report on impact to my organization. Guess what? I'm laying two people off the last week of November. Isn't their Xmas going to be so much better thanks to Obama? Full Disclaimer: a few folks will get raises and more will get made hourly...which will probably be a net negative for them.
This new XC90 is a completely different class of Volvo. That dashboard alone kicks ass. The supercharged and turbocharged engine kicks ass. Don't make your mind up about this current vehicle unless you go drive it. If the leasing terms were remotely as good as MB's I think Mrs. Piob would be in that vs. the GLE (which just got dropped off today.)
We're going to need pics to answer this properly.
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