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So give me some examples then of this "reasonable suspicion."
I knew that was going to be your reply. What about all the law abiding citizens in the area?
Repubs want to blame the problem on culture, Dems want to deny individual agency. Seems on target with this conversation. So, policies like "stop and frisk." Do they take place vastly in majority black neighborhoods? Tell me that's not de jure racism.
They were not making them like that when I was 13.
Well, a birth is a potential productive citizen, so I'll call that an "investment."
I just walked by someone that is so fat you could barely see the mobility scooter underneath her. She's wearing a nasal cannula for O2, has foley tube coming out of her shorts to a urine collection bag on the floor of her scooter. I feel very sad for her but I also feel very sad for us as we're paying for all this shit. There's no winner in this situation.
http://www.thestatewines.com/ Their allocation just opened. If you can grab a couple bottles of The Hedges. All the wine is good but we really enjoy that bottling. FWIW, Saxum does a bottling of their Syrah and think it has scored as high as 98 points.
If anyone can walk away from this thread not thinking there's a problem with policing methodology in the US they're wearing blinders.
That was well played.
But not a nice bottle of White Burg.
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