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Someone just won the Internet today.
Mauro, I want to get sure to buy an AR that can chamber both rounds. Thoughts on models to examine?
The final season starts this Sunday. The first couple of seasons I'll admit I was a real fan. It was a bit different, pretty hot and sexy at times, and fun to watch. I think last couple of seasons have been mostly pretty lame excepting a few highlights or interesting scenes. I caught a rerun of last year's finale last night and am ready to watch the final season. Looks pretty apocalyptic and I plan to watch just to see the series through to the end. And some of the...
I think I need to get my AR15 this fall. Think I can get a decent one for 1.2k or so?
There's a couple of reasons I don't want to do it to mine and Mrs. P's plan is not the best so not doing it with hers.They need to just get rid of income limits. If I did it then there is still the whole deal about taking out the remaining taxed IRA when I retire. Once again it's prorated so if I have say, a total of 500k in IRAs and for easy math 400k regular then 100k taxable and I take out 10k I would have to claim 20% of that 10k different than the other 80% as the...
And the opposite. If he likes the generalization it must categorically exclude Americans with high probability it will apply to Europeans.
http://www.bogleheads.org/wiki/Backdoor_Roth_IRA Proration.
I really enjoy blasting my AC with the sunroof open.
I was waiting to see isstill's opinion on that one.
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