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Somehow a Tele with a bucker just seems wrong.
The important thing is my new pedals sound awesome. I wish I could get two weeks where I could think about nothing but music. That is never going to happen though.
Oh, this is not being done for the Fortress? That's what I had been thinking.
We've actually kicked around tearing up our tiles and doing polished concrete but too many other things to think about, and by the time those are done, it'll be too late for at least one room (something basically non-moveable will be installed). Our tiles are nice though and the cats love them to skid around on.
http://www.fender.com/series-american-standard-electrics/ This finish is awesome. Click and get the enlarged pic.
I just held a staff meeting with a group of disaffected nurses and worked "post hoc ergo propter hoc," with full explanation, into demonstrating to them why the new situation is not to blame for things. One of their complaints, that they were blaming on the new situation (which is only two months old), actually started a full eight months prior. I'm amazed a group of college educated people could convince each other the new situation was to blame for something that...
Have we heard back from Bisco yet?
An audience of college students? Easy. "Your whole life has been scripted for you by the 'rents and the 1% of society when you really have only wanted to follow your joy. A national program, FUNDED BY THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, designed to let you follow your joy for an entire year! Etc." 99% would vote yes.
I searched my local first then went national. Nada. S'okay, I just found it at a well established locally owned place. Will pick it up tomorrow or Friday.
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