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Maybe Don and Henry become a same sex couple and raise the kids.
Phail. Never played a warrior.
Ten years ago today this was first uploaded to Youtube.
Excellent observation.
pB yanking the chains today.
Started re-reading On The Road Again after last week's episode. The "voice of a generation" is narcissistic, nearly unintelligible, and without reason or rhyme.
Was wondering the same thing myself.
I'm actually wondering if we've seen the last of Peggy. Just as someone mentioned above they wish Roger had finished at the organ with his cigar it can easily be that Peggy's bad-girl strut, hung over with a butt hanging out of her mouth, is her ending. I think there's a very real chance we see no one but Don next week or maybe Don and Sally. The two Draper boys were certainly the most undeveloped recurring characters in any series I can remember. Edit: Forgot to...
In New Mexico you can get really surprised at what comes out covered in green chile without asking for it.
Real Mexicans take that hand tossed fresh flour tortilla, rip off a piece, and use it to pick up items off their plate. You've obviously never eaten a meal with real Mexicans. (5/10)
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