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You wish.
If you're speaking to me my butt does not suck. It does blow on a regular basis though just like Old Faithful.
Yelp sucks, full stop.
Got an odd deal on Saturday. My wine distributor friend has this deal with a local market so he can sell wine to people directly. He gave me a call and said there were two baker's dozen cases waiting for me, go take a look, and if I wanted them they were a flat $7 a bottle. We drove down and pawed through them and bought. Here's a couple bottles from the stash and if anyone knows anything about them let me know:
Mine were too for undergrad, and even my first grad degree...then I had to do graduate level quantitative work, and it was a true bitch and something I just slogged through, never really internalizing mastery of it. Unless you're a Christopher Hirata or Terrence Tao type at some point you're going to run into stuff you're just going to have to put forth some effort to master.
I would go so far as to say that in many cases there's an inverse relationship. I would love to see a study that examines the college histories of the smartest five kids in graduating classes from marginal to sub-standard high schools. I have this hunch that having a high intellect, and being educated in a poor school surrounded by average to moronic kids, does not force the high intellect kid to develop good study habits. Their natural abilities allow them appear...
I know I've said this before but I think "fit" and behaviours are more important than experience because experience can be gained but the other two are more intrinsic to the adult person.
So you were underwhelmed for non-food reasons?
It's never disappointed me. Only thing I ever had there I was not completely satisfied with was a foie gras torchon; I thought the texture was too whipped.Sonick, are you back yet? Where did you go?
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