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Will the Mini 14 chamber both the Nato round and .223? Ruger is way cheaper than an AR, no?
Don't be jealous; it's all about the hate fuck.
Budapest style deflection again. Learn some new tricks before you become an old dog.
Point of order: it was a prosecutor that wanted the change hence no client to have bias against.
I freely admit that people need to stay off my lawn.I actually think it's sort of cool and also funny the black chic in the video was employing vocal fry so heavily. I say this as she was tossing some heavy shade at white folks, and no doubt in her mind affluent white folks, and I associate the use of vocal fry with white chics from middle class/UMC backgrounds.
So to bring this back to the case at hand...did the judge display a bias or did the judge render a sentencing many in the public disapprove of and this is what made the prosecutor demand reassignment? Also, even CNN is saying this move is highly unusual in occurrence. Is this correct?
You raise a good point.
Yeah, but we're all comfortable with justice being purchased with money by now.
I hope you're right and the power of change.org petitions and SJWs on social media doesn't change this.
My world is falling apart...I failed my exam.
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