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Ah. As I said, if it's something I don't really like, I probably don't know it. I'm familiar with 120 BPM EDM, but unsurprisingly, don't listen to it.You're just bitter because you know mine is better than yours.
Really enjoying the Sennheiser HD-280 Pros I bought. OTC, on sale right now with Prime for $75.
If you're doing that fast 120 is the perfect BPM, IMO, as it makes song writing so easy. You know there will be 30 4/4 bars per minute so you can easily decide exactly how long you want your song to be. I prefer and compose the slower stuff and tend towards 80 BPM as that's exactly 20 bars per minute and I use four bar phrasing, so five phrases per minute. As I said earlier, I've been using a DAW and controller pad to write some stuff. Ableton Live 9 Suite with Ableton...
I hope the soul belonged to a beautiful virgin...We were way more low brow tonight. Before, after, look at that smoke ring: [[SPOILER]] Plated with some roasted root veg.
Do ya'll know the "Amen break?" If not you're just posers!
Nope. Ever since Napster, then satellite, iTunes, streaming music, etc. came out I've been able to tailor my music listening pretty tightly to stuff I want to hear. It's also not like I never hear anything related, as I listen to a lot of trip hop, stuff with breakbeats...hell, I make 4x4 beats all the time on my Ableton Push...just can't remember anything by Kanye.
I honestly do not know a single thing Kanye has ever done. Granted I'm old, and rap was never a popular genre to me, but not a thing. Immagonna tell you the truth though...I love a good crunk bass.
What's the consensus on temp and time for duck leg confit?
Indeed it is. Also sort of fitting considering the 808 was invented by a couple of Japanese guys.
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