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I am glad I finally got this thread to start loving on Rioja.
Look at that 04 Reserva for only $15. I would love to try that and still say Rioja is an excellent value. Imma need to buy another case for dailies this weekend. I'll drop this here again and say ya'll should buy it: http://www.amazon.com/Wine-Region-Rioja-Ana-Fabiano/dp/1402754035/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8
Mrs. Piob has incredible printing, as in, it looks like a computer font. She prints in all caps too probably from being teh engineer and dealing with plans all day.
Best Hollywood mention of Rosh Hashanah is from one Ari Gold. One of his kids is complaining about fasting and Ari says something to the effect of, "Ah baby, that's how mommy feels everyday so she'll have a sexy body for daddy." I do believe one of the kids ratted him out for eating a breath mint too.
Is that second one a 100% Graciano? Interesting but far from what one thinks of when talking of Rioja (unless I'm misreading that label).
Friday night I shall be abusing a Cayenne Turbo S.
We'll have our own wine tasting and not invite them.
My wife, who grew up under completely different circumstances than me, had never experienced the science fair like results of dour Protestant women and their casseroles based around cream of mushroom soup. She always thought I was making things up or at least exaggerating. After her first (and only) experience of a table full of hot dish type casseroles she felt sorry for what I went through as a child.
That video is hilarious, BH.
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