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But we're talking Canucks here. As far right as any political party gets in Canada would be the equivalent of a Blue Dog. Also, I grew up in the Windsor area and I know these union people. They're 99% NDP, an actual socialist party, and the evidence to this is they just elected a bunch of NDP MPs in the area.
What's wrong with me? Well, I guess above average reading comprehension in this case.Broseph, instead of setting up your strawmen in a row here why not just say something like, "I didn't catch Rumple had highlighted a certain part, and while you're correct that part is the truth, I disagree with the bulk of what whnay is saying." At least that way you've not boxed yourself into the position where you have to try and argue against, you know, actual facts.
What whnay said that rumple was replying to is not correct? Let's just look and let the interested reader decide if you're just disagreeing with me to disagree or if you have a point. Here's what rumple highlighted and responded to:You really feel this statement is incorrect? Okay, have at it then as that's just stupid to argue with that statement.
Obama has never impressed me as a public speaker but he certainly has a following for it. I tend to suspect, as I said earlier, the biggest fans of his public speaking are just his biggest fans in general.
This does not negate what whnay said however, and what he said, is quite correct.
Facts now have a political bias? Please expand as I'm mesmerized with this thought.
Better known as "another Saturday night for GF."
Well, this could be a watershed moment. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-37385989 The US to pay blood money to the family of an Italian man that was killed in a US drone strike. Obama admits to this crime too apparently.
Trick question as those are one and the same when it comes to politics.
Reading about all this working on cars...I'm so happy I get a complimentary service loaner.
New Posts  All Forums: