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There's lots of non-stops from NYC to the UK; go see a concert.
Did not meet up with Mrs. Piob until we were about your age. I think when people meet up after being fully formed things tend to work out well so don't fret yet.
Mrs. Piob is back and this makes me very happy. Part of why she went over is her and her sister are going through the parental home and getting it ready for sale. Her father passed a few years ago and her mother is now on hospice and living in an adult care home. So my wonderful wife brought home about 50, near mint, classic albums. Zep 3 (hello Ethan!), three Cheap Trick, two Queen, ELO, Styx, Yes, Journey, Boston, Kansas...a pretty impressive mini-collection of...
You have to admit, that does look pleasant.
At the airport. Swear to god it's like People of Walmart.
Just ask Manton to leave town and problem solved. We all know his powers over NYC weather.
Broseph, sorry to hear about the heartbreak but it's understandable. However, you're a much different person? Haven't you posted here multiple times part of the problem you see is that you're actually the same person? Or at least a different person but doing all the same things? It seems you're in a conflict with the fact that you've found the life you really want to lead but for some reason seem to feel leading it is a bad thing. You just need to find a woman with...
Portfolio crested for yet another new high. I going to have a sad when the inevitable pull back happens.
Appreciate the advice from the voice of experience.
Been a bachelor all week and Mrs. Piob is coming home tomorrow.
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