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I vote it's a cultural thing just like the tribes that used to live in British Columbia and Washington that had the potlatch tradition.
The give away was the huge ass suitcases. Those are empty outbound, often stuffed one into another like Russian dolls, and filled with swag on the way back. The swag is distributed to family and friends so people can pretend they're ballers.
A ring of anuses.
Just got blood work back. Total cholesterol: 179. Liver panel boringly normal. In fact the only thing out of whack was apparently my Vit. D is a bit low. Time of an OTC supplement.
Filipinos. (No hate to Larry and Acid!)
A little dose of classic Edinaphail ftw.
How much are Super Yelpers planning to file for?
Thanks for helping out there!
Who was Shower Girl and why did she appear here?
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