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It's embarrassing how badly you wish I'd throw you the bone.
Sock check:
Good thinking. Need the gate code?
pB, go buy some viscous lidocaine and drink it. If your symptoms go away it's probably gas. If they don't give someone a BJ as you're going to die but your gag reflex should be totally removed due to the lidocaine.
Kira, we need an update. How did the body removal go?
I feel like I've wandered into a CE thread on AGW.
I once gave a ten minute talk on "What is Vouvray?"
Don't h8 now that I have friends to play with too.
So then I deserve some of your money. Give it up.In the non-victim narrative it shows you can't keep a strong white man down. Rising from the bottom SES to a comfortable middle class life as I have shows my superiority and why I deserve said privilege.
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