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I go without eating from dinner to the next day's dinner at least four days a week and often more. I hate lunch, and if I have to do a lunch meeting, always get a salad or I feel like shit all afternoon.
When I had an LR3 lease the dealership sponsored twice yearly off road rides. Mechanics and off-road pros led the drives, they'd have about four real obstacles per ride all mapped out, and then a catered lunch at the end with pavement waiting to drive off on. The obstacles would be things like huge boulders they'd spot you over, or a shale type steep climb, etc. I remember one set of boulders you had to creep up to a certain point and stop. When you stopped you'd be on...
I'd try and get as many miles as I could in hopes of getting through the lease without a second set of rotors!
BBC has an article on Brutualism today: http://www.bbc.com/culture/story/20140828-why-brutal-is-beautiful
Found another Scottish gin.
Thank you for sharing your experience but there is more than one way to hurt your back.
Nice to see someone else let the hate flow!Rover and brakes...they don't turn the rotors; you just get a new set. Learned this the hard way and part of why I am hesitant to go back to Rover as the fuckers ain't cheap.
Two days is like a decade when you're sitting in a beanbag chair.
I would have gone to work the day it was really bad but I could only straighten up to about a 45 degree angle. Back pulls just suck.
Sucks, pB. I tossed my lower back out a couple of weeks ago and actually had to take a day off work. It's still lingering.
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