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Well if people can't be a little bit racist I think we've seen the death of the Trump thread.
You should see how many nurses drop dirty.
I guess it depends what type of engineering? If they did it to any firm with employee classes like "surveyor" it would be tough to make hires.
Have her shave her head as it worked for Britney.
Thanks for permission to carry on the "immigration debate."
It's obviously increased recently but don't forget they sell the occasional Rioja, Rhone, etc. I'm probably about 8% from WA at the moment.
Shipped. I'm up to around 10 cases with them waiting for shipping.
Maybe Ms. Cliff would be in need of comfort at this sad time?
You've got former Republican Presidents telling everyone to vote for Hills. I really don't see her losing.
How about Baltimore? Fixable? Gary, Indiana? Flint, Michigan? Until the last few years no one thought Detroit was fixable either and it's white collar stuff, not manufacturing, that's lifting Detroit a bit.There are multiple rural communities in Canada where there's little good paying full time jobs and mainly seasonal work (fishing, lumbering, etc.) Canadian society has decided supporting the lifestyle of these people is the right thing to do.I have no answers just...
New Posts  All Forums: