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Is this your round about way of saying you have a tiny dick?
UnF, thanks for the info.I am sure why will be along to tell us this is superior.
Congrats on the Tesla. Interested in hearing about the upcharges on battery and charging options. I mildly researched one and it seems if you have a daily trip of 40 miles or so you need to spend cash on an upgraded charger and/or bigger batteries as a default overnight charger would not top your charge off?
Yup, feel it completely jumped the shark a few seasons ago but sort of kept with it out of momentum. My definition of success will be seeing Jessica's bewbs. She's not gone beyond bra and panties yet.
Pretty good opening ep IMO. Setting Sookie up to be the odd person out again, Pam hoping Eric is still alive, and best off all [[SPOILER]] Just hope that's for real.
I bet that doesn't happen in Europe.
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