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Yeah...that's what I figured...didn't happen.
Is this a reference to that gift you gave the Mouse?
Three cases = the entire trunk! Don't even get me started on getting in and out of it.
Okay, so put 20-25 miles on the C 300 loaner. For a small car I'll give it an A-. Pickup off the line is very respectable but in a 30 or 50 roll-on it's not like it will press you back in the seat. In sport mode it's pretty good about keeping the RPM up so the turbos are spooled up...dare I say it...in the turbo zone. The ride is good, given the wheelbase, but compared to my DM you feel like you're doing twice the speed you really are. I'm not kidding when I say the C...
L'Incsy, what have you done with EtO's corpse? Did you violate it?
Links or it didn't happen.
In this thread, Edina and another poster made this exact claim this week, when the story was something they did not want to believe.
Good thing, me and you buddy, didn't go to them, eh?
They were only illegal because they were against the law.
I'm sure they'll get in there but will require more than just popping my hatch and popping them in.
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