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Trust me, if there's one thing HB is not appealing to, it's morality.
Too heavy for you to pick up?
Information just wants to be free.I'll disagree with the policy. It's not like we're going to hide this from a billion or so people.
It's interesting how rapidly you insult me when I prove what a fucking idiot you are without effort or insults.
The thought that racism can be "explained" by a statement like that is interesting. Also, one of the definitions for "explanation" is: "a reason or justification given for an action or belief."
And you bite it nightly?
Well, at least his racism was justified then.
I mentioned Lynch though. Isn't the decision to edit audio tapes taking it to the next level? This is not a person refusing to use the term but rather editing someone that did. I could be wrong and it didn't get said in Miami or Lynch didn't edit the tapes but pretty sure I saw her address it directly in an interview.
Can you even fill a thimble?
My president and AG told me there's no such thing as radical Islam.
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