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Too much Manichaean thinking.
Sounds like he's going to have about 10 or so couples over, at last two of which I know.
Just so we're clear, you are picking up my wine bill at Urasawa.I also don't think I can make it to the tasting unless I can move something on my schedule.
Holy crap! Just was invited to the home of one of the state's biggest wine distributors. He's having Lynch over and tasting through a portfolio. It's a Tuesday on the other side of town though.
I do believe the positive externalities of a well functioning public education system are undeniable. Sadly it will take much more than just fixing education though as schools don't exist in a vacuum.
Someone is still butthurt.
So I'm confused here (surprise, surprise!) First, some of the least intelligent folks I know have huge levels of empathy (a metric you used in your first comment but I notice it's not here.) Speaking of adult DD folks, I happen to have a line of business that deals with them. These folks are highly empathetic. Have you never had much face time with these folks? They tend to be wonderful human beings. So I'm interested in research that ties empathy to...
To become a naturalized citizen one must pass a test. I guess that needs to be removed, correct?
So do we let developmentally delayed adults vote?Also, nice pivot to go from the objective and quantitative to get in some qualitative diversity issues.
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