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Some of both. Also for talking about how much you enjoy your new spa or gas (cuck) firepit.
What are your thoughts on gas fireplaces?
That's what you get for eating a hipster salad.
Totally but now he's decided to blog about it.
Both is a full on grey asexual now but doesn't want to admit it. The End.
To quote a Bush song, I don't think so. Other than they were both "grunge" their sounds are really nothing alike. The only way I'd say Bush was the same as Nirvana, in any meaningful sense, is that both bands owed a lot to The Pixies.
ITT: It is revealed GF is actually Find Finn.
Great price! I'm still a fan of the Schott Zwiesel Tritan crystal Forte line up. $7 a stem. This is my "universal" glass I have a few dozen of and use 99% of the time and for tastings. I'm got their Burgundy, white wine, and Champs too but only a dozen each of those.
Um, market segmentation is highly important in any service industry, even healthcare.
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