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Not all of us moved to Hell and have to make believe 90 "isn't really hot."
That's quite the issue you have there.
Have their entire catalogue.
90, low humidity, and shade rocks. 90, high humidity, and no shade sucks.
You make a great old man.
Again, you're too young to remember. Actually, I'm a little too young to remember their start, but late 70s/early 80s the Police owned the world. By the time I was old enough to pay attention the Police were still huge but were in their last few years. Solo Sting was prime time for me and I was not a huge fan.
He's worked a lot with Brian Eno and Eno's producer. If you think about it much of his guitar playing is pretty ambient and textural post-War.
All valid points. I still wish I played as well as him and would not be upset to have had his career. You're too young to remember, but after the Police folded, U2 was TBBITW for several years.
I wish I sucked as much as him. Had a really shitty career too.
Thinking of a Memory Man for some Edge goodness.
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