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Lulz @ Americans.
Congregate living is very complicated.
You're going to fuck Sheryl Crow...then leave her when she gets cancer?You know he really is a dick.
No, do not have. Will they run off a Voodoo Labs PP2?
Sitting on the counter of my new bar back.
How much longer will it take? I suspect you might be making a mistake tossing in the towel so soon. You've only paid for your first semester, right? That's all the tuition bucks on the line?
How can I place a monetary value on good food and good wine shared with great friends?
There's something about getting a nice rasher of bacon vs. commercially sliced.
Edited: I momentarily thought this was a CE thread. It's not so I edited my answer to Kira out. To Kira, keep the CE shit in the CE.
This is almost Edinaphail level. Everyone knows freezers are for raw denim only.
New Posts  All Forums: