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So, since we're talking bass these last few pages, which non-Geddy bassist is your favorite? My list would include Les Claypool, John Deacon, Phil Lynott, Flea (hello Gomey!), and John Paul Jones. Special shout out to three singer/bassist, Lemmy, Sting, and Peter Steele.
You young'uns must not remember keeping the hot side hot.
I am honoured to even tie for third. I'm humbled and will give it 110% from here on in.
Yeah, it's insane. It's like they seem to think if they did a mod four years ago they should get every dollar the mod cost them back.
Great riff, possibly the most well known one, but you're way missing the boat. Notice he was tapping way, way before EVH made it famous.
You're well on your way to a new bass...
Thoughts on this? Keep in mind my need: https://reverb.com/item/864703-fender-rumble-15-v3
I was talking to my uncle who is a bass player and lead vocalist and been in gigging bands for over 50 years. His philosophy is that bass ties the drums to the rest of the band. Drums are mainly percussive (of course) and rhythm. Other instruments are mainly harmony and melody. Bass blends all four and ties the parts together.
That was all me, baby!
I always suspected you found vasoline useful.
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