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Here's the link from my order history but they've bumped it $30. http://www.amazon.com/Shure-Instrument-Microphone-Windscreen-Polishing/dp/B001I2GY1I/ref=aag_m_pw_dp?ie=UTF8&m=A3C1OYEM4FMOSU
I bought a bundle from Amazon Prime that included the Shure, a boom stand, pop filter, and cord for about $90 delivered.
That sucks! Had a similar thing happen to me once when ordering some of my particular stems. The box should have held six and only had three. I just emailed the store and they made right. Good luck on getting that last glass!
We've not bid out the whole thing yet, and we will, but I extrapolated from two data points. We had thought about maybe doing some pavers in certain areas to phase this project some. His quote for the per square foot installation cost was about 35% higher than the quote we were recently given for the same material. Then he told us how the pool and spa was where the biggest amount of dollars were. Well, you can search around the web for local pool installers and they...
I'd confirm or deny but that would be a spoiler.
Part of why we have a landscape service is that when I was a kid I spent whole summers doing nothing but mowing grass. At one point I did the church lawn, about three acres, our lawn at about .5 acres, my brother's at one, and a neighbor's at two. All with a push mower, of course, so I never want to mow another lawn in my life. Started the dance for our major project today. Spent an hour with the first iteration on how our property will be laid out. We liked most of...
Would this be a good example of someone posting up at a house party?http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2014/05/25/article-2638543-1E2ED97E00000578-390_634x580.jpg
He was a past generation GreenFrog but he managed to be at once even more douchey (ask Kabbaz...and who currently has The Tie?) yet more likeable.
I would really like a certain youtube of Proud Mary to become available for viewing again.
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