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When possible I prefer to pick from an allocation list. I do belong to a couple that send out hostage wines but I really dislike that situation. I am actually cancelling my Booker membership due to this and his pricing getting stupid.
Saw a very nice looking M4 last night parked outside of the place we had dinner at last night. The plate read, "M Four," and I immediately pictured GF driving it.
Yup, that's been talked about in the reddit thread for several days. Really twisted shit. Latest guess is some school project.
Dill is usually associated with American oak.
I really, really want. http://coolmaterial.com/food-drink/the-home-moonshine-kit/
I speak it...I just don't write it!
I thought you might enjoy this.Last time I caught up on it apparently someone has pulled some posts as there's the predictable heat starting to happen. Odd how it was shot in Poland.
Maybe both.
Is this ready to drink yet? What to expect?
Rush is releasing the R40 full length concert film 11/20! I know what I'll be watching TG weekend on the new home theatre system!
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