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I'm guessing "runner."
I was never going for the wood look. There's a wood burning fireplace there right now so I'd stick with the real thing. I am not a fan of gas fireplaces that try to not be gas fireplaces.As to stud finders...I can't use them as they always point to me.
Okay, I've seen folks comment about the "13.1" and "26.2" bumper stickers here. This morning I saw something that blows this away. A personalized license plate, "5K RNR.". This is something so awesome you need to put it on your license plate?
Yup, a glass material. There are actually LEDs underneath and it lights them up quite nicely. It's a pretty cool looking thing, all in all, and it's not trying to be something it isn't, i.e. a wood burning fireplace.
I should not have done that. Not this year but it's going to happen.
So went to the place that sells fireplaces today. Thinking of this fireplace for the house:
Why do I feel a penis joke is contained in this statement?
Have an okay acoustic and have an Ibanez semi hollow. Heck, my Tele rings out quite nicely acoustically. I just don't like to be in my guitar room when it's in disarray. I'll get it done this weekend or next.
When I worked midnight shift we'd punch out and hit a bar at 6am. A real dive bar with crushed ice in the urinals. Pissing me off: just spent two hours reviewing a document for Monday because one of my directs screwed the pooch and didn't complete it by noon yesterday per my request but sent it at 7pm last night. Yeah, that's going to show up on his review.
So talking about pedals...vs. working on the LP can I just use pedals on my Tele to get good metal? I've got a Big Muff Pi and an OCD drive right now. My amp also has a gain channel. Maybe I just need to go play more. I've not played for a few weeks as I had to tear my guitar room apart a few weeks ago and that involved unplugging my pedal board. I've not had the time/energy to go get the room set up again as I've other work to do in there first.
New Posts  All Forums: