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Trust is.
Indeed. We have a new GLE in the garage, and if I return to MB in December, we'll also have a GLS.
Have an allocation for Continuum which is Tim Mondavi's latest effort. $600 for a three pack. I'm thinking not.
FWIW, MB has reclassed things and there's no more ML, MLKs and such. All SUVs are now a G something.
I thought Beaujolais was for the poorz? (I keed. Love cru.)
What is this "day 2" you speak of?
I once read a review that compared a classic muscle car to a Toyota or Lexus in a head to head driving thing. The author referred to the Toyota or Lexus as "the appliance" and that has always been my thinking since then.
This was just to make me chuckle, wasn't it?
Is today just another day or the day the pullback began?
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