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I have a moral turpitude clause in my employment contract, of course. When I asked my attorney to define this his answer was, "If it's not dead hookers or live boys you've really nothing to worry about."
When it's probably the single most important event in history? Yeah, you sure as fuck do!
When it comes to your livelihood always better safe than sorry, IMO.
Not trying to sound snarky but some folks, like me, have various professional licenses where breaking laws can have a real impact on one's career. Also, those of us with ethics/moral clauses in our employment contract, could face some severe negative impact outside of licensing. All the laws surrounding medical marijuana at least get you covered around the contract issues...licensing I'm not so sure.
There is a host of folks here better equipped to speak to this but isn't the main goal of this to get commercial banks to aggressively lend money? This is to fight stagnation and deflationary pressures, isn't it?
That reminds me...I need to look into a medical card. I'm just concerned of the impact it might have on my various licenses as both the pot card and my licenses come from DHS. They say the pot list is confidential but I don't believe that for a second.
WWB (100 rounds) of 9mm or .40 cal used to be $10-12 bucks at Walmarts. Now they are in the $30'ish range.
The 718...what's the SF collective's official opinion on its looks? I need to know whether to praise or diss it when talking to a friend this weekend.
My job, as I'm sure is similar with many of you, can be 65 hours one week and 35 the next. It was a relatively long week for me Mon-Thurs, think I put in about 48 hours, so I'm working from home today. Plan to workout in an hour or so and should be at happy hour by 4:30. I'd be there earlier but Mrs. Piob doesn't get home until 4:20.
What is a fluoride stare?
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