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Holy shit, Tipper as FL. That would have been awesome. Can you see the Dee Snyder rants? Hard to tell what type of world we'd be in but I do think my scenario of deep recession in Gore's first couple of years and a 9/11 type event happening in that time would have injected some pretty big chaos into the world too. Remember, a way to take down the Twin Towers was in the works from the time of the first attempt in the 90s under Clinton. Those people that think another...
No, we stagger them. I also prefer December as you can build to order and be assured of good lease rates. I already told her that this lease gets extended a few months to get her back into the December time frame; I'm due next December.Yeah, Volvo lease terms are for shit. 42% vs. Benz 55%. Volvo obviously does not want to be in the leasing game at this time.
While I think some interesting cross voting is going to happen this November I also think anyone the believes Trump has a chance in hell is delusional.
HB raises a good point about gas and I think we can assume other things like coal powered electricity would have been taxed to death at this point. Folks also forget Clinton's much bragged about dotcom prosperity got handed to Bush as the dotcom bubble going "kaboom." I think we can safely say Gore would not have partnered with Greenspan for that soft landing. We probably would have seen economic hardship equal to, but prior to, the housing collapse without...
Well, nothing exciting here like exotic super-Porsche, or soon to be hard to get Japanese classic car....but Mrs. Piob is going into a GLE (the former ML.) She's very happy. I have to say the redesign is a noticeably superior vehicle to the previous.
Being in such a backwards place as the States is roughing it. /why
Seriously, Avril is pretty hot but there's thousands of FC chics that look just like that and have been at least since the 80s (when I started on the prowl.)Fellow Canucks, am I not right?
An LD post suddenly makes much more sense.
If I was suddenly financially independent I would spend the first six months merely decompressing from having to earn a living. Once I became accustomed to the feeling of not having to give up most of my week to pay for the rest of my week I might feel completely different over my next steps. However, from today's POV, my activities might include: *immerse myself in the world of wine...and maybe in wine itself *spend more time making music and gain more knowledge of...
New Posts  All Forums: