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I call bullshit. Has anyone else heard of this "Maillard Reaction?"
So for my OD pedal. How about a Fulltone OCD, an EHX Soul Food, or maybe a Timmy? Also, where would you put a Line 6 DL4 in the signal path?
So they don't taste the crap. Toss that salad.
42 is the answer to the universe.
It's also amazing what spreading out your meal over an hour or more will do for satiation vs. quantity. Richness is also a factor.
Okay, if you all want to put me on ignore for what I'm about to do I will understand it...I'm about to link a Guy Fieri video. My only request is you watch enough of this video to see the recipe this restaurant came up with and tell me it doesn't sound pretty damn tasty. [[SPOILER]]
Sipping a 2011 Willow Creek Cuvee by Villa Creek. 70% Grenache of which i think 50% was whole cluster. It's in a good spot right now.
Wow, that Iso-brick is priced well too. $150 at Sweetwater for example.
Thanks and appreciate the advice. Plan on ordering that Pedalboard this weekend. Think I need a second power supply at this point too. What about a power strip for things with special adapters, like a Line 6? Do I need some sort of power filter?
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