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I get 'em for the hip-slapping. Just saying.
It is a pretty big operation but usually they make you live as a woman for several months before doing it.
So we've gone from several hours at 220 kph+ to a few miles at 250 kph? Just trying to keep track of things here. Good to know us non-German folks are getting these cars just to show off.FWIW a few times a month I get about 50 miles of highway where I can open up my SUV to the fullest. I think you're off base thinking only Germans can floor their vehicles.
If it went down anything like what the guest is saying the waitress is either an idiot or a douche. When someone tells you they lack knowledge you don't try and sell them the second or third most expensive thing on the menu.
The Skeeve Meter is off the charts.
So unless you're saying this is the normal German's driving pattern it's probably not an issue for the average German owner either nor are you doing "several hours" at 220 kph.
LOL, que?
Ah, gotcha. Yeah, I can see that.
Fancy Mac&Cheese has been with us for some time, so as much as I love hipster hate, can't really pin this one on them. Is the several years old phenomena of fancy grilled cheese from hipster culture?
"Ish" is clearly your new ish.
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