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There was a distinct window that proper management of the situation gave the 60 votes needed. However, even Obama the Beloved was getting pushback from some Dems, which just goes to prove my premise is correct, that presidential power is limited. Some Dems were getting bought out at the cost of billions for their vote, again proving my point.
Our prior house was similar. Rented it out for nearly four years, a light cash flow negative, sold about flat but then this year's tax return was ginourmous due to accumulated deprecation and passive loss (that was the plan). Factor in buying our current house way under even what the deflated market of early 2012 was and we wash out way, way ahead. Sometimes the whole picture is far more positive than just an isolated snap shot.
* Most importantly continuously yell, "But officer! I'm NOT resisting."
A Trump backer?
You weren't there and for all we know he did not comply immediately with a lawful order.
The kvetching of the low information left is actually kind of sad. I keep explaining to people that we are electing a president and not a king. I try and explain that a POTUS only has so much power and must deal with the legislative branch. This usually yields the result of, "They'll do ANYTHING HE WANTS!!11!" I then explain how both Trump and Cruz are rather disliked by the party machinery and point out even Obama the Beloved could not get his version of Obamacare...
Sort of true. If we wanted there is much equity we could tap and we also get to live here so it fulfills a utilitarian purpose. In addition we also get to enjoy living here so there's a qualitative benefit too. But yeah, that gain is unrealized until sold. As we bought well under the appraised market value at the time it was like exercising a stock option to buy "in the money."
http://www.aljazeera.com/news/2016/04/18-soldiers-killed-abu-sayyaf-philippines-160409152756284.html Abu Sayyaf clashes with army, decapitates four soldiers.
A house in our development recently sold for about 320k more than what we paid for ours in 2012. That house has about 1/2 the land, is about 600 sq feet smaller, and doesn't have a guest house. I'm thinking were good.
Hence the Suey Park reference, old man.
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