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I heard there's less crime now because of abortion on demand.
Not everyone that takes exception is antisemitic, obviously. However, differential treatment does give less than an objective cast to actions. For instance, while Harvard is being pressured to divest any investment it's multi-billion endowment might have in Israel that same treatment is not being applied for pressure to divest from other countries doing similar or worse things than Israel to the Palestines. If Harvard was being pressured to divest from all countries for...
Oh, forgot this: durr.
Nicely edited out the part about the entire American Anthropology Association I see. Would you deem the direction of an entire discipline in the academy is taking as "anecdotal?"The American Studies Association, the Association for Asian American Studies, Native American and Indigenous Studies Association?You might disagree with my opinion but my opinion is not unfounded. Additionally antisemetic articles and cartoons are not an isolated event in university/college...
Good, because you are.
Hmm, when I click the link in your quote of my post it reads as it should read...not sure what happened there.As to the antisemitism in US universities...if you don't believe it exists I can't help you. I have been following a Jewish friend of mine, she's a Ph.D. professor in anthropology, and their association (American Anthropology Association) is in the middle of voting whether to boycott Israeli higher education or not. She's lived in Israel for years in her younger...
Don't get a car to compete with friends.
That's not how this new "study" defines thing. You're just saying that 'cause you're racist.
Agree it has nothing to do with Hillary's intelligence but it certainly shows some Hillary campaign people are about as fucking bright as Obama-boy people. Also, all the likes and retweets certainly show Trump does not have the monopoly on idiots as fans.
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