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You guys are arguing with the wrong person. Abortions are the best ROI any of my tax dollars ever achieved.
And we're off!
Is cool.
If you believe abortion is murder it all makes sense.
I thought early ballot requests were over? I'll look into an early voting location though and stop by if it's convenient. Honestly, there's nothing I could vote for that one vote is going to change and I refuse to vote for either major party candidate.
Central vac ftw. They seem to get hate for some reason but easily the best and most convenient system I've ever used. I just wish I could talk Mrs. Piob into a house keeper once a week but she's oddly resistant.
Exactly. Sunny and 40 = sunroof.
My vote is not going to change what happens in those elections, and the only local thing I'm really worried about, will happen in the city proper and I'm outside the city. There's really no reason I should subject myself to this.
Expense account happy hour @ 3p
New Posts  All Forums: