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Employees fire themselves; management merely enforces policy.
I mentioned a few weeks ago about getting a 300k donation. A few lawyer phone calls later and we have a pledge form agreeable to all...that's been signed.
Agree with all this. It's easy to help "them" when it has no impact on "us."
The best lies mix in some truth.
Interesting to note northern cities tend to be run by Dems.
They've probably been sued because someone cancelled, saying they have another policy when they didn't, and then something happened to said house and the idiot tried to hold them responsible.
Cellar Tracker. A place for every bottle and a bottle for every place.
So black ghettos are the willful creation of blacks?
Hurr durr?
Go to a decent wine store, and if the help seems knowledgeable, get a bone dry Mosel Riesling with minerality.
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