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Do you use beans? Ain't no chili if'n it's got beans!
I know Peay gets mixed review here but had a really nice 05 SVD Syrah tonight with dinner. Drinking very nicely.
You realize there are time stamps, right? Think on that.
Like you could hit one of my nerves. Darling, you are so cute.That reply came so quickly upon mine. How long did you sit there hitting refresh?
Well, the point would be you're not using my words, you fucking beta idiot. Try and keep up if you want to play with the big boys.As to the AEs...way to miss the point.Not going to mess up the thread wiping the piece of shit you are off my AEs so let's just stop talking as I don't want to make you cry.
The last non-luxury vehicle I owned was a Nissan Titan. I was in for an oil change and someone changed their kids diaper right in the sitting area, rolled up the diaper, and set it on a side table. I kid you not one little bit. Now, that's not a common occurrence, but really, how many times do you need it to happen not to want to be in the same place?Talk about a dick, you constantly mis-frame and misrepresent everything I say. You're just a passive aggressive arse. I...
I am a harsh elitist. I do not want to share the same service department as people that live in trailer parks (and their screaming brats).Also, I care next to zero about the "perceived status" of my vehicle. If the perceived status were high, but the vehicle was either a piece of crap or a poor value proposition, I would not drive it. Sometimes things have a certain perceived status because they are costly due to high quality.
Pics or GTFO.
He's always struck me as very Canadian also. Might be because he's so cool.
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