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I have about a dozen vintage martini glasses I've thrifted from Good Will, etc. They certainly did drink smaller portions back then.
I can't wait for happy hour tonight. Headed to a place that uses Reyka vodka (HELLO WHY!) and stuffs olives with house made maple smoked lardons. Then I shall go home where Mrs. Piob will have two big ribeyes ready to grill and a nice salad made.
I always suspected you really knew how to party.
I think Harvey needs to weigh in on this.
Jump to 4:25
2011. Drinking very nicely. Whole cluster on the Grenache for sure. Syrah adding dark fruit and structure. Have a few more and will revisit in a year.
Unless it is in brown.
A recent one. Too young, didn't want to pop it, but our host insisted. Great, rich nose, deep fruit and firm tannins. The one behind it was an 08. Drinking really nicely.
On the higher end I've recently had a few Cayus and they've all be killer.
At least in Ontario the provincial government sets how much a landlord can raise the rent every year. One of the first successful persons I had to "model" on is a friend since 1986, about 15 years older than me. I've listened to him bitch about this yearly for 30 years now!
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