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I thought you paid people to do that? And why are you using a stall to piss?
HB, sucks about your car window. Solidarity. Shitting: men are fucking pigs. Who the fuck leaves piss or shit on their toilet seat at home? Why the fuck do you do it in public restrooms? Single best thing about my office? I have my own shitter. Kira, could you be more beta? When a woman is telling you she's gone down on other women she wants you to fuck her.
When you're as loaded as Jet you have other people shit for you.
Dood, Olaf is "a Viking with a Ph.D. in Norse history." You really want to tangle with that?
LOL @ sidewalks.
It's a California thing.
That's the type of guy that runs a stop sign, and when you honk at him for doing so and skid to a stop so as not to hit him, gives you the finger. I hate those people.
If I was going to engage on it I would also point out three grown men ganging up and making these unprovoked attacks is the classic bully scenario and most Internet atheists are also big on anti-bullying.The Viking stepped on his dick. All he had to do was simply ignore her or make a non-committal rejection. Instead he had to show her who was on the right side of history. Sadly for him even people on the right side of history can get into legal trouble when they're so...
So my adult nephew, a militant Internet atheist, has already emailed me this link telling me how much he supports this company. I'm sure this will be all over Internet atheists FB: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/trinity-western-grad-attacked-for-being-christian-in-job-rejection-1.2791323 TL;DNR: girl graduates from a Christian college and applies for job. The "Viking" she applied to not only rejects her application but goes on an anti-Xtian tirade. He...
I would point out to them that the Temperance Movement managed to get a Constitutional amendment and that led to giving organized crime the power to build empires that basically are still in operation today. Oh yeah, and the amendment got revoked.Just because something is a "social movement" does not mean it makes sense or is a net positive for society...nor enduring as it turns out.
New Posts  All Forums: