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Police have guns, backup, and need to get home alive. They can tell you whatever the fuck they want and arguing should only be done in court.
Just so I'm clear, the World Trade Center either was either not a terrorist attack, or less people died than in the OK City bombing? Or it was done by a white man?
Guy had his hands in the air and was walking back to his vehicle to basically assume the perp position from what I could see. However, we don't have the "full context," and obviously, if all those police cruisers were scrambling to get there, he was guilty of something.
Sorry to hear about the pup, Gib. Pets are such a part of our families.
I honestly don't know who that is either.
Really wish I was financially independent so I could spend more time and energy on this stuff.
http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-37409451 Merkel and her party are handed another blow at the ballot box. She is not back pedaling on migrants and her previous policy. Proof the ballot box actually can work.
I love watching people rationalize things.
Well, I did spend years around Dearborn, MI.
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