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I thought it was Tsai Ing-wen that called Trump?
As my prior post should have indicated, me and D00 are cool, and I think he's a good guy. And cute. In conclusion, fuck you all /blackplantano (just for HRoi.)
Paging @lasbar
They really need to stop using the term "bird" as that's a slang for a wombyn in more than one country.
If Trump were a bit more astute he's start a list of all the companies that have relocated/expanded to the US from Canada and crow about that.
Is that relevant to determine the state of mind of the officer at the time of the shooting?
I know how he feels.
Sadly she's quite correct in saying there's really no such thing anymore as "facts." It's very depressing but it has been that way for some time now. This is just the first I've heard someone defending a president (elect) by so blatantly pointing out everything is now a mere matter of opinion, and of course, all opinions are of equal worth.
He seems like a solid guy and I'm sure will soon be back to not taking me seriously...like everyone else.
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