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What's confusing? Didier was the force behind that wine label. Gome, who I know is a huge fan, specifically said "his" wine. There's no mistaking who that's referring to.
I think Bisco needs to PM some of us the story so we can decide.
In the G&L line up which model is the analog to the Fender J bass?
So can we say Ed has managed to phail at weight loss?
If we can get an update on pB's dick we might have a real contest going.
You have left over skin from being 6'3" and 240? What were you, 110% bodyfat? I'm way older than you and do not crack the 6' line and do not have extra skin.
Yeah, but that's not "his" wine.
I love that gadget!
I actually have some money to deploy and think a biotech index would be a good idea (based on my intuition). BIB tries to get 2x the return of the biotechs listed on the NASDAQ. It started in 2010 but seems to have been stagnant in its last quarter. It jumped several percent the other day and I feel there is still more upside.
New Posts  All Forums: