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Kind of over the hill for you isn't it?
I always felt you two shared certain aspects.We need a 'Gut post with hot semi-nude women.
Our master bath has a large walk in shower with multiple shower heads/panels. I highly recommend sinking some money into that type of setup. Agreed on tubs. We have a stand alone big whirlpool tub and I'm the only one that uses it and that's about three times a year which will no doubt go to zero once we get our spa outside. The thing is the absence of one is seen as a negative at resale.
I have a stupid Eve 6 song in my head now.
That is not what Ace Frehley says.
That would lead to follow from what I said. Your Rush comment however was the former and not the latter. Edit: L'Inski, I'm surprised you do not have an affection for Rush as the members of your favorite band certainly do.
Some of your posts are more nonsensical than others.
Moving Pictures was huge the year she was born.
I was just reading an article that included the factoid that the rock and roll HOF has a Beyonce exhibit. That place really needs to change its name.
Not sure the exact size, but they're big, but travertine in our master bath and we like it. I'd love to have the pavers in the backyard be all travertine but they're considerably more expensive and we're looking at about 2.5k sq feet out there.
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