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All my cash is on Manton.
I have to agree with J2 and G. Either take it with the thought going in you're there for a few years, unless you leave for grad school, or don't take it. You can still go on that month of travel then come back and start looking again.
Someone is going to be getting a visit from the Secret Service. Make sure you have clean underwear on when it happens.
Weekend/vacation workouts > all.
Are you feeling the same way?
Am I a bad person for finding a little joy in GF's inability to be happy with his new job and probably sabotaging himself?
Is the intern your new work wife?
Not just women but all staff, in all positions, were like that in the government office I worked in for 18 months fresh out of grad school. I figure it's common behaviour in work places where people make low salaries but are very under utilized. Don't get an observation that coalesced this morning while driving to work: People in their 30s and 40s that drive handicap plates. Older, somewhat beat up vehicle that was a cheap car the day it was built. I figure these are...
It's like BMW fanbois.
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