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So again, outside of weight...drawbacks? At 5'11" and 97kgs, with the intent for pretty laid back riding, I just can't see getting worked up over 150-200 grams.
Forgot to mention what a great Tele in that L&R video from 1983-4.
I know a couple that met on EQ back in the late 90s. Have two kids now.
Their website says 3k and then they'll probably be shipping on top of that.Question about the lamp: is the length of the arc adjustable? Part of why the Arco is tempting is it seems to have the longest reach which is paramount for my seating area.Also, my floor lamp purchase shall be the last purchase. Still need various tables, day bed, and two chairs.
Floor model, authentic. If I buy a floor model does this disallow me from the Cool Kids club?
Or "daughter."
True on some items, not true on others and there's also matter of degree. Those loungers I bought, at 1.4k each, are solidly built and of good materials, and I don't think comparing that purchase to an $80 lamp of obvious dubious quality is equivalent. The Arco also seems to offer increased function as it's the arch that is important to me here due to the room dynamics. Also, I've found them for 2.1k
I was thinking more like this: I like the base far better and there is a tension to the arc.
I'm seriously thinking of an Arco lamp for one of my seating areas.
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