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I honestly do not know a single thing Kanye has ever done. Granted I'm old, and rap was never a popular genre to me, but not a thing. Immagonna tell you the truth though...I love a good crunk bass.
What's the consensus on temp and time for duck leg confit?
Indeed it is. Also sort of fitting considering the 808 was invented by a couple of Japanese guys.
I was jamming the 808 in the 313 back in the day. Now it's all about my DAW and controller board with some live guitar worked in.
The whole "baby bump" thing. Now it's "the fashion bump" and "the fit bump" and I'm sure every type of "bump" you can think of.
You are being trolled. Your general instructions for us to research something we're all well aware of was funny. I'm just a duffer but you've got two or three folks in this thread that are Michelin level chefs so it was sort of cute. No offense intended.
Yup, add a degree or two. Been awhile since I did it so can't rattle off the temp. There's a few folks here that can though and they might chime in.
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