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I had my first sip of hard liquor in 2015 on Saturday night. I was 100% dry yesterday and will remain so until I have some wine Thursday night. In the first 19 days of 2015 I think my total consumption would be equivalent to the usual Friday and Saturday of 2014. As a result I have lost five pounds.
It has been many a year since I watched it so it is quite possible someone did and I am not remembering it. I could certainly see you in Hollywood out of any other member of Style Forum.
The Chronicle TV Series, S1:E7, Only The Good Die Young.
That's okay, when I visit home, I get the occasional accusation from strangers that I'm American.
So if you were going to deploy new money into a biotech index fund or index ETF what would you suggest?
I have a southern accent.
She's mesmerizing.
It is not soup! I call bullshit!
That video is ten minutes long...any chance you could annotate it?
Looks great. That buffet at Circus Circus never lets you down. For me tonight, decidedly more downscale than the above. Sriracha lime wings on the Traeger. No sticking, wings were crispy and tender, nice bit of smoke on them too. Loving the Traeger.
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