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BC, that was a good link. So it seems those folks are living the dream. Their dream as it's certainly not mine. I think they went about things intelligently and they seem genuinely happy with their lives. I think that's great but it's just not for me. I could not imagine Mrs. Piob and me living on 40k a year even if that's at 0% taxes. It seems US society just loves the extremes and almost fosters them into being. You have the people with negative annual incomes,...
So this is pretty cool. Tele-style guitars made of reclaimed wood from Detroit buildings. They name the guitar model after the address the wood came from. http://wallacedetroitguitars.com/
Korova Milk Bar?
More sad than pissed off...today is the birthday of the best friend of my youth. Lost him several years ago in a sudden manner. Sleep well.
Did our resident drunken lawyer end up in purgatory again?
Cool write up on the DL-4 and modding it. https://reverb.com/blog/7-best-dl-4-mods
If I get an overstuffed leather bench, and you ever come to visit, that is where you will sit to drink Paso Robles merlot.
I was talking about needing a floor plan for Foo's new place but your guess for me is probably not far off.
Nope. You were still making tasty food and I was still stuck being middle aged.
I think we need a floor plan.
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