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Really? Because I've in the last 30 years I've been in a whole bunch of Asian homes, probably the majority of them FOB or first gen, and that describes the vast majority of those homes. In fact, to get it right, you have to add plastic covers on the furniture for about 25% of them. Duck feet is nothing when you compare it to goat blood.So, on to furniture: "euro-lounger." Abomination or legit?
Thanks on the phone call. What Buda said but I actually wasn't thinking of Ted. I was thinking about the original crew (and Lane).
I missed that. Where did that come up?Btw, notice all the former partners are either dead or have left McCann...except Don who returns. (I'm assuming Roger left given he seems to have run off with Marie).
Now we're into ambiguous, IMO. I'm going to lean to the thought Don did change, as we've been beaten over the head relentlessly by Weiner for years that Don is incapable of change, and the last 20 minutes give us Don engaged in change. He obviously went back to NYC, as McCann had the Coke account, and we can assume a different Don was probably a better father and person. Joan's ending...I had the feeling all along that guy was going to leave her but it looked like I...
Stitches, Tony was whacked. That scene really left no ambiguity in the least if you know anything about how scenes are constructed. Honest. Don's ending. No one has summarized it properly yet. The man who could not change, could not catch up with the times, finally caught up with the times and created his crowning glory of achievement. The last 3-4 seasons one of the major themes has obviously been Don was stuck in time/not changing with the times. In the very last...
Now, I'm not a maritime lawyer, but pretty sure you cannot modify a rental agreement during its term like that. Upon renewal, sure, but you agreed to your end of the rental agreement back when it went into force.
Tannins for sure but do not grip the tongue. Some floral/eualyptus notes, cherry/dried cherry, maybe some mushroom. Colour was dark, dark garnet and it started to brick a bit by the last glass. Not in my usual wheelhouse but enjoyable enough.
Don't make unless you have the Peychaud's. A completely different drink with and without.
^ Watched those a few years ago. I hear they did another season after a hiatus. Need to go see if it's on Netflix yet and if it recaptures the magic. Was very entertaining.
Making me melancholy: five years ago the Little Pixie of rock died.
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