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Yup. Had the big suite and it rocked. We ate and drank very well for very low prices. Velvet Tango Room, Lola Bistro, Crop Bistro, Greenhouse Tavern...
My student loan payments are far less than the chagrin and impotency I would feel if my parents had to pay for my education.Then again, if I had low T, I would be accustomed to those feelings.
I would totally live in Cleveland. We actually stayed in an urban B&B there a few years ago by Western Market. Had an awesome time.
Possibly one of my best ever catches.
I know this feeling very well.
Mrs. Piob has always maintained the reason you know cats are inedible is because none of her relatives have a recipe for cat. Black dogs are apparently a thing amongst Filipinos in Hawaii though.
If you've been doing that all day it is ordained what you'll be doing all night.
Sometimes part of being a consultant is taking the blame when things fuck up on the client side. Suck it up.I hold my cats in much higher esteem than I hold you. If a situation came up where I had to pick between harm to my cats or your death my cats would get chosen.
FY14 in the books and Compensation Committee approved bonus.
Cycling most certainly pumped up my entire lower body. Thing is I spent probably 25-35 hours a week on a bike back then and that's a deal breaker now.
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