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Did anyone comment on the chord progressions and/or their voicings?
I see the Bern is calling for DWS to resign as it's now clear she and the DNC were out to tank him. This has been a great election season so far. The only bad thing is we already know it's going to have a horrible ending.
Will this hurt or help his case for asylum?
"Hey guys, you say there's 'systemic racism.' What 'system' are you talking about?That's hurr durr.If you're trying to say LD doesn't feel there's racism in "the system" (HEY, WHAT SYSTEM!?) I think you are misreading him. And if you think you have an "intellectual handhold" that addresses the many cases in this thread without regard to race? Well, can't help you there.LOL, you say that like you think you could stop me, or anyone for that matter, from looking at who's...
Is he gay? NTTAWTT.
Forget what Repubs would have said...think of what Michelle would have done to him!
Can't help it...those damn critters are apparently everywhere and you get points for finding them!
Can't pick Warren as people could not tell them apart in a photo.
Does anyone else remember that uncomfortable period where Tommy Lee tried to become relevant again in the late 90s/early 00s and went sort of grunge/numetal?
GF is an expert on girthy things in his mouth.
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