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Also, I'm not a big timer like HRoi.
No, just test drove it while Mrs. Piob was taking delivery of her new GLE.They've really made the 2017 something sweet and I would love to have it. Sport+ mode = super tight ride, zero body sway as the system cranks up the compensation so much it's rough like a sportscar, and the torque from 900 rpm is gratifying. Rated at 4.9 0-60 but Benz is always conservative with numbers.
LOL @ BBC liberal bias headline:It was a two man race and the "far-right" guy got 48% of the vote. That's not much of a rejection IMO.
Hodor = bloody
I have two Vinotemp units. One is about a 600 bottle that lives a spare bedroom and looks like this:And one holds 350 or so bottles and lives in our formal dining area. It looks similar to this:Ours is dark brown, only the two middle doors are glass, and I have the cooling unit right side mounted so it can go against the wall and the vent faces the adjacent wall so is unseen.Graphic, Riesling can be bone dry.
@Ty_Webb remember it doesn't matter the quality of the wine unless you store it properly. About 1/2 way through Somm 2. So far a much superior movie. Way more about wine vs. studying to be a master somm. You can stream it on Netflix. Edit: Notable bottle last night was a 2005 bottle of Bodegas El Nido "El Nido." 70% Cab Sauv/ 30% Monastrell. Still huge but fruit falling out a bit and getting tobacco, pepper, wood smoke, leather. Really something I wish I had a...
Why do you insist on stating the obvious?
Hodor = Innagadadavida
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