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It didn't; it took just one ep. Some people took a season to realize it was good but that has nothing to do with the state of goodness of the program.
This one is fairly esoteric. Bruichladdich Distillery, an Islay Scotch producer, makes a gin they call "The Botanist" with botanicals gathered in the Highlands. It's distilled in an old and rare still, a Lomond still, and is the only gin made in Islay. It's a decent gin, does have quite the nose to it, and about as esoteric as you can get. Will come in way under your $100, about $40-50, so you can afford to get him another bottle.
I'm sort of the opposite on The Wire. If you don't like it by the end of the first ep you're probably not going to like it.
Preachy shows suck and The Wire did not suck. Treme is unbearable for me.
She's insufferable because she thinks she's smarter and cooler than you are and wants you to know it.
With the maid participating.
Talk about the demi a bit?
Tu Seras Mon Fils Not only an excellent movie but revolves around an excellent topic.
All the McD's there have it. That or Portuguese sausage with rice and eggs.
M, PM me your address and Imma gonna forward you some 100% Tannat from Paso next week. Speaking of Paso, getting ready and had this tonight:
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