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Okay, why is he paraphrasing a saying I've used for years? (Everyday I'm 6' up vs. 6' under is a good day.)
Got results back from annual physical and blood work. Clean bill of health with all blood work in reference range. Clean living, boys.
Who is Pitbull?
The nice thing about a bagger is I can bring work clothes with me and change at the office. Damn, I want a bike.
Damn it was good. Did a little glaze with some shoyu, Dijon, garlic, and olive oil. Used pecan wood on the Traeger. It was wonderful and accompanied by a farro pilaf.
If the blessed event should ever happen (I get a bike) I'll look at both. As I plan to maybe ride 3-4 times a month it's not like I'd need more than one pair.
How much to Maples go for?
Copper River is running.
Do you guys wear any clothing with body armour pockets? Kevlar jeans?
New Posts  All Forums: