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As BC said leases seem to start at 10k and the residual delta is tiny. It's mainly a function of time in those first three years that causes depreciation. Even if they wrote a 5k a year lease it might be lower by 2% and that's about it.
What does that mean?
Good shaker bottle suggestions?
Say "hi" to Bilbo:
There's more than one place down there?
You said "German cars are poo." Full stop. Then added something about out of warranty. If you want to say they are not poo for the first 36 months we have no argument.
So about 25 years of MB driving between Mrs. Piob and me and they've been great cars. Her one Lexus? Far inferior. Also the ownership experience with MB is superior but that could just be a local/isolated phenomena as dealerships no doubt vary.
Yeah, I make those myself (no homo.)
While my douchemobile can be described thusly it was presented to me as a negative and not a positive. I would also go so far as to say my douchemobile does some things excellently. It's definitely hard to beat for overall comfort/luxury and really excels at long road trips.
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