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About the same cost as the Sport which is faster and has more room.
I have my annual physical in two weeks. Thinking of finding out my T just for shytes and giggles.
I'm actually feeling meh about cars these days. Lease up in 12/17 and thinking of buying something more pleb like an Explorer Sport.
Put salt in his feedbag...he'll drink the water.
Just reviewing some of my positions. Bought a big tranche of QQQ in 2011 at $47.77 and today it's over $117 and been paying dat dividends. I know that's child's play in this thread but I'm good with it.
And of course the Dems not so big on the First at the moment (in regards to Wikileaks.) How strange.As usual...it's all about who's ox is getting gored at the moment.
Having lunch tomorrow with my favorite 88 year old attorney. Driving over to his office and we'll probably walk the three blocks to have lunch at his favorite place. I so want to be him when I grow up.
AMEX concierge is always worth a try to get you in.
Oh come on. She's on her period and is the article still getting red lined? SF, you suck.
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