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LOL, a CNN headline on #trudeaulogies reads, "Trudeau's Castro comments reveal complexities." Dreamy new PM the media is in lust with puts foot in mouth and is provided cover.
Watched the first ep last night...no spoilers.
You got me for a second there, nice one!
The inspector needs inside my house to see we have the doors leading to the pool properly alarmed. Stuck some battery powered screamed up with double sided tape as them ugly and noisy fuckers are coming off right after final inspection.
Getting a little hibbelty jibbelty over an inspection. He was supposed to come out day before TG but arse suddenly decided not to come in to work that day. I need him out here before Thursday, at a time either me or Mrs. Piob can be here, so he can inspect things like our doors that open to the pool area. Thursday they're due to shoot the plaster which means, if I can get this inspection, it's fill up time this weekend. The softscape, irrigation, lighting, etc. is...
Piece work is a sucker's game!
Yes, it's clear leading ardent supporters/haters to believe Russia might have actually rigged the election is a minor thing.Btw, I've seen many happy demented people. Don't be so quick to use it as an insult.
New episodes of Gilmore Girls on Netflix!
They are more than "a waste of time;" they fuel the thought the US elections system has been suborned. Just like Trumps latest idiotic tweet.As usual, things are cool with you when everyone agrees with you, but then you toss a hissy fit when not everyone thinks like you.Manichean fucking idiot.I also call bullshyte on your stunted fucking cranium having two thoughts simultaneously.
New Posts  All Forums: