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IDK, last time I flew my nuts were lovingly fondled by a porky Hispanic man claiming to be with the TSA.
What most politicians say vs. what they really think are two different things and I do think some politicians have walked out of a debate thinking their opponent got the better of them. Trump would never think that.As an example I can remember Al Gore commenting on his first debate with Bush. I think even he poked a little bit of fun at himself over his heavy breathing in the first debate.
Didn't the Patriot Act remove any expectation of privacy?
Well in that case my money is on you.
Wait. Wut? That's a troll thread?
So started making flash cards for the certified exam. Anyone a member at guild somm? Before I pay to join I want to know if there's practice test questions available.
Next time just start yelling, "HE HAS A GUN!!" and toss in some, "STOP RESISTING!" as you beat the shit out of him and you'll be fine.
The best part is he's going to be completely convinced he smashed it no matter how badly it goes for him.
Said the old man.
http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsbeat/article/37456449/top-modelling-agent-says-male-models-suffer-big-pay-gap-compared-to-women Male models make far less than female models. Why? Because patriarchy.
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