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Okay, this is no good. I came home to find they've started laying the travertine. They've laid 400 sq feet or so of it directly over my existing cement patio. Didn't wash the cement, no mortar, about half the tiles shift and wobble when stepped on. I just emailed the PM and asked him what was up with that.
That is a very oddly shaped head. (TWSS!)
The US pretty much officially became one in 1988. I mean, the presidency is about to get handed to another Clinton and there's already talk of Michelle running.
Too much Manichaean thinking.
Sounds like he's going to have about 10 or so couples over, at last two of which I know.
Just so we're clear, you are picking up my wine bill at Urasawa.I also don't think I can make it to the tasting unless I can move something on my schedule.
Holy crap! Just was invited to the home of one of the state's biggest wine distributors. He's having Lynch over and tasting through a portfolio. It's a Tuesday on the other side of town though.
I do believe the positive externalities of a well functioning public education system are undeniable. Sadly it will take much more than just fixing education though as schools don't exist in a vacuum.
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