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They are officially not following the book. I have no idea the story line but they're not off'ing the most popular character in the show after four seasons. It's Martin that likes to kill off major characters...TV producers hate that and they are not free to do what they want.
They're not going to kill off the Hound in the TV show.
In the next couple of weeks I'll zip tie a nice low profile powerstrip under the left side for the obnoxious EHX adapters. I also want to get an LED clamp on reading light to shine on the pedals. Next is to start stacking reverbs and delays. Looking at a Wet next maybe. Has anyone here played with an Eventide H9 yet?
That's the Ernie Ball MVP volume. Comes with an out for my tuner pedal, so it's always on, and also I can get up to a 20 decibel boost (I keep it at 0). First impressions of the OCD are meh. No hate but no love yet. It was total love when I bought my very first pedal, the Muff. POG 2 + Carbon Copy + Super Ego = some awesome easy drones. I don't know if I'll have time this weekend but I really want to record some droning and turn them into pads.
Okay, don't pay attention to placement, etc. as this is just an initial iteration to judge the signal path. I've also noticed many youtubes of guitar stuff at home has a cat in the video so I included one trying to decide if the pedal board was scary or not.
Large beehive in my eves to be removed. Full perimeter installation of special metal vents that cover the "bird hole" style vents in place, special screening over all my roof vents, covers at either end of my scupper pipes, etc. etc. Yes, a nice 1.4k bill on a Friday afternoon.
Could be worse. Does she employ an overload of vocal fry?
I'm more interested in the pieces and agree about the room itself.
Making me chuckle: vanity plates where the driver is so devoid of imagination the plate is referential to the car. "MY VETTE" "300 Z" "BMW 4 ME"
Sorry. I was honestly momentarily overcome by the thought there was something I found nice that was not currently being ridiculed. I actually like some of those pieces.
New Posts  All Forums: