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Reminds me of Bernie's staff and supporters.
So I see "Gays For Trump" Milo was banned from Twitter for racism today. Is Twitter homophobic?
God I hate that trope.
Best of luck to Son-of-Vader on the next attempt.
IMO there's a balance. Have to be responsible but also need to have some fun as people do drop dead.
I have a direct, in his mid/late 50s, making six figures and does not even have a 401 open. Has garage sales to pay down his credit cards so he can go on vacation and max them out. Sold his house to pay off some debts, so now rents with a payment equal to his old mortgage, but still has maxed out credit cards. I try and suggest he's committing financial suicide but his replay is always, "I didn't marry a saver."
You do realize your pillow talk is just made up stories on his part, right?
I would never steal your job.
I was talking to a long term Harley rider and he tells me to expect to drop another 15k in chrome and whatnot onto my bike when I eventually get it. I told him he's eff'ing nuts if he thinks I'm dropping 23k or so on a bike and then another 15k in stuff I'm rarely going to polish and in no way improves any performance aspect of the bike.
I've really enjoyed St. George pepper vodka. It tastes and smells so green and chile peppery.
New Posts  All Forums: