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Had a Shockwave plug-in crashing my browser last couple of days. This is across at least three locations and four computers so do not think it's on my side.
Overall, good movie and actually not formulaic. I called the big hidden secret early in though.
We need you in DT. Have you ever considered life in a kibbutz?
Excellent post.
That would be a piss off...but congrats on approval. Btw, who the fuck are you? I used to know a guy...
The ever so serious look on all their faces is so funny.
Planet Fitness would bounce their ass so fast!
I would never have pegged you for a World Star participant.
How to prep them? Just the heart or the whole thing is what I'm asking.
Overall I really like it though. I don't think one has to like every single facet of an example does one?
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