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I just want to see her naked.
Those little munchkins as the Sand Snakes was probably the biggest fuck up in casting they've made yet. They could have at least hired some gymnasts so they'd have muscle tone and move like fighters instead of people that look like they'd trip on a curb.
Why has Leelee Sobieski not gotten more work?
Alarm...when someone texts or calls or there's an alert, etc. Screw that shit I'm trying to sleep.
More, "I don't get" than pissing me off but people that sleep with their phones on the nightstand turned on. Mine stays out in the kitchen.
Sorry to hear about this. I give employees time off for dead pets as I think they can mean that much to people.
If there's a difference in "interior decorator" vs. "interior designer" I was probably shooting for the later. I learned something today!
You're simply incorrect here.To your first comment, I said I lack knowledge in interior design, therefore wish to retain someone with said knowledge to present me with choices I would not come up with myself. Why is this hard to understand? It seems like a completely non-controversial statement to me. It's like being inexperienced in clothing and asking a tailor to help you pick out styles, materials, colours, etc. that will suit you best.As to the bolded I see their...
If Bronn dies I quit watching.
I am pleased to see other folks agree someone trained in the area of interior design/desecration should bring choices the average Joe will not see. I am unsure why Foo is obsessed and convinced people hiring some help indicates they are somehow looking for social approval.
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