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Spec house? Cucks.
Grab 'em by the pussy?
I am sure if Trump has a war it will be the best war ever, JUGE, in fact, you'll agree it was the best ever.
Everyone actually does believe at least part of the media...the part that agrees with their general world view.
Well, the Dems have been gloating for about 20 years that the demographics indicate the US will one day be a one party state...in their favour of course.Agreed on the bullshit with the SCOTUS nomination. All the Repubs involved should be recalled.And Obama and Holder just announced gerrymandering should be the Dem goal for 2020.
G'luck on that one! Agreed about scum that torture animals.
Just like "fake news" must conflate all police shootings so as to dilute the whole topic and attempt to get folks to defend that which does not need defending.
Will be interested to hear what you think of it in a week or two.
No, you folks do that all by yourself. And btw, I've freely admitted here many times my intelligence is sub-par. I have no hang ups over it and feel no need to hide it.
New Posts  All Forums: