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I think it's as much of a manifestation of man vs. nature as anything else, not just on the psychological level but on the reality level too. If you've ever spend time in the great wide open it can wear on the nerves. You never know what's out there, as you said the wind, and animals prowl the night.
Haven't courtyards been a feature of many dwellings built in the middle of nowhere for centuries?
That looks pretty interesting. On the list now too.
HRoi, really sorry to hear this. Puts my bit of being pissed off, returning to work Tuesday, in complete perspective.
Looking into getting a good blender. Vitamix vs. Blendtech?
The finger independence thing is not my problem. Mine is my old hands are a little stiff so big stretches, like that one I ran into in EBYT, cause me a problem.
Well we know it wasn't Conne.
Wine and fish tacos. Thought we saw Panera Girl though.
On the West Coast right now and out for some morning shopping and exploring. Saw this and thinking of Conne made me smile. Should we go here for lunch?
First sign of old age. Next you'll want people off your lawn.
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