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You might want to rethink this position as I agree with it.
So I can put you down as one vote for "good?"
The Las Vegas Hat Tricks
It's been a few years. Is this ruling good or bad?
Thanks for that info. I've only used the ones I suggested in a non-helmet situation (like rock concerts ad bagpipe playing.)
Check out Etymotic Research ER20. Available on Amazon for about $10-12.
This is a great justification for ruling out an entire class of motorcycles because it's just such a common event (I'll assume your use of the term "Harley" was really representative of a bagger.) I won't even bother replying to the thought a Harley purchase is "all about showing off."Everyone should just drive what calls to them and not waste time creating contrived scenarios as to why people make choices other than your own.
But 13.3 bullets per second!
Great area too. Stay in Healdsburg for a similar feel to Paso. It's bigger, more expensive, more people...but still pretty damn good.
New Posts  All Forums: