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Eggs and shoyu on rice with Portuguese sausage?
Were you on either end of that transaction?
On some level this is where you went astray. IMO, there's architects and then there's "architects." "Architects," whether from professional success already achieved, or from inherited wealth, (a fairly material portion of "architects" in my admittedly limited experience), need only hire clients that allow them to design for the sake of architecture. As this thread is about "architecture" what you have proposed here might not be as correct as you think.Then again, I'm...
Moving is the male equivalent of going all the way.
That ship sailed a long, long time ago.
Are you still at the coffee shop?
Is "smeg" short for "smegma?"
Do not. If these assholes think it's okay to just steal your plate like that imagine the "lesson" they might feel entitled to give you for filing a complaint. They've got the power, they've got the guns, they sound like bullying assholes. Bad combination to mess with.
I always get a good feeling when our total investments get into the next 100k. Just added things up and we moved into the next zone by 1.3k. It was unexpected as every time I look at the ticker these days the indexes seem in the red.
Iso is their flag ship wine. I shall be doing a back-year vintage tasting at the winery next week.
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