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They eat a lot?
Saw the funniest thing this morning. Older Mustang, stupid looking fiberglass ground effects/fender flare package, badged "GTR," personalized license plate of "Godzilla" (can't remember if it was spelled correctly but it was clearly the message,) and quite obviously had a 4 banger with a fart can for power.
Mothers and Daughters + The Lady in the Van. Could not finish either. Had hopes for both due to the names in the movies but blah.
I bet you've got a landscaper...
That they sweat a lot?
Cuck is fucking up another thread it seems.
Trust is.
Indeed. We have a new GLE in the garage, and if I return to MB in December, we'll also have a GLS.
Have an allocation for Continuum which is Tim Mondavi's latest effort. $600 for a three pack. I'm thinking not.
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