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I like that it resembles lobster-claw boy.
Welcome to the dark side.
How did it feel?
Well, boys, the old man's knees were never much good to start off with and I've developed some chronic plantar fasciitis. This means my days of treadmilling are probably over so I thought I'd get an elliptical. We've been very happy with our Nordictrack treadmill and thinking of going with them but they seem to prefer an 18" stride only. Anyone have an elliptical? Insight into stride length?
I cannot find any information about a math professor dying at Rowan College.
What did he post to elicit your initial wrath?
The article bawlin linked calls it a GLE (it's even in the link you quoted) but I thought it was the GLA. On the Benz website it's GLA and I remember my SA calling them GLAs so I think the article might have it wrong.IRL they remind me more of the RR Evoque than the BMW X6. All three of them are too small for me so eh.
The GLE is news? I mean it's been on my local MB lot for weeks.
You just need to develop your trading intuition.
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