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Did you watch the video and see those incredible guitars of his?
John 5 is his stage name that stuck with him from his Marilyn Manson days.
Here J5 talking about his Teles, including showing one of the original Broadcasters:
Just the thought that someone "desperately" wants to talk to a complete stranger about that = punchable.
Foo might have a guy that can help with that.
Yes, his Franken-caster is one of the more iconic Teles of all time. Have you seen the ones Johnny 5 plays?
Has not been out of its case for two months. The playability of the Tele is just much greater it's hard to pick up the Epi.
I'm actually very happy with the sound of my Tele, in fact, I would go so far as to say I've really bonded with it. I do not think I would ever touch the bridge pup but the neck one is my issue. I'd like to see if I could improve that. Maybe do a Keef and put a bucker in there?
Tiny women you can impale on your prick and spin them.
That's how Elvis went.
New Posts  All Forums: