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Does this strike anyone else as some sort of appeal to authority?
IMO can't compare an XC90 to any Subaru. Just IMO and I have no dog in this hunt.
Well, that's a snappy retort after being handed your ass.
Been tracking IBB since someone here mentioned it a year ago January. Wow, glad I did not buy into that!
I was of course referring to an economy that actually matters, i.e. the US.
I've been busy and neglecting this thread a bit. I see ISIS has been busy too and hundreds, if not over a thousand, injured and dead in the last several days.
Saw one that shade when we test drove the XC90. It's a fucking awesome vehicle IMO but they need to get a marketing plan. They need to break out of their current niche, which I define as the cheap female college professor, and get into the crowd that leases luxury vehicles. The shitty residual and money factor indicate to me the HQ actually actively discourages leasing.
Agreed on that but two issues:First, he should not have gone down and steered the other MP bodily away. If his predecessor had done it would have been assault.Second, if his predecessor had done that and accidentally bumped a female MP? Holy shit it would have been the "War on Women."
JFC people misuse logical fallacies these days. That was not an appeal to authority fallacy. When a person actually has authority in an area it's not a fucking fallacy. Now, if I said, "Of course this guys knows about cars! I mean, he's a doctor," that would be a fucking appeal fallacy.WAFM.
http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/trudeau-conservative-whip-1.3588407 Justin Trudeau whoops ass...including nearly decking a female MP. Video included.
New Posts  All Forums: