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Need more tutorials.
The kit included all the LED goodies too.
I sometimes think about starting a FB account and then I think that, based on what I see in the FB threads, people are going to post a bunch of even stupider shit than what I read here. Worse yet, these folks will be folks I know in real life and actually like. Knowing that would probably change I stand down.
I was reading an install article on under counter LEDs a few weeks ago. They have a kit where you open up an existing outlet along the counter, put in a bigger box with both an outlet and switch, and drill a hole up under the cabinets out of sight where the wire will come out for the LED strips. Looks great and not hard to do.
Room service for breakfast when at a conference always makes me happy. Conference breakfast tables are always full of muggles.
Most truffle oils have no truffle in them. True story.
Sucks, man.
Another reason I know Neo isn't really Canadian: Coffee Crisp is the best bar ever.
Cuz you keep replying to me, fuck wit.
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