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Oaked Sauv Blanc = Merry Edwards. Should be about $35.
Does this in any way differ from your Sty-Fo bro's advice?
Can it be a Napa Chard? You should be able to get one of Berringer's better bottlings for $30 and that's the Chard Ian Cauble messed up on in the original Somm movie. If it's good enough for MS folks it should be good enough for your tasting group.
So here's the lesson you need to take away from this: in the long run very few pros beat the market. What chance do us mortals have? They're not sexy, not exciting, don't show what a player you are...but low expense index funds are the way to go.
I'm getting upset at TH. Really good juice but the pricing is just getting ugh. Actually, a lot of PR is getting that way and I'm not happy.
Not tried their wines yet. There's certainly some I didn't mention too. Jack Creek Cellars I think is an up and comer, venerable Eberle, Opolo produces drinkable daily wines, Law is getting some press (the tasting room/winery is SF architecture approved,) Chateau Margene, Denner is top tier but I forgot to mention them, Sextant has a range from cheap to good...Man, need to get back there again!
NAL, of course, but have worked with a re-org twice now. Pretty sure shareholders are the very last class to get paid anything in a public BK and I can tell you the laws about who gets paid in what order are pretty clear. It can also take a very long time to get anything, as in years. Don't make your choice based on a possible recoup from a BK payout.
Well, I'm going to have to bow to your first hand experience here...
Not sure how to tell you this but...they probably are boys.
To the thought of formula = bad:
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