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When I was riding seriously Litespeed was pretty much the only people you wanted to buy Ti from. Aluminum was big and I was riding a Trek. Stiff and light but harsh ride.
People that brag about riding a "metric century." A century ride is 100 by god miles and not kilometres.
And I'm an old man. I did the ultra stiff, twitchy geometry thing in the 90s. Just kicking this around a bit in my head. Seems like Lynskey is a market leader in this space at the moment.
Geez, don't pay attention to cycling for 15 or so years and a once premium brand has apparently gone to hell in a hand basket. Litespeed is apparently second rate now.
Outside of the actual utilitarian nature of cycling clothes I think folks just want to fit into the crowd. Don't underestimate that functionality though. The sewn in chamois, the elasticized bottom of jerseys so they don't ride up, the rear pockets, the gloves padded properly for cycling...it's easy to get carried away but some basic clothing really does make the experience better.
When I cycled it was pretty all encompassing during the season. Every Saturday in the season was an organized ride somewhere with members of the club I was in. Leave at 4-5am (depending on how long of a drive to the location), then a century ride, then drive home. So pretty much your entire day on Saturday. Sunday was always a 30-50 mile "breakfast ride" so the breakfast took at least an hour and there goes most of your Sunday. Wednesday nights would be a 30-50...
I would never do a tandem, and when we used to ride together we made a point of not matching, but this is kind of rich coming from someone that participates in the douchiest of all frat-bro sports except for possibly US lacrosse.
I used to be majorly into road cycling. I'm willing to bet I'd beat you in a flat half century right this moment.
You fuckers talking about road cycling have me pricing bikes for Mrs. Piob and myself.
Do you guys use trekking poles? I always at least strap them to my pack and break them out immediately when it's not pretty well packed and easy trail. A couple years ago Mrs. Piob and I were a few miles into this canyon and I stepped on a rock that rolled out from under my foot. If it had not been for the poles instantly taking most of my weight it would have been a pretty sucky hobble back out for me.
New Posts  All Forums: