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Because vaginas are icky.
I did not leave negative space.
Sazerac. Un Emile Blanc Absinthe to rinse the glass. 1 oz simple syrup 2 oz Wiser's 100% rye whisky eye dropper of Bittercube Blackstrap bitters (cinnamon, molasses, clove, sassafras and sarsaparilla) Orange twist. Damn, this is so full of aromas and flavours. Okay, on third one now. This is an awesome combination.
Feminist outrage. WTF, don't you guys have another emotion besides outrage? Man-hating doesn't count as an emotion.
Yeah, part of what I'd pick Cleveland is it sits on Lake Erie. Boating on the Great Lakes is awesome juice.
No doubt you're correct and the vehicle in question was bought 2-3 years old so "the other guy paid the depreciation." A nice three year old Honda Accord for instance. I actually endorse that move for folks like school teachers and social workers. Let's face it; I could spend less on cars. Seriously gave that Ford Explorer Sport consideration given I could have gotten into one for around $500 a month taxes in. Thing is I have a 30 minute commute and it's part of my...
Car payments...if you can get free or almost free money why not borrow? Take leasing an 80k car for three years. Say you talk the dealer down to a cap cost of 72k and the residual is 60% so that's 48k. So your monthly cost of carry will be:(72k + 48K) x money factor. Current MB money factor in this case is .001 with autopay. So your monthly cost of carry is $120. If you paid cash, and managed to get down to 72k, you'd have all your taxes up front, and any other fees....
WTF? That's Sammo Hung.
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