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I also think we need to distinguish between the institution and the individual actors. I think we can comfortably say that theoretically we're all pretty equal before the laws today with no/very little de jure discrimination. However, the aggregated acts of the individuals that make up the institution in question do yield a de facto systemically skewed result. That's more or less what many of us are pointing out.Add that in with your (correct) claim that the state is...
We've been pulling back a bit in a number of ways and the cash on hand left at the end of every two week pay cycle is eye opening. Let's just say we're "padding our savings" if ya know what I mean.
Get the pros in and treat this very seriously is my best advice.
Gracie continues to grow like a weed. She seems to have found the crook of my arm as the best place to sleep. She'll plop herself down, get comfy, and start purring very loudly and occasionally give a little trill of happiness (Siberians are known for trilling; it's very cute.) The only negative is she likes to jump on her brother's head. BG does not appreciate this even though he currently weighs 3x what she does.
He gets 1% medical care. Pontificating about how great socialism is, and how much capitalism, guns, and Bush sucks really pays well.
It's hard to be Michael some days.
It is depressing. Wait until you find out only one of them really gets to keep each friend, and the alternative scenario is even worse, where they each try to keep you as friend and then inevitably want to discuss the ex with you.
The German bar bomber recorded his pledge to ISIS before blowing himself up. I think we can safely categorize that particular event.http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-36882831
I don't think Trump even carries all the states that typically go red. Indies skew conservative, and are the real action at determining who wins in many states, but I think they're either going to stay home or split their vote with Clinton. And if anyone thinks I'm predicting a Clinton victory as I have a bias for her...well...
Not very seasonal but I wanted to give cassoulet a try. I did not confit the duck but rather browned it in duck fat and fat rendered from cubed salt pork (salt pork when into the pot too). The duck was perfect, the skin so good, and the beans were creamy and so flavourful. It was a bit of work to get going, but once in the oven, no effort at all. The house smelled wonderful all day and I highly recommend giving the dish a try.
New Posts  All Forums: