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This thread and the State Farm thread is most posted in by folks with less than 20 posts. Sort of interesting.
I wonder if Chiliin' Fool would do a start up?
Prediction: if assets controlled by the Foundation are counted the Clintons will die richer than Trump.
I see the Clintons have pledged not to accept foreign donations for their Foundation while Hills is POTUS and Bill has promised to stop giving paid speeches too. Anyone wonder if there's a skeleton in the closet concerning donations to the CF?
Initial numbers indicate about 1/3 of the entire country was watching; what a tribute.
One of my nieces, now in her early 30s, called the OPP and CPS on my brother when she was 15 or 16. He grounded her for the weekend for being caught drinking at school and failing some mid-terms and she felt it was child abuse. CPS actually took it seriously, and to my brother's credit, he simply told the case worker to remove her from the home immediately if he could not ground his child for such behaviour. The case worker was apparently counseled by the cop on the...
This could as easily go in hibblety-gibb but I prefer to put it here. If you don't get it, you don't get it. If you do, be happy. [[SPOILER]]
The fact you need to ask shows your apostate status.
Regulatory capture.
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