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I find my HOA rules to be very reasonable and have never had a problem. I look forward to years of forcing my neighbors not to be retrograde assholes.
Is that our own Imployt?
I never get depressed, too much T I guess, and I don't get what I'd call anxiety either. I do get a little stir crazy or angsty from time to time but has nothing to do with drinking.
Yikes, that is twisted. It's just like how SJW and such work.
I'm only aware of what reddit is due to comments here, so help an old guy out...what's "brigading?"
Okay, why is he paraphrasing a saying I've used for years? (Everyday I'm 6' up vs. 6' under is a good day.)
Got results back from annual physical and blood work. Clean bill of health with all blood work in reference range. Clean living, boys.
Who is Pitbull?
The nice thing about a bagger is I can bring work clothes with me and change at the office. Damn, I want a bike.
New Posts  All Forums: