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I was honoured to be part of a pretty big treat last night. Met up with two other couples at our favorite venue just a few minutes from the house. One of the gents has a pretty extensive holding of both Grange and Hill of Grace (pretty sure I've posted pics from his cellar here before.) He surprised everyone, including the somm, by bringing up an 86 Grange from his cellar. Holy shit. Thirty years old now and still a knock out punch. Mocha on both nose and taste and...
That's actually an interesting read for an architectural idiot like myself. I enjoyed the read on mass, weight, and voids.Also, very sad for some, after reading this I can safely say my place is definitely a mansion.
There's room to raise the elevation a bit so that's not the problem. In fact we no doubt want a bit of a grade from the house and then a bit of a grade from the pool. A "deco drain" needs to be placed parallel to the house and pool (they're parallel to each other) and the water directed under the wall on the side of the yard. The travertine are the same thickness but it's travertine so there's some pores, if you will, in most of the individual pieces. The PM has...
It's not only about "who" but more importantly the "how" and the "why." I don't care if Bernie Sanders was made king as long as the "how" and "why" was logical and beneficial for all. (I of course think that's beyond Bernie but that's not the point.)
http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/windsor/the-barber-s-chair-changes-policy-after-genderqueer-customer-complains-1.3816541A woman that is "gender queer" goes to men only barber shop, is refused service, puts on Human Rights Tribunal pressure and suddenly it's no longer a male barber shop.I have mixed thoughts on this as I'm sure she targeted the place. I went to a shop for men for about a decade and rather liked it. It's definitely a different vibe than the place I've gone...
I wonder if they're going the big plate vibrator (TWSS) route? He's just calling it "sanding in" and assuming I know exactly what the process entails. I still plan to stay home from work Monday so I can talk to the guys on site. There's also a paver right by the bedroom door sticking up enough to be a trip hazard and that's just not going to fly.
Staying home Monday and Tuesday to interact in real time with people.
http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-37731955 A French speaking region of Belgium is preventing a trade deal, seven years in the making, between the EU and Canada. This makes me chuckle.
These are about 2" but I just don't see how to get them level without a base of sand. Travertine is not like brick pavers and has mucho variation.
PM replied and said they lay it directly over concrete patios and then "sand it in." Don't sound right to me. At the very least I'd expect a base of sand to even things out. I'll be staying home Monday to interact with folks face to face.
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