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https://kutchwines.com/ Really enjoying their stuff and have had three different bottlings by them in the last week. 60-100% whole cluster and neutral oak in everything I've tried. Really different for a CA Pinot.
Seared some foie gras to start off dinner with. So good.
Most folks in the US that favour socialism also think medical tort reform should not happen, ditto tort reform in general, and certainly do not think their taxes should be raised...or for a material sized group that don't pay anything in federal income tax that they should start to pay some.Basically, "socialists" in the US think someone else should pay for their shit vs. thinking, "I'm part of society and I need to work hard to help support it."
Very creepy to me but should not phase anyone that believes in mandatory voting as they have in places like Oz.
Get rid of worker's comp and organizational professional liability related to the actions of my employees while they're on the job and I would agree with you. Until then piss in a cup when shit happens.Even with "at will" it's not like an employer doesn't have exposure for terminations. I can see some landmines for firing employees doing something on their off time that is legal.
I've met him a couple of times in his role as a winery owner. He is one of the most intense little guys you'll ever meet.
Wrong side of history, TS. It is well documented no one lies about rape.
Prince joins Rush in no price limit.
Pearl Jam.
Well, apparently they are about retired from big tours but yeah, they would not only be on the list but no price limit. I was fishing for backstage to the R40 Tour and could not find them.Metallica, PJ, Tool/APC, Tragically Hip (they would be super cheap in the US), Neil Young, Bruce and a few others.
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