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I also checked out the site last night and no Carmina.Also, don't use the word "curated" like that.
I think he's a Mexi-Asian (to borrow Larry's phrase).
I think that's only reasonable.
So where can I look into trying on some Carmina? How's the sizing?
If I was to make a change I'd probably go non-Asian just for a fresh start.
Does anyone else think L'inc and Neo would make an awesome couple?
Kid, did a few tweaks, but here's the basic recipe: http://www.traegergrills.com/recipes/detail/346#.VL8GbEfF_ws
Okay, now that HRoi has weighed in, I'm gonna look for Carmina.
It's a Scottish thing for me.
If you wait for sales and coupons you can buy AE firsts for $180-200.
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