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I live in by god America and we use F!I think we all agree shaking = ice chips and highly aerated. I noticed this bartender's martinis were exceptionally smooth and was just relaying his method. The fact I noticed they were smooth, and this was obviously what he was attempting, makes me think there's something there on an empirical level.
You are incorrect for two main reasons.1) Enthalpy of Fusion2) Freezing point 80 proof spirits is about 17FGiven this is also an open system, as you noted above, the ice will continue to melt. It will melt much faster in a Kobbler as the metal conducts environmental heat in and the shaking action adds energy to the enthalpy of fusion.Anyway, as to shaken martinis. See them all the time at bars and no one ever strains them. Ice chips ahoy.
Did the idiots not complete any due diligence on what they were getting installed? We did the entire house Saturday and it has not been this clean since we moved in. Not only did it vacuum substantially better than our previous upright it was easier to use and I did not have to empty the canister several times. This thing sucks like a mo-fo, is super quiet, and things move much faster.However, your initial criticism was being a "bitch when they break." I replied to...
So new method for martinis. Been hanging at a place I had tried several times about five years ago, but then for various reasons, did not frequent. Well, we're back in the saddle there in the last few months and plan to hang more over the winter. So to the point, the bartender there is very good. He makes a great martini and he swears his secret is in the wait. He uses a mixing glass, gives in a 15 or so seconds stir, let's sit for a couple of minutes, then another...
Just received an email from my cabinet maker. The last part is scheduled to arrive tomorrow, and if it does, he'll install Friday.
Ten years on the labour, lifetime on the parts. The company that builds them has been in business about 65 years. I'm pretty sure I'm covered. Can't see where they're more of a bitch than a regular vacuum that dies on a consistent basis.
People that want "extra resistance" and all that puzzle me just like those folks that strain along, using very bad form with their pedaling, in a gear obviously far too large. Cycling is about proper gearing, smooth pedaling, and cadence.
Furnishings would offer the relief I was talking about but I'm pretty sure that's exactly what folks with good taste do not want to provide. (Said with much love, happy to have SH back.)
[[SPOILER]] I'm not saying it's not a spectacular project I'm just saying that roof top is a bit too bleak. Someone above said a military beach bunker and I think they nailed it.
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