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Late night munchies:
Just had a bottle of 2012 Terry Hoage "The Skins" Grenache. A nice example of Paso style Grenache but a bit more restrained (if I can use the word in regards to Paso) than some examples. Drank without food in front of the fireplace. Got the munchies and decided to make French toast. So I pulled my last bottle of this out to go with it: Love this stuff.
Lulz, The Keg. I remember that was the big times in 1980s Windsor.
You know who needs a few inches of Reveller. Assert your dominance.
No kids here. I love where I live.
Max has forgotten us and I grew sensitive over criticism and Tony Roma pictures getting more love than mine.
I actually wasn't kidding though. I would not be surprised in the least if not automatically including collision on a car > 10 years old is the norm. Most folks driving aged cars are doing so for economic reasons and probably are pinching pennies for basic insurance coverage.
One of the things I truly love about wine is that something totally new to you and unexpected can pop out of nowhere. Checked out Total Wine today and of course no Sancerre rouge to be found...which makes sense given the Total Wine target market.
Insurance companies probably just assume no sane person wants collision on a car that old. They're not BMW fanbois and don't know how "rare" that car is.
Domaine Hippolyte Reverdy. Not sure I spelled that correctly.
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