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Justin is "youthful" but I don't remember Harper being called that.
Is 44 "youthful" compared to 48?
Is pB Slender Man?
http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-37146531 Many killed and injured in bomb blast detonated at wedding.
Luther starts off awesome and quickly goes OTT.
You mean Wrong and Wronger?
You should have stopped in to see GF and check out dat BMW.
Once you get a few weeks under your belt it'll be routine again.Had a shitty workout, was feeling weak yesterday, so dropped some pounds on my everything except triceps pushdowns yesterday. For some reason I blasted those.
So one movement with dumbbells prevents you from lifting again? As I said what decent gym would this be a problem at? Barbell benches, pec-deck, fly machine, etc?Besides, even if you want to do the dumbbell movement, just do it slow with extra strict form.
Looks like a a big Volkswagen CC.
New Posts  All Forums: