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No fair referring to me for a data point as it's well known I'm an idiot.
Members of the TP are not #1 on my list of likely terrorist actors but they're certainly in my top 10. (Don't tell budapest.)
"Rapid fire death stick" is what they're trying to convey.
Saying "semi-automatic rifle" would help people from assuming it was fully automatic, which as I mentioned above, I have anecdotally run into several folks that firmly believed this was the case based on what they discerned in media reports.
A quick scan of that Wiki link you provided, from 1990 onwards (recent US history) does indeed have the majority of folks killed and injured by terror attacks in the US falling to Muslims. ELF and those Army of God fuckers were nasty too.
I have a friend working at a Sportsman Warehouse and he says he can get me a 15% discount on a Bushmaster. Again, just so many damn models and options.
Hmmm, not loving the Mini 14 price and looks like I'd have to place the action into an aftermarket scary looking stock.
Will the Mini 14 chamber both the Nato round and .223? Ruger is way cheaper than an AR, no?
Don't be jealous; it's all about the hate fuck.
Budapest style deflection again. Learn some new tricks before you become an old dog.
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