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Just a few hours away. First epi's title is "Two Swords." [[SPOILER]]
Just saving GF saying MB > BMW for future use.
So not my imagination then?Edit: Oh, need something other than my Big Muff Pi for some dirt with the Tele. Thoughts?
The tone knob is much more meaningful on the Tele too. On top of that this one has the ability to override that circuit (Delta Tone) so you get a real bright, punchy tone when you do that.
What makes me feel this way is how damn clean the clean is. There's no comparing the bridge pup clean on the Tele with anything the LP can put out. The LP is much darker than the Tele.
^ Larry, we expect pics with posts like this.
Well, okay, I'm only back to playing since September after about 30 years off but I'm going to make a statement between my LP and the Tele. The Tele, for lack of a better word, exposes your playing more. If you got something nailed it sounds clean and great but if not it's pretty glaring you just fucked up. The LP is a more forgiving guitar.
Yeah, I have no idea why they did that. I've read something about easier/better to intonate, less twangy, but I've really no idea. I need to finish writing this report memo though so I can go play a bit. My fingering is totally off on this vs. the LP.
Some sunburst in the sun.
Tele is totally The clean tone on the bridge pup...I just have to say it...fucking awesome. I mean, rock star awesome. Action is very excellent, enjoying it overall. Working on crunch and OD sound but just playing around very warm and smooth.
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