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Anyone wonder if OPEC is driving Western producers into bankruptcy with a view to the long term?
Sure.Bernie wins tonight but Hillary declares victory.
How about, "We're pregnant?"
I've only looked at pics of the X4 but we've driven an X6. The X4 appears to have the same problem which would be near zero vision out the rearview window.We've both had them for service loaners and are pretty meh about them. This generation is superior to prior but still.
The older you get the more you'll realize there is a never ending supply of recent college grad douches.
Thoughts on X3? Plan on test driving one for Mrs. Piob this weekend or next. She says she wants something smaller than the GLE (former ML class) this time around.
If you fuckers would just pay your bills..
The sight was better for a couple of days but this morning it's back to hogging all my memory and freezing my machine up until I close the SF tab.
No one gets piled on like former darling of the feminist left: https://janeeatonhamilton.wordpress.com/2016/02/05/the-preludes-to-assaults/
Fat Tuesday and can't get good paczki like you can in Hamtramck.
New Posts  All Forums: