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Have I been an, "OMFG! Muslim socialist!211!!" person? If you feel I have please point out examples of it vs. reasonable and/or measured criticism.
You think Trump is going to let someone like you in?
GF has a transatlantic movement daily...then posts about it here.
I'm sure that's been said about you more than once.
Tim Cappella. Saw him live with Tina Turner and Brian Adams in the 80s. Rocking concert.
Abu Sayyaf on the move again! This weekend they beheaded a Canadian tourist they kidnapped six months ago.
When I was sad about Lemmy no one even knew who he was.
Bernie gets elected, this guy gets his taxes raised, is then interviewed on CNN saying he didn't think it was his taxes that were going to get raised and he feels betrayed.
Nah, brah, comment was rhetorical and not aimed at you. It's all good here.
Don't forget the Wildlings live in Scotland and "The Wall" is Hadrian's.
New Posts  All Forums: