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Life, she be good. My only grief is Mercedes has changed the engine in the GL 450 and my lease is up. How about you? Things good there? How's the guitar playing going?
Are you on it, the lamb?
Clan history is known. My paternal grandparents were from Scotland in the 1870s and my maternal side traces directly from the Isle of Sky (the independent kingdom we ruled for 300 years).
More or less via Scotland. Fuckers conquered much of it. Mr. Viking here could easily be my younger brother. Some folks here have met me and can attest to this. K-silk, you listening?
Go into one of the shitters and see if they try and get into your locked stall.
Fucking racist. Why you gotta hate Vikings?
High level clinical managers that are unable to think, i.e. 99% of them.
We will need screen caps.
Ed, one doesn't ban users; users ban themselves. It's how I performance manage employees.
I blame the ATM on too much Internet porn viewing.
New Posts  All Forums: