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It doesn't matter because you've just told us whatever it is it's unacceptable to you. No hot grungy sex for you.
I sort of get befuddled about any sort of cross ethnic/cultural thing like this. I know several Jewish folks that are really into everything Scottish to the point some have kilts.
Off the top of my head I can think of at least two girls with questionable hygiene that gave me some of the hottest party sex in my life.
Nah, I went the GF route and am now an Uber driver on weekends. Plus I get to meet cool people.
That sucks and really sorry to hear that, Larry. How's the MD-wife taking it?
Tired of my job the last couple of weeks but cannot afford to quit.
They told me those agave fancy bottles break about 50% of the time in manufacture as someone actually hand blows those things into the bottle. One of my favorite gifts to give is the Milagro Reposado in the presentation bottle. I believe that's a better tequila than their standard line too.
I wonder why you want to fuck up yet another thread by being an asshole. Actually, I think I have the answer: you're an asshole.
Put bullet in, point, pull trigger, bang. That's how it works.I thought I knew what DAO did, questioned my knowledge given some things posted, but turns out it worked as I thought it did. Is this not a great reason a thread like this exists?Unlike StephenHero you will not drive me away by being an asshole. Don't fuck up this thread.
New Posts  All Forums: