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When I was a youngster there was a very popular chain of "Mexican" places called "ChiChi's." I think the founder was a gringo from Wisconsin or Minnesota. I think a lot of folks believe that's actual Mexican food.
You said that like you thought your opinion on food is maybe something I'd give merit to. That was very cute.
You're for serious about eating tilapia?
I see Hillary tanked the biotech sector today with a tweet. If Candidate Clinton can do that imagine what POTUS Clinton will do to Wall St.
Give us some deets.
Hire a local. They'll probably work cheap too.
I would suggest, that since everyone in academia constantly complains about all the job politics, it's a method to insert said politics into the performance appraisal process so one can reward allies/supporters and punish enemies/detractors.
There is no try. There is only do or not do. /Yoda.
Just started The Almighty Johnsons while I work out. It's a campy, low budget series from New Zealand where a family of brothers are mortal incarnations of Norse gods. It's watchable enough it will get me through work outs for awhile.
Gomey is going to laugh, as I resisted used so hard, but look for a Tele on www.reverb.com That's where I got both my Tele and my J-bass. The Tele was three years old, in absolute mint condition, and I paid 1.4k under retail for it. Same deal with my bass and I only paid 40% of retail. You just have to be patient. I fished for nearly nine months until I landed that bass.
New Posts  All Forums: