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GF could learn from you.
There's only two places that I have not caught in outright lies: MB and Rover. I get lying is reflex for car folks but why do it when you know you're going to get caught? Why not just give me a lease proposal as I requested? Audi, Infiniti, Caddy, and Ford, all of them fuckers lied to me in the last few months of shopping.
Out of that line up, if they were playing their classic stuff, it's the Pumpkins I'd most care to see. If U2 had shown up, if they played stuff from the Joshua Tree back I'd pick them.
Escalade off the table. Why in the fuck do they insist on lying? Told the leasing manager several times, "No D-cap. Absolutely no D-cap." Wants 4.5k at signing and can only explain the license and acq fee. Won't show me the paperwork. Gee, do we think he's putting some d-cap in?
Did it in EQ too. Top level druid = power level service.WoW was just a handful of macros mainly aimed at buffing and healing the hunter's pet. Level cap in a few weeks.
TFF in that line up? My god, remember that song of theirs that was #1 for like 87 weeks in the 80s?
Exactly. I'm getting my $25.I also have a deal on an Escalade going.
What's wrong with this?
I figure 2015 is going to be the single shittiest year for the GL450. It has the diminished engine vs. the '14 and rumour has it the '16 will be getting a redesigned cockpit. I want my $25!
What's the pricing like on those G&Ls? Also, is G&L the company Leo started after he sold Fender?
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