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Doesn't it vary per amp what it does exactly at any given position?
Lefty's post tells me Ralph has been very rich for a very long time.
1) Not American2) Probably was cycling before your balls dropped.
What living male does not?
Hah! Admission the Blues Jr. is loud!
Apparently there is a new class of bikes: sportive. This is what I think we called "light touring" back in my day. Somewhere between a full on touring geometry and a more race oriented geometry. That's pretty much what we'll be looking at.
Ti is supposed to be the smoothest ride there is. Yeah, my Trek was brutal but it really transmitted the power. Was awesome for things like a highway overpass to stand up and just nail it.
When I was riding seriously Litespeed was pretty much the only people you wanted to buy Ti from. Aluminum was big and I was riding a Trek. Stiff and light but harsh ride.
People that brag about riding a "metric century." A century ride is 100 by god miles and not kilometres.
And I'm an old man. I did the ultra stiff, twitchy geometry thing in the 90s. Just kicking this around a bit in my head. Seems like Lynskey is a market leader in this space at the moment.
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