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Not tried their wines yet. There's certainly some I didn't mention too. Jack Creek Cellars I think is an up and comer, venerable Eberle, Opolo produces drinkable daily wines, Law is getting some press (the tasting room/winery is SF architecture approved,) Chateau Margene, Denner is top tier but I forgot to mention them, Sextant has a range from cheap to good...Man, need to get back there again!
NAL, of course, but have worked with a re-org twice now. Pretty sure shareholders are the very last class to get paid anything in a public BK and I can tell you the laws about who gets paid in what order are pretty clear. It can also take a very long time to get anything, as in years. Don't make your choice based on a possible recoup from a BK payout.
Well, I'm going to have to bow to your first hand experience here...
Not sure how to tell you this but...they probably are boys.
To the thought of formula = bad:
They eat a lot?
Saw the funniest thing this morning. Older Mustang, stupid looking fiberglass ground effects/fender flare package, badged "GTR," personalized license plate of "Godzilla" (can't remember if it was spelled correctly but it was clearly the message,) and quite obviously had a 4 banger with a fart can for power.
Mothers and Daughters + The Lady in the Van. Could not finish either. Had hopes for both due to the names in the movies but blah.
I bet you've got a landscaper...
That they sweat a lot?
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