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Yup, it's biting me in the ass but I had no way of knowing at that time. Either way MB loses a customer so fuck them. If he had dropped that $25 he'd have kept me. Now he's lost not just me but Mrs. Piob's renewal too and a lot of people will notice my change and I used to be a very good brand ambassador. Oh well, 1% problems, but I still feel like puking.
Fuck, I feel like puking right now. Why in the hell would MB think someone wants a V6 in a fucking full size SUV? I just checked the numbers and the 2014 was 0-60 in 5.8 and 2015 is 6.6. Who the fuck makes a model slower? Did I ever fuck up.
TC, awesome new ride! I've not been reading this thread and glad I popped in today. I was just emailing my guy at MB and am going to check out the 2015 GL 450 as soon as he gets one in. If all works out a new ride this December with that bi-turbo V8. Edit: Holy fuck I screwed up. I am really kicking myself in the ass right now. The 2014 model year gave the 450 the bi-turbo V8 and in 2015 the 450 only gets a V6! WTF? This could truly be the end of MB for me as...
My first trip to Vegas was about five or six years ago. Been heading back about every 18 months since. If you want to eat and drink very well Vegas is probably even better than NYC.
They do suck but this does not mean you're not getting old and less than hip.
Incorrect. Nek-nominations are.
Thankfully, pro-soccer is not "most ball sports." I mean look at bowling.
Yes, he is a burden.
Elitist. Do you know how many single mothers work 80 hours a week 60 weeks a year?
Doesn't matter. You travel, you buy swag. People born and raised in Hawaii do it too. It's like a burden.
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