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It's also on sale right now for Father's Day. I've had a Sous Vide Supreme for several years. Nothing but good to say about the SV Supreme but the Anova is more versatile, ultimately has more capacity, and you'll find yourself using it quite often.
Yup, cannot get upset with animals for following their instincts. You can ruefully kick yourself in the ass for not foreseeing certain events though (been there).
Looping is really quite the thing. I was listening to an older guy, mid 60s I'd say, do vocals and acoustic on a patio lounge. Amp, mic, and that little Ditto pedal and he was doing some nice work in a very unobtrusive way. Probably no one else there realized he was playing verses into the Ditto then layering on top.
See your PM.
You could just do a search for free backing tracks for practice. You can get bass and drums too. https://s3.amazonaws.com/guitarlessons-com/media/jam-tracks/12-8-blues-a.mp3
No learning curve.
pB, you're not going down the jazz route are you? It seems to me like middle aged white guys playing guitar often tend to decide they're "into jazz" or a "weekend blue's man." I'm still all about power chords for the most part.
Is that you posting, L'Inc, or did Ripthid take over your keyboard? I cannot believe you would say something so hateful but I can see that of R.
I think I peaked in Grade 1.
My biggest regret is being born into a white trash family in a white trash little town. I think I might have done considerably better if I have lived in a family above the poverty line while growing up. I wish that one of my best friends growing up wasn't told by his father at the end of grade 10, "Well, you need to pay rent or move out. Grade 10 is all the education I got and look how well I did." The father in question was a garbage man.
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