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I love this quote:Remove "anti-intellectual" and she just perfectly described candidate Bill Clinton and I'm willing to be she had wet panties for Bill back then. Then her direct quote is pretty much something Trump would say as WTF does being polite have to do with understanding NATO?
http://www.cnn.com/2016/09/24/opinions/cops-need-national-standards-for-using-deadly-force-pate/index.htmlVery controversial statement in this piece:
Okay, now this is awesome and easily the biggest over reaction yet. U of Windsor poly-sci professor declares Trump has "ruined political science." http://windsorstar.com/news/local-news/trump-has-ruined-political-science-u-of-w-prof-says
Ahem. From April 2015:
Hah! Jokes on...well...us.
Thread needs geiger.
I might make one suggestion. Move the tire to a rear tire position. Having a blow out on your steering tires is worse.
Point of order: starting with the Obama Administration Democrats do not "flip flop" on positions...they "evolve their thinking."Which, really, this what we should want in our leaders. There's saying something because it's expedient, "shit you say to get elected," and then there's a reasoned change in one's thinking. It's fucking horrible that politics is so tainted.
A spicy pepper jelly is great for making a pan sauce with when making seared duck breasts, IMO.
While I completely agree the estate tax effectively hits 0% of households, first they came for those that paid estate taxes, and I said nothing...
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