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Just because it's been deemed legal does not mean a person might not find it controversial. There is such a thing as bad law.Again, rounding everyone up and cuffing them just because they happened to be at event? Smacks of medieval "justice."
I mean, what doesn't "officer safety" cover in these situations? It's pretty much free reign to cuff whoever the fuck they want with impunity. We're really little better than feudal justice in many ways.
So where is "abundance of caution" on the officer's part written about as a reason to rob a person of his/her liberty?
Well, glad you're conceding cops just cuff people for no good reason. You're okay with this?
Just admit it...cops cuff black men for everyone's safety.
You can't have this both ways. Either witnesses reported the other guy was armed, and this is what the police acted on, or they just cuffed him for the hell of it because that's what cops do. The thought they shot him by accident,yet cuffed him due to reports of a weapon in the other guy's hands, are plain contradictory to the story you're trying to tell here.
For everyone's safety. Duh.
The cop that claims he missed and shot the therapist by mistake...was he using a hand gun or long gun?
So to the thought that dollar cost averaging and "averaging down" are essentially the same... DCA's basic concept is to ignore market timing or movements with scheduled purchases and the impact of DCA should be the average cost per share will be less than if one attempted market timing. "Averaging down" is based on the concept of market timing or the trader is in possession of information the market is not. I say this as the assumption is the trader feels he/she is...
IDK, broseph. I'm seeing, at best, a bunch of butter faces.
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