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Hello, L'Inc?
Did the procedure cure your hypochondria?
This sounds like reasoning only a cuck would use.
All I know is I'm pretty.
I'm pretty too.
2013 Two Vinters, Columbia Valley, Syrah. Wow, what a QPR. Great fruit, plush, not overly extracted but a little mocha. What did FP charge for this? $18? I'll buy a case if it is reoffered.
So no need to lay in extra Kleenex is what you're saying?
No, I'm smart. As I've posted several times her fear is one of the cats is let out by the housekeeping service and lost. Is it really worth risking a lifetime of being the cause of that vs. helping out with the housework a bit?
And for $20 more a happy ending?
God I wish I could talk Mrs. Piob into a house cleaner. Until then, central vac ftw.
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