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The Dowager Countess pwns joo.
They harvested all those fish via bait and tackle.
Mainly for In-D http://inpursuitofbalance.com/#/conversations
Got the initial quotes and drawings for our proposed wine storage unit. More news to come...
Thanks AK and DJ. Seeing what they have you in, AK, I'm having second thoughts. I have a work related non-qualifying retirement fund that my adviser has set up pretty damn close to that profile. I'm wondering now, if like what OTC is saying, the magic is in the low fees, gradual level of commitment, and the auto-pay nature of funding that is their strength. This is starting to seem like nothing more than an automated, low fee, low effort portfolio system for the...
I've not worked or lived there, and my experience is nearly 20 years old, but I did visit many times as it's not a long drive and Detroit and Chicago had some historic sports rivalries (particularly basketball in the 90s).It's a great city. Think New York at 1/3 the price.That's all I got.
So back to, "Are you one of THOSE husbands?" Here's my answer to that: I'm married to the person I love most in the world. Why would I want to bust the chops of the person I love most in the world over small stuff like a third coffee maker that will gather dust? It's not a financial stress on us, sure would not be to Larry Baller and Mrs. Larry Even Bigger Baller, so outside of a momentary internal head shake where's the damage? Don't bust the chops of the person you...
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