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Congrats on the car. Drive it in good health.
My observation was a general one and not limited solely to women that have been drinking. Also, the statement "alcohol is a depressant," while factual, is really without much in the way of meaningful content. Yes, it is a CNS depressant but well past the legal limit the side effect of this CNS depressant is increased sociability, decreased anxiety, increased self-confidence, euphoria, and a general state of well being.Seems to me like a perfect time to have sex.
Darling, you're a perennial favorite.
The word I used was "wretched."
This means all humans have a bun in the oven.
Said the little man that will die a virgin.
This reminds me...someone needs to start the DoTY threak.
Conne, we all know you're not buying slim fit shirts.
I actually had thought about getting a "wall bed" in one of our extra rooms or our guest house. There's a place locally than makes them so that they're a desk when folded up and a nice bed when folded down. Would seem like just the thing for a room that's an office 90% of the year but once in a while needed for a guest or two.
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