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So we have two prominent narratives in the media right now: 1) People voting for Leave had no idea what they were really voting for/what the EU is and does. 2) Said uninformed people are so motivated by the Brexit they are lashing out in unprecedented numbers to commit racial hate crimes. I find it hard to maintain both at the same time.
I blame chavs and Brexit.
Thank you for this: http://www.expressandstar.com/news/local-news/2016/06/27/urine-watch-latest-busy-day-as-three-caught-out-while-caught-short-in-walsall/
To tell the truth, my first thought was the use of the word "cool" was the problem as that's cultural appropriation.
Hmm, let me guess. The majority of kids acting out are dark skinned?
On some level because it was repetitious and on another level because it's actually sort of frightening.
You've never had a meat pie? My Froggie b-in-law would always make a bunch of tourtiere for Xmas and they were awesome.
Because he's an actual left winger and the establishment doesn't want that.
Brah, Ad Block +
Could not agree with this more and much of the populace is welcoming this with open arms. Just obey every order a cop gives you, as after all if he/she says it it must be lawful, and you'll be fine.
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