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I'm making home made ravioli but not having luck with my dough today.
For bait use peanut butter. Not only does it really attract them it's impossible to get it all without SNAP!
http://www.vegancats.com/In the video above, for some reason, I find the guy videoing with the camera phone even more punchable than the idiot broad.
Interesting observation. There's a product in sausage making, Fermento, and it's designed to immediately give sausage that slight sour/rot flavour present in traditionally made sausage. The old school stuff was made that way, of course, for preservation and even though we do not need it now it's part of the expected flavour profile.
Sorry to hear that didn't work out but you'll land the next big chance. Buck up!
Don't forget how morally superior one is for being vegan.
You forgot to highlight in brown.
Did a gumbo last weekend but I decided to do another this weekend as I have 10# of Andouille sausage I made yesterday. Today's was with the sausage and I sauteed some shrimp and tossed them in five minutes before serving. Never appreciated what a PITA making a good, dark roux is before.
About to watch Gandhi. I've always loved this movie since the first time I saw it in the theatre.
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