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Does anyone find this an apt comparison?
You're picking up what I'm putting down.
Just tossed this together tonight from freezer diving and the pantry. Grilled a couple chicken breasts and made some pasta with pesto, sun dried tomatoes, and toasted some pine nuts. It was pretty tasty.
I believe we defer to idfnl to monitor the level of BMW content in this thread. In the meantime please enjoy this youtube: [[SPOILER]]
Type of wine to put with grilled chicken and pesto pasta?
Can anyone see Edina as an Uber driver?
WTF? That shows a four door vehicle but they are indeed calling it a "coupe."
Also, as I said, apparently a material number of these cheapo folks want extra for free and get upset when they don't get it. My friend that owns a couple of upscale places says it's always someone they've never seen before too. So basically, not going to be a repeat customer, wants something for free, bad Yelp when they dont get it.
If you're that energetic I would say to start something that would lead to eventual passive income.
I'm actually pitching that new Volvo XC90 to her. It looks pretty awesome and I bet will come in a few hundred a month less.
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