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I still kind of like those bar stools I posted but I can just imagine what it's going to be like cleaning the cat hair off the iron work.
Glasgow kiss.
Okay, don't want a wave sofa anymore...I just priced it.
Unless you're constantly sparring I think every hit to the noggin is a weird experience. I can remember the first punch to the face I ever took, I can remember the first punch with a hockey glove, and I can remember the last time I got in a fight and took a couple of shots.I hope to never get punched in the face again.
I kind of want one of these now and I actually have the perfect space for it:
I bought a couple of Snarks probably 18 months- two years ago. I used to keep one in my case when I was going to lessons and one where I practice at home. Now it's just the freebie pedal but I'm not going to get rid of the Snarks. They also make nice little presents for kids that play guitar.
Broheim, don't ever post a picture like that again.
Speaking of "and still got it wrong" you have not figured out it was your grammar I was poking fun at there.
No, I took it as literal as I intended.
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