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On the Internet typical atheist is worse than typical Christian or Muslim. IRL is a different story but there's too many types of religious people IRL to generalize like that.
He's performed with them many times over the years too, so puts his money where his mouth is, as that guy could sit in with probably 100s of bands.
I missed all the speeches at the DNC and all the speeches at the RNC. Those DNC speeches need to be chastised. Talking of the US as "great" implicitly gets all judgey and that's not cool.
Surprisingly critical article on Hillary's speech: http://www.cbc.ca/news/world/ap-clinton-fact-check-1.3700142
Okay, now the typical Internet atheist bothers me quite a bit but this one was funny.
Jerry Cantrell is a fan so that says something.
Speaking of Bill...here's a little laugh everyone seems to be missing. Hillary bought the support of the UAW by promising to open the books on NAFTA (mainly to tariff away Mexico's competitive advantage.) Anyone remember what president signed NAFTA into law?
But your question was, "What did Canada produce?" It produced him. Also, it produced me.
This would be of note if it wasn't pretty clear the MSM is smoothing out the edges for the DNC convention quite thoroughly. Thanks to the Netwebs it's pretty apparent anything negative happening is being pretty squelched.
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