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Another alternative I hear works real well is to go find a couple of illegals to do it.
Think I've mentioned we've been using the same GC and her contacts for everything we've done at the house so far. Her painter came in for our fireplace project back in 2015 and we liked his work so we've got a pretty reasonable quote to have the whole exterior done which includes some refinishing of wood too, things like our front double door, and also includes the guest quarters. All repairs needed, Dun Edwards paint, 5k. Given the size of our property, and I know the...
WTF happened to this thread? The lunatics have taken over the asylum.
Was planned before the election so try again? And this is coming from someone that's not in a love-fest with the Clinton Foundation.
Paired this with a prime ribeye dinner, 130 perfect medium rare. What a great combo. When decanted the wine was brilliant ruby, vibrant with no bricking. I let it air out for about 30 minutes and just the very slightest bricking when I poured. White pepper, pencil lead, old leather, tobacco, and a light cherry. Tannins disappeared with the steak fat, and while it was bone dry, just so drinkable. Notable the lack of dill, vanilla, etc. that so many Riojas have from...
http://www.cnn.com/2017/01/14/politics/voting-wars-democrats-2020/index.html Democrats, including Obama and Holder, pushing to gerrymander a victory in 2020. Is it still bad when Dems do it?
Al Franken is saying he won't vote for Sessions. Why do so many people need to announce things that were never in contention?
You're full of something.
I need Dubiously Honoured status in this thread. I'll build a wall around it.
Very interesting and I had no idea. I'll file this away.
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