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No apologies needed as I feel you.
Nice to be on the same side of an issue.
If there's one thing I like about you it's your anger.
It's $15 bucks! Go for it and you'll be much happier as the bottom of a mixing glass, or at least a good one, is triple thick and very heavy so it's stable as you stir. I've got three or four and way better than the top half of my Boston shaker.
So no one likes my PSA for a $15, 26 oz mixing glass?
From the article this caught my eye:Nicely played, North Carolina.
More double nothing for half the price.
Okay, back to dealing with the systemic problems with race in policing.
In 'Murica there's only one answer to this: everyone involved.
I'm now thinking of the Mad Men scene for the "Executive Account" at Liberty Bank.
New Posts  All Forums: