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Just got revised quote for the yard. Fuckers did 3D rendering and a two minute walk thru in both day and night (shows off the extensive lighting and LED installation) and it's oh so tempting. 93k.
Jimmy seems to have lost weight and Hillary seems to have found it.
The worst thing is there's no legal recourse as it met "standard of care" in Ontario, and even if it was actionable, Canada's malpractice is not in the least like the US's. The caps on awards are quite small, as in, I think non-economic damages are 250k max.
I'm surprised he didn't pay a doc to put in his chart he's got a big dick.
Well, CNN has come up with the definitive answer to Hillary's opponents questioning her health. http://www.cnn.com/2016/08/23/politics/donald-trump-hillary-clinton-health/index.html Question Trump's health.
First, this took place in Canada. PCP played "wait and see" for nearly two years when he was having problems peeing and started passing blood. Finally gave him a referral when he started having some bad pain. From referral to radical prostatectomy was about seven months. Surgery center did not have ability to do frozen margin samples while he was on the table and they clearly missed some. Follow up was being told no further treatment was warranted due to his advanced...
If she was Trump, or looking back, Bush and probably Mitt, the MSM/left (@erictheobscure ) would be having a hey day with this one:It's a fucking multi-national registered in the Netherlands. They bought the epipen business from Merck in 2007, and of course, Merck is German.
I was once offered a pretty well paid and cushy job at a VA. If I had been a citizen at the time I might well have taken it and I would be within a few years of dat gubment pension.
Keep an eye on that. Also remember that by age 80 or so the vast majority of men have some cancer cells there...it's all in what "strain" it is. My brother developed a more aggressive strain several years ago, and thanks to it being mishandled, it is going to eventually kill him (it was allowed to metastasize.) I have my PSA checked with yearly bloodwork and low and stable so far.
Thanks for this insight. Yup, regulatory capture, rent seeking, etc. I believe the solution for this problem, that seems to have been caused through over-regulation, is most likely more regulation.
New Posts  All Forums: