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1) Poster, not posters.2) There was no discussion of purchases but rather a non-sequitur comment by said poster in #1.Edit: phone call and didn't finish my thought...3) Showing StyFo folks are far worse!
I was trying to not cereal shame my other esteemed posters.
Plebs. When you come post about how you spent an extra $3 because you've "hit your number" I'm going to mock you mercilessly.
Thanks for the rec. I cruised it for 15 minutes last night and will cruise it again. It seems some of the folks there are involved, to one degree or another, in the "live like a pauper for 25 years so I can retire early like a pauper." Other stuff seems spot on and I'll enjoy reading it.One guy was posting how he was at the grocery store, and his cereal was not on sale, so he had an internal conversation of whether or not to buy it. Not to keep you in...
Had this tonight. For a $20'ish dollar bottle this is a very good value.
Man, just enjoyed the hell out of the backyard living this weekend. Might end the night with a drink out at the firepit before bed tonight.
I don't read any stock investing or retirement planning forums. Any suggestions for a boring investor like me just looking to retire?
StyFo = Whole Internet, no?
Mrs. Piob is a Grenache fiend so I'm sure I'll be coming home with some of those.
It makes me happy that someone that just joined knows the in-jokes like "no homo."
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