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That is pretty sweet. If I didn't have a Tele I'm already in love with I'd be interested. Will keep him in mind if I decided for an S body guitar.
^ Will be interested to hear your thoughts.
http://www.motorcyclistonline.com/2016-kawasaki-ninja-zx-10r-abs-first-look-review-new-sportbikes-motorcyclist-magazine Latest Ninja.
Yeah, BC, he needs to allocate those funds to attorney fees on a case he's unlikely to ever fully collect on!
So it's a pecker contest. Sunk costs, brah. I'd just move on.
At the intro somm you'll taste 30-40 wines and you'll be lead through "the grid" and deductive method by master somms several times. They have everyone stand and contribute to a tasting individually. That's just the part about actually tasting wines. If you don't have a college course available, or the time to take one, the somm 1 is a nice experience to have under your belt. While I think testing a crap ton of wine is the most important aspect, if you don't work in...
What happened to "lesson learned?" Sunk costs, walk away, unless it's a pecker contest...then get help.
I didn't need to take a DNA test to know I was Scottish as three of my four grandparents were FOB from there, and my one grandmother that wasn't, her parents were FOB Scotland and Germany. I did do the cheek swab for the Somersled marker, and given where half of my family is from in modern day Scotland and our phenotype, it was not a huge surprise I had it.
Sounds to me like maybe not worth it for you, unless of course, you're in the industry.
http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-3262569/Susan-Sarandon-Tim-Curry-reunite-Rocky-Horror-Picture-cast-40-year-anniversary-cult-comedy-horror-musical.html RHPS is 40 years old! I can remember my first midnight showing when I was around 18. For a farm boy it was a whole new level of freak (at the time.) Edit: Also sad to see Tim Curry so debilitated.
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