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Trumbo. Some would say very apropos for the current moment.
Have you ever tasted cassoulet?
I find myself wearing denim now on weekends even to places I would have formerly worn odd trousers and a sports coat to. I think I am getting less dressy with age.
It sounds very exhausting to be you.
WashPo is on the wrong side of history here.
So teh Booth will inherit a thriving business too? You're quite the catch.
Great job on the presentation, and even inflation adjusted, I pay more taxes than my father ever earned in a year. My mother, to my knowledge, never held a job.
Thought a chilly fall day would be good for some homemade chowder.
Do they figure the average buyer is so old dementia is in play? I ask as apparently the driver needs constant reminders what type of car they're driving.
Went to the well one too many times there. The previous ones were pretty good though.
New Posts  All Forums: