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It was for a friend. I think I'm helping him.It's like folks that worry about being cool. Odds are pretty good if you're worried about being cool, or being "manly," you subconsciously see a lack in yourself. I believe the psychological concept is "reaction formation."
Umm, think I'll leave watching videos to see who looks "manly" or not to you...not that there's anything wrong with that.
So what this is saying would be that low T leftists are making cucks of presumably high T alt-right men?It does seem legit.
So here's a new one: linking T level and political ideology. I'm guessing they're all low T cucks to you?
A few weeks ago they were just closed for the holidays.
^ That brings me back to pre-puberty memories.
Hillary's reach is far.
I got a delivery last week.
It's funny, as a 20k donation against a program revenue of several million is of course a drop in a bucket, but it's the thought the program resonated with someone so much they'd write a cheque like that.
Just landed another 20k donation for my program that serves adults with developmental disabilities. Great program and seems to really resonate with donors.
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