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It was not just stuff that had been messed with but such a plethora of different versions of the same guitar (Strat or Tele). So many factory built different pick ups, necks, wood content, hardware. Take your Strat, build three lines, and carry on I say.
I said this some time ago here and felt you disagreed with this stance. It was off-putting to me trying to make an intelligent buy in the secondary market.Fuck you.
I would really love to hear my Tele played by a pro and hooked up to their amp and pedals. It deserves much better than it gets with me.
Another reason not to live in the city.
Our UPS guy doesn't play any games like the one you came across but he does not ring.
No auto play videos today. Thanks!
I don't get this. I mean do they not realize they have to deliver that package at some point? Why not just do it?
I would get some before I went passing judgment about what it's like to have them.
And who the fuck is Kerbie Johnson? http://www.popsugar.com/psvn/
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