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Oh, come on. Trump wins a handful of small Red states and Hillary is handed an electoral landslide. Trump probably gets about 40% of the popular vote but Clinton wins the college overwhelming.
How does someone get a Nobel in economics yet believe in the broken window? This is not new with Krugman.
You really need to seek professional help.
http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-36880758 Explosion in German bar.
About time as we've been reading about her bias for Hillary and helping to tank Bernie for what? A week now? About time they traditional media admits it happened. They're always reporting the fallout of the news these days vs. the news that create the fallout.
They will...once it's impossible to ignore. So probably tomorrow or Tuesday as the alternative/Internet outlets are not letting it drop.It's funny how the big, well funded, traditional outlets try and still control the flow of info but really can't.
Well, they could at least, you know, report the news? Isn't that sort of what they're supposed to do?
You're going to make me cry. Wait. Thumbsniffing? Exactly what "thumbs" are we talking about? Durr!
When I read that on the BBC I just knew Rholdh was going to love it.
Now this is getting really good...the Clinton campaign is accusing the Russians of hacking the DNC servers and releasing emails for Trump's benefit.
New Posts  All Forums: