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Awesome first post!
I actually would rather toss them but Mrs. Piob freaks out when I do things like that. You're right, $80 is nothing, but it's just the wedge the IRS will use to get into your taxes because so many people cheat or exaggerate on this stuff. I'm not letting that happen and have all the documentation I can gather for this type of donation.
Take pictures of the clothes, make an itemized list, then let your tax guy apply the value as there is some table for that shit. I print the pictures of the donation and staple them with an itemized list to the slip and keep in that year's tax folder. Sort of like the Tom Cruise character in The Firm I'm very fucking paranoid about the power of the IRS.
You think he'd send you the requisite letter to use at tax time?I think you're misframing that. Per pB's story, if the bum had said nothing, all would have been good. Again, from the story, I don't think the guy was looking for any positive feedback, but rather decided upon being harangued in public, to rescind his gift.
I've said that before, and took a lot of shit for saying that, but anything that prompts soccer hambeasts to let their special flowers take the fucking school bus is something I'm for.
Fuck. Good idea.
Says the guy that begged for a double dose of Novocaine.
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