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Should I ask why you know this?
Another notification for a request this morning. Someone I know that was just terminated from their job at another place in my industry.
That Metal Show han got Geddy Lee as guest and John Petrucci as the featured guitarist.
Thoughts on this bar stool?
Nah, he seems like a guy I grew up with. Twenty five or so years ago he had a really nice, big apartment in a beautiful old brown stone one block from a great riverside park, an awesome stereo and TV for the times, and was a unionized janitor at a nearby hospital. He was one of the happiest guys I ever knew. For vacation he'd take a couple weeks off, get a small loan from the credit union his hospital used, and buy extra drugs and beer. No car as he could walk to every...
I hope the purse snatcher only ripped your sleeve and didn't get your purse too.
Ugh. Can't believe they did that.
There's a kid that works at my local grocery store who is an obvious stoner. He's just always very happy, very pleasant to deal with, and seems totally content with his lot in life. It makes me happy to see him so happy and I'm not a little jealous.
Odd as you would have been my first guess.
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