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If there was no biological toll I would be drunk every waking moment I was not at work. The folks with the real problems are those that pay no heed to the biological price and keep the pedal to the metal.
For Thomas? Agreed. But any? I disagree.
Why do you believe this? For the Anita Hill allegations of the fact he's a black conservative?
Somehow that just makes this all seem worse to me.
Oh, it's not just directs that contact me, but that's another story. In fact, one of the worst offenders doesn't even work for me, but again another story.I like all my directs but one and respect two of my directs...for the most part.
I saw a YouTube video once where a rabbit fended off two coyotes trying to attack it's babies. I think my YouTube > your YouTube.
A little of both. But just like "unlimited PTO" is not like I can disappear for three or four weeks. Hell, even when I do attempt to take two weeks, it's pretty rare that some fucking idiot doesn't bother me for something trivial that is important only to their little self.
Seven weeks here plus that standard bank holidays.But yeah, the "unlimited PTO" is a mind game. It really sounds good in recruiting and corporate press though.
Some do, some don't. Those that don't are obviously hypocrites. Or maybe their positions "evolved" and they now believe this is just a personal issue and should not be part of politics as they were told in the 90s by Clinton supporters?
Yes, the world is much different now. Bill signed a law saying gays could not marry. In 1992 multiple affairs were looked down on far more than they are today. 60 Minutes had a huge following and this interview was viewed by many millions.The world in 1992 rationally would have been harsher on him.It should be noted that the whole Lewinsky thing blew up due to a law suit of sexual harassment/assault. Paula Jones' attorney was questioning Bill, under oath, about various...
New Posts  All Forums: