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I'm happy pB has a more fitting avatar again.
Based on this thread I have concluded architects really like to work on infill projects and people that do infill projects seem to be able to afford architects.
http://www.vacuflo.com/true-cyclonic-central-vacuum-systems Got the 566Q Just did the entire house. Far easier and quicker than using an upright. Did a materially better job too.
Huh. The obvious question is without wine storage where would one store this wine collection?Okay, need to get back to watching sports...So today, between sports shows obviously, we're having a land scape architect out. Starting to plan some major work to the property that will include a courtyard in the front yard and in the back yard an outdoor kitchen ramada (will be pretty major with built in grill, stovetop burners, fridge, cocktail station, storage, etc.), pool,...
I will certainly check that out. FWIW I rate myself as a firmly suckitude player but I'm having a lot of fun.Have to sing the virtues of my new head. Paired with the Greenback I put in my cab it's just awesome.
Good work B, and if it's your birthday, have a happy one. Making me happy: now time is drink time!
Did L'Inc hack your account? Disco Fries?
Poutine is the best drunk food.
Those green pieces of material are totally ruining it.
I am now craving a good torta.
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