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Even earlier:'s_Tale
Odds are very good that cuck was always a trend but just not talked about.
The main reasons are pretty simple. First, it's awesome and it's easy. Very little technique is needed and it's nothing like learning to cook the classic way in difficulty. Second, equipment prices are now stupid cheap. I can remember several years ago you were looking at 2k to get into the game and now it's $150 to get the current de facto standard of the Anova. Lastly, it's convenient. Last weekend we had one of the neighbor couples over for dinner and the window...
Saw a really nice looking 11# slab of pork belly last weekend so I grabbed it. I seasoned with black pepper, sriracha, and maple syrup. Just finished smoking it and wanted to sample. The heat and sweet with the smoke are excellent.
Rain screwed up my day plans.
Gotta say last night was a blast too. My only complaint is dinner was completely void of both caviar and foie gras. Other than that, some fantastic wines, great food, and superb companionship in a beautiful venue. Some days my life does not suck.
Not completely incorrect. I did get in a really nice work out, 90% finished what I wanted to get done work wise, and just put some big, meaty prime short ribs down to sous vide for Sunday's dinner. Mrs. Piob will be home in about 1.5 hours and then it's time to head out for happy hour and dinner with friends.
For some reason I feel I should post this link here:
My wife snagged the bigger and better walk in closet for our master suite. It's outfitted in a similar fashion and she loves it. I'm very cucked jealous.
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