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You're still here?
Why, when signing the national anthem at sporting events, words gain a dozen sy-sy-sy-la-lallalalala-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-lesssssssss.
I was surprised how nice the texture/firmness of the flesh is. I plan to make some homemade pizza in the next few weeks and will slice them up to go on at least one 'za.
Darling, no matter what others think, I have never thought of you as a pussy.
Yeah, you perfectly captured the essence of my post.Double header I see.
Just got it again, no other tab open.
Just got a pretty nasty re-direct. Would not let me capture the URL, go to another tab, or close Chrome so I ended up killing Chrome with Task Manager. I was redirected to something like www-dot-softwareupdaterlp-dot-com (that last part is so no link is created, it was .com at the end). Wanted to force me to click a button that would install something.
Need deets on pre-employment firing.
So along this line...2010 we did a road trip in the GL we had at the time. The end point was where I grew up for a big family reunion/my mother's 80th b-day thing. So the first gathering was at my brother's and everyone was outside. I pull up and no one bats an eye at the vehicle that's worth as much as the house it just pulled up in front of. Someone else pulls up 10 minutes later in his new Dodge Durango and several people go over to fawn on it.I really have nothing...
Most people do not know much more than, "That's a Mercedes." They don't know the difference between a well kept 10 year old one with a brand new one, the difference between an E350 vs. E550, etc.
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