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Wasn't there some recent work about a random number generation masquerading as a market simulation and people believing they were actually calling the market moves because they have a "feeling" or felt their "intuition" was superior?
I used to love the ice chips in my martinis but I swear since I've started stirring I cannot stand the texture of a shaken martini.
It was assumed one could discern that from my original comment.What's funny is no one has given any thought as to why I know that I do not want to deal with Ford service.
I have hopes for the show. Offing Brody was a great chance for a reboot and I think they might make a go of it. If they do I think it will be one of the few shows to ever jump the shark and then unjump it.
I drove the 2015 Sport version. It's loaded and has the same bi-turbo V6 the SHO does, same brakes, improved handling, and special cosmetics. It's a fucking steal for 49k. 0-60 in 5.9, handles nicely, looks good, fully loaded, rides okay. I gave serious thought to leasing one but do not want to have to deal with Ford service.
I've mentioned this to others: there's an inexpensive wine from a winery in Paso Robles that's 100% Tannat. The name? "Palindrome." I love it for some reason.
Well the good thing out of all this is that apparently my palate is not as far off as I was starting to think it might be as I apparently called this wine exactly as it's supposed to be.
Maybe I'll let it hang around a few years then. I opened it last night as a quick search indicated that it was probably time to drink up.
I found the tannins to be a bit too firm and the acid was out of control. I have another bottle (was part of a bulk purchase through a connection) and I plan to use it for braising shorties this winter.
I might make wub wub music but have not given up on guitar. Just wait until I put something up on soundcloud next year.
New Posts  All Forums: