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Who's that?
HoF there.
Don't use your well seasoned carbon steel pan if you're doing something like Sole Meunierre though. Lesson learned the hard way.
Thanks for the replies, gents. The shorter scale is actually on my mind. It's not the size of my hands, as they're actually XL in gloves, but last year when I was trying to learn Every Breath You Take it became apparent age and no doubt old trauma has given me a reach less than tiny little Andy Summers and that got me thinking. The Jag is also sort of subversive in my mind and I like that.
If you were going to buy just one more electric solid body, and had to pick between a Strat and a Jag, which would you pick and why?
Back to the e-stalking and wishing I was more "available" to you again...You and HRoi not working out?
Seems like a recipe Mama June would come up with.
Reverb's software much have a glitch as that popped up in my feed...and nothing I've looked at or bought using the site would suggest my feed would be a smart spot to place it....
Can you describe the ruckus?
It's part of the new meta-services.
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