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Here's one of the shelves of our new fireplace wall. Red artglass lamp, Huichol gato we bought on our Mexican trip last year, and wine books.
I always suspected you were a saint and this proves it.Seriously, my chairs are no more fugly than a Grand Repo or Eames. If they came with a 5k price tag and were strewn across AD articles you'd be all over them. Probably if even someone else in this thread presented them, like FF or Matt, you would have had a far less problem with them (that goes for some other folks too).I'm looking at them right now, thinking about coffee in front of the fireplace tomorrow morning,...
Because I found them specious and not in need of a reply.
Quinnipiac Poll has Bernie and Hillary in a statistical dead heat at 42 and 44 percent respectively. I think she's going to get the nom, but if she doesn't, odds on her committing suicide and/or going postal?
And my point would be that it is comparable within the confines of this discussion.Stalemate.
Yeah, it was my strawman. Where the fuck is that jack off smilely?
I never said a vase was a piece of furniture so we can burn that straw man right now. And please, condescend.Are all your couches being sat on all the time? And are not many of these furniture pieces created as being an object worth admiring on top of their function? (insert jacking off smilely)Have you ever considered how mafoofan defines "good design" is not the end all and be all on the topic? A controversial idea, I know, but one you should ponder.
Goddamn.Are you going to draw a distinction, in terms of the current conversation, between a chair and a table now? In terms of this current conversation the actual use of the object is irrelevant as long as it falls within the scope of furniture and furnishings. You're trying to lawyer in a distinction as I tossed up a clear example that counters your boldly defined and asserted precepts. Further, my comment that it's just fucking furniture means I'm not drawing some...
You are now going to draw a distinction between a vase vs. lounge chair in terms of this discussion? Nice one.No one is error proof and it's just fucking furniture. And while you might feel my lounge chair is a mistake, I do not, but you and I function (SWIDT?) a bit differently.
It's not dorky!
New Posts  All Forums: