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Anybody get in on the Mosel wines this week?
Not sure how he pulled this off but last night the three wine tasting flight for $20 was this: The Ulysses 2012 is the first vintage on this project by Christian Moueix (Dominus.) Hard to believe but this is wine is ready to drink. Very full bodied and dense, blueberry, graphite, cassis and floral. Retailing for $180 or so. The Patricia Green was a stellar Oregon Pinot. The middle wine was an odd blend, like an American Super Tuscan.
Donna = crazy eyes! Great character though.
Recently started watching Suits and have to say I'm currently enjoying it despite how completely unrealistic/getting things correct it is.
Whoa! Check your white male privilege.
Hah, been waiting for that one. No, I think we all know what the cuck emoji needs to be.
It's all grey.
These people need a shot to the head.
What was the name of that kid? He was a good laugh.
My usual Friday post of wine, nosh, and friends will happen soon.
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