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Wow, you just don't give up with the fucking bullshit, do you? It's not about shifting the blame to Hillary for what Bill did, but as I've said clearly and repeatedly, how Hillary treated the women coming forward vs. what she claims concerning women making allegations of sexual crimes and harassment today.Got it? Want to pull more bullshit or can we just put this one to bed?
Ah, 911 callers. Zimmerman?
Leaving for happy hour in five minutes.
I was nice enough to cut and paste in the account of the rape, which of course, is nothing like what you've alleged.So it seems all this talk where I've said right minded people get passes is pretty much right on fucking target.
You just have to not be me.
I think this is a good post.
I suppose the fact Carville was out there portraying her as such didn't help? And the rape?
Really? Paula Jones, a case that held no water, yet settled for nearly a million back then? He's for sure innocent and that was just to make it go away, right?And ah yes, the rape accuser was a woman of lose morals, so she doesn't count.Gets better and better. Boys will be boys, right?But to be clear here are you still trying to frame the sexual harassment and rape allegations as consensual extramarital affairs or just that this is how they'll be "received?" I assume...
The police union lawyers are pretty creative.
Wut? The allegation of violent rape would be "received" as a consensual extramarital affair? Well, okay then.
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