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I'd not narrow it down just to anti-Hispanic. American is the land of equal opportunity bigotry. For instance a community I'm familiar with, Dearborn Michigan, has Farsi and Arabic very prevalent and I've seen many "those signs should be illegal here" type things.IMO, there's a strong argument Chinese should be one of Canada's official languages. Not only are they the single biggest demographic that's not French or "Anglo" the majority of them either speak Chinese or...
What an awesome threak that was.___________________________________________________________________________________________________________Posted from my Macbook in a cigar bar.
Maybe MrG or Edina remember his real user name so we could find that HoF threak of his.
Don't forget Trump and Sanders actually have major overlap in political planks as they are both running on anti-globalism, pro-protectionism rhetoric.
And this is where I realize hardly anyone knows the reference I just made.
I think rjbuttnugget might have the "real" scoop on this.
I was afraid no one was going to get that.
Say what you will about the tenets of National Socialism at least it's an ethos.
I was going to reply to the point vs. your snark but then my intrinsic nihilism kicked in so suck it!
While this will make many people feel you've said something pithily intelligent it actually eludes the point.
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