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Interesting the varied results.
Next time maybe I'll do the store thing then. Did it reconfigure to your old desktop too? I have my bottom bar with four groups and each group has a cluster of apps. My homescreen is actually blank of apps.
I had it mailed to me and it's not about moving contacts, pics, etc. it's about setting up all my email accounts again, losing my text history, apps, etc.
Not sure upgrading to the iPhone 6 was worth the bother of migration.
Migrating to a new notebook, new smartphone, etc. always sucks.
Well first, I'm a leaser not a buyer.I define "risk" in this context as, "Unforeseen out of pocket costs including cost of loaner vehicle." I have had zero risk in both our cars for about 15 years. Always under bumper to bumper warranty and always have a nice complimentary dealer loaner available.
They're popping up in the $7-800 range now and they're MIMs. Was looking at a really nice honeyburst J Bass for $699 asking price. MIM.
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