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Maybe it was different in the Rust Belt but the pissers were full of chicks trying to avoid their lines in the 80s...even at Rush concerts!
I think people don't realize the front line consequence of biometrics: the MSM/left will lose their biggest anti-gun talking point which is the thought your own gun will be used against you.
Is New Orleans a destabilized area?
Oh now, you've left out the best part....Now, while I of course don't condone this, are we not always told that while speech is free expressing it might have consequences?
Didn't this break down at rock concerts back in the 70s and was pretty established in the 80s?I've also been saying for some time now, including here, the obvious answer to bathroom equality is 100% unisex bathrooms but that the women would be jealous walking by the urinals and seeing how fast we get in and out.
You guys are welcome for that one.
Ed is tougher than that!
Have you considered you might be professionally blacklisted?
The world was so much better before stupid memes, FB, etc. I mean, I knew most people were stupid, but they didn't have several platforms to demonstrate it from on a regular basis.
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