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http://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-37450269 Quilted lives matter.
Second of three door panels finished. Man, you can really tell what part of the wood gets his by direct sunlight and which doesn't. Going to put another coat on a couple of spots next week when I finish the project. Hopefully will be set for four or five years since the new steel screen doors should block much of the direct sun.
Aunt Jemima with diacetyl added is just plain nasty.
Here's your leverage. Make claims he's not cleaning up the dog's dump. Better yet, keep an eye out, and maybe you can get some footage of that really happening.
Welcome to stuff we were talking about in this thread in 2014.
Tasting some Napa tonight with friends.
Just tell everyone you're part of Generation Kill. Sounds cool.
Seems to me that Vietnam vets are no longer stigmatized by the war they were in due to Kennedy and LBJ.
CE that shit. And yeah, no wars are political.
New Posts  All Forums: