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Conference call scene was beyond lame.
Yeah, it's on my list. Need a POG 2, a compressor, then will get more dirt.
I was mentioning needing a compressor and thinking about a Diamond. I remember that folks here felt it was a pretty good one but another name or two came up. Think Orig had a suggestion? I can't find that post and was wondering what the suggestion was.
Awesome Easter brunch with family and staff kept up endless Champs on the house. Now to take a nap in my favorite chair that sits next to a large window that opens up onto an undisturbed nature area and let the breeze waft in.
WTF? Scrotums are born wrinkly.
When we moved two years ago we did a month of slowly moving over certain things, like the wine collection (try moving 500 bottles of wine and keeping track of where they go back in the cellar), but just boxed up most stuff and hired a local mover to get all the boxes and all the big stuff. Having three young husky guys move my wine cellar for me? Priceless.
Are you asking me for a dickture?
Could be. Good thinking.
Did Stitches get a TO or something? First time he's not had double the posts of the #2 slot in the last seven days stat board for years and has not posted in several days.
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