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Um, no, what led to Trump is much more complex and also much more bipartisan.
So this is interesting. George Will says Trump won't release his tax returns as they will show he's in bed with Russian oligarchs. Maybe those foreigners are going to finance the wall?
CE that shit.
Said after you gave me the last word....Btw, you cannot simultaneously say race is not extraneous and that it's a confounding variable. Why? Because by definition a confounding variable is what? Extraneous, Einstein.
So race is extraneous to this whole conversation? I suppose that's a theory.You can have the last word in this particular tangent. As you've repeatedly told us you don't want to believe race plays a factor in policing the population of the US or in the criminal justice system. That's a position that denies reality so badly it's not even worth arguing over.
So you've decided your critical lens shall ignore race when race is clearly an independent variable in probable treatment/outcome during an interaction with law enforcement. Whatever floats your boat.
This is a definite act of inhumanity, and incredibly, is a centuries old tradition. In some remote areas the practice of forcing a girl to have sex with a paid rapist is ongoing. Even more astounding the rapist featured in the story is HIV positive and knows it. http://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-36843769
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