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People really take anything Trump says seriously? I think some folks are just overly protective of Obama, I mean, when do you see NoVa post in this thread (I think he gets a notification when I post anything about Obama.) Good thing I'm a racist.
Lulz. Amazing how even a toss-away comment about Obama will get such action.
Being poor I have to say I'm surprised I made such a good choice in 2012. Then again, I might have been sitting on my hands since '08 and was ready to pounce when the perfect deal came along. Based on a recent comp I have to think my house would sell for about 180k more than we paid for it in 2012...even more if I get that damn backyard done.
Well, to be fair, Obama is pretty much out to get coal miners.
Black people can only afford one car!
I have to say not knowing the difference between two Nissans is not something I'm going to quibble over. This is still a horrendous fuck up and I doubt would have happened in a white neighborhood,
Well, I personally think the fewer bogans that have guns the better.
I am running the numbers on this and will send the results to my consultant in Virginia for his guidance.
They told me the fee for that is 93k.Yeah, but sitting in my new spa over Xmas and sipping wine would be fine. Sometimes you justs gotta live, Holmes.
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