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In a meeting and can't reply properly so saving my spot here.
Well, I am an old man. I can see that accusation with an HD which is exactly why I won't get one. The Victory is the cheapest (which you know is important to me), looks pretty bad ass IMO, and the seating position is comfy. I want a bike I don't have to wrench and that I can just toss a leg over the saddle and fire up.
Jesus. Really sorry to hear this; there are no words. It's how I feel about losing my best friend to Canadian healthcare standards.
Speak of the devil...She is FB friends with one of my directs who just likes to keep tabs on psycho bitch for the lulz. Apparently she is planning a "journey to rediscover 'me.'" The journey consists of using FB to couch surf across the country for a year, glomming off FB people, and write a book about it. Keep in mind this is a 50 year old woman, who has made a good salary in the past, but mismanages her money so much her work email was getting collection and bounced...
I was on a puddle jumper once flying into Salt Lake City (don't ask, job interview) and the pilot descended so sharply people were putting their hands on the seat in front of them to brace. Fucking nuts.
I know a couple that met in Everquest, around 1999, and they're doing great with two kids.
Well, boys, thought I had the bug successfully buried and that it would never spring to life again. On Tuesday I came very close to driving this off the dealer floor: Thankfully sanity returned as it would have been terminal wife agro. I have a new plan and that's just to skim a c-note off of cash withdrawals for a couple years and go pay for one cash.
True but not all morons are horrible people. They just need guidance and that is what I provide to earn my egregious paycheque.
If a screaming baby killed you that would be epic. (Intertexuality)
This thread is currently reminding me why I revel in being a misanthrope.
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