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About to watch Gandhi. I've always loved this movie since the first time I saw it in the theatre.
I love winter.
It was, wasn't it?
Good man.
You should Tweet that.
It only has the importance granted to it. Do I really need to read what some anonymous idiot thinks about events in what's allegedly a serious news article? No I do not. Why?That's what I have Style Forum for.
I am really sick of the recent trend for "serious" news outlets to insert Twitter screen caps throughout their articles.
I just Googled de Blasio, as I wanted to see how tall he is after seeing that back turning video (nearly 6'6"!), and found the first sentence of "Personal Life" in his Wiki to be funny:I am going to assume this guy is pretty left wing, given that, and he cannot get along with the police union? What's up with that?
I prefer it. The views of the city spread out below me, as I start or end my drive home, are spectacular at all times but best at dusk or dawn.
New Posts  All Forums: