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I do. In fact I think I've never been in a residential kitchen that did not have them.
Should I be having angst over my kitchen?
Oh, that bro crush.
Really? I took an Escalade out for a ride and found the body roll to be highly distracting.
You would not be bidding on a pink tie by any chance, would you?
I don't think the entire charity market is zero sum. I think the small and medium sized gift "market" is probably fairly predictable but I think the huge gifts happen at random and when a donor has made a connection with an organization's mission. It's like the family that's never been that philanthropic, then someone gets cancer and is cured, and the family donates the new cancer treatment wing to the hospital.
It was playing in my head when I typed that and then segued into some death metal.
Comments are awesome:
I have an aunt that died of ALS. People tend to basically starve, unless they get a feeding tube put in, or often choke on their own spit as they can no longer clear their secretions. It's sad but we all die of something sad. I'm not impressed with the whole ice bucket thing, and figure it's cannibalizing other charities, but it's making people happy and they feel like they're doing something good/important, so meh. We're all just keeping busy until we die and trying...
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