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He was banished to Atlanta?
The other day at happy hour one of my more grunchy granola type friends went on for 10 minutes about his home made kombucha colony. It was mystifying at how into this he is.
Did you do The Shake?
This will particularly piss Booth off. It seems we've hit "peak coffee." http://www.bbc.com/future/story/20150728-coffee-the-bitter-end-of-our-favourite-drink
It's getting there but that annoying lackey that's always cock blocking has to go.
They apparently know your Internet persona. Now, can I have my 20% off?
Oh, man, thanks for this but I'm not buying right now. Spent too much this last week on the house and our cruise in November. It looks awesome though.
Didn't Hey Man threaten to sue SF too?
I remember him getting freaked out in a lease vs. buy debate. He was buy side.
And in conclusion, you can all go fuck yourselves. /blackplantano
New Posts  All Forums: