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I'm pretty clear on the HP vs. torque but agreed on the use of torque in every day life. Also good for that highway roll-on without downshifting.I have to say that twin from Duc seems pretty awesome as it has a crap ton of both HP and torque. It's just not a cruiser by any realistic means.
Had to Google "picaresque."
FWIW, I've checked 0-60 times on multiple Harleys. For instance, Gnatty's Softail Slim is 4.2. The new Road Glide that has my interest is 3.6. We're not talking slow bikes here.
New variables to save the day?
That is a hella cute cat.
It is known.
No, many Americans would be fine with the Kennedys and Carnegies attending university too. (I called you out here on a blanket assertion quite well, just FYI.)
Think you're trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. Did you read the Atlantic article and click through the links to the various supporting studies?
We already have a "Stupid Political Things on Facebook" thread.
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