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Heis introduced me (and I think Mark) to this grape. It was an awesome bottle.
Good trading intuition.
I'm not sure if it's available on the Tahoe, might only be the Denali and the Escalade, but GM"s magnetic ride stabilization is impressive. You're never going to forget you're driving a truck but it's good.Even with the lame engine the GL450 is the best on that list, and surprisingly, not the far and away most expensive. A nice Denali will be mid-70s, and as it's a new model, they're not discounting much.
I think you and I discussed this elsewhere last year. A Paso wine (Tobin James) and was actually full of nice fruit with pretty approachable tannins. I'm pretty sure I drank a whole bottle one night in front of the fireplace in Paso.I don't want to talk about liking Paso wines though as I feel I just got my cred back by correctly calling that eye-tie the other night.
What's new?
Scary shit, B. Glad you're okay. Probably your alcohol load that saved you.
Yeah, conference partying can be pretty good and no one questions the expense account charges. Conference partying is a great place to make new and useful connections too. It's just the sitting at conference tables several hours a day. Again, thank god for small power computers, wi-fi, and Netflix.
Who says this is necessarily about guitar playing? Wub wub wub.
Yeah, I need to work on incorporating more passing tones.
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