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Well...I've found Finn...or at least his youtube channel. [[SPOILER]]
FWIW, that's not my quote you've got quoted above, TS.
Interesting graph. This is for spending through the end of March for the given year.
Yup, MI going Hillary is not a done deal. Additionally, once you get outside of Detroit and Flint, the state is heavy (R).
Colin Powell. BAM!So you've completely ignored this election cycle?
Agreed on all.How are you liking Justin?
Some for similar reasons, i.e. "furriners after my job!" and some for typical reasons a leftie/Dem would give. A black guy working the line in Detroit can be just as xenophobic as a white guy working the line. Heard it many times firsthand.
Ryan falls under "beaten," btw, which was one of my two categories.
Trump's biggest hurdle will be twofold: the fact he's a complete dick and that he's actually going to make Hillary appear likable to many folks.
Don't be surprised if more than a few Bernie supporters go for Trump. I still maintain part of Bernie's appeal was that he spouted all kinds of protectionist/anti-globalist rhetoric too and that's Trump's forte. As much as the MSM/left (@erictheobscure) don't like to admit it a material number of likely Dem voters are very protectionist/anti-globalism. This means Trump just might get their vote if that is their priority.
New Posts  All Forums: