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Wish me luck. I just put an offer in on Reverb for a J bass.
What I want to know is why did she force herself between the mother and daughter?
Cup holders in your couch?
Thanks for that tip. My bike looked just like the blue one prior to mods. See that little tube sticking out from the fork on the right side where they mounted the GoPro? That was an adjustable steering damper. It would start to get squirrely in stock form at high speeds so Kaw included that. The cap you see on the right side cover is where you put in your two-stroke oil.
Damn straight. I'm surprised how loud my 1 watt can get and am very happy I did not go for the five.
I'll be your huckleberry.
Don't be hasty.
Yes sir, I did, replete with plumes of blue smoke when I pegged the throttle.
Very close but older yet. This looked just like my bike prior to mods:I did the whole thing, V/H expansion chambers, bore kit, swing arm, different rims, brakes, fairing, seat. I miss it.
Three grand difference? The 65" in my model is only 3k in total retail and mine's just 2k retail (I got it for 1.7).
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