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There's that old saw which says, "Some people eat to live while others live to eat." By and large, just my impression, YMMV, IMO, and YOLO...vegans don't seem to be people that enjoy eating.
I expect JUGE protests and possibly a donnybrook.
http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/windsor/pastor-trump-black-voters-1.3742438 Black pastor in Detroit will have Trump come to his Sunday service then interview him on air over the Xtian cable network he and his wife started. Plans to ask Trump if he's a racist. Would anyone like to bet this interview will quickly go off the rails?
I have to agree with 'Turk on that characterization.
Also, you missed that in the post above this one I committed a highly flagrant display of Canadianism.
Sweet! Now I feel better. Thanks, broseph.
^ That I could still do!
I've read a few blurbs that FB was deleting/canceling pages and posts to do with breast cancer awareness due to the word "breast." It was quickly deemed to be a First violation by the hive mind.
I would say the biggest societal problem they've either created or really promulgated is duck face.
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