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$300 for five years on all of them? Depending on the terms sounds good to me. One service call could eat that up pretty quickly.
It's compensation for living in St. Louis and being surrounded by so many Fools.
I believe he lives near L'Incsy.
ChiliinFool have you ever met GrillingFool?
Had with a nice pumpkin dessert. Really a nice balance of sweetness, acid, baking spices, and apple/pineapple notes.
Trust fund was revoked?
You're welcome to my house next year!
Not sure how much Opus goes for but agree with your sentiment. I really do think Opus is a "signalling" type brand that is most sought after for that purpose. From wine lists to gifting it sends a signal that bottles like a Shafer or Ridge or some cult like Scarecrow or Harlan lack to the general public.
He'd just comb his beard over them.
Opus 1 is a wine you bring to impress people that don't know much about wine but know that Opus 1 is expensive.
New Posts  All Forums: