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Light fixture I'll do. As I spent a few summers drywalling that I'll do too. Pretty much anything else I'm hiring someone.
Five * thread; would read again.
The fear of nearly every retired person is running out of money in the late stages of retirement. Deferring SS until the legal mandatory age nets you a higher monthly payment and buying an annuity, joint and last survivor, means you have an income until the bitter end. Getting a nice annuity means you've removed that amount from the vagaries of the stock market and have a forecastable and unending income stream.
The UK has apparently adopted some crazy restrictive bans on knives. This caused a fair number of folks to get a sgian dubh tattooed in the proper place.
It seems to me doctors often make very poor financial decisions. I know more than one doc working in their 70s because they cannot afford to retire. Their poor decision making probably is no worse than the average Joe in frequency, but due to their high earning power, they get targeted and the magnitude of their mistakes are larger. They probably were sold on the tax advantaged nature of the annuity. I have to say I have not ruled out purchasing an annuity upon...
I would never copy you.
I keep thinking I need to get one last tat but it hasn't happened yet. Left delt for this one I think. I have them all placed where they'll never been seen in a business setting and where the skin will probably never sag.
She has a very imposing forehead.
http://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-28448688 WTF are people thinking?
I'm with you on this. I know there are people that do not think like me but "home" is where I go to relax and pursue leisure activities not a place I want anything resembling work to happen. My brother is the opposite of me; he's a union clock puncher and takes great pride in doing things like installing a new toilet. It's not that these things are technically that difficult it's just jobs always snowball and never are completed without hitches. No thanks, I'll pay...
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