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New notebook. Not sure what browser to install though. Been a FireFox guy for some time but wondering if I should move to a different one?
You can have the guest house...but it's going to be a long drive to work.
I bet idfnl has an extra room.
Got home early, have a chicken on the grill, wine chilling, and sides already going. Mrs. Piob will be home in an hour and TG weekend shall commence. Hope everyone has a great TG.
Let's just say I'd like to take out a life insurance policy on you.
Has anyone used this product before? Mrs. Piob found these for $2 a bottle and picked a few up. Have yet to open one.
You self-drivers need to muzzle yourself with your "LOLs" or shit's gonna get real.
I am clearly an equity feminist and said so many times.
If I did FB you would be on my VIP list.
New Posts  All Forums: