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I heard divorces cost so much because they are so worth it.
We were married by a JP and only had a few close friends with no family. We had never planned to get married in the first place, and after eight years of living in sin, it was rather anti-climatic. It also was done in a way that completely reflected where we live which is also cool. Family was told well after the fact.
I have a vivid memory of a random high school party that was a mix of folks from two different schools. That often led to some rapid pairing as I guess that's the high school equivalent of, "What happens in Vegas..." One of the guys I was with had over drunk early and puked before the sun even went down. A "make out session" (do kids even use that phrase still?) started and he was making out with a chic from the other school. She broke off the kissing and said in a...
G, glad you got the mess under control but that does suck.
It was either you or A_Y I was going to reference in that post...You are bound to hate it so make sure to check back in a few weeks.
Indeed. Part of why I like the DSC is you don't have to buy a huge, CostCo sized card of blades. JIT for me.
This is me right here. I'll put off changing a Fusion blade until I'm sanding my face with it just because it doesn't occur to me to change it. The DSC sort of forces your hand.
Be glad HRoi doesn't post in this thread.
El, nice looking bass. I stayed away from the burst though as I wanted the bass to look completely different from the Tele. Thinking of a white pearloid pickguard to replace the black on the J bass.
Sadly have not had foie in several weeks.
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