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So what this picture doesn't show is that this bone in ribeye is 3.5" thick. I bagged it with sliced garlic, shallots, rosemary, thyme, and S&P. Patted dry, rubbed in some of my homemade seasonings and tossed it on a super hot grill with two pats of butter on top for two minutes. Flipped, another two minutes. It was really good. Except for a few millimeters per side all 3.5" was a perfect medium rare.
A girl has a name.
YES! Close enough!
A c-note says it burns.
Is tonight the night King's Landing burns to the ground?
Very interesting read.
Okay, need the SF pros to 'splain this one to me. Someone is telling me they sold some covered calls that were in the money at the time they sold them. If the premium was less than the strike price vs. spot the buyer could exercise immediately and profit, no? And the seller would lose.
I am wondering on the veracity of the reporting that has immediately developed the narrative so many Leave voters wanted to change their mind the very next morning.
Nationalism won Trump the nomination and allowed Bernie to at least put up a fight.
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