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*sigh* Now he just sent me some renderings of the backyard. Maybe if I never buy wine again...
For me Prime is as much about streaming video as it is about shipping.
SGs are ugly for sure but there's a classic shape about the LP. The Tele is also not elegantly shaped but it is elegant in its design.
The frightening thing is I've been using this new avatar for a couple of weeks so that means he right clicked my old one some time ago. Bromance or stalking? It's a fine line.
I swore I'd never GC anything but I just might. I think that pool is about 20% high based on other pricing I've obtained so there's another 12-14k. Thing is this place is generally recognized as one of the very best around but I think the premium they're trying to obtain on their rep is laughable. I also just called about that gate. One of the owners does metal work as a sideline business and wants to make us a one of a kind, custom gate and also custom fire pit (for...
Yes, I do want closed back just for that reason. I really looked at the Audio Ts but for some reason seem to prefer the HDs. I also looked at Beyerdynamics but they're a bit more.
I order so much from Amazon. Need a bar stirring spoon? $5 on Amazon to deliver two! Model paints for a present? Amazon. New cocktail glasses? Amazon.
The "how" is what I'm trying to figure out. I'm going through his detailed pricing sheet. 7.6k for a gate? Lulz, what an asshole. Some stuff is priced well though, it's just there's a lot of it, like 3k square feet of Belgrad pavers. 64k for a fairly average size pool and spa...with room for 12k in upgrades! Asshole.
I've always denied being a baller. And even if I was a baller I'd not put 200k into this backyard; I'd just buy a baller house.
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