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Best you got, Scooter?Now fuck off before I make you cry.
Oh great. You're going to follow me around now aren't you?Also, wtf are you talking about here? What I bolded is just wrong and not even worth commenting on.
An adult would see where my comment was applicable and not sound like an uptight middle aged woman with fibromyalgia.
I'm not really up on this but wasn't there some thing about a yoga pant company telling fat chics not to wear their pants? I thought yoga pants had become a thin privilege thing?
Your anus is puckered over driving in snow in a RWD. You admitted you did not grow up driving RWD in the snow. 100% applicability.No go away as you're fucking annoying.
Angelina Jolie, and for some reason Jennifer Aniston, always struck me as nine kinds of bad crazy too.
Did you just compare an MBA to an MSW?BAWHAHAHAHAHA!
So then what I said was basically completely applicable to you.
That's me x 2!
It can't be as dangerous for you as Mimolette?
New Posts  All Forums: