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Self-driver!I lost track.What replaced the AMG?
There we go.
1) What job do you hold?2) What was the nature of the confrontation? Did the mother or the roommate want to screw the guy?
I should have dabbed some paper towel on this plate but oh well.
With a job interview, if you hear from them in two weeks or don't get it, you still have a place to sleep. This is far, far worse.
All chores done, short ribs in the over braising for dinner tonight, Mrs. Piob not due home for two hours, guest in four hours...so right now Drinksgiving starts while I play with Ableton.
I shall be drinking very soon. Just need to blow off the back patio (no home) and power wash the outdoor furniture (yes homo) so it can dry and I can put out the cushions. I predict Drinksgiving starts in about two hours.
Really need a free app to replace Fences. I hate having a screen full of icons.
Just like the, "No interest for 18 months (if paid in full)." They know that 95% of people are going to get whacked with that 19.9%.
The Birdman. He changed his screen name and is now missing...
New Posts  All Forums: