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IDK. I've had a bunch of lefties in the last year tell me all of Perot's votes came from lefties and indies without an R in the bunch. If that is true, and Bloomberg could pull even more lefties, he could tip it for the Rs.
Think I've posted that once or twice before. It is indeed classic.
I'm more of a shower perc with inline diffuser type guy.
Yeah, even my laid back, look only at the long term approach is getting a bit miffed at this point.
I always feel sorry for my Canadian brethren as I know the prices you pay.
I might have something interesting to post later this week.
Steak houses sell a lot of Silver Oak.
I have to say I've gone a bit Mantonian in the last several months in that I am really enjoying finding something I find drinkable for $10-15. Spain, Languedoc, and southern Rhone seem to be three areas and I've had luck lately with Washington. Edit: Philosophical pet peeve: I think a 90 point wine is a 90 point wine no matter what the price is. I hate seeing people give a bottle of wine a 90 point in their tasting notes with the comment, "Such a QPR I gave it 90...
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