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Nice! I'm pretty jealous. I was all up for a new ride this weekend. Enjoy the hell out of that. It looks awesome.
I think that's every day.Making me happy is having Mrs. Piob's sister and her teenage son visit for the long weekend. They're both very easy to get along with and enjoy being taken around to our favorite places.
LSD, bitch!
PSG, awesome video but I have to curse you for possible GAS exacerbation. Glendale knob finally arrived. Looks fantastic and really, really improved the tone! It does look far better and was worth the wait.
It's a good thing you're not Jewish or Muslim else you'd be screwed but good.
Fuck your lunch!
I had to come up a couple hundred already from my current lease payment. Granted I have a gonga deal as they were blowing out the 2012s due to the generation change in 2013 but fuck the new GM. I came to terms on four Mercedes with the old GM. He walked us on Mrs Piob's lease last year and we are saving $300 a month vs. what the ML payment was. The guy thinks he can bend my will? Fuck him. According to what HRoi just posed I can afford an M5.
Has to happen tonight as my lease payment happens tomorrow. It's a dead deal. Fuck that new GM.
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