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Don't be a self-driver!
We dreamed of being trailer trash when I was growing up.
I took the GRE prior to taking the GMAT. Like my first grad degree was cake compared to my MBA the GRE was equally less rigorous than the GMAT. I really spanked the GRE and ended up getting a full ride. Speaking of which, even back then U of Mich was nearly three times the credit hour cost of where I went, and U of Mich only offered a half scholarship.
It's still CAT? Huh, I thought I'd read they changed that. Well then take my advice, and if the last few questions seem to take extra long, don't worry about it. It really was unnerving and the thing I remember most about taking it. I almost blanked my results due to it.
There's no bubble to burst as the GMAT is a comparative pool. When I took it there was the quant section and the verbal. I was 99th'ile for verbal and 90th'ile for quant. I was told the quant gets skewed as the majority of GMAT writers are actually engineers.Oh, as for degree of difficulty, I heard it's no longer CAT (computer adaptive testing). That shit is unnerving and the last several verbal questions took me most of my time due to the CAT function.
My peers, like me, were idiots. My GMAT was above the average that year for Harvard and Wharton. My take away is an idiot can apparently do well on the GMAT.
Is it hard to adopt a ladyboy?
I now know I'm a "self driver." I'm such a pleb.
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