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With all those problems she is to be commended for not offing herself.
Just not a Fran.
Wow that is a good price. If it was a colour I liked I would seriously consider it.
Hmm. Went and watched Vasoline as that was the Tele twang I had in mind. One quick close up of a blonde Tele. Then I watched Plush, and it's hard to get a good look, but I'd say Gibson hollow body as it has a Gibson shape but I'm sure I see F holes too.
Is it just my new Tele love or does the STP guitarist use a Tele alot?
For me it's the racket if you don't use your safety belt. I never wear it on the way in to work as I hate to start my day with a wrinkle across my chest.
I would imagine there's a decent market in NYC for stolen ID...
As I've been saying, if I ever do gig out, I'll have a small gig board as I'd only play a limited range. I will however still suck so that assumption will be correct. Looking forward to bringing my little 5 watt Kustom though.
Can't I be one anyway?
This is pretty true. You guys know making ambient noise means pedals.Now, if I ever do gig out, it'll be rock/grunge/metal so it will be no probs to have a Pedal Train jr. or something for a small gig board. I can't see gigging out for some time as I've been playing since September and I've only got about 10 songs where I can play along all the way through.
New Posts  All Forums: