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You do strike me as a Tahoe LTZ type of guy.
Had its moments but nothing spectacular.
Check this out:
Looking at those pictures all I can think of is hearing, "Ha EEE!" on every stroke.
Had a 2010 Louis Chavy Bourgogne. For about $14 a nice drink.
Yes, the book said something similar to this.http://www.amazon.com/Wine-Region-Rioja-Ana-Fabiano/dp/1402754035/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8
You're probably right but I'm not sure if I'll be carrying the phone as I'll be out of the country. Thinking I might just stick with my current Canon, since as Foo pointed out, knowledge is also critical and I realize I lack said knowledge nor will acquire it between now and November.
Ouch! That's pricey for a P&S but it sure reviewed well.
I recently read a book on Rioja I can't remember which makers but Cab. Sauv. and maybe one or two other Bordeaux type grapes are allowed in the blend of a few makers for historic reasons.
New Posts  All Forums: