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Boulevardier with NP vermouth and Blanton's.
Just a little over two weeks and we'll be rocking Paso Robles.
Little G = Whisp! I blame Canada for me not being bilingual. Bill 101 was a big deal when I was a youngster. I think speaking more than one language is awesome and it's one of my big failings I'm not.
Cool story, bro.
Cursive. WTF? There's printing and there's writing.
How do you have time to travel to such far off places given the demands of your neurosurgery fellowship?
The funniest thing about this post is that idfnl had the lack of insight to give it a thumbs up.
Interesting the varied results.
Next time maybe I'll do the store thing then. Did it reconfigure to your old desktop too? I have my bottom bar with four groups and each group has a cluster of apps. My homescreen is actually blank of apps.
New Posts  All Forums: