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That's true and I should have remembered. I need to be more precise when replying to Linksie as he counts on us so much for advice.
Ambien. Problem solved.
Yeah, works great if you don't have a material IRA pool prior to getting put into the post-tax situation.
No. The whole prorated distribution thing. Way too little gain in the future for an increased tax bill in the present.
Name me 30 more on a prospective basis as of today. Anyone can show 30 retrospectively.
Completely agree with this. My stance is pretty much the opposite of the big swinging dicks here. My career offers me a modestly adequate salary and I am something of an expert in my field. It's difficult to be an expert in one field let alone more than one field. The thought I could be an expert in investments is almost ludicrous.Now, one can be intelligently informed in several things. I like to think I'm intelligently informed in investments and part of this is...
Monkey Gland 2 oz Citadelle Gin 1 oz fresh squeezed OJ 1/4 oz Grenadine dash of Absinthe
Lulz @ Americans.
Congregate living is very complicated.
You're going to fuck Sheryl Crow...then leave her when she gets cancer?You know he really is a dick.
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