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Just based on this week's happenings I think he has a small number of sentient, "living" generals and then a mass of mindless hordes. That small group he walked through the ring of fire with would be what I'm talking about.
I suspect the the KWW is the lynch pin. Kill him and all the other WW cease to be. As I said I expect the final battle scene to be Jon defeating the KWW and all the other WW disintegrate.
You watch what your dirty mouth says about Scots!
So you folks drawing Trump/Hitler/Nazi comparisons... That's all. Just writing that was cathartic enough.
Hello. I have come to this board in hopes of gathering business intel. Intel on what, you say? Opening a fast food franchise. Rally's Hamburger. I have picked this as how I shall become financially independent. Has anyone here done a similar venture? Advice?
Wish me luck as I am writing my exam next week!
ROM is so cheap now, and wifi and 360 degree built in cameras so ubiquitous now, it's a wonder cars don't just store footage and you can d/l it off the onboard ROM when parked at home in the range of your wifi.
Thread now needs @JapanAlex01
Or Dearborn, Michigan.
Fuck, that is horrible. Not a topic to snark over.
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