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Says the guy that begged for a double dose of Novocaine.
You know when you get one of those sensitive, painful nicks at the edge of a fingernail? I don't get how suddenly that little nick manages to get banged, come in contact with salt, hooked on things, etc.
^ I lol'ed.
Ten pounds of cubed and seasoned meat in the fridge which will become smoked Andouille sausage by this time tomorrow night.
Dust covers are great for marking your page though.
My last job, over 10 years ago now, paid bonuses in March. I think January and February sees more than it's fair share of turnover, as no one wants to change jobs in November and December, and you have to continue your employment until March 31st to get your bonus and stock options. I think they saved a material amount of dollars by deferring.
CE this shit!
Money out of the lessee's pocket to lower the net capitalized cost.
Oh, trust me, I hate that too.
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