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For the last six weeks I've wanted to spend a relaxing afternoon in this comfy chair in our den, bottle of Pinot, working on my laptop in Ableton. Just spent the last four hours doing it and it was awesome. Extra bonuses: open window blowing in chilly air and warm cat snuggled up by my side. I might even have to post one of my efforts on soundcloud.
I figure I should get enough back I could pay cash for a nice, used M3 or even 'dat ZHP.
Buy and hold saves dat CGT.
http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-31072139Yeah, what impact could the Greek elections have?
^^ More poops?
Cannot wait to see what I get back. Last year I got back about double what I figured and that sort of rocked. Still don't even have all my documentation yet.
Boulevardier with NP vermouth and Blanton's.
Just a little over two weeks and we'll be rocking Paso Robles.
Little G = Whisp! I blame Canada for me not being bilingual. Bill 101 was a big deal when I was a youngster. I think speaking more than one language is awesome and it's one of my big failings I'm not.
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