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Not going to give details but I met him and a few other folks in the early 90s and partied all night with them after they got patched up. Coke, booze, naked women.
Damn, Finn. 2k a month over here will get you Tesla plus a nice mid-size internal combustion SUV for road trips.
I never thought I'd say this but Neo just won the Internet for today.
Neil Peart?
Raw garlic can be pretty potent stuff.
Watching people predict IPO's behaviour is one of my guilty pleasures.
There's good reasons I have the knowledge you're calling nerdy.
I have figured out the spam issue. Let's just say Fok is a genius at how to monetize SF.
Expendable equipment; not capitalized nor inventoried.
Yes, not putting a picture up is my wisest move.
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