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And who the fuck is Kerbie Johnson? http://www.popsugar.com/psvn/
Sex tourism really has given you some interesting insights!
Of course he's skilled.
That is not what I suggested at all. This would of course be an optional membership designed to give a video free SF experience.
This is the type of moderation that is driving people from posting. Stitches strikes again!
I would like to make a site suggestion. Charge something meaningful but reasonable to most members, say $100 a year or so, and that will fix it so the damn auto-start videos don't happen when you're in a meeting.
My wife's company is having their Xmas party at a very historic and nice venue this year. As it's across the entire city from our house we decided to get a room for the night. It's constructed like many older places and has some stand alone guest houses. I know two of the three owners and just landed their best guesthouse for a laughably low price. Amongst other amenities is a huge wood burning fireplace and I look forward to opening all the windows to let the cool...
This post is Kira-like. Please refer to my earlier post in how one must deal with this.
So you smoke a cigar never?
Asshat, the First does not apply to SF.I hope this succinct sentence aides in your understanding (you "get it.")
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