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And by "customer" you mean HRoi and by "yogurt" you mean man juice?
CE this shit.
Could you share your recipe with us? I imagine beans play a large part?
Did not realize that was the school in question. USC...pay your fee, get your degree.
Forgot to mention the 04 Sea Smoke Southing. Drinking really well. Fruit has toned down, getting some secondary stuff, and it's very smooth.
Some of the wines from last night. [[SPOILER]] Just a few notes. The Cayuse is not in a good place right now. Too stemmy/tar right now. Cherry Red drank incredible for a 14 year old Zin. The Hall was drinking well but could use more time. The CdP was a bit maderiized I thought. The 99 Oz Shiraz was excellent and still showing nice fruit with all tannins fallen out.
$300 for five years on all of them? Depending on the terms sounds good to me. One service call could eat that up pretty quickly.
It's compensation for living in St. Louis and being surrounded by so many Fools.
I believe he lives near L'Incsy.
ChiliinFool have you ever met GrillingFool?
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