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Yup. Deep and firm, heavy titties.
I keep some cash stashes around the house. I just put together 4k in cash. I'm off on Tuesday and Mrs. Piob is working. Hitting the Victory store.
Mrs. Piob is being quite resistant about me buying a motorcycle tomorrow. I really am thinking a Victory would be fun but she's all worried about death and such.
Had no idea. Sincere congrats to the two of you and wish you many years of happiness.
Holy shit, Harv.
This might surprise you guys but I attract attention from doods on a regular basis. Mrs. Piob gets a chuckle over it.
Really very nice. Well balanced, dark fruits, some black pepper and leather. Wish I had more.
Really sorry to hear about this. I hope you can get her home safely.
I would be more worried about the whole miscegenation agenda they're pushing by using bananas.
Let's do what I said and make the replacement:I see no problem there.
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