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The number of autoplay, embedded videos is ever on the rise. This morning was quite horrible as it was a Walmart video! Also, the number of pop up pages trying to get you to press buttons for "Windows 7 PC repair" and such is on the rise.
Reyka has been my new house vodka for a few months and I've been drinking Milagro since about 06 or 07. I've met Danny and Moy when they were still doing big events as their own reps.
Dcg, I understand about the cop; it was example purposes only. I happen to own a Glock 23. Gotcha on pulling the trigger twice now. Hayward, you're trying to fuck up yet another thread? Seriously, go away if that's the case.
Also could use pics.
Why would you have to pull the trigger twice? Do you have to pull it once to get the hammer cocked?
My post to pB makes me want to go buy a bottle of Southern Comfort for old time's sake (nostalgia).
No, I was wrong. Sorry, lots on my mind this morning.
Gah, yeah, you're right. Sorry I brainfarted over this.
I have to admit, even though it's just five rounds, I'l be tempted to carry an empty cylinder for it to be in my pocket. Just think of that idiot cop that shot himself in the leg in front of school kids and want to avoid my own painful youtube moment.
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