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It has raglan sleeves, which probably accounts for a long sleeve measurement depending on where you're looking.Jack Straw in Seattle had several in various sizes when I was last in a week ago, though I can't say for sure if a medium was still available. Have you called them yet to check?So far there's also an upland vest and button shawl.
Jack Straw got a in few things: QT vests in a few different fabrics U neck knit vest in navy wool Primaloft down vests in green ripstop Cambridge pants in grey herringbone Knit caps Odin has some things online as well:
See the world in Goatse vision.
Pictures of the some of the new eddie bauer gear for this season, digging the polar parka:
Tweed vest in a 40 for 95$: Would have ordered it for myself but the color is not for me.
Amazing price. It's just waxed cotton with some lining around the shoulder area (no warmth) and it's definitely a shell piece to layer on other things. I had to rewax some seams on mine, but it's otherwise performed great in Pacific Northwest weather.
Button shawl in navy homespun wool at Steven Alan:,default,pd.html CPO shirt in camo (did any US stockists get this one????):
New version of the old binocular shirt:
the marrkt sale is now live, prices are ok, but the selection is pretty good
Cabourn FW12 is starting to get to stores. Looking forward to getting another Mallory jacket this season. The expedition stuff is supposed to land late August/September.
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