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Very likely. Best to call the store asap.
Use OZZY at oipolloi to get £50 off an order of £250+, plus free shipping. Offer is only good for today.
Soloist x EG jacket:
Jack Straw and Odin have the herringbone cambridge pants.
The tunic shirts??? Steven Alan has some, but they're labeled under FWK.
Yeah, they caught on after orders started appearing I'm sure. I don't think they'll cancel any orders unless the prices weren't correct. Looks like you can only browse item pages now, no add to cart: > login option here Sales are listed here: Lots of good items and sizes this time around, included the geddes and skyliner jackets. I picked up one of the oxford shirts for $90 shipped.
A few new things arrived at Jack Straw today: Aviator jackets in olive Andover jackets in a dark glen plaid, with matching shawl collar vests and cambridge pants Also a small amount of FWK.
Just got a snow smock. Great piece but a bit too short for me - anyone want to buy a size 50 in grey w/ a down liner for a great price before I send it back?
Button shawl:,default,pd.html not sure who else has themProbably wouldn't hurt to contact EG about the buttons, they're usually good about helping out with issues like this.
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