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Many of the shirts in previous seasons were made in Japan, which I'm sure added to the cost. The new ones are made in England.
I assume they'll have their own product images soon. Totokaelo has a big presence in womenswear and is in a cool retail spot, so them getting into menswear will be nice - I hope they don't fall back on just Rick Owens/MMM/etc though. Article in the nytimes from not long ago: Straw should have another good season for SS13 with Ann D being added back, and they will supposedly carry more...
Interesting runway presentation.
Some store pics from Japan: The fatigue shorts are also coming in colorful fabrics this season: From:
That version of the preacher hat looks like an unshapped hat blank, though it looks like it was lightly pressed and shaped around the brim.
Initial thoughts: the outerwear isn't appealing to me to this season, but I'm digging the floral print shirts/shorts and patchwork madras pieces. Some pictures from Pitti, posted around twitter/tumblr/instagram (not mine): A couple more via Mister Mort:
Started a thread for Spring/Summer 13:
The lookbooks are officially out via Nepenthes Japan: EG: FWK:
What's with the creepy nephew/uncle stuff in the Alden thread? Weirdos.There's a bug on their site that lets you get free overnight shipping, just saying...Not fashion related but I'm surprised that I like this:
Jack Straw started their FW sale this last weekend, not too much left though: They're unfortunately dropping CdG and Junya this season due to Nordstrom picking them up for spring, however Ann D will be available again next season.
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