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It's polka dot, and the vest can be reversed to show a blue pattern madras fabric.
I got the medium driver jacket for myself yesterday. It does run big.
I saw some smalls, but no xs's. They did better on carrying smaller sizes this season, but many sold out in earlier months.
No online store, just a blog: http://jackstrawclothing.blogspot.com They take phone orders for sure, not sure how good they are with email though. Jack Straw is the only store in town I like these days, so I support them where I can by spreading the word on sales and such (and for EG fans, they've become a great resource).
In person. They take phone orders though.
Jack's Straw sale started today, lots of good stuff left from EG, Barena, and Boglioli. If you go in also check the sale bin for past season stuff with crazy markdowns - I found some old CdG jackets for cheap.
Jack Straw's sale started today, and they have a good selection of items in various sizes left. (FWK is included too).
Up for sale is a pair of unworn, and unaltered cotton gabardine trousers from Howard Yount in a size 34. The khaki colored fabric is fairly lightweight and is perfect for summer. Seams are finished at 34.5" (they came pre-hemmed from HY). Measurements: Waist: 34" Inseam: 34.5" Leg opening: 8" The shipping cost is included in the price if you're located in the U.S. If you need to have it shipped internationally please add $15 USD to the total cost.
Up for sale is an unworn NWT madras workshirt from Engineered Garments, size large. Its colorway is a mix of muted blues and yellows, and note that the shirt's colors are shown better in the second picture showing a zoomed view of the collar area. The fabric is lightweight and is perfect for summer. Measurements: Chest: 22" Shoulders: 18" Sleeves: 26.5" Shipping: Shipping costs are included in the price if you're located in the U.S. International buyers will need to...
FWK pictures out are out as well: http://www.fashion-press.net/collections/2008
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