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Jack Straw got in a shawl with the salmon people fabric, unsure if it was the regular button version or the new version.
Saw this posted on twitter: Didn't post this earlier but Jack Straw received their first shipment last week. It's mostly shirts, accessories, and a jacket or two (the work jacket was one of them). Also lots of FWK dresses and other pieces. Blake in Portland also received their first shipment last week and it was mostly shirts (including the long sleeve quilted polo shirt), deck jackets, and USN pants. Didn't find anything for myself, but my significant other found...
Old hunting and workwear jackets had buttons like these - I've seen them referred to as "change buttons". Not sure on the history of how the design came about, but I'd guess that it was because with this style you could more quickly attach a button back on while out in the field or on a factory floor and not worry about a needle and thread.
Stockists who signed on after 2008 are asked not to sell directly online.
Why did they go so slim on the matt pants? http://needsupply.com/mens/new/olive-sateen-matt-pant.html
The full hi-res lookbook is now up on Nepenthes JP: http://nepenthes.co.jp/brands/2013fw/eg.html (it's missing item names though) And for FWK: http://nepenthes.co.jp/brands/2013fw/fwk.html
Maybe not as much these days, but yes, there have been a few folks who've done it as a job (they're usually located to nicer outlets).
A couple more pics from Tranoi and B&B: http://redwing1905.tumblr.com/post/54200410125 http://ouwe-paparazzi.tumblr.com/post/54829142868/nigel-cabourn
Some pictures here: http://redwing1905.blogspot.com/2013/06/tranoi-paris.htmlAnd some instagram shots here: http://statigr.am/benjaminleephillipsBread and Butter usually gets better press coverage than Tranoi so I'd expect some more pictures to show up online over the next week.
Just got this floral shirt from Yoox, but it's sadly too small for me. Anyone want it before I return it? The fabric is a mid-weight flannel and was in the last fall season. Price is $150 shipped in the U.S. International shipping is extra. Size medium. Yoox tags and extra buttons from Nepenthes are still attached. Measurements: Chest: 21.5" Sleeves: 25.5" Shoulders: 17.5" I'll be returning it to yoox on Monday if nobody is interested.
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